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  2. Hi I have 100L for 200 prims if you are still looking http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glaurung/113/24/45
  3. Yes, but not all merchants who sell copy and modify items charge a lot. Most of my items are 69 linden or less - most way less than 69 lins and are COPY/MODIFY items. It's not the price with Gacha. To me, the craftsmanship (especially in the antique area) is superior and it's gorgeous.
  4. Apartments for rent 100L$ / 200 prims per week / Auto invite / Mainland road connection http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glaurung/113/24/45 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glaurung/113/24/45
  5. Still Available. Price reduction: L$6499 (L$6.3/m2) Going into auction soon if not sold.
  6. "All The Prim Horses" for some reason is sounding like the song "All The Lonely People" by America to me. Hahaha. These are awesome. I so love retro music.
  7. Maryanne, I don't use the Gacha machines at all. I buy Shabby Chic and antique items REZZED items. Many of the elegant antiques are in Gacha. And, they are beautiful. Gacha is way more than machines which I never use.
  8. Still Available. Price reduction: L$ 2499 (L$2.2/m2)
  9. I beg to differ. See all those roads and waterways? They're not just for "looks". LL want us to explore. They want us to have something to do in the new continent, besides decorating our shiny new LH. See all those lighthouses, pools, etc? Again, not just for the "looks". They're destinations. When you are out there exploring, or travelling, or whatever, you need those. They become the end goal. Ultimately, once you've seen everything, you travel toward those, eventually. Forget all we knew about LH. These aren't the old ones. LL is going for something different here. Rez zones, no ban lines, etc... They want us to explore. To go out there.They are giving us more than just a little place to decorate. And not just airports. But marinas. Offroad trails. Far away islands. A huge community beach. A nice pier with an amusement park. Underwater destinations (a well done wreckage, maybe?), etc... The more of those we get, the more things to do we'll have. In the end, it's a good thing. Besides, private enterprise? That will be surprisingly hard to do, giving that the new continent is exclusively made of LH houses. So either LL add space for those, or we won't see anything like it in the new continent. Personally? I would rather have LL doing it themselves, after seeing the superb work they did with everything else in the new continent. Finally, think about it. Do you want to see airplanes taking off from the current roads we have? Because, right now, that's what they'll have to do with the current rez zones, if it's not a floatplane. I sure don't.
  10. Rolig Loon

    techical UI

    1. Start your viewer but do not log in. 2. Open the Me >>> Preferences menu on your startup screen 3. Click the Advanced tab 4. Reset your UI size.
  11. Have you tried using one of the "moods" in the Genus animation HUD? I find it not too bad. In fact, I've turned off the "head" animations from my Vista Bento AO, and gone with the Genus ones instead, because I find them generally a bit subtler.
  12. 2019-04-23T12:03:01Z INFO #AppInit# newview/llmachineid.cpp(220) LLMachineID::init : Serial Number : 0000000000000000 Did you zero out the serial number or is that what actually printed in the log? Did this problem only start when you did the clean viewer install or did you do that to try & fix the problem? If I were you I'd file a JIRA issue for this so the Lindens can get the full logs & look up your crash reports etc. https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/how-to-report-a-bug-r224/
  13. MORE THAN A MONTH now that TPs crash us all the time and sim crossings do the same or are just terrible and still, NOTHING gets better...
  14. so love total red look) in fact it s a dress, but flexi parts are complex like omg))) CHARM :. Dress Milan Red end Gold ( PROMO)
  15. "Rather than words comes the thought of high windows: The sun-comprehending glass, And beyond it, the deep blue air, that shows Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless." (Philip Larkin, "High Windows")
  16. Yes and I have furniture inside too.... The pink blossoming tree to the left and the big green one to the right isn't linked. They are 4 LI each. Neither is the tiny 1 LI pond. The whole white picket fence is 11 LI. The statue is 3 LI. It was huge, a gacha statue, I managed to get it down to 3 LI. To make it visible, I put it on a plinth. Is that the word?
  17. Spent some time walking on the north-western coast. I am starting to think about shopping for some hiking gear.
  18. You deserve to be smug great job on your avi .
  19. Linden water is a shader, not a texture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shader
  20. I have not gotten my place either yet, I messed up my first try so now i have to wait. What I do is explore the new sims.. looking at all the creativety everyone shows, saying hello to people I meet and so on. On my platform I have I plan out how I want my new place to look, checking prim count etc. Yes so we have to wait a little longer, but it do not mean we have to sit around being sad ☺️
  21. As many duplicate threads as we have about "why didn't I get a home?", I sure wouldn't worry about starting another photo thread.
  22. You will get a house, without need to be on SL "every second". I work full time, am on only in evenings, and got one. Patience.
  23. Thanks for the rez zone parcels 😍 Can i make a suggestion? Could you please give those rez zones a different name besides "Protected Land"? It can be a bit confusing sometimes...
  24. Okay. Point well taken. I just wanted to make sure we weren't circumventing Patch's intention for that thread. So, I won't second guess myself when posting home and garden shots there.
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