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  1. I consider this a feature, not a bug. I do all I can to encourage intruders across SL by leaving all my land open at all times, with lots of adult click-to-sit targets strewn in unlikely spots. On PG land, using adult furniture is against ToS, but I'm not even present at the time so it's Not My Problem. On Adult parcels, hey, it's a free show. Folks tend to sext in IM, not open chat nor public voice, so it's up to the voyeur to supply the dialog. With a sufficiently pervy imagination, the Mute button is porn's best accessory. (All of which is to say that "My friend had no idea who she was" and "My friend couldn't see them because his settings are messed up" seems... convenient.)
  2. Qie Niangao

    Research on why people play Second Life

    Scripts can determine the maturity rating of the sim on which they're running* so in theory they could punt if they don't like what they see. I don't recall seeing an actual instance of this, but it would be easy to do. __________ *Scripters: This would involve parsing the dataserver callback from something like: llRequestSimulatorData(llGetRegionName(), DATA_SIM_RATING)
  3. Qie Niangao

    The most amazing "Inspirational Quote" bot ever..

    Hey, it worked for Freud. I actually find these "inspirational" in the sense of injecting abstract irrelevance to stimulate creativity. My first experience of that was the Oblique Strategies of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.
  4. Qie Niangao

    Second Life - Avatar Complexity

    I think flexi gets a bad rap; at least I've found a few strands of flexi grafted onto a mesh wig adds a lot for a trivial bit of complexity. What's an absolute killer, though, is the ancient, pre-mesh practice of massing twisted, tapered tori; just a bit of that really spikes complexity -- possibly more in measure than in fact, although add some blended alpha and you can practically feel the GPU shuffling bits every time the head turns. To the larger point, yeah, if the avatar has greater than 100K complexity, it's a sure sign of a careless shopper. (But true confession: I still have a few ancient outfits that must score off the charts, just for the guilty pleasure of nostalgia. Even though they're kind of retro-cool, anything scoring that high would be too embarrassing to wear in public. Obviously.) [ETA: while I'm ranting about wigs, I must carp on the practice of having a head of hair spontaneously swap alphas, as if wind blew the part to the other side or something. Maybe they're okay products to offer, but they really need to come with pre-purchase warnings that they're like three times as complex as necessary, and that they advertise their profligate stupidity at the first glimpse of Highlight Transparent.]
  5. Qie Niangao

    BDSM Furniture

    Point all you want, but I don't see a signature down there. Presumably I have viewing of signatures turned off somewhere in my account settings, but I'll be damned if I can find it, so I went to your profile to see if your signature is visible there. I didn't find it, but did discover that we can see who has most recently stalked others' profiles... and who did I find had been to yours just before me? Our intrepid OP, JaedenDelanaire! Someday somebody must show me how to operate this forums contraption. (I do, however, know how to make links.)
  6. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    It does sound that way, but I run a selection of 64 bit viewers. At the moment, they're: Firestorm 5.1.7 (55786) Jul 13 2018 20:00:04 (64bit) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with Havok support, Catznip R12 - Dec 31 2017 12:50:12 (64bit) (Catznip Release), and Second Life Release (64bit) The machine has 8 GB physical RAM, and Windows 10 has somehow decided to allocate about 12GB paging space on my SSD. I mean, it's an old i5, nothing great, but it doesn't seem less capable than the average SL user's PC that doesn't have this problem. Hence a puzzle. I owe you this along with some core dumps and logs, but just in case it's useful, here's the whole About Firestorm configuration info:
  7. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Thanks, I'll try turning it off in the LL viewer and Firestorm. It was already FALSE in Catznip (although I don't remember turning it off) which is the viewer I use most often lately. (Now I wonder if this could be part of triggering the old weird problem with alpha mode flipping from Masked to None, which I unsystematically associated with incidents of visible texture corruption.) On the tangent of my crashes: looking at logs, it seems (always?) to be a memory allocation error, usually images followed by vertex buffer object pool. That's probably not particularly surprising but there's still the mystery of why it triggers so readily after I've run and exited Firestorm normally, or other viewers in combination, and the weird interactions with Chrome. (fragmentation? seems awfully retro though.) Anyway, I'm still collecting crashes, trying to be a bit more systematic about it.
  8. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    I'm skeptical. At least what I tend to see is corrupted, partially completed downloads that somehow make it into cache and survive across login sessions. Sometimes sculpties, more often textures, and very rarely mesh geometry too. I don't think those arise because rendering is overworked, but rather that network delivery is interrupted and (somehow) the viewer is rendering and caching the partially downloaded content. I guess I could concoct a just-so story that the viewer is so busy rendering inflated LoDs that network data is falling in the bitbucket, but... seems unlikely. (EDIT: That's not to say inflating LoD render factor is a good idea, whatever merchants may say to make their cheezy content acceptable to the less informed. It's a super bad practice. But I think the two problems are pretty independent.)
  9. Qie Niangao

    problemma hacking accounts

    I have never seen this, and every financial services and telecom company I deal with online uses a form of 2FA. Every one. It's completely transparent to me after the first exchange of credentials on a particular device. Done right, that is. If the multi-factor challenge is being presented more than once per device, somebody truly did not understand what they were doing, actually decreasing security in the process.
  10. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Yeah. Some of the solutions in that article were for Chrome-specific problems, and some weren't. (Hilarity ensues.) They thought of eleven solutions to list ahead of: which was what came to mind first for me, along with the possibility of something gone wrong in a mesh WiFi setup (such as eero). All of which is almost certainly irrelevant to the actual problem, unfortunately.
  11. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Interesting. I do have a 660 GTX and use an HDMI cable to my screens (one 1920x1200, the second 1920x1024), but sound is on a separate chip to speakers. I definitely could try different HDMI cables... although I'm thinking it may be something different because it only happens after specific SL viewers (Firestorm, or multiple copies of other viewers), and then makes those viewers crash until a reboot. Although I guess corruption is corruption, however it comes about, so... not a lot of effort in swapping some cables to try it out. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    In my case, the screen goes black for a bit and the viewer (Firestorm or other) crashes to the desktop. Sometimes it takes Chrome with it. (Not sure there's anything special about Chrome; there may be, but it's the most certain other program to be running on my machine.) At that point, I can re-launch a viewer and it will connect and usually rez-in and work normally for a few minutes before crashing again. A fresh boot will get me back to normal and things work fine for days at a stretch until I run more than one viewer at once, or Firestorm. I may eventually take you up on sending the logs -- thanks for the offer! -- just in case it helps make the program more robust w.r.t. whatever ails my machine. At some point I'll bestir myself to either wipe disk and reinstall everything from scratch, or buy new hardware (which I've eschewed mostly to avoid reinstalling everything from scratch).
  13. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Yeah, until about six months ago, I could too. Something changed. I'm just saying that if I zero'd my disk and started from scratch, installing only what I absolutely need, I bet I'd be fine again. But tracking down what's incompatible with what at this point is as near hopeless as makes no difference.
  14. Qie Niangao

    deed to group mainland

    You might be fine, depends how you deeded the land. If you ticked the checkbox "Owner Makes Contribution With Deed" the system will just use your existing tier to cover the land the group now owns. You can see the group's tier coverage in the "Land/Assets" tab of the group info window, including the amount of tier you're contributing. You can check your total tier billing from the Land Use Fees page of your account's dashboard; if it is specified to use no more tier than you expect, you're all set. Otherwise you'll need to supply more details (perhaps to a Linden Lab billing support person, if you need to try to correct a mistake).
  15. Qie Niangao

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Hard to imagine there's much of a market for such a thing, but the next-best thing might be possible: a sure-fire setup using readily available off-the-shelf components. Buy this exact box, add this and only this software, click "go". I've been having a lot of trouble with SL lately, too, and it's very frustrating. I'm pretty convinced, finally, that the key is adding "and only this software" -- that something else has broken what was a well-behaved installation, if only I could find and remove the offending package. (In my case, I can reliably cause any SL viewer to crash just by running Firestorm once after booting while Chrome is running. Or running two simultaneous sessions of any combination of SL viewers. And sometimes, rarely, other combinations, just to keep it interesting.) I suspect that underneath it all is an incompatibility of nVidia's drivers and some other driver or service running on my machine. Because viewer developers evidently have no such problems, I'll bet that if I started from a fresh, fully updated Windows 10 installation on any reasonable PC, added any single choice of SL viewer and nothing else, everything would work just fine.