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  1. actually only 3 other homesteads on the same core. Might be 15 others on the same server -- or potentially more, I just don't know how many cores are on their current hardware platform(s). But anyway yeah, other than registering any evidence that performance has indeed worsened, there's not much to be done except try to make the most of what we think is diminished script capacity -- which may mean encouragement to find less script-intensive content, but that would be up to the Estate manager to consider. (I can imagine they might worry their tenants just don't want to be hassled by the landlord, and some tenants might even react by increasing script count.)
  2. Oh, sorry, that's probably correct. It seems willing to let me comment (though I haven't pressed the "Add" button in the comment editor), but the jira lets me do stuff I probably shouldn't be trusted to do, clueless as I am about how the Lab is using the jira system.
  3. If you're not already, try logging in to the jira (it'll show your profile icon in the far right corner of the black menubar when you're logged in), then scroll all the way to the bottom of the jira you want to comment on and there should be a "Comment" button. I popped over to Higginston and it's behaving kinda normally for a Homestead: of the 22.222 msec frame duration it's reserving about 16 for other Homesteads running on the same core. There are kind of a lot of scripts on this homestead, over 2000, which is equivalent to 8000 on a full sim. Sometimes you can get away with that but it depends how busy those scripts are... and, as we've been noting, it seems that sims are just generally less tolerant of heavy script loads these days.
  4. A possible source of confusion might be that one can wear (or "add") an inventory item on the avatar and then Drop it to the ground iff it's not Mesh. Of course, once one knows about rezzing from Inventory directly to the ground, "Drop" becomes a rare operation.
  5. I'm sure somebody will be along to explain how Firestorm has this utility for copying stuff into in-world objects. (I used it once, years ago. As I vaguely recall, it worked.) When the viewer emits the message you saw, I suspect it has no idea which inventory items didn't copy. When it happens to me, it's usually more than one, in no particular pattern of which ones worked and which didn't.
  6. You may have been lucky not seeing this before. I've been running an Experience across twenty or so sims for years, but it (mostly) does nothing with Experience permissions -- rather, it uses the KVP persistent store to communicate telemetry among those locations several times a minute at each site. During Experience beta and ever since, pretty much every rolling restart one or more of those locations hits some Experience snafu (usually, yes, XP_ERROR_INVALID_EXPERIENCE) that takes a minute or several to recover. That's not to dispute the larger point about Network being a likely source of worsening problems. There is definitely a "blocking" problem somewhere -- we can really see it when sims get into the weird state where "Sleep Time" isn't going to Spare Time but is instead booked to Script Time. I had mostly seen that on @animats Vallone region, but last week I was seeing it on Tussock* just before the restart, and after that restart all the Spare Time returned. I don't know if sims are blocking on network or something else, but that "Sleep Time" anomaly sure seems as if it must mean something. ___________ *ETA, forgot to mention: I also saw it on Peocila last Friday (a couple days after its rolling restart) during Fifty Linden Fridays at a local merchant. That region was restarted again on Saturday, but I see it's currently in deep script lag again (about 15% run) with 0 Spare Time and close to 14 msec Sleep Time.
  7. Searching the thread for "Tuesday" turns up this: (because everyone needs to know this.)
  8. I try to make it to every Tuesday server user group -- for one thing, it's the only user group meeting that I can usually kinda fit into my RL schedule -- but I may have missed a few along the way. Apparently I missed (or misunderstood) when they announced they had to roll back the OS upgrades; I'd so hoped that would not turn out to be the actual cause of the problem. Anyway, I certainly agree that the disconnects have stopped completely (for me).
  9. Alright, this is a little bit of a derail but I am genuinely curious why it is that the scripts load faster on mainland? Maybe a bit off-topic -- sorry! -- but the new Linden Homes are Mainland, so a-tangent I shall go: Scripts load up to four times as fast on a full sim compared to a Homestead, regardless of whether those are Mainland or Estate regions. That's why Homesteads are so cheap and come with a bunch of restrictions: they're running four to a CPU core, whereas full sims run one per core. The full 4x obtains when the sims are busy (no "Spare Time" in the statistics bar), and very script-intensive operations (as with Cindy's AVsitter reload) can make that happen even when there had been Spare Time before the operation began. Another way of looking at it is that a Homestead only gets to use 1/4 as much time per simulation frame. The frame still lasts 22.222... milliseconds, but a Homestead only gets to use about 5.555... milliseconds of that time. (I suspect a Homestead may sometimes "borrow" some CPU time from its core-mate Homesteads if they're mostly idle, but I'm not sure about that.)
  10. As far as I know, it's a weekly announcement at the Bay City Alliance meetings, and the transcripts of those are collected and distributed periodically. (Monthly? Quarterly?) So to get more than a subjective impression of trends would involve some investment in time and effort -- unless somebody is already doing it, I just don't know.
  11. That's interesting. I wonder how many would go and view display units, rather than taking a camming cruise of the resident-owned ones. (There were all those display units at the RFL Home & Garden expo, before they were loosed on the public; wouldn't seem difficult to drop a copy of those regions somewhere if they'd really be useful.) Maybe folks could play with the units' redecorating options that way, and maybe even briefly rez their own objects inside to see how they fit.
  12. I imagine most of those months were spent tweaking the homes themselves, and the scripts within, and then (after launch) adding the security scripts and nerfing access restrictions (which is really the reason to get, specifically, these houseboats: finally a safe sailing area!). If I were in charge, I'd probably assume they could push out new continent as needed, close enough to demand that it wouldn't matter. (And that may be correct, too; I'm still not convinced the impatient posters here aren't Linden stooges, hyping the demand.) But there's another way it would make sense. This would presume an extraordinary degree of planning ahead by the Lab, but suspending that disbelief for the nonce: Maybe that they were hoping to not blind-side the Estates whose business may be affected by this new competing Land product, and give those Estates a fair chance to up their game, cut their prices, or gracefully liquidate.
  13. If y'all keep at this, you're in danger of inventing a programming language.
  14. My hunch is that there's something not quite right in the way your viewer gets activated from your browser, which is so platform-specific that we'll need an expert to fix that plumbing (and you'll probably need to tell them about your browser and operating system). Meanwhile, let's see if this works for you. Presumably you're going to this "my-home" page to find the button that isn't working for you. Above that yellow "Go to my home" button there's a link to "View on map", and if you click that you should see a map in your browser. If instead you... do exactly what Fritigern suggested. (I was going to suggest pasting the SLURL link into an already running viewer's address bar, but using it as the start location is effectively the same thing.)
  15. In case it's of interest, the Poecila region (D-LAB's shop) is currently in that scary state where most of the simulation frame is in Sleep Time but there's no Spare Time to speak of, resulting in Scripts Run of only about 25% -- maybe worsening as more folks arrive for Fifty Linden Friday. I checked and the region was restarted 07:21 PDT this Wednesday.
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