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  1. Qie Niangao

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Yeah, there are several in fact, going back a ways. Here's one from 2010. (I think that's old enough that it's visible to all.) If memory serves, that's after Mono, the introduction of which caused an earlier script load crisis because at first attached Mono scripts gobbled up enough memory to cause serious thrashing as the sims paged RAM to disk and back. To get through that, I'm not sure whether they added more memory to the sim hosts or changed the Mono implementation -- I suspect both. But that jira was never closed out, and there are others. I doubt they'll ever get much attention, though, unless the situation gets even worse -- as it may, if no-mod clothing keeps accumulating unremovable scripts.
  2. Qie Niangao

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    I don't care about my appearance in RL -- in fact, I'm rather proud of not caring about that -- so I'm fine with buying stuff off-the-rack. In SL I have much different expectations, otherwise I wouldn't buy the stuff at all. I expect, for example, to be able to make as many copies of a thing as I want and store them in "outfits" I can swap instantaneously. I can't do that in RL either, but if I couldn't do it in SL, I just wouldn't buy much. And I really don't think it's all that much to ask of creators to show a little forbearance and just not flip the permissions bit that deprives us of an ability inherent to the medium. It's unclear how anybody who actually wears SL clothes could ask why folks want to remove scripts. For one thing, one makes copies of fatpack items with the texture settings as desired, rather than linking to the same copy in multiple outfits which would entail re-texturing them each time they're worn in a different outfit from the last time. Once a copy is set, there's no reason to use the scripts in that copy again. I've been attending the user groups lately: there is no such thing as a "tiny drain" from any script that's set running, even if it has no active event handler at all. We scripters (and maybe the Lindens) are only beginning to appreciate how much overhead is in the scheduler, now that there are so very many scripts to be scheduled. They're planning to investigate if that overhead might be reduced in future, but it's approaching crisis in many sims now, with a diminishing percentage of scripts run per frame. Oh, right, the auto-alpha thing: More often than not, the alpha cuts set by these scripts are valid only for the "extra medium" avatar shape, over a limited range of animations. This isn't really the fault of the creator: mesh clothing can be only so precisely fitted to a mesh body. What is the creators' fault is not realizing that the settings that look great in their studio on their fitting model can never be adequate to everyone who wants to use their products in every situation.
  3. Qie Niangao

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    You can restrict your products however you want, that's true. That does however restrict your market to those who want only exactly what you produce. Maybe in your case that's okay, I don't know what you create, but in a very large number of creators' cases, it's a lethal limitation. This is particularly true at the higher-end of the clothing market: If I can't tint an item by a few degrees K, it's going to end up in my Trash sooner than later. It needs to fit with other stuff, and one creator's white light is never the same as another's. Sure, there are buyers who just can't see the difference, but they're probably not buying the good stuff anyway. A bigger problem right now, though, is no-mod scripted mesh clothing that doesn't permit full removal of scripts (even if maybe their hacky resizer script comes with a Delete option). There are threads all over the Server forum right now about how script-laggy the sims have become since mesh bodies, hair, heads, and clothing have grown in popularity. There are a bunch of reasons that's happened, even some we may not yet understand, but it's a dead certainty that a significant share of it is down to scripts stranded in no-mod mesh clothing that can't be removed. (Don't even get me started on how bad many of those scripts are.)
  4. Qie Niangao

    Swapping mainland for LH or vice versa?

    That just can't be right (even if the rules may be written that way). I'm 99.9% sure that if you got 1024 sq.m. spare tier you can get yourself a new Linden Premium Home. That's my plan, anyway: there's no chance I'm gonna shed over a region-worth of Mainland to try a Linden Home -- and I'm quite confident I won't need to.
  5. Qie Niangao

    Two Premium Accounts & Land Ownership

    Oh, good point. I hadn't realized the implications of that. If one wants to trade some group-deeded Mainland for a new Linden Premium Home, it won't suffice to drop just 1024 m² of that Mainland but rather ... 1127, maybe? Enough to free up 1024 without the group bonus.
  6. Qie Niangao

    Memory Usage - from the Wiki

    It can be forced with llSetMemoryLimit(). AFAIK it's undocumented and non-obvious, but I found it worked when I desperately needed it for an application that was profligate in allocating and freeing memory, and really needed to know how much memory it had available to allocate. In fact it may be the sole practical use I've ever found for llSetMemoryLimit().
  7. Qie Niangao

    Memory Usage - from the Wiki

    Yeah, let's talk about the key thing instead. When I was first starting out, I assumed LSL stored its (32 4-bit hex character) UUIDs in a tight 128-bit, 16-byte format. I was shocked to learn that it instead uses the fully expanded human-readable format, hyphens and all, and then bloats this further with storage code depending on how the key is used (e.g., in a list, in a global variable, in a local literal, etc). So there's definitely an opportunity to pack UUIDs tighter if there's enough of them to offset the space and time cost of compression/decompression. And there's a wiki page dealing specifically with compression of keys. I'm not sure storing a key as a quaternion actually wins, compared to all these options, because quaternions aren't always stored all that efficiently either. Incidentally, here's another wiki page about LSL memory use, from more contributors. It notes: which is a very good observation. The Discussion behind the page is also worth a glance, and its History -- if nothing else, to get a healthy skepticism that anybody really knows WTF they're talking about when discussing LSL memory usage.
  8. Qie Niangao

    Is LL putting more sims on fewer servers?

    I thought "Corchalo" sounded familiar, and yeah, it's long been a basket case. There's Agent and Simulation Time each frame corresponding to the 20-some agents (plus child agents) in the region, so there's less time available for scripts. Most of those agents (and, I suspect, most of the lag) is just one little parcel in the southeast corner of the region with a tiny club in the sky, full of exceptionally fake-looking "lesbians" arrayed in suspiciously orderly fashion. I couldn't explore further because my "female" alt was rejected by their no-men-allowed security device. Besides all the rest of the junk that parcel scatters around the sky, it does some temp-rezzing of scripted objects in at least one location, so spikes in dilation are to be expected. There are plenty of scripts, and not idle ones either: check the Script Events-per-second. I looked around and found what seemed like the usual density of scripts on other parcels, so I expect the agents on that corner are wearing more than the rest of the sim combined. My hunch is that this "club" is really just an excuse to keep a flock of heavily over-scripted bots, all for the very purpose of generating lag to torment some other, larger landowner(s) in the region. Anyway, I definitely disagree about limiting skyboxes because I am 100% sure that those very expensive double-prim parcels would be using the same amount of resources without skyboxes if they were forced to concentrate it all on the ground -- and then the viewer-side lag would be impenetrable. I do wish skyboxes were banned below 800m or so, but above that, they serve to spread out the geometry, and are of significant value to landowners. The Lab does not want to diminish the customer-perceived value of the Land product, whatever else they do.
  9. Qie Niangao

    Is LL putting more sims on fewer servers?

    I freely admit that I'm easily confused by the statistics bar on Homesteads. What I think is happening is that those 16 ms aren't spare for your use, but rather they're time sliced for other Homesteads on the same core. If that's correct, your share of a 22.7 ms frame is about 5.7 ms, leaving like 17 ms that the other Homesteads must be able to use if they need it. (Or maybe it's supposed to be reserved for them whether they need it or not; as I said, Homesteads hold many mysteries for me.) [Edit: Just in case it sounds as if I'm minimizing the apparent decline in performance, grid-wide: Not at all. I'm pretty convinced that something is going wrong. I'm just not making much progress as a user, tracking down what the heck is going wrong.]
  10. Qie Niangao

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    It absolutely happens when a body shape changes -- but it also absolutely happens to alpha cuts, because fitted mesh clothing can be only so precise. As an unusually scrawny male avatar, I am forever having to tweak creator-supplied auto-alpha (one of many reasons I get so exercised about no-mod mesh clothing - now made even worse by auto-alpha scripts). But this is all familiar to me because, back in the day, I also regularly created my own alpha masks to replace those supplied by creators.
  11. Qie Niangao

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    Oh, now that is a very good point, especially if an outfit contains items from a current or recent shopping event. Within a week of TMD opening for the month, half the male avatars on the grid seem to be wearing the latest Cold Ash product. And two avatars that share a "look" (grunge, goth, thug, DiscoBunny, etc) that probability of overlap must go up to like 90%.
  12. Qie Niangao

    Sims/Servers Going to the Cloud.

    Just in case the OP comes back: Yes, none of the above is relevant to your question. There may or may not be a market for streamed server-side rendering of SL, but that's nothing to do with cloud-based sims. As I understand it, the other, non-sim SL servers are pretty much all cloud-based already, or architecturally compatible with cloud hosting. The sims, however, are a major challenge to rework to make them affordable to operate in the cloud -- and hopefully enable cost reductions for some land products. A very preliminary step has been underway for months: getting the sim software running on a current release of the OS. A test of that bit is scheduled to load on the Magnum RC channel tomorrow. The larger project, however, has never had any public milestone schedule, so maybe somebody else would give an over/under on that, but not me.
  13. Qie Niangao

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    I used the tattoo layer until very recently, to create a "monolid" asian eye look, from a carefully crafted alpha-edged texture -- but of course it could get in trouble when the wrong hair covered it just wrong, or more than six colored projected lights shown on it with ALM enabled. That mess would all have been solved by BoM, but in the meantime I finally found a passable male asian facial skin for this particular head, so now I don't care either. The thing about alpha masks is that they're potentially a lot more precise and flexible than alpha-cuts. I know nobody cares about how many scripts our avatars drag around, but if an un-scripted alternative is easier and better, it might get popular.
  14. Qie Niangao

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    Yeah, I was funnin'. Although I have a handful of really superb texture clothing items that I'm kinda looking forward to testing with BoM, just to see whether their pre-baking resolution is high enough that they still look good. Obviously I must not be all that curious, though, since I haven't bestirred myself to try the beta viewer and Omega's BoM tester thingy. I'm curious, though: Tattoos? Is that to be able to bake blended alpha (so no alpha-sorting problems on layers above the tattoo)? I never wear actual tattoos so I have no idea. Oh, also, will BoM bring back alpha masks, in place of scripted mesh avatar alpha-cuts? If so, I can see that getting a lot of use.
  15. Qie Niangao

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    Once "Bakes on Mesh" gets here, you can just limit all your clothing to texture-layer applications, like the good ol' days of the Classic Avatar. Watching 'em trying to inspect that should be good for hours of fun!