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  1. The prices are back down to about where they were before the premium "Bonus" tier doubled to 1024 and other tier prices dropped. Back before those changes, it was pretty grim though: it's not just that the parcel prices were low (which... who cares, really?) but also the amount of abandoned land was incredible. After those tier changes but before Belliseria, there was a big up-tick in parcel prices and large amounts of abandoned land filled up. Now, after there's been a lot of Belliseria for quite a while, the prices are again low but I still don't see nearly the level of abandonment that there was way back before the tier change. We're getting close to year end, so Tyche Shepherd's Mainland Census should be out in another month or so. The last one was in that interval between the tier changes and Belliseria and reflected the drop in abandoned land. Could be especially interesting reading again this time.
  2. Do we have reason to believe there's still substantial overhead to an active, tightly filtered listen()? There was some recent effort invested in making that more efficient. Of course there's load in having a huge number of scripts running in a region even if they have no active event handlers at all, never mind listen()s. A couple hundred is no big deal, but if we're really talking about the sim limit -- 25,000, say -- those objects definitely can't all be scripted. (And llReturnObjectsByID() also can't scale that far for the throttling reasons Lucia mentions, and the associated Lost+Found inventory traffic and clutter.) It may be easier for the game to limit its own scale. Each player gets only a hundred rezzed objects, say, then it's over. Speaking of scale, what about geometry? Will all these rezzed objects be within linkset distance limits? If so, I do favor Fenix's idea of them linking themselves together with llCreateLink(). That would really rein-in the number of simultaneously active scripts: the game pieces will all poof at once, so only need to retain one script in the entire linkset. I'm imagining that the first-rezzed game piece is the only one with a script, which listens to its rezzer for the UUID of each subsequently rezzed game piece, links to it, and later when it gets the game-over command, llDie()s to wipe the board. [ETA: If using the dynamic linkset thing, may want to set PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY in the game pieces before they're rezzed, to prevent players from sitting on the game pieces and preventing them linking. And if the game actually includes avatars seated on the game pieces, that'll be a complication.]
  3. But why only a half-step? Ban human avatars and related items from the Marketplace!
  4. I think I remember those questions were what Support asked to verify before changing billing-related details of an account. (Although... maybe not the question about an alt account, but perhaps that's specific to the account that opened the ticket.) It seems unlikely that this would be specific to the pre-pay renewal process because it's not yet possible to pre-pay more than a year in advance, so Support must not have gotten all that far in working the ticket when asking for all that information, because you're already paid more than a year ahead.
  5. Kinda. Note that Grumpity just clarified something that may be relevant:
  6. Based on nothing whatsoever, I'll guess that they intended it to be open for everyone, but during implementation somebody said something like: "Hey, we should protect folks from accidentally pre-renewing multiple times. Oh right, these are annual subscriptions, so an account with an end date more than a year away must have already renewed. This line of code right here will save those folks from hurting themselves." And as far as that programmer knew, they'd earned themselves a kombucha or whatever they're drinking on Battery Street these days.
  7. So I pre-renewed one account. The option wasn't available for the account I intended to use (this one), and I think I know why: it's already renewed up to May 2021, presumably as a result of taking the earlier offer, the one preceding the increase from the old US$ 72 /annum fee. Snooping around a bit more, I'll bet the offer is (currently?) only available to accounts that aren't already renewed a full year out (or maybe into calendar year 2021, which is practically the same now, less than a month from 2020). All of which is kinda okay when I think about it. I mean, pre-renewing all the way to May 2022 is... well, I mean, saving a sawbuck is tempting but these aren't T-bills, right? Stuff could happen. (And anyway the account I used instead has a name I might change if that turns out to be a Perk O' Plus.)
  8. I can only speculate, but in the meantime I'm holding off pre-renewing more than one Premium, just in case they announce something over the holidays. I'm guessing I'll have to make some decisions come New Years Day.
  9. The hard part is deciding how many accounts should get pre-renewed: Just one Premium Plus account might be all anyone could ever want. I doubt it's an accident that Marketing offers this discounted annual Premium subscription before we find out Plus's benefits and pricing.
  10. What if all the rest of us also think you're the only one in the world who deserves it?
  11. I'm seeing an unusual number of Mainland sims down for an unusually long time, FWIW, and I think they're RC regions, so that makes sense. Perhaps the bug fix for stopped scripts slows down the installation or initial restart? [ETA for closure: Things started returning to normal quickly, soon after I posted this, so just a bit more patience would have been rewarded.]
  12. Qie Niangao

    Land Auction

    There are two different numbers, one for the parcel's capacity, the other for the total capacity of all parcels in the region with the same owner. If there happened to be other land with the same owner (maybe two in the auction queue, only one of which was actively at auction), the total across the region would be more for that owner. So that's one possibility.
  13. In fact this came up in yesterday's Server User Group (was news to me) and I understood the issue to have prevented the RC simulator version from "graduating" to the main server channel this week. A bit later the subject was raised again: Unfortunately, once a no-mod object's scripts get b0rked, there's no recovery short of replacing the object. No redelivery possible from this creator? [EDIT TO ADD: Oh, wait, Inara Pey's wonderful blog mentions that this may be BUG-227864 which has the interesting suggestion that affected scripts start running again when the region restarts. So maybe, if you have a friend with an Estate sim that can be restarted on command, you could rez the HUD somewhere on the sim, get it restarted, and see if it's magically cured. Seems improbable, but maybe worth a try anyway, and sure would be cool to find out if it worked.]
  14. Unlike Mainland, Estates have a "Top Scripts" window to get some of that information, although it's expensive data to collect so I don't think it's updated in real time. There are (even more expensive) ways to gather comparable information, piecemeal but in real time, on both Mainland and Estates, using other scripts. But the problems described in this thread are mostly not caused by script time; in fact, scripts are usually starved of time because the sim is so busy doing other, higher priority stuff (such as Physics), so the Scripts Run percentage drops. There's another problem, too, where it's the process of scheduling scripts for execution that seems to add unreasonable load to the sim. The Lab is definitely interested in that, and has been trying to improve script efficiency other ways, too, but the situations described in this thread appear (to me) to be more fundamental, with scripts only the canary in a very toxic coal mine.
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