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  1. SL Moving to the Cloud

    Interesting. A lot of scripts burn a tremendous amount of CPU between interactions with the rest of the simulation, and even more burn even more between effects on the simulation state. Theoretically, all that could be offloaded from the sim completely, although that would be a massive rewrite of the way LSL compiles to Mono. Currently it seems the vast majority of script computation is to make breedables hungry (which is, after all, the whole purpose of breedables). If all those miserable critters could get hungry and die offline, Schrödinger's cat-like, until there's somebody to observe their starved corpses, that could improve real time performance by quite a lot.
  2. New to mainland

    This is tiresome. Some people like the Mainland, some prefer Estates. The reasons have been hashed over a million times on every incarnation of "forums" ever known to Second Life. Whether it's bought or rented, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Also, to make a possibly substantive contribution: There are ways to make Mainland rental nearly indistinguishable from Estate rentals for 99% of what tenants want. The simplest way is to start by allotting a separate land group for each rental. That's not practical for regions full of 1024s, but perfectly practical for larger or more specialized, service-intensive rentals. Even without the dedicated group approach, the newish (2013) LSL function llReturnObjectsByOwner(), though underutilized, can be combined with proper parcel settings to make shared-group rentals appealing for both Mainland and Estates. (Remember, many high-end Estate rentals are LI-generous spaces in urban residential towers, not commodity island parcels.)
  3. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Net neutrality is doomed until US residents see what its repeal actually does to them. And that'll take a while because the first effects will be insidious. "Zero-rating" for example is a sugar-sweet deal for consumers -- at first. But repealling the regulation without a legislative replacement invites monopolies to block innovative content from ever competing with the incumbents' private label subscriptions. That's why the telecom/cable monopolies have been buying and merging with content producers as fast as they can, flooding congress (and state legislatures) with "lobbying" money, and successfully installing the most despicable shill ever to head the FCC.
  4. IS SL MP down?

    Right now I seem to be able to get to Marketplace, but I'm getting stuck at https://id.secondlife.com/openid/openidserver when trying to open secondlife.com from a already logged-in browser window, or trying to login from a secondlife.com window in a not-logged-in browser window.
  5. Land auctions out of stock .

    I can see that if you're trying to eek out some meagre profit from land-flipping, it probably matters. If, on the other hand, you're just looking for a parcel, bid what you want to pay for it whenever you want to bid. Let the land-flippers' bid it up at the last minute, but if you were realistic in your bid, you'll win anyway, or the land-flipper will end up taking a bath on the parcel. It's true that bidding early will attract attention to the parcel, more folks will bid, you won't be able to get it for a song. Tough. You just have to be willing to pay a fair price rather than hoping for some windfall of cheap land.
  6. Land auctions out of stock .

    It may well be set for sale by the buyer, that happens a lot. It's important to understand that the winner of an auction always outbids the second-highest bidder by exactly L$10, even if that winner set a bid limit thousands of L$s higher. The auctions only take L$10 more than the second-highest bidder, regardless. [ETA: Forgot to mention that it's very common for bidders to wait until the last few seconds to make their "best and final" offer. It's a little bit superstitious, but... there's always a chance that you'd see their bid and push yours higher as a result, which just costs them more to win the auction.]
  7. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    I'm pretty sure it was tested, way back when the educational discount was huge. As I recall there was a special discount for 501(c)(3)s and maybe a few other categories of officially recognized charitable non-profits. Also as I recall, it was incredibly controversial, scammed more than not, and its retirement widely applauded. Presumably someone really motivated could look up the whole history in the forums archives from the ancien régime.
  8. Infohubs - no way out

    All this Zindra-bashing notwithstanding, just outside the Kama City area -- even the coastal periphery of Kama City -- is some of the very best land on the Mainland, including some terraformable + join/divide + double-prim shoreline. In addition to the Gilda/Oritz infohub, when Zindra was brand new, there was some sort of infohub at the Mosh "Port of Kama City" -- that big glass waterfront building. I remember because I once owned a parcel just north of that and a steady stream of newbies would rez-in there, to be greeted by rows of vacant market stalls. The main Zindra infohub then was the "safe hub" at Arapaima that they eventually copied to Nelsonia, Ungren, and Vilania, all far from the Kama City sims.
  9. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    Pretty sure I found the Spangle problem. There are over 30,000 active scripts in the sim, with a rezzer and a cloud of spam balls around 119, 99, 3627 delaying all scripts. I filed a "Region Performance" support ticket on the theory that "Region Offline" would get attention but only for a restart and that an Abuse Report would fall into the Governance black hole from which no information can escape.
  10. Sim Crossing far worse since Last Tuesday?

    I too saw some vehicle traffic through Spangle, but the sim is having some problems. A little time dilation and delayed scripts due to unusually high Physics time, and something especially funky with (at least) Experience KVP scripts being very slow or worse, even though some other scripts are only moderately slowed. [EDIT: oh, wait, no, Spangle has huge overall script delay, with less than 1% of scripts running each frame. I was momentarily misreading that statistic as the fraction of scripts run, not the percentage, so two orders of magnitude worse than I thought.]
  11. Land auctions out of stock .

    I think they always give 48 hours between when a parcel is listed and when the auction closes. At least that's been my experience. Also in my experience it's always been noon SL time that new parcels are listed and auctions close. So if the unscheduled maintenance isn't complete by about then, I think it'll likely be another day before any parcels hit the block. Because this is "unscheduled" maintenance I don't really expect changes this time around, but in one of the SL anniversary threads I remember mention of opening auctions to selling by private individuals. That will be very big, and I'm super interested in how that changes the land market.
  12. Mainland Beauty

    Right, but this is also why, in the grand scheme of things, stipends really do offset income from Premium subscriptions: it's revenue the Lab forgoes because the stipends satisfy L$ demand that would otherwise earn the Lab real US$s for minting fresh, money-supply-replenishing spacebux. Indeed, another way of looking at the Premium subscription is as a way of monetizing the L$, with a little Mainland ownership thrown in as a side benefit. Anyway, however we decide to apportion the Lab's Premium subscriptions between Land and L$, it's not clear to me what steps the Lab should take if it wanted to shift Mainland revenue from large customers to smaller ones. I guess the "quantity discount" could be less generous, but that would lessen the incentive for each individual to expand holdings and tier-up -- and that would be disastrous. Also, as long as large landowners aren't really displacing smaller landowners -- and there's still plenty of vacant Mainland available to be reclaimed -- I'd be mighty reluctant to try to shrink anybody's holdings. If I were going to do anything like that, I might consider charging a listing fee for each week that a parcel stayed for sale , on the premise that most "large holdings risk" is associated with land dealers rather than not-for-sale installations. Practically, there's a pretty low ceiling on such a fee before alternative land markets became common -- inevitably accompanied by scams and recriminations -- so I'm not sure that particular idea is really worth pursuing after all.
  13. a sims spare script time

    Right, you can ignore those red squares; they simply mean that an object is rezzing into view (here for more details). That's a big deal only if the object is really rezzing in the sim, over and over again, such as temp-rezzed objects (which even then would only much matter if scripted), otherwise they just appear when cam movement causes the viewer to rez objects that have been in the sim all along. The flow of object updates is one source of network traffic from the sim, but not the only one, and the whole SL architecture depends on some content streaming from sim to viewer (so some Network Time is inevitable). I honestly didn't see anything obviously wrong in the brief time I was there -- and really nothing at all adversely affecting sim-side performance inasmuch as you even have some Spare Time. (And to the object update thing: the flamingos seemed fine to me, I mentioned them because they were the only things I saw sending many object updates at all.) Yes, it's fine to remove scripts such as constant texture animation and smooth rotation because those are prim properties, set-and-forget (unless they vary over time or can be toggled on/off or something) -- but those properties aren't propagated to shift-drag copies. This isn't going to make a huge difference, though, even if the sim is script-bound, because such scripts don't process any events except when started or reset. (Technically, they still take up a tiny bit of memory and occupy a scheduler slot, but will almost never be noticed in practice.) So I guess I wonder: are you really getting complaints from folks with lesser machines? I mean, mine is old and not that fast by current standards, and the only thing I noticed that really slowed me down was the sim surround (and I certainly understand that it's kind of necessary for the intended scene). Other folks are way fussier about rendering lag, though, so maybe they'll take a look and weigh in with more useful suggestions.
  14. easy way to apply a script to the whole linkset?

    But only if the existing linksets aren't taking advantage of "rounding down" fractional L.I. in the same category of weight. Were it not for my overwhelming tendency to sloth, I'd write a script that scanned the region for opportunities to link together objects with LIs driven by complementary weight categories -- an obsessive hobby for me to do manually every time I rez a new item. I still think llRemoteLoadScriptPin is underutilized for this "seasonal foliage" kind of thing. It's a lot of overhead when it runs, installling all those scripts as if each tree has just arrived in the sim, but this happens very infrequently, and otherwise that whole interval is spent with all those scripts idly taking up scheduler slots and memory. (But of course as long as there's plenty of memory and the simulation frame has time to spare it won't matter at all.)
  15. a sims spare script time

    It's a great idea to have non-zero Spare Time as headroom for added scripts, especially including scripts attached to visiting avatars. When Spare Time falls to zero, scripts will start to slow down other scripts, and this can become quite noticeable to users operating HUDs, for example, or expecting smooth performance from any other scripts. But all that has (nearly) nothing to do with viewer-side hardware, because scripts run on the sim, not in the viewer. It's a whole different kind of lag that arises from underperforming PCs, graphics cards, etc. (Just in passing, the whole concept of "Spare Time" depends on a fixed-length "frame" which is how the simulation works, but not the viewer, where instead "Frames Per Second" can increase arbitrarily -- even faster than the graphics refresh rate -- not waiting on any fixed interval as does the simulation.) So if folks with less performant hardware, specifically, are finding your sim challenging, you need to look elsewhere, and there aren't a lot of tools to make that easy. There are some consoles that may be useful (e.g., Develop / Show Info / Show Render Info) as you pan around the sim, but mostly it's a matter of looking for likely culprits: lots of blended alpha textures (some trees are very bad at that) and stuff with ridiculously complex meshes (high density when viewed in wireframe, toggled with Ctrl-Shift-R). If Crescent Springs is the region in question (guessing from Profile), one thing that will definitely lag newcomers (even with fairly good machines) is the sim-surround. You may want to keep it anyway, but it really (really) slows down the initial loading, and continues to affect rendering performance as long as it's within draw distance (which is pretty much always). In terms of network-affecting object updates (toggle Ctrl-Alt-Shift-U) the Jian Flamingos are the heavy-hitters, but even strictly viewer-side effects such as large-scale texture animation (prim water, waterfalls, the "flap-flying" birds), and smooth rotation (e.g., koi) have some effect on rendering performance -- but it's always a trade-off of visual interest vs rendering performance. Which is to say "there's no such thing as a free lunch" I guess.