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  1. (I think you didn't notice those words in the OP, to which I was reacting.)
  2. Yeah, maybe, but no one can tell me I can't decorate property in the same way and make it an open-to-the-public immersive display of what privacy might look like. People come to SL with different expectations. Those of us who see it as a huge grid of 3D web pages have a really hard time understanding how anybody could want "privacy" role play on the platform. I try not to call them "morons" and "idiots" though.
  3. I hate stuff like this. Starting with an alt who's in a role that has the "ignore landing point" ability, without the group active, the first time he tries to teleport into the parcel from outside the region he gets caught by the landing point, as @Odaks observed. If he teleports back outside the region and tries again, he successfully ignored the landing point. I got the same result with a different alt who started out with the group active: he too got caught by the landing point on his first visit to the region but could ignore the landing point on subsequent arrivals. These attempts we
  4. Yeah, I did mean teleporting from outside the group-owned parcel onto it. I'm trying to think of what could account for the difference in our experience. Would be nice if somebody else could explain how they do it. The only thing that comes to mind is that I think my testing was from within the same region, Linden-owned land next to the parcel to which I was teleporting. The Landing Point was enforced except when that "Ignore landing point" Ability was enabled, so I figured it was testing what it should. Oh, one other thing: for changes to take effect, such as enabling that Ability,
  5. The process of setting Home to a parcel is outlined in the Knowledge Base. Assuming the land is owned by a group to which the tenant is a member, they need to have a Role in the Group that possesses the Ability "Allow 'Set home to here' on group land" (under the "Parcel Powers" heading in the group Abilities list).
  6. If only it worked. (And more recently more doubt.) It's not completely hopeless, but early enthusiasm for convalescent plasma therapy has waned as better controlled studies are finding less encouraging results. Perhaps, but I'm not seeing why a mutation for vaccine resistance would coincide with such heightened lethality. In theory, any virus could mutate into a species-ending threat. As viruses go, I suppose COVID has a head start because it affects so many systems. And it's certainly possible that the next wave of evolution will start with viruses after something kills off
  7. Generally mutations are all over the map, being random and all. But remember "natural selection": the weak ones will die off, assuming some kind of population pressure such as availability of susceptible viral hosts. That's the thing about resistance to agents such as antibiotics, pesticides, etc: the pressure is from an agent that directly works on the population itself, so only the "strong" mutations survive, if strength is defined as resistance to the agent. It's certainly possible for that resistance to coincide with less lethal or less contagious "weaknesses" (and that actually happens mo
  8. Seems to have happened to at least a couple other regions late last week, too. (The thread ran four pages, with actual information pretty sparse on the ground, but here's report of the fix in one of those regions.) The estate owner will want to get support engaged on the problem, like file a ticket or whatever they can do.
  9. Hmmm. Well, FWIW, the Group Ability I had in mind is "Ignore landing point" about which is claimed: "Members in a Role with this Ability can direct teleport to a group-owned parcel, even if a landing point is set in About Land > Options tab." So I just tested this with an alt and as far as I can tell, when his Role includes that Ability, he can teleport wherever he likes on a group-owned parcel with a Landing Point set (and with Teleport Routing set to "Landing Point"), but when his Role lacks that Ability, he teleports to the set Landing Point. Now this may all be wrong, it's just wha
  10. Favorite: Carol of the Bells. Glad I'm not the only one. But what does it say about us, that we like our happy lyrics in a spookily minor key? Least favorite: Jingle Bell Rock, and for two words: "jingle horse".
  11. I think a group member with the right Ability can teleport anywhere on a parcel directly, not limited to a set landing point. So, say the parcel is set with "allow group access" and has a landing point on the ground-level, I *think* only group members, regardless of active tag, should be able to teleport directly to a sky location in the parcel.* Unfortunately I think non-group members could fly in from neighboring parcels, though, so that gets back to needing scripted security, and yeah, scripts can't really know about non-active group membership. I mean, there are certainly bots that co
  12. Ah, yeah, so to go BoM you'd at least need to get one of those (if the demo looked reasonable on LeLutka) or more likely a whole different skin. Meanwhile, in case it's still of any interest, just confirmed by support rep on LeLutka group chat: "Chloe is updated for BOM as are all Origins Line Heads."
  13. I suspect the following isn't actually helpful if as you say your skin creator "seems to sleep on BOM." Nonetheless... I wonder if you've tried getting a redelivery of Chloe. LeLutka was very early trying to support BoM in the "Origins" (pre-"Evolution") line, but they got a little ahead of the curve and used a preliminary set of textures that weren't used in the Lab's final baking service. So if your LeLutka HUD's "Essentials" tab has a pink "BakeOnMesh" swatch (that's actually a button), it may only work properly after an update by redelivery. Now, if that doesn't work and you real
  14. So this drives me crazy. SARS-COV-2 is as similar to influenza as Lassie is to a giant sequoia. For starters, the COVID-19 virus is positive-strand RNA whereas influenza is negative-strand. It would be more apt to call it "COVID polio" because (1) both are +RNA, and (2) they actually have similar presenting symptoms,* fever+headache+sore throat+etc, that in polio later worsen to muscle stiffness and eventual paralysis, while COVID shifts to the lungs and often later to renal, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. _____________ *Polio is essentially eradicated in the West, but otherwise C
  15. It's called the "slam bit" and it's a feature that often leads to unintended consequences. More detail here.
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