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  1. Well, there is a Mobile subforum, and most of this discussion probably belongs in a Daniel Voyager thread from June 25, "Second Life Mobile Public Beta" but any user engagement anywhere is a step in the right direction. I don't know of an in-world group. By "user group" I mean what used to be called "Linden office hours" where residents are invited to a weekly (or so) session with one or more developers (or other Lindens). I was thinking of the ones they sometimes have on Aditi, often on the Morris sandbox, for testing-oriented residents. I'm thinking as long as it's a Premium-only beta, a (non-Adult) Premium sandbox could be a good venue, assuming they don't want to get Moles to clone one with seating etc.
  2. I think we have that in mobile, don't we? How else do we get around? We can accept teleport offers from friends, I know that part works, and Experience collision portals as long as the destination is not in the same region as the origin (although I've now seen within-region portals work correctly once, but couldn't replicate it). It doesn't seem anywhere near a "minimum viable product" yet, although I agree one might think that from the "beta" label. I just don't see any way it's even relevant to SL without being able to interact with scripted stuff (including vendors) and grant permission dialogs. And yet, the graphics are really pretty impressive compared to other attempts. That they sent out those beta eligibility reminders I found a little encouraging: they must not have halted all work on it.* If they're ready for more feedback, it might help if there were more engagement. I've been assuming they're fully occupied filling obvious gaps but if not… maybe try a user group in some Premium-only sandbox? Or get somebody to work out a program of cooperative testing or something posted to the Mobile forum? I can dream up all sorts of reasons to hold back on developing specific features until some other step in the critical path or some other expected external development, but I honestly don't even know what gaps to still report at this point. _______________ * I live in some dread of whatever that postponed Oberwolf Town Hall turns out to be, but as I mentioned elsewhere, there's also steadily increasing investment apparent on the server side, so it can't all be doom and gloom.
  3. It might have been a temp attachment, because it sounds like a food item you might get from a dispenser. Some viewers show "Temporary attachments" at the bottom of the "Now wearing" list. Usually, though, temp attachments should detach when you go to a different region and/or relog, so that argues against that theory anyway. I was trying to come up with some way the error could follow you to another region (for more than a few minutes) and not show up in Area Search. But you're making a voodoo believer out of me!
  4. Yeah, and I think it does, but Governance (specifically) will likely respond to encroachment on Linden land only if the encroaching object blocks passage. It may be that a Support ticket is the only way to get somebody involved whose mission is aligned with that "people paying for it" ethic. Not that Land Support is sitting around waiting for something to do, but Governance has such crazy broad responsibility that customer satisfaction may get less urgent attention than addressing today's crop of pedophiles, homophobes, white nationalists, and etc.
  5. Did the first person contact Support as the message told them to do? (Why are they talking to your husband?) Are we confident they're telling the truth—or at least what they think is the truth? I'm not even sure I understand what's supposed to have happened. The second person (who accessed the first person's account with permission) lost access to their own account for some time and then it was restored, and we know this because the second person told the first person this? And the second person knew they lost their account access because of this, not something else? The second person was Premium… is relevant why? Because they had access to Support or something? I am so confused.
  6. Not that I've seen. I would guess it's still postponed pending some news big enough that having the event first would look silly once the news was public, whatever it might be. Considering there are ever more new Lindens appearing at each weekly Simulator User Group, I'll guess that news won't be all doom and gloom. But it's all speculation anyway. Nothing legible in these tea leaves.
  7. Ah, many landlords use CasperLet and that system does have an API at the individual rental box, so there must be folks who have the script you need or can very easily create one for you. I took a quick look at their Demo package and it comes with an "EXAMPLE - CasperLet Sign v1.14" that uses that API, but the sample script in the sign doesn't delete itself or anything. It does show one way to establish communications with the specific rental box to which it should be associated (which a script in your sign would need to do), and for some reason provides a tenant with a way of changing the texture of the sign itself. I think the script you want would be even simpler than the sample. After associating with its specific rental box, it seems that it would listen for a "REXTR" message with a "time left" value greater than zero, indicating the box has been paid and a rental has started so the sign could delete itself with llDie(). This, however, is just seat of the pants, playing with a demo unit. Somebody who's worked with this system before would know better! (Also, just in passing, this demo unit API is weirdly chatty when nothing is going on. No idea why.)
  8. They do have some way of telling the inviter bot to do its thing at the right time, so I'm thinking this may not be prohibitively complicated, it all depends on that rental box system.
  9. I managed to upgrade to Premium Plus during the SL21B offer but hadn't used it for anything yet, so I just tried it and indeed a 2048x2048 image uploaded for L$0. The dashboard "L$ Transaction History" page actually lists it as an upload fee with L$0 in the Debit column.
  10. Do you have modification permission on the signs you want to disappear, and on the object that accepts the initial rental payment (and triggers the bot to do the group invitation)? Are those separate objects? If so, are they always in the same region? The most basic approach is for the initial payment-accepting script to inform the appropriate sign to delete itself, and for the sign to be scripted to receive that message and llDie() when they get that message. If you control the source code for the payment script, this is trivial, otherwise that script may have some programmatic interface to make it possible. I think some scripting is going to be needed, but it could be quite simple or not so simple, depending on the specific system already being used.
  11. Here's a hint for interpreting fees: If it's denominated in US$s, it's intended to generate revenue. If it's in L$s, it's not to raise cash, it's what's often called a "nuisance fee", intended to add a little friction to a behavior they think users shouldn't do without thinking about it.
  12. In case you haven't yet read all the Sturm und Drang about this, a large share of the changed appearance may be because all PBR viewers are more sensitive to EEP settings, including common selections in the World / Environment menus. It's possible some very muted mutation of an existing environment will restore the view of those items you had before (and gradually users will surely adopt such achromatic EEPs to make their world look less whacky in PBR-capable viewers). That said, because you mention waterfall textures and particles, I'm thinking you may refer to alpha textures, and there seems to be some change in how blended alpha is rendered in the new viewers that's not really part of PBR, perhaps a side-effect of simplifications intended to improve performance, or just… different. Anyway, some of us have observed that the ancient alpha-sorting problem appears between surfaces that didn't have it before. (Possibly also the opposite, but we'd never notice that.) Also, of course, the new viewers enable ALM for everybody all the time, so users will see lighting and surface material effects they didn't know were even present. (I know that's not your own situation, but may be something your customers will observe.) Even for those of us who always used ALM, "shine" from old Blinn-Phong specularmaps seems more reflective (to me, anyway). Sorry if that's just repeating stuff you've already read.
  13. I don't know what this means. Maybe if I knew what viewer does not use that appearance editor, I'd understand. (I know after I use the CoolVL Viewer, when I switch back to another viewer, it considers my Outfit "Unknown", something I don't see when switching among all the other viewers. But I'm not sure that's related.)
  14. FWIW, I just tried with my alt rezzing encroaching stuff rooted across the region border and I was able to return it if phantom and even if the encroaching part was in a Physics Type: None link. But these are all relatively small objects rooted near the region border, so that might make it easier for Havok. The "return encroaching objects" trick is spooky magic to me. When it was first introduced, it couldn't detect any encroaching Linden plants but now it's reasonably good at tidying up those, too.
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