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  1. Besides @Lucia Nightfire temp-attach case (which I didn't know about), this assumes they have any attachments at all (which is pretty safe assumption) and the object wasn't attached by wearing it "from the ground" instead of from Inventory. Yeah, I think this is kinda what @Mollymews meant to suggest (I'm not seeing an advantage to llDetectedGroup over llSameGroup to check the same group), except she also suggests linking that other box to one set to the land group, thus preventing auto-return from poofing it. It's moderately tricky that a linkset can have parts that belong to multiple
  2. Not sure how Torley did it, but I believe any group landowner can arrange this for any group member they assign to a Role with the Ability to "Landscape using Linden plants."
  3. If you want it to play the same media in a loop you don't need to buy anything, you can just set it up on a prim or any mesh surface you have lying around, using the Build Tool editor, Texture tab, with the Media (rather than Materials) settings. We can help with details of how to get that to work, however you should be aware that the majority of visitors will have Media auto-play turned off in their viewers. (And after I set up something like this at one of my own locations, I soon disabled auto-play myself because it was so fantastically annoying to have it play every damned time I tele
  4. Yeah, that's probably the first media failure, unable to load the splash screen because it wasn't able to launch SLPlugin.exe for some reason. Maybe the log file has some other hints about why llprocess.cpp can't get that SLPlugin executable to launch. It seems unlikely it would try to load that splash screen over and over with each teleport, so there's probably other media things it tries to do, which might be a hint of a workaround, but this seems to confirm that the underlying cause is that the SLPlugin program won't run. That's consistent with it being blocked by antivirus but I'm sur
  5. Not sure if this was part of the question, but anyway: Scripted security devices can't do any better than sample the environment for intruders on a polling schedule; the tighter that schedule, the more script lag they add to the region. Usually that's not a problem, but a Homestead gets to use only a quarter of the standard "simulation frame", so it's very easy for scripts to get behind on a Homestead, which you can determine by the "Scripts Run" percentage in the statistics bar. Anyway, Homestead or not and even if all the scripts get a chance to run each frame, that periodic polling thi
  6. Yeah, this. The part most amazing about your responses is their dispassionate rationality even after all this time. Personally, I can't do it anymore. I can't count the times I've hovered over the Submit button before deleting a response that "explains" in florid detail how I marvel at their cognitive condition. (Why are they so proud to be so gullible? How can they cite the authority of these quack "doctors" then dismiss the vast majority of medical science? What makes them so very sure of so many things that are at best tragically wrong? Where do they gather all this disinformation, and why?
  7. It's a kind of auction. Here are some current LindeX data as an example: If one bids L$240, it closes immediately because there's over L$32 million on offer at that very price. (This would be the hard way to do a "market Buy" order.) To buy at a slightly better rate, getting slightly more L$s, say 248, for each US$ spent, that bid will wait very briefly until the very next market Sell order (unless in the meantime some other more desperate buyer bids 247 or less). Given these data, a L$249 and even a L$250 Buy order might also fill in just a somewhat longer wait, while orders come an
  8. I tried to condense what Whirly said, and left out the answer to that: … where dullahan_host and SlPlugin are executables launched by the viewer to show media. I believe you're correct to consider the in-world browser, too, and (I think) web-driven UI elements such as Search. But apparently none of this is helping. I have no other ideas, unless you happen to have more than one anti-virus program or something else somehow preventing those executables from running.
  9. The default RenderVolumeLODFactor seems to default to 2.0 in Firestorm (a viewer I rarely use), 1.0 in the LL viewer and in Catznip (where I usually run it at 1.125). I have seen creators (of bad LOD stuff) recommend settings as high as 4.0, which might be useful while taking photos. Not so much for video, though, because it will hurt frame rates. And may have nothing to do with this particular problem anyway, I don't know. @Paul Hexem and @Aishagain are probably right, I just don't remember seeing the alpha-sorting problem look quite like this myself. You mention ALM, and without ALM th
  10. Please get a blood test. If you are Vitamin D deficient, it is quite unlikely that a low dose of Vitamin D will do any good at all, and a high dose could be very bad if you don't need it. (To repeat myself from much earlier: Vitamin D is "real medicine" in that, unlike most vitamins and supplements, excess is not readily cleared by the body.) It may take several tests over months and years for your doctor to find a proper steady dosage, and even that may need ongoing adjustment with changes of diet and lifestyle, but it's an important deficiency that needs proper treatment, not just "a li
  11. As a photographer you're probably already forced to run your viewer with RenderVolumeLODFactor cranked way up, otherwise it kinda looks as if a lit surface is reverting to a lower LOD, exposing a darker surface behind it.
  12. I'm basically channeling @Whirly Fizzle here, specifically her comment on a recent jira. If a "total clean boot" means a clean reinstall, then we'll assume the viewer installation (which can cause this) isn't the problem in this case. Most likely, then, some anti-virus has forgotten it's supposed to allow SlPlugin and/or dullahan_host to run (maybe because it didn't see a response to a dialog asking whether it should allow one of these weird "CEF" helper programs do what they must to make SL media work). You'll need to add these to your anti-virus program's whitelist, the details for
  13. This is another reason to be deeply suspicious of any no-mod object containing a script: One reason to make it no-mod is to prevent us adding a script that can detect any http_response events flowing to it. Nonetheless, Coffee was alerted to the (possible) tracking here because the hair script would eventually hit a built-in throttle on the llHTTPRequest function when she touched the HUD too many times in too short an interval. It might be possible to force that sort of thing to happen: Make an open-source device that people can wear (and own) on some region they visit just for this purpo
  14. Is there really information worth collecting, though? I feel a rational creator wouldn't be motivated to cobble together this apparatus. (Acknowledging there are superstition-sick paranoid creators out there. Maybe some creepy pervs, too, but surely not our trusty wigmakers!)
  15. Too bad "multiple test regions", otherwise https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230546 is the same error, suspiciously (but I guess coincidentally) recent. I hate no-mod hair even more than most other no-mod things.
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