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  1. OFFS. Anybody serious about art in SL, this is what we've been afraid would happen: https://modemworld.me/2019/07/17/linden-endowment-for-the-arts-to-officially-close/ Inara's right: It had big problems. But this is a very sad outcome.
  2. The nastiness does seem like something the maturity ratings were intended to help people avoid. A more predictable experience and all that. But I'm not sure it exactly qualifies under any of the "adult content" criteria. And adult content has no monopoly on nasty surprises. So I kinda think this one is all on the game creator and their (lack of) taste. (It's not about underage users, but if it were: Meh. Could be worse. Could be a gun. Those should really be kept behind the counter.)
  3. Yeah. It's well done. I've seen a lot of amazing builds come and go. I've often wished there were a virtual world Wayback machine to be able to visit them again. Of course there are compatibility problems in being able to do that with technologies as dynamic as those underlying Second Life, but I've always wished I could visit, for example, the "Starry Night" region Robbie Dingo created for "Watch the Worlds" (even though that piece was about the creation process itself, not the artifact).
  4. Well no, I didn't take it that way: I didn't use the quote. But I certainly wasn't accusing Djehan of being a fascist if it had been intended ironically. Trying to keep this from becoming a long tangent, but there's another interpretation of Anne Frank's quote that is not at all optimistic, and that interpretation is every bit as moving and respectful of her memory as the reading where her belief in humanity is justified. Especially now -- the immediate proto-dystopian now -- while the folly of politicians dooms the entire planet, the darker interpretation may be especially apt. It's fine if the quote was used unironically. It would have been fine if it had been used ironically -- and it meant more to me that way.
  5. You may be focused on Hangars, but the Lab has a larger -- not at all "petty" -- principle to defend: fairness to those who pay undiscounted fees for their regions. If everyone paid the same amount -- everybody gets the rates currently afforded non-profits -- then offering rentals to defray costs would be fine. But it would be a lot more than a few L$s to do away with the non-profit discount by giving it to everybody.
  6. Depends how far back "some time ago" was, and just how big this big ship is supposed to be. In the earliest SL, normal (non-megaprim) objects were limited to 10m and the old linkability rules were obscure. Now an individual link can be 64m on any axis and their origins can be anywhere within a 54m radius. But maybe you need even bigger (in which case I got nothin').
  7. From the llListen wiki entry, "On state change or script reset all listens are removed automatically." In general, it's best to use as few states in a script as possible. Once in a while they may be helpful (e.g., the next line in the wiki: "A state change can be used as a shortcut to releasing listens") and sometimes they're actually necessary to a desired effect (e.g., getting rid of touch* handlers to restore the basic arrow cursor when the mouse hovers over the object), but otherwise they're often more confusing than they're worth.
  8. It's not TDD123's fault the quote was used in the region, and it's a familiar enough quote that personally I don't see a big problem with its use there. But of course it's not up to me and YMMV. I'd think that in a setting like this, the use may be ironic -- that's certainly how I took it -- but, y'know: art is subjective.
  9. But -- and I realize this is crazy, but -- say they cut and paste the IM text into another text messaging service (Telegram, IRC, LINE, iMessage, etc.), that's outside LL's control and they won't take measures to protect against disclosure as long as it's outside their service. That doesn't make the disclosure any better but it takes it out of LL's hands. I don't know what would happen if they were to paste it into a text editor, snip a screen grab, post it to an image-sharing site such as gyazo, then use SL chat to share that image link. Or if they link to an ephemeral messaging app like Snapchat so the link stops working before LL could be sure it was disclosure of in-world chat. I don't see how LL could enforce anything about that, practically. Because there are loopholes like this, I've never really considered SL messaging "private" enough to fuss about it if somebody "discloses" my text without permission. Come to think of it, I should probably add to my Profile an anti-disclaimer: "Go ahead and disclose any stupid thing I say, just see if I care."
  10. Hmm. Maybe as an experiment, try carving out the minimal 4x4m square where one of these items is supposed to do its rezzing, buy it from the group as an individual, and set it to the group. If that works, maybe it's workable for the other items too?
  11. Is the land Set to group, or Group-owned (deeded)? If the land is set to group, I'd expect that objects owned by the landowner should still be able to rez, so if that's not happening, I'm confused. For group-deeded land, I think not allowing group rezzing means the object owner must be present in order for the sim to determine that they have special rights on the land. You may want to set up a separate land-owning group with only the members you want to allow to rez.
  12. It's been a few weeks since I logged in to Aditi and now this account is getting the "You cannot remove protected categories" inventory error on that grid (using either Catznip or the Linden viewer) so I'll need to file a support case for that. But I doubt that bug is relevant to your problem because alt accounts don't get that error and login to Aditi just fine as long as they're not trying to use Firestorm. Using Firestorm I'm seeing a bunch of login failures on each account, although I did just finally succeed in getting this account to login, one time... except now I can't get any of the other viewers to work for any of the accounts, so... Something in the Aditi login procedure is pretty borked. Personally, I'd try using other viewers, even though right now they aren't working for me either; it's just that they seemed to be working until I tried to use Firestorm again. It's messy enough, though, there's not much of a signal-to-superstition ratio.
  13. I guess one could use this grace time to "borrow" 1396 sq.m. tier from a group and donate it to a hypothetical Group B and see how much available land results. (Or one could save a step and withdraw all but 1396 sq.m. from a group and see how much covered land it has left.) I bet the result would be 1535, not 1536. Which would be a most unfortunate rounding down because: we're at 15.6 of a 16 sq.m. quantum: 97.5%, and 1536 is exactly three 512s, and 511.6 is over 99.9% of a 512 Or a fellow Mainlander might have one spare sq.m. for a good home.
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