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  1. Qie Niangao

    Destination Guide

    I'm not sure why it doesn't. Search has a Destination Guide category.
  2. Qie Niangao

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    Digging into US copyright law, eh? How's your RL liability insurance?
  3. Qie Niangao

    RCX Flight / LANDING LIGHT / Script

    Skimming over this script, for what you want there's practically nothing to be saved here other than a bit of the link_message() handler with a stripped-down call to llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(). But I very much doubt that all you really want is a point light source; shouldn't it at least toggle full-bright of some side of some prim somewhere? Also, I know nothing about RCX so I'm a little puzzled that this script sets itself to Not-Running state. You may just want to ask this post be moved to a different forum where you could have the pleasure of paying a scripter to look at it for you.
  4. Qie Niangao

    Texture Changer with Two Buttons

    Probably best to find somebody who still uses OpenSim, but in the meantime could you tell us what happens differently there? The function list at that link suggests that llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() may not be implemented (although the list itself appears very old), and if that happens to be the problem, the script could be fairly easily changed to use the slower llSetLinkPrimitiveParams() without big delay by consing-up the whole list of parameters to be changed on each affected side of each affected link before calling the function. (As long as a script has plenty of memory, that's better practice for either function anyway because it pushes fewer object update messages out the sim into the aether to everybody's viewers.)
  5. Qie Niangao

    Help Message to Integer

    Yeah, if this happens to be something that's used only on land controlled by a specific group, it seems a perfect fit for Experience Persistent Store, also known as "Key-Value Pair" memory. That's a somewhat different programming challenge, but it's not scary complicated or anything. (That's also not the only way to approach the problem, but it has some advantages so it's worth considering.)
  6. Qie Niangao

    HELP!!!! Mesh not rezzing correctly for a few weeks

    This sounds incredibly frustrating. After all you've been through already, it would be cruel to chase you down another rabbit hole, and yet... it sure sounds like network to me. I realize you've already restarted your modem and router, and you're seeing very low packet loss, but in my purely anecdotal experience, I get similar symptoms most often when my network gets unreliable. So... Do you have any alternative way of connecting between your PC and your router? If it's a hardwired connection, could you try a different cable and connect to a different port? Or, if wifi is an option, could you try switching to that? If you're already on wifi, is it at all feasible to try a wired connection, or maybe just try different wifi hardware? I'm assuming that you aren't running multiple networks at the same time, such as having both wifi and wired (or even other wireless) connections enabled at the same time (which can be very tricky to configure). One thing that might help isolate the problem is if you happen to have some other machine, even an old junker that can run a dumbed-down SL however slowly, just to see if it also misbehaves on this connection. (Of course your current machine is more than adequate for running Second Life at most any setting you prefer.)
  7. Qie Niangao

    Issues with rotation using keyframe animation

    But... that would compile??
  8. Qie Niangao

    Issues with rotation using keyframe animation

    Does this mean the object fails to move to the next waypoint, or that it moves there while facing the wrong direction? If the latter: I'm always queasy about llRotBetween(), which is said in the wiki to be flaky when the direction vectors are nearly opposite. Just to rule that out, I might try the suggested drop-in replacement and see if it makes any difference.
  9. Qie Niangao

    How to broach script use with neighbors.

    This is what I mean, from the Linden viewer: As I said, though, it only measures memory use, so of limited utility and difficult to interpret at best. Still, it gives some hint of where one's scripted stuff is scattered around a parcel.
  10. Qie Niangao

    How to broach script use with neighbors.

    Maybe. And I admit I haven't worked up the interest to try the Bakes-On-Mesh project viewer and the Omega gadgetry to test it out (or however it works -- like I said, haven't mustered the enthusiasm yet). But I thought from early project descriptions that the whole alpha cuts thing would be obsolete, replaced by baked alpha mask textures to hide precisely all that needs hiding, and that would seem to obviate 99% of Mesh avatar HUD's use. I guess I was assuming most folks wouldn't long bother with adding legacy onion-skin layers... but that may all be super optimistic (and anyway I can't seem to grasp how any of it works without Materials support, so maybe BOM adoption will be slow overall). Somewhere I recently posted an analysis of script times in my own attachments. A tremendous lot of it was related to Mesh avatar and head, both HUDs and avatar-worn attachments. (I also re-experienced the agony of table creation in these forums; hence Hintswen's above post gets respect.) So yeah... that's also why I occasionally rant about the virtues of pushing those scripts to avatar attachments only as-needed.
  11. Pssst: There's no free will, so in this timeline your decision is already made.
  12. No, I think I was pretty clear, it's a sign of and a reaction to historical sickness. If it were not for that historical oppression, such pride would itself be offensive -- and in an ideal world, it will become obsolete as the memory of oppression fades. If the pride persists beyond that point, it will be a sickness in and of itself.
  13. A sign of historical sickness, absolutely, same as my examples of Gay Pride and Black Pride. In a healthy world, there would be no reason to be "proud" of any identity, only of achievement.
  14. Yes, wars are won by superior firepower, not superior pride. Anyone believing that "national pride" motivates actual fighting in any war has fallen for the mass hysteria of patriotic propaganda -- which is easy to do, with whole libraries of history books promoting such grand embellishment of fear and rage channeled to fighting zeal by military practice. The nobility of national identity is a useful fiction on the home front, but few soldiers permit themselves the delusion. What victor attributes victory to the vanquished lesser pride? Does anyone -- even silly historians -- think the German military lost because they just weren't quite German enough? "The last refuge of scoundrels," patriotism is a readily cultivated "pride" useful to the state -- and to those eager to subvert it under cover of flag. But it's only one special case; all pride in identity rather than in achievement is a sign of sickness, either response to historical pathologies (e.g., Black Pride, Gay Pride) or to promote new ones (e.g., Steve King, the Klan).
  15. Qie Niangao

    How to broach script use with neighbors.

    There's a "Script Info" button in the "About Land" window that provides some read-out of script memory use on land one owns; it seems to work on group land, too, but I'm not quite sure what Abilities it requires of the agent and/or parcel settings. On other people's land, it does something inscrutable, and there are related bug reports in the jira going back to 2010. (That makes it one of those features that never got fixed because nobody uses it because it never got fixed.) Another problem with that is that memory use isn't all that important anymore, although it was make-or-break back in 2010 when that window was new. (Another problem is that it can't measure actual memory use, but rather maximum possible memory use, which is a very different thing for Mono scripts.) On a smaller scale, a script can measure the script time used by another scripted item, or by an avatar. That measurement function can be in a HUD, but to measure every object on a parcel it would need to rez sensor probes to go out and find all those objects, which could only work within sensing distance of land on which one can rez. Or, what I do sometimes is to wear the HUD and fly around, looking for script heavy hitters. This is at best a kludgy substitute for the "Top Scripts" functionality available to Estates. Even further afield from the thread topic: Scripts became a huge problem for a while years ago, back when some idiot creators decided to make no-mod attachments with scripted resizing, but without proper LSL functions they had to put a separate script in every single linked prim of the resizable object. It was recognized as a serious enough situation that the Lab started a whole initiative to offer streamlined script functions for operating on any linked child prims from within a single script. This and a few other "efficient scripts" language features made a real difference to sim performance as they were adopted and old script-laggy content gradually aged out of use. There may be a pale reflection of that happening again, in the form of Bakes On Mesh. The feature's real intent is to rein-in the "onion skin" complexity of Mesh avatars and thus restore some sanity to rendering lag, but it may have an additional benefit of reducing dependency on the HUDs that control Mesh avatar alpha cuts, etc. The spread of those HUDs and similar ones for Mesh heads, etc., have been increasing script load faster than it's being released by the slow decline of breedables.