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  1. Yeah, but they're still running 1 full region (4 homesteads) per core. The newer hardware may (or may not) have more cores per server, but that shouldn't much matter unless they're competing for a common resource -- which I suspect is happening when we get randomly gawdawful script performance on one restart and plenty of spare time on the next. At the same time, much less is being done by the sim hosts now than originally, with lots of services moved to the CDN and other non-sim servers. I do suspect that utterly idle regions will cost nearly nothing to keep running once they migrate sims to the cloud. They've got some work to do before that's true, though. Also, just making it cost nothing to operate doesn't make it good for business to have vast stretches of barren land. Continued tier reductions can help with that. I also agree that letting Moles* sow some temporary landscaping on the large abandoned parcels would help folks better visualize what they could do with those or neighboring parcels. ___________ * or unpaid volunteers in a Mole Auxiliary
  2. Such a decline? You're new to this game, aren't you? The Mainland was empty before the tier change -- it is far, far less abandoned now than before, and I see constant shuffling of what is and isn't developed, with new stuff popping up all the time. At least in the part of Mainland I spend most of my time (the Atoll and parts of Sansara), it's as interesting as I've ever seen it. There's also a steady increase in the number of Estate regions these days, even as the number of Linden Homes regions is also growing. Tyche's weekly statistics for this stuff is readily available on the VirtualVerse forums (although the Mainland "census" is only an annual event, so the combined effects of Bellisseria and the tier changes aren't fully represented in the one from back in January). That's not to say that the Lab's income has grown as a result; there's no easy calculation for that and the tier cuts and bonus increases were substantial -- but it's at least moving in the intended direction.
  3. Yes, that's the way I've always understood it to work. If the parcels are set to allow group build, anybody in the group is supposed to be able to rez there. It the parcels are set to disallow group build, only group members in Roles with the "Always allow 'Create Objects'" Ability should be able to build there.
  4. That conclusion would make sense if the last ten years of OpenGL development were dedicated to making it ever less efficient. Anyway, just to make sure: This is all using the proprietary nVidia drivers, right? (not Mesa?)
  5. Just in case this sounds like a loophole to get what you really want without using an Experience: llTeleportAgent and llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords will not work when called from an object attached via llAttachToAvatarTemp (so you can't piggyback teleportation on the Experience attachment permissions of another script such as [AV]object).
  6. I clicked on the column heading to sort the auction list by parcel name. The page is a super clumsy interface but it's way better than we had before, and a lot better than it was when it was first being tested. For example, it would be nice if the individual auctions included more automatically-generated data as columns in the table. Usually the parcel name is only even meaningful for Linden auctions; in contrast, residents use the dumbest names for parcels they're trying to auction -- and that definitely includes some big flippers.
  7. You'd start here: https://places.secondlife.com/auctions#open and hunt for the auction listing. My hunch, based on the parcel name, is that it's this one: https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/136301/protected-waterfront-for-sale which already has an opening bid, and that auction closes a little after noon Friday (September 20th). The parcel name is misleading because it can't actually be sold while it's at auction. Because it's a resident-to-resident auction, you could theoretically contact the Seller (listed in the Bidding Stats) and make them an offer, but it would be hard to convince them not to just leave it at auction in hopes of getting more. Being an auction, the bidding is apt to heat up in the final few minutes before the auction closes, so the winning bid now means nothing to what the final price may be. My usual practice is to submit a "Maximum Bid" that's as much as I'd be willing to pay for the parcel, then let the auction run its course. Sometimes my bid wins (often for much less than the "maximum" I set), sometimes not. [ETA: Sorry, ignore all that about theoretically contacting the seller to buy it outside of the auction; once an auction has received a bid, as this one has, the auction can no longer be cancelled.]
  8. This is indeed important. Is it documented? I'm not sure how literally to take "pointer memory" as opposed to overall list memory. Earlier in this thread I got a little stymied by the fact the original code was gradually exhausting free memory from successive function calls.* Now knowing this distinction between local variables in functions and in event handlers, nonetheless that function sure seems to be leaving garbage behind. Is it even worse for event handlers? i.e., after exit do they leak allocated memory, as "pointer memory... is not freed" implies, not merely leave garbage on the heap? This is subject to experimentation, of course, but it's possible I'm just misunderstanding the whole premise. ________________ * My original emphasis on gc had tacitly -- and falsely -- assumed global variables, despite the OP clearly stating otherwise.
  9. The thread has mostly been about the permissions and more specifically the permissions request associated with Experiences. Maybe that's not where the concerns arise, but I'm really not understanding what else would be a concern of the general public. There's no reason the public even needs to be aware of how KVP is used by Experiences. It doesn't entail asking any permissions to store and retrieve data from an Experience's persistent store, so this doesn't seem a likely candidate for concern. In some meeting I attended, somebody said that the AVsitter Experience has been problematic, but it wasn't a setting where I could follow-up. Does anybody know what the concern could be with that Experience? It's one that I use in a large number of items. I guess I could use it to attach something ugly to a visitor but there's every incentive to keep me from doing that. Could it be used by griefers? I guess, but the worst-case scenario would be some folks might disable that Experience for a while, which wouldn't seem to satisfy much drive to grief. So does anybody know what the fuss is about it? I guess the other thing I don't understand is what preferable alternative would offer similar seamless user experiences. Are people actually preferring RLV with its much more intrusive control that largely skirts the whole built-in Permissions system? Here's a little example I recently hacked for my Bellisseria houseboat: when you've finished with an AVsitter Experience-equipped tropical beverage auto-temp-attached with a mere touch, walk up to the diving board and without needing to click on anything (using a local Experience) bounce on the board and choose a dive from a dialog box; when the dive is complete an auto-temp-attached swimmer HUD immediately gives the avatar floatation merely by virtue of being in the water, allowing you to swim to a net which on contact you automatically climb back up next to the diving board, perhaps to dive again, still without needing to touch any of the scenery or props. So there's this sequence of animations and in-world interactions happening naturally by merely navigating the avatar around the scene. Now not everyone wants to go diving at my houseboat, but AFAIK this little natural-interaction vignette is only possible using Experiences. Or theoretically RLV. Or is there some other means that Experience-concerned folks would find preferable?
  10. Also, if "mesh body" is about mesh avatars, this whole practice of toggling visibility of portions of the mesh is kind of obsolete, with the advent of Bakes-on-Mesh. Instead of changing the alpha of separate faces on the avatar mesh, the baking service applies alpha mask textures to hide portions of a mesh avatar, same as it used to work with the old system avatar, but with higher resolution, etc. This means outfits can simply include the alpha mask(s) that work best with them, and of course it drastically decreases the geometric complexity of the avatar mesh.
  11. Oh yeah, I too definitely noticed that in the Linden viewer when I switched back to it to use BoM... but it had been a while and I thought maybe I'd lost some setting that overrides a constraint, and then forgot to look into it further. There's something amiss there if you're seeing it too.
  12. That's interesting. I'll have to try that the next time the "no messages" thing happens on login, which is something that I've seen intermittently for ages. The block/unblock workaround is interesting in that it seems to be correcting for a login that wasn't quite complete in the "Presence" system, the magic that knows how to IM the viewer no matter where it's located in-world, and keeps track of whether or not an account is in-world at all. (Wulfie's right, sculpts have never had useful physics shapes, so they've always needed to be phantom -- or have their Physics Shape Type set to "None" if linked, which can be risky anyway because sculpts are apt to double in Land Impact when linked. I haven't noticed any of the editor changes myself, so I got nothin' there.)
  13. Is this concluding that garbage collection is happening because there's an obvious time for it to happen?
  14. I think I only stumbled onto the (undocumented?) gc effect of llSetMemoryLimit, so I sure hope it works elsewhere -- and keeps working. (It's pretty much the only use I have for the function.)
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