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  1. There are lots of guy doll collectors - both for playline AND collectable dolls. Check out instagram for guys with dolls and their cool customs & dioramas.
  2. None of these complaints contain enough information for troubleshooting. If you need help, you need to be specific. What body? What brand of tattoo? Is your skin an applier or BOM? (You can't use an applier skin and BOM cosmetics, for example.)
  3. If @Strawberry Linden isn't dressing them, why are they even bothering?
  4. Blizzard might be the closest comparison, because of the length of time their primary multi-user world has been running. But as far as I know, WOW shows no signs of slowing and still receives regular improvements.
  5. I've really been enjoying the gift head, too. It's a shame. It carries the Pink Fuel skins very well.
  6. I will never recover from the shuttering of the WBS roleplay rooms. NEVER.
  7. You could always make things for the head of your choice!
  8. . . .I'mma hold off on making that alt, then.
  9. Hm. Maybe I wasn't clear about what I'm spitballing. I've budgeted for a high quality body, head, and skin and some amount of cosmetics to go with it. I'm pretty good on scouting freebies & cheapies. I'm actually racking my head to think about what one would need for a well-curated, mix-and-match small wardrobe until I eventually accrue years of junk on this other account too. I can guess on the general things - some separates, a few dresses of varying length, two or three pairs of shoes - probably scored at a discount event, some underthings, at least one necklace, choker, pair of earrings, ring or bracelet. All put together towards one overriding aesthetic. And some poses, because I'm going to document the whole thing of course.
  10. I have a set budget for mesh things, but free goodies are always appreciated. I think if I were going to go with a freebie, it would be the TMP Classic - there's enough stuff in the MP from when that body was a going concern to outfit me nicely. It's pretty impressive how you got those Maitreya fits on that Altamura body though! And I always forget about Coco's freebies.
  11. Sn@tch has a copious amount of system layer tops and lingerie!
  12. I've been on the same account since 2010, and the same corresponding Flickr account. I've been thinking about starting an alt that doesn't have any associations with Blaise. But the one-two punch of not having my expansive inventory and having to set up a whole new mesh head/body situation (after slowly accruing cabinets of heads and closets of headless bodies) and a small capsule wardrobe is just EXHAUSTING. For those of you who have alts, what is the bare minimum of outfits/makeups/jewelry you've been able to start with? What are the crucial accessory pieces? I will challenge myself to restrict this account to one body and one head, to be determined. Send prayers.
  13. A thought - another way to make your pictures more realistic is to adjust your poses. A lot of poses are made for SL-standard body proportions, which are not natural looking at all. (Your arms do reach below your crotch to the mid-thigh, right?) I use the Animare HUD and others have had great success with the Anypose HUD for adjusting your poses to look like natural movements. Here's a video of SL photographer/vlogger Cassie Middles using Anypose.
  14. There seems to be two totally different strategies between Maitreya and Legacy - Maitreya does a whole lot less marketing, since they've been the market leader for so long. I think this might bite them in the butt as Legacy seems to be 1b to their 1a - instead of 1 and 2, as they used to be. Legacy Perky being supported right away and Legacy having body vendors in top-tier shops seems to be a concerted partnership/affiliate deal.
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