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  1. A postcard from Queen Mary. Wish you were here! I finally got a reasonably well placed houseboat and (sadly!) released my estate land rental I've had since 2014. I'm still putting out decor bit by bit. But I love it already.
  2. I bought the fatpack. So, you wear this sweater and I'll wander around in one of the other shades! We won't show up at some place in the same shirt. XD And thank you! It's a combination of a Vista Zoe AO and the Anypose HUD to move the eyes. Using the actual LAQ HUD to do expressions gives me fits, but I usually have the Smile 1 animation on, and it overrides the mouth - which can look a little pouty with the AO.
  3. I don't actually care what's good for you. What's good for me is not being subject to unwanted intrusions.
  4. . . .guilty as charged. I like free stuff as much as anybody else.
  5. So, what I'm wondering after all this conversation is, are those guys who say that they are not looking for romance or to pick up a woman also randomly messaging guys they think might be interesting friends with "hi how r you"?
  6. There is a perfectly good reason for head and body to be separate. Not everyone wants to wear the same face. Not everyone wants to wear the same body.
  7. Is the incel subreddit going to be able to function while gems like this are being shared here and not there?
  8. Directions in pictures with naked ladies on them. It seems to be the only thing noob males pay attention to.
  9. There is nothing more pathetic than women who sell out other women for pats on the head from men. That is all.
  10. I haven't seen a houseboat in a week of Linden House Roulette .
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