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  1. Of course, the number one reason to choose Catwa is that it has been the skinmakers' brand of choice for the past few years. Lelutka and Genus are up there, as well. But EVERYBODY has at least one Catwa skin. (Won't someone think of the poor LOGO wearers?)
  2. Oh, and make sure you can live with the HUD. There are some heads that look great, but the HUDs are like using a rotary telephone. Just unbearable.
  3. What kind of look are you going for? Ethnicity, aesthetic, age? And, what mesh body do you use? If you can't get matching appliers for head and body, it's a non-starter right there.
  4. I feel like readers deal with SponCon more enthusiastically when there are cats in:
  5. You can wear Slink feet with the Maitreya body, as well. You just go to the feet's utilities hud and change the size to XS, and it matches the ankles perfectly. Maitreya is currently the body with the best selection of clothing. The current second place is Belleza Freya, if you want a curvier and more voluptuous figure. You can also wear Slink feet with that body. Most skin makers accommodate both Slink and Maitreya. Determining if you can find clothes for your body is a BIG consideration. Take a look at the designers you like, and see what they're making clothes for.
  6. You're never going to get the exact look of an ad because the vast majority of the ads are carefully stage lit and photoshopped. Fortunately, Bento heads are equipped to allow you to use the system sliders to make subtle changes in the face. Adjust your sliders - learn what each face can accomodate. Don't rely on third party shapes.
  7. While we're here, can we discuss how amazingly homoerotic the men of Gor's descriptions, their passionate brotherly friendships, and their color-coded attire are?
  8. It's pretty simple. Any mesh body part that has the scripts either installed or run through a relay can wear Omega compatible appliers, instead of specific ones made for the piece of mesh. It's really kind of the best thing right now.
  9. Don't mess around with free bodies. They're impossible to shop for. Just spend the cash.
  10. You can use any cosmetics made for the LeLutka system. Some might (or might not) fit your mouth. Try a demo before you buy. Lelutka is also compatible with Omega, so with an Omega relay or installer, you can use any cosmetics that are Omega compatible. Again, try a demo.
  11. However, you don't get to test the deformer until you cough up 5K.
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