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  1. Imagine coming in here with that dumb bro-ey Listening To Joe Rogan At The Gym swagger on a forum devoted to a game where you play dress-up with dolls. Jesus *****ing Christ. The masculinity is too fragile.
  2. This is your exact quote It is incorrect. There are plenty of people who have sex with their partners or on the dating scene who come into Second Life for erotic activity.
  3. Yes. Because this is a user-created world. People can choose to indulge in sexual hijinx to make the Romans blush, or they can choose to live chaste lives entirely. The site doesn't focus on anything - it's the users that focus on things.
  4. Speak for yourself. Second Life sex isn't a replacement for in-person sex, it's a way to explore fantasies, identities, and ideas outside your real life sexual identity and activity.
  5. I had a very easy trade with another resident. They messaged me to ask if I'd swap my houseboat for theirs, so they could be neighbors with a friend. We both relinquished parcels at the same time, banged on the refresh buttons until our fingers fell off, and got the houses we wanted. Sure, some people suck. But there are honest folks out there, too. I probably wouldn't have done it, but I let this particular house linger unfurnished for months. The new house inspired me to try a whole new layout and I decorated it in about two days.
  6. There are lots of guy doll collectors - both for playline AND collectable dolls. Check out instagram for guys with dolls and their cool customs & dioramas.
  7. None of these complaints contain enough information for troubleshooting. If you need help, you need to be specific. What body? What brand of tattoo? Is your skin an applier or BOM? (You can't use an applier skin and BOM cosmetics, for example.)
  8. If @Strawberry Linden isn't dressing them, why are they even bothering?
  9. Blizzard might be the closest comparison, because of the length of time their primary multi-user world has been running. But as far as I know, WOW shows no signs of slowing and still receives regular improvements.
  10. I've really been enjoying the gift head, too. It's a shame. It carries the Pink Fuel skins very well.
  11. I will never recover from the shuttering of the WBS roleplay rooms. NEVER.
  12. You could always make things for the head of your choice!
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