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  1. You can use any cosmetics made for the LeLutka system. Some might (or might not) fit your mouth. Try a demo before you buy. Lelutka is also compatible with Omega, so with an Omega relay or installer, you can use any cosmetics that are Omega compatible. Again, try a demo.
  2. However, you don't get to test the deformer until you cough up 5K.
  3. VR gives me crazy ass motion sickness. I tried one at a con a few years ago, and had to spend that whole afternoon in bed. I missed my time slot for an RPG I've never seen run before, and had hoarded the game book for a good decade. I was so mad.
  4. Ok. These creepy face tunes are giving me Aphex Twin vibes.
  5. This is the second most annoying part, on top of the proprietary HUD system. It's the same reason I haven't pulled the trigger on a Genus head, even though skin makers are falling all over themselves to grind out product for it. If I can't try it on at home, I don't want it. Also, skins. I'm not tinting in the year of our lord two thousand and nineteen. IDEK.
  6. Anywhere where sexually frustrated, socially incompetent men gather, there will be some fellows confused about the fact that I wasn't born with lashes that bump up against my glasses.
  7. Is this the equivalent of that one guy who shows up in makeup communities on Reddit to declare that women who prefer a natural look are much better and morally superior to women who are tricking men with cosmetics? I feel like if I replied to this post the way I reply to those, I might get sanctioned by the Lindens.
  8. So, what are the vehement Legacy defenders doing for skins, though?
  9. Nothing says fierce individualism like trotting out a dim meme from some cesspit like 4Chan.
  10. What are y'all doing for skins, though?
  11. Gachas are as much social interaction as shopping. Trading, second hand markets, and yard sales are fun ways to interact with people you don't know already. If it's not your game, don't buy them. But they're fun to some folks.
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