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  1. You rarely hear cuts from Type O's later catalogue around these parts.
  2. . . .this is a little more relevant to my interests than I think I should admit in a G rated part of the forum.
  3. Well, that's not creepy or intrusive at all.
  4. Serves me right for clicking on another one of these clickbait threads. . .
  5. Except neither Maitreya nor Belleza have a history of predatory business practices. And both of them are set up from start to use Omega, the SL standard for multi-body appliers. And both are HALF the cost of this body.
  6. The whining, sobbing, kvetching, and crying about web profiles with the Facebook-like social media feed (which were super cool, but no one used) probably made them gun-shy.
  7. Don't wear sound effects attached to your body. It's infuriating. Especially in public.
  8. If you didn't make them, you can't. Not without using third party tools that violate the copyrights of the skin and cosmetics makers.
  9. Who is wearing flexi skirts in THE YEAR OF OUR LORD TWO THOUSAND NINETEEN? Seriously, though.
  10. I don't even care about the boobs. You can have my mesh hands and feet when you take them out of my cold, dead First Life hands.
  11. I'm going to demo it, and see how Maitreya clothes fit on it.
  12. Not particularly, no. I'll adjust it to places that have a specific limit, and I alpha myself out at events where I'm not going to be trying on clothes or hairs right there at the scene. But other than that, I don't throw myself into a fit over it.
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