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  1. When your first post on the SL community forums after being a SL resident since 12/23/2009 (10 years 3 months; 3755 days) is an unsolicited, name-naming grievance post about something a 10 year veteran should understand already, it makes me pretty sure why you were removed from the party.
  2. Also, it is amazing what a good windlight can do for the sharpness of your photo.
  3. Before I left estate life for a shiny Linden houseboat, I was a long-term renter on an estate for something like 5 years. During periods where I'd need a week's grace, or had gone on vacation and hadn't paid in time, I had a pretty easy communication with my landlady. On the other hand, there were periods where I paid for large spans of time up front. It was a give and take, not a grasping one-way transaction.
  4. I cannot imagine renting from an estate where the manager would consider a long-term renter's circumstances DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC a 'hand out' or a 'hard luck story'. (There was an edit. This is a much more moderate reaction.)
  5. Is there a block feature on this forum? I have desperately been trying to find it, but it's not in the usual places.
  6. @Cristiano Midnight - that water sure does look nice!
  7. If I learned anything from Fried Green Tomatoes, it's that Husbands' Bodies can be repurposed for all kinds of farmer's market products.
  8. Trying the super-popular Genus + Legacy combination, since I'm as susceptible to trends as anyone else.
  9. . . .have you considered how much time you spend writing screeds about how everyone else is Second Lifing wrong, when other people are having fun being Furries in Bikinis?
  10. I don't want to talk about how much money I have spent this week on furry avatars and mods. But it was a lot.
  11. I am a high-volume Second Life shopper oh, and I have never seen a gacha machine say that you would not receive one item. You should probably make a screencap of that, and report it.
  12. I got banned from a very popular store when I worked for a now defunct events blog. I said the skin they entered into FLF looked dirty and greasy. It did. They unbanned me when they realized I couldn't cover their events. I still didn't, because I'M PETTY!
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