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  1. Apricot Paws just put out Handy Paws and Peety Feets for Regalia bodies, and this is 100% quality of life improvement. The body's got a lot of interesting, furry-friendly features but those hands and feet. Eeep.
  2. Same. Black Dragon is excellent for machinima and screenshots, and generally unworkable for day-to-day Second Lifing.
  3. I am a shameless bandwagon jumper. Here's me, trying some different layers of looks with the new Catwa head. We'll see.
  4. That will do the opposite of what she wants. Acknowledging intrusive people in any way gives them the attention they're seeking.
  5. Because when you don't shut it down when the first jackholes come in, it makes a welcoming environment for more of them. Internet basics. Shut it down before it becomes too big a problem.
  6. You're welcome! As far as extant breedables, I'm sad Meeroos declined in popularity, because my favorite part of _that_ game was going to other people's parcels to get the points for petting meeroos. (And looking around at how other folks live. #nosy)
  7. A new breedable game is in beta from Amaretto, too. I'm curious because Kat (formerly Sylver Bu) of Kinzart is the artist doing the meshes for the critters. He's one of my favorite avatar makers (as my flickr will proclaim, haha) and I wonder what kind of cuties they'll cook up. https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/
  8. If your name is overtly sexual, as xthottyhoex is, it can both be seen as a violation of G rated TOS rules and it could also be a violation of the individual owner's rules. Privately owned parcels and sims exist at the discretion of the people who pay them. You're the one who chose to have an overtly sexual screen name, and therefore your choice will have the consequence of being seen as inappropriate for some areas which forbid any sexual content.
  9. One might argue that going to a sim and violating the rules of conduct and then complaining about it on the board is quite rude.
  10. The owner of the sim can make any rules that don't violate LL's TOS. If your name and avatar are too sexual for a G rated sim's host, they are free to block you. Your grievances are about two different subjects that are not related.
  11. Because system hands and feet look like flippers and fish sticks.
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