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  1. Kovacs - Mata Hari (Live at Royal Theatre Carré)
  2. Kovacs & Till Lindemann (Rammstein) - Child Of Sin
  3. When decorating Delamar movie theatre, I also thought of examples in RL. And then not so much in terms of furnishing but in terms of atmosphere: intimate cosy cinemas. Near me in the centre of Utrecht you have Louis Hartlooper and Springhaver. And in Amsterdam of course, you have the city's oldest film house The Movies which - like Delamar movie theatre in Canal city - is situated in an Amsterdam town house.
  4. Your pictures are so atmospheric. Especially the lighting is perfect.
  5. I decided to remove the small orangery next to the rainbow club and put back more park-like surroundings in Canal city. That provided some extra prims. I had in the back of my mind for ages the idea of making a small cinema in one of the canal houses and now that was possible. But the prims were limited so I had to work economically! I always think then: what are the most important things when I think of 'cinema?' What makes a cinema (apart from a movie screen) a cinema? Clichés are allowed, they actually help. First of all: a ticket boat. So I removed the lower facade and made a new one with a ticket booth in it. Personally, I am not a popcorn lover, so if people will forgive me, I skipped that cliche. And then: atmosphere. Warm colours, red carpets and film posters with gold frames (from Dutch movies in this case). It should give a sense of going out and some luxury. But not the luxury of expensive mansions, but the luxury of the people, consumer luxury, tinsel. Because film is working-class entertainment, but it also comes with a sense of grandeur. It has become a small neighbourhood cinema with a few of these elements in it: a foyer with film posters, a bar and finally the cinema room.
  6. Bloemengracht (Flower canal) at night. Tattoo shop, movie theatre, bakery and cheese shop.
  7. It's a movie with a totally different background, but the lighting, the colours and your looks remind me of Faye Dunaway in Bonny and Clyde.
  8. Sitting on the famous Rietveld chair (designed in 1918) from Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld (1888 – 1964).
  9. And this American guy is so lucky to have this appartement in a real four centuries old Amsterdam canal house. I could not afford it but a friend of mine does, a French singer, who has a whole Amsterdam canal house so I can visit such a house from time to time. Want to know how that looks like? Like this:
  10. While I was decorating Canal city, I did research and read stories about Amsterdam canal houses. There is one story that surpassed others in obscurity. On the Amstel at number 216 stands a beautiful city palace with a dark past: the House with the Bloodstains. So called because the outer walls of the house show the centuries-old graffiti that former mayor Coenraad van Beuningen chalked on the walls there with his own blood. He also draws a boat and Hebrew and Kabbalistic symbols. He eventually collapses unconscious and wakes up the next day in his own house, chained by his servants. The former mayor, once rich and powerful has gone mad after he lost his fortune through speculation and his marriage broke down. He spent the rest of his life like a wild animal tied to chains, locked in a blinded room and regularly beaten by his guard. He died in 1693: insane, abused, destitute and forgotten.
  11. The tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher (left picture) is now retired but he is legendary!
  12. Canal city interiors: The tattoo shop. On the wall two pictures. One of Amsterdam's famous and legendary tattoo king Henk Schiffmacher and his wife and of renowned tattoo artist Claudia Fedorovici.
  13. Canal city interiors De kazerij (The cheesery)
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