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  1. At my 13th interview, people from SecondLife still keep surprising me. So does @Heloq Tomsen. The wellknown Dj at Berlin raw turns to be quite a philospher. ''I am fundamentally a shy person' Heloq Tomsen (homesteadcloud.com)
  2. This evening I had a great meeting with. @Heloq Tomsen. He is someone who stands out. Well known as a night owl and DJ at Berlin raw, he is witty, sexy and saucy. But is he the kind of guy who talks easily about his dearest passion? To be continued soon!
  3. David Bowie sings Jaques Brel: The port of Amsterdam
  4. Jacques Brel 2: Mijn vlakke land (My flat country)
  5. And there is the eternal beauty of Dido's lament from Purcell. Of course, what a drama! 'When I am laid, am laid in earth, may my wrongs create / No trouble, no trouble in, in thy breast / Remember me, remember me, but ah forget my fate.' But what is life whitout a little bit of drama? 😉 Also pop musicians had sang it, among them Jeff Buckley and Annie Lennox. But this is the 'classical' one with Jessye Norman:
  6. This is for me one of the most beautiful classical masterpieces. This clip show the original ballet from Nijinski. Here with Nureyev. In it's time (1912) it was quite a sensation, not as big as Le sacre du printemps, but a scandal never the less. Mostly because of the last scene.
  7. Friendship, one of the most precious things in life. In my pics I am mostly alone (when I'm not on my interview trip) , but I do have friends. One is very special to me. We met through a mutual friend. He told me that he also knew a writer. That was Ganymede. Then I rented a house in Sweet Grass, the community where he held sway. But I also met him in RL. He was at my last book launch. We teamed up with another writer to create a writers' platform for quirky writers like us. Now I no longer live in Sweet Grass, but bought my own land and put my dream house there. But Ganymede as a friend has
  8. And some good troat-singing in Ukraïne got talent by the shaman Tyurgen Kam
  9. Another vocal miracle. A Russian one this time: Vitas.
  10. If you haven't heard of the legendary Inca princess of the jungle Yma Súmac who can sound both like a rutting bear and a little bird (5 octaves) then this is your chance!
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