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  1. Dear residents, I have a question about rails for bridges. Now I am quite happy with the canal around my house and the bridges. But I searched for rails for bridges but just could not find the one I had in mind. Now I have a simple one from Papilio. It's okay, it's easy to modify and it's low prim. (see picture above). But what I really would love is a railing like the ones at the old bridges of my hometown Utrecht in The Netherlands. Like the pictures below. Does anyone know if there are rails like this available? And I don't mean whole bridges, but just the rail. Well, it's not a world
  2. Sort of back from being away a while - not for interviews yet - but anyway, back to share some music. And then immediately a doom metal song! It's not quite my genre, but I find this song very intense, beautiful and poetic in all its darkness. Amenra is a Belgian band and they sing here in Dutch (yes, in Belgium they speak Dutch, besides French and a small part speak German). The title 'De evenmens' is hard to translate, it's something like: 'The human-for-a-while.' We are human for a while With heart and soul I kneel here now And give to you My heart my soul I see I am looking
  3. Hi, my fellow residents! As I allready stated, I will go away for some time to do RL things. I guess my retreat will take severall months. In the meantime, you all are very welcome to visit my place: Utrecht estate. I am not there and it will be great to have some life around the place. I feel very much at home there. It reminds me of my homeland whitout being overly cliché Dutch. Of course it all began with the wonderful villa Utrecht by Froukje Hoorenbeek from Dutchie Funitures and homes, and the teadome De Vecht. Around it I furnished green meadows and a park environment (trees from Sk
  4. My project 'Secondlife : our passion' will go on. However, at the moment I need time for RL matters. So it may take some time before I will do interview sessions again. But in some time I will continue with it!
  5. Caroline Shaw - Narrow sea (pt. 1), performed by Dawn Upshaw, Gilbert Kalish, and Sō Percussion
  6. Finally had time to make a mixtape with music I associate with my SL home: Villa Utrecht estate. With poetry, (mainly) classical music and atmospheric birdsounds. And a cow and a sheep now and then :-).
  7. It is! And you can visit it! https://secondlife.com/destination/bellezzamora
  8. Love the work of Dutch composer Michel van der Aa. Het makes compemorairy classical music, but als here in this clip, he steps into popular music. Als he combines music with movies and virtual reality. In this song his muse stars: Kate-Miller-Heidke and a dancer: Gil The Grid.
  9. 'Leave it to me to dream up the unusual' Crito Galtier said. That promises to be an interesting interview. And gee, we'd love to take a look inside his palazzo Bellezzamora. Read my newest interview blog. https://angelusvanengelen.homesteadcloud.com/second-life-our-passion/crito-galtier
  10. Really beautiful piece of music: Nocturne by Spinvis and sang by the Tania Kross.
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