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  1. I think RL scaling is a problem for all of SL not just RP communities. I RP a 9 year old boy and I'm 4' 3' which is the correct size for kids that age. In RL a 9 year old is going to come up to most adult's chests or shoulders, yet in SL I don't even come up to the waists of some of the 7 and 8 foot giants!
  2. Being too big is definitely a problem. Most rp communities struggle to fill a full region and those who try often have everything too spread out so people never meet. I often think it would be best to condense a region down to about half its size using things like impassable terrain (think water, mountains ect) and limit it to say a max of 40 players to keep the lag down. Another issue is having too many factions that require player leads. Honestly better to keep it to two clearly defined sides like Empire vs Rebels, Alliance vs Horde etc. That way people can either join the war or remain neutral.
  3. Would you have use for a kid for any RP plots? I'd love to get into some Star Trek RP! Have you seen Star Trek Picard yet? It just came out.
  4. Sounds like an awesome idea! Like anything, you will get creepy people in all walks of life. I play a child avi and if I only told you about half the times I'd been 'hit on' by by adult men then it would be enough to make your skin crawl. Thankfully that is only a very small minority of men then though. I would definitely be interested in flying!
  5. Only realistic human avatars. they are strict on the dress code too.
  6. I'm not premium and I pay quite a lot into the system. My Monthly rent alone costs L$6400 and on average I spend around L$20,000 a month on market place buying things like clothes, furniture and other accessories. The labs get a decent percentage of that. Additionally, I pay fees for buying lindens and also currency conversation fees to change my pounds into dollars before they can be used to purchase Linden Dollars. That's certainly more than people paying $15 a month and I'm not asking for a special Elite tag.
  7. I decided to redecorate my bedroom in a completely new theme and broke up the large room into two different defined areas by building my own wall divider. Here are the results!
  8. Somewhat related to the nudity thing, being European I'm used to wearing speedos while in the US I know it is very frowned upon. Because it is what I'm used to, if James my child Avi goes to the beach, then I'll have him don a pair of speedos too.
  9. Still ROFLing from the irritable bowl syndrome comment 🤣 I absolutely love decorating! I'll decorate our family home and be happy with it for awhile and then I'll get bored and tear it all down to do it over again. It used to drive my family nuts but I've got them housed trained now and they just accept it 😋 Of course since I love decorating I also love shopping for new furniture and decor. New outfits as well. I have outfits for all occasions because y'know just in case..... My main hobby is SL photography so I'm always looking for interesting places to snap new pics. I do love RP too but sadly opportunities for kids to RP are seemingly less and less these days .... unless I'm doing something wrong....
  10. Hahah I love Harry Enfield, the best bit of that sketch is when he tries it on with the guy who owns the hotel who also happens to have loads of posh homes elsewhere lol.
  11. I'm 29 in RL and although I know a few people in their 20s most people I meet are of the older crowd. Like many other kid avatars, I'm in SL to shop, decorate, explore and to escape from adult life for awhile, and despite being heterosexual and male in RL I'm not in SL for romance or sex. In fact, James is very much in the "Ewww girls have cooties phase!" lol but then he is only 9.
  12. So we started the road trip! Me and Tyler in back in our car seats with our big bro Edward driving. We stopped at a truck stop and passed a few other stops but haven't met anyone just yet! I'm sure we will at some point! Thanks for all the help guys! The tip about landmarking rez zones is an awesome one! FLICKR
  13. Yeah please could someone provide me with an SLURL which we can TP to and rez out our car? Thanks!
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