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  1. There is nothing inherently wrong with a preteen living on an A rated sim as TOS permits child avatars to be on adult sims. I suppose it depends on the sim though. If you're not comfortable with them living there then good call.
  2. Hi there! I'm an experienced role player and have played various roles (both adult and child) from a Hogwarts student at Mischief Managed, to an orc warrior on CoL to even a teacher at an elementary school. I know the difference between IC and OOC and would be interested in role playing as a child and creating a story. Just to be up front though, I already have a SL family though so I'm not looking for more than role play or friendship. If you have any questions let me know.
  3. Bebe has just released an older version of the avatar with Bebe Youth so I would say Bebe is more current these days. You tend to find that not many developers are making new clothes for Toddleedoo Kid, although the market is already flooded with loads of clothing options for Toddleedoo Baby. Tweenster is the avatar I use and is great if you want something older than what Toddleedoo and Bebe can offer. Honestly, try out the demos and see which you like best.
  4. Since I am very interested in RP and currently live on a family RP sim, I couldn't help but be curious of the running costs of a sim. Having done some research, I can't help but wonder how RP sims even manage to break even. A full non GF sim with an upgrade to 30,000 prims has a monthly fee of $325 or around L$81,000 at the current exchange rate. Even if you rented out all 30,000 prims (not realistic) at a rate of L$2.5 per prim, you'd still only bring in L$75,000, leaving a shortfall of L$6,000 or $24.00 Which beggars the question, how on Earth do sim owners even break even?
  5. I agree. Depending on the dollar to linden dollar exchange rate, a sim can cost upward to L$75,000 a month. If you have 20 residents renting homes with a 1000 prims then a 1.5 rate would yield an income of L$30,000, resulting in an overall loss of L$45,000. Even at 2.0 rate i.e 1000 prims costing L$2,000 per home, you would still be losing L$35,000. It's only at a 2.5 rate, which is what a lot of RP sims operate on, that you would start to break even.
  6. My family is looking for a decent family roleplay sim too but we've been finding it very difficult. Most communities for everyday living are dead for the majority of the time and may only have 5-6 avatars online at any given time. A lot of communities are very one sided too. There are some which focus heavily on having a school but not much else. Similarly others have a lot of Emergency services rp but nothing else. We've yet to find a community that is active with regular rp / social events and other services, has a decent school and offers good emergency services RP.
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