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  1. To be fait to the OP I think you have been given a rough time, perhaps because you had a bit of a rant and did not articulate yourself in the best way. Like any relationship there has to be give and take, not just take take take on the part of one of the parties involved. It's unreasonable for a SL child to expect their adopted parents to change their entire way of life and give them everything, but it's also unreasonable and perhaps a bit foolish for SL parents to adopt and then think they can get away with changing absolutely nothing. If you choose to adopt then there should be some ch
  2. Best thing to do is meet new people and try different things. If you love RP you will inevitably find people who prefer less formal RP. You might find people on the family sim who like the same RP but you probably won't find it at organised events since by definition those are more formal. I've had good experiences on family sims and in the kid community. The most active I can think of right now is Fox Hollow where there is a good variety of PARA RP and more fast paced RP.
  3. PARA RP is founded on 3 key principles. These are not principles made by myself but ones that are commonly acknowledged by many PARA RP communities. 1) No meta gaming (using information your character could not know). 2) No power gaming (removing character autonomy). 3) Maintain PO. So if your post contains meta gaming (information your character or mine couldn't possibly know) or removes other people's choice, then that information is useless. I don't think it is elitist to say that. Now if I said you must follow those values for any and all types of roleplay, then that
  4. You can't para RP with 12 people! Once you get past 4 or 5 people then any good event leader will open the floor up and allow a fluid PO. Most people don't actually know how to RP well, however. You could probably cut out about 70% of people's posts as being useless or just pure meta gaming. I don't know or need to know what your character just did in the previous scene, nor will I have any idea what their thinking or feeling unless I can read minds or you give clues to how your character is feeling by describing their actions and body language. That's why I generally prefer free f
  5. If you find a plot of land you like and want a really cheap home prim and budget wise then I recommend Anna Erotica. You can get a 1 prim home for L$10. But honestly, if you go premium I'd just use one of the Linden homes since they don't count towards your prim usage and the new ones are really nice. I personally have a house boat which is awesome for sailing.
  6. This is me as a 8 year old rocking a Cars T-shirt, bright stripy shorts and velcro sneakers. I.e. not the look you should be going for 🤣 Although to be fair, I should probably try and find some Fortnite clothing as that is the new in thing. Maybe Among Us too. For a teen I would focus on the following: High / Secondary School uniform Music / Gaming / Youtuber / Streamer T-shirts Expensive looking sportswear. Eco / animal friendly products. Greta Thunberg is very popular among young people. Anything with a quote on it that is pro LGBTQ / Vegan / Ec
  7. The moment you share the cost of land with anyone, you inevitably open yourself up to the opportunity of there being drama over it. So really, if you're going to run a RP sim you're best doing it with one 'owner'. Otherwise it is a recipe for disaster. I cannot tell you how many sims I have seen go under because the owners argued and fell out with each other.
  8. Lusch Motors are another maker similar to GEMC.
  9. Just be mindful that the vast majority of RP community sims make a loss. Fewer break even and even fewer just about manage to make a minute profit. Even the real estate market is a competitive and difficult one.
  10. So I checked in world and Elven Quest is still around if you're interested. Yes, it is LOTR lore heavy as would be expected for that type of sim, but it is family orientated and fits the sort of medieval / fantasy world you're after.
  11. Can we not spam adverts for sims that are not even relevant to what the OP is asking for? Urban family RP has been done to death and is little more than glorified rentals or an excuse for EMS RPers. On topic: I once role played at an elven LOTR themed sim last year that was called Elven Quest. They even allowed children! Not sure if it is still there or not. I will check next time I'm in world.
  12. Even if you're premium, a sim can still be full if other premium residents are trying to get in too. For example, if a region allows 100 people then an additional 10% (10) premium members can join. So if there are 110 on the sim even if you're premium you won't be able to get in.
  13. Just to echo what others have said really. I recently upgraded to premium and so far I have been loving my house boat (I know! I managed to get one). You actually get around 550 prims once you factor in the home and landscaping. Not just the 1024 parcel and 351 prims you can use. Also, if you get a house boat, it offers a really cheap alternative to getting access to sailable waters. Parcels on the Blake Sea are extortionate. This is my Loonetta yacht outside my red barnacle house boat. I also find premium especially useful because it means the L$1200 lindens I get each month
  14. Child avatars are allowed on A rated land. You could have a brothel out in a red light district and so long as the child avatar does not engage in adult activities (sex) then technically that is in line with TOS. Most if not all child avatars will avoid such places like the plague, and equally estate managers of such places don't allow child avis. Where it becomes frustrating is when people blanket ban kid avis from A land because they don't understand TOS. If you just don't want kids around then fair enough .... it's your land. It's the misinformation that annoys me.
  15. If you love sailing then going premium to get a house boat but more importantly access to sailable waters is pretty cool. Before going premium I used to spend L$8000 on rent for my old parcel and home per every 4 weeks. Now I have a lovely house boat where I can park my Loonetta yacht and sail to my heart's content. 351 prims (more like 530 with the house boat included) actually goes a long way if you have high quality / low prim furniture and know how to link convex hull / none mesh cleverly to reduce your prims. The L$1200 every 4 weeks is a bonus, as is the extra groups and eas
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