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  1. How will you be different to every other EMS RP sim?
  2. Noble Creations [NC] and [Tia] have loads of high quality, low prim fantasy furniture. I forget the name of the store now, but the same place that makes your elven styled home also does a hobbit home and a castle keep.
  3. I'm usually around 75-80k. My Tweenster body is 20k but the biggest offender is my hair at 40k. I do love barberyumyum hair though and being a gacha it is incredibly rare and I am yet to see anyone wearing it so it does make me somewhat unique in that sense.
  4. I think families representative of what we see in RL are most prevalent in the kid community, and like RL families they can either be amazing people or absolutely awful. I am lucky in that I have a great mom and brother. We've been a family for about 2 years now and we do all sorts together. This is a picture I took not too long ago when we went to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins to carve. From left to right. Tyler, my mom and me.
  5. This so much! The same applies to houses and buildings but even more so. If I can't see like 15 pictures on MP showing off every dimension of the place I'm quickly going to lose interest. If I am interested, that curiosity will simply evaporate if I cannot see the building rezed out at an in world store.
  6. Personally I think even 5 minutes is too long for PARA RP. Say there are 5 people in the PO, persons A, B, C, D and E. I'f I'm E, then I can be begin writing my post as soon as A posts, and then keep adding to it as B and C post theirs. The only delay should be when I am writing my post to D since they are directly before me and I won't have had time to pre-type. Likewise, A should have started writing their post as soon as B posted and so on with the rest.
  7. I too prefer quick shorter RP rather than Para RP but it also depends on how experienced and skillful the RPer is. A good Para RPer will be adding to their post as other people post so the only delay before they submit theirs will be their reaction to the prior person in the PO. It only takes one or two slow typers to make a scene that should only take 30 minutes take hours instead. I try to keep my posts to what my character can see, smell or hear, and if I want to convey what they're thinking or feeling I do it by describing their body language. I pretty much ignore things my character would have no reasonable way of knowing.
  8. I went and did the Ghost Pumpkin Hunt over at Escapades and while there got into a little trouble with a tentacle!
  9. I buy PG furniture for my home because I'm a kid avi and have an SL family. I find a lot of 'PG' furniture still isn't really appropriate for kids even if the more adult stuff is removed. If you want to see PG furniture done correctly then have a look at AR Status. They have furniture which can sit up to four people (2 adults and 2 kids, with poses and animations where you can sit and watch TV together, or do daft things like have pillow fights, play patty cake etc. Basically fun things a real family would do together.
  10. Congratz on adopting
  11. I think the first real difficulty is understanding how clothing and alpha layers work.
  12. AR Status sells lovely furniture aimed and children and families. They have some of the best animations around with lots of props and utility which is great if you have the Avsitter experience on your parcel. AR Status
  13. There is nothing inherently wrong with a preteen living on an A rated sim as TOS permits child avatars to be on adult sims. I suppose it depends on the sim though. If you're not comfortable with them living there then good call.
  14. Hi there! I'm an experienced role player and have played various roles (both adult and child) from a Hogwarts student at Mischief Managed, to an orc warrior on CoL to even a teacher at an elementary school. I know the difference between IC and OOC and would be interested in role playing as a child and creating a story. Just to be up front though, I already have a SL family though so I'm not looking for more than role play or friendship. If you have any questions let me know.
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