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  1. Since I am very interested in RP and currently live on a family RP sim, I couldn't help but be curious of the running costs of a sim. Having done some research, I can't help but wonder how RP sims even manage to break even. A full non GF sim with an upgrade to 30,000 prims has a monthly fee of $325 or around L$81,000 at the current exchange rate. Even if you rented out all 30,000 prims (not realistic) at a rate of L$2.5 per prim, you'd still only bring in L$75,000, leaving a shortfall of L$6,000 or $24.00 Which beggars the question, how on Earth do sim owners even break even?
  2. I agree. Depending on the dollar to linden dollar exchange rate, a sim can cost upward to L$75,000 a month. If you have 20 residents renting homes with a 1000 prims then a 1.5 rate would yield an income of L$30,000, resulting in an overall loss of L$45,000. Even at 2.0 rate i.e 1000 prims costing L$2,000 per home, you would still be losing L$35,000. It's only at a 2.5 rate, which is what a lot of RP sims operate on, that you would start to break even.
  3. My family is looking for a decent family roleplay sim too but we've been finding it very difficult. Most communities for everyday living are dead for the majority of the time and may only have 5-6 avatars online at any given time. A lot of communities are very one sided too. There are some which focus heavily on having a school but not much else. Similarly others have a lot of Emergency services rp but nothing else. We've yet to find a community that is active with regular rp / social events and other services, has a decent school and offers good emergency services RP.
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