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  1. Just to clarify something regarding thr group "inefficiencies" to be polite about it. The specific cases I referred to in the meeting that @animatsmentioned were to do with the manner in which group notices are handled. This was especially bad during December and January of this year due to an error caused by the uplift project that meant that old notices were not being cleared down. while group chat is related to this it is not the same set of problems. As@NiranV Deansays the issue is largely server side with a helping of poor protocol design and (I don't doubt) a bunch of places where
  2. As noted by others, 8GB of RAM is going to be a problem, especially if you are running anything else. One of the reasons that the 32 bit viewer has low RAM is that we force the max texture size to be 512, you can choose to do this in the 64 bit viewer too. 32bit viewers by definition cannot have more than 4GB RAM (that's the maximum limit of 32bit machines) Your GPU is listed as a 1050TI, as noted by @KjartanEno if you are using the advanced vram controls then this will try to use more of the GPU RAM. This is a feature long requested by many users, but it puts a lot more pr
  3. The change would have been covered in the referenced notes from the lab rather than our own. I implemented the change for FS but when I came to commit it, it had already been added (slightly differently) by the lab so I discarded mine and went with theirs 🙂 I'm still inclined to revisit this and support file names _MED _LOW and _LOWEST mostly because the backwards LOD naming of SL drives me nuts.
  4. Hmm not me, though I don't doubt there are similar stories to mine, it is not an unusual request. This was just a few months ago. Liz and I were thinking of a collaborative place where we might dust off old items we'd built and maybe new stuff we worked on. For now that is back on hold as we can't find a sensible way to make it work within the rules.
  5. As @Coffee Pancake says, if that reproduces on default viewer then they NEED to have a jira, it will not get fixed otherwise. There are a number of additional shader/pipeline changes post EEP the latest batch will drop in LMR5 which is currently an RC and will be landing "soon". The LL viewer release schedule got derailed a little by the texture cache update rollback. I know that LMR5 has a number of additional fixes that we did not include in the latest update (because we don't include stuff until LL release it, and we did not want to wait to get the latest version out.) and that at leas
  6. I expressly raised a ticket to request permission to share a dedicated alt between two individuals for the purpose of maintaining a unified branding presence in a store. I contacted the lab because the TOS expressly states "without prior permission". I requested that permission and was told I could not have it! So even if you want to do it, and you ask nicely, and have a fully legitimate reason for doing so, it still gets declined. They did say that it was my risk, or something to that effect, so when I asked if they could confirm that this would (assuming no abuse took place) not r
  7. Nope, it exists in the linden viewer. We never added it. We increased the default at some point in the past to deal with the poor experience of sculpts. I don't understand this assertion. Land impact has nothing to do with LOD numerically and is not affected by it. The land impact is based upon largely irrelevant evaluation of streaming cost, derived in large part from the fact that back in the day there was a literal cost to the region to "send" the mesh or other assets. This has not been true for many years as things are sourced from the CDN and typically reside on an Akamai edge se
  8. TL;DR (cos this turned out long even by my standards of blabbering) I don't disagree that we want to encourage better content. I wander around shopping events checking LODs on items and generally facepalming. The number of pianos I've seen the crumple into a mess before you get more than a few metres away is ridiculous and that is WITH a LOD factor of 2. While I understand the argument, and the reality that anything in FS is kind of the de facto standard by weight of numbers, I don't think pointing a finger at a historical choice made by FS is either correct or the right answer to fixing
  9. The problem is more that with the wide variation of hardware viewers have to run on what improves one person is worse for another, it will also vary significantly from scene to scene The majority of people are typically CPU bound in the viewer. This is because the viewer (as we all know) is predominantly single threaded, but also that it simply does an awful lot of pre-rendering preparation on the CPU. If you are basically hamstrung by your CPU with your GPU barely ticking over then all the settings that are GPU heavy (such as anisotropics) won't have any noticeable impact, where someone
  10. Given that the build in the thread linked above is mine I can explain a few basic rules. Building underwater in SL is all about suspending disbelief and convincing your eye that things are not flooded. Under water shaders have a fog setting that kicks in sooner than on land and therefore the most important rule is to distract the eye from noticing the water fog by not having long views in large open spaces. A long narrow, well-lit tunnel will still look ok and a large room with lots of architectural substance will also add enough visual keys for your mind to accept that this is a living s
  11. There is no way to derender a group or selection, but you can tell the SL viewer to not render ALL avatars (ctrl-alt-shift-4) but this also removes your own avatar as well.
  12. It does not exist. We added it to Firestorm, there is no such feature in the default viewer Es una carectaristica especifica de Firestorm
  13. They are right, Rigify has nothing to do with Second Life and has no knowledge of the specific skeletal structures used by SL. If you want to make SL targetted animations in Blender then you need to look at the Avastar product instead, or build it manually yourself ensuring that you name every bone properly and adhere to the correct hierarchy as noted by Optimo. Avastar is specifically designed with SL/OpenSim animations and rigging in mind.
  14. Feb 26th is far too soon(tm) Thank you for all the support that you have given the open source side of Second Life over the years, it is a rare thing to be able to work actively on open-source to help improve a commercial platform you enjoy as we get to do with TPVs. I hope your legacy of open source support continues. If you want to keep your hand in on coding, we're open to patches, just raise a Jira 😉 All the very best Oz. Beq
  15. The additional functions came from the "Camera Presets" project from the Lab. The camera controls presets in the FS default skin are a lot smaller than those handed down from the lab and resizable. If many people don't feel that the new presets controls are not a worthwhile addition then it would be worth creating a Jira and we can consider it, be sure to be clear what you are wanting to see. Given the breadth of the user base it is very hard to please everyone and, as it happens, configurable UI is a real pain to manage in the code so it is not something we rush to do.
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