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  1. Ugh typos plague me. As it won't let me edit..a2=b2+c2 OR a=√(b2+c2)
  2. Sorry, got distracted away on other things. The radius of the BB is indeed defined by the equation you cited. except for the divide by 2 that @Aquila Kytori noted. It is an extension of the basic Pythagorean equations to get the hypoteneuse of a triangle (the long edge) is the square root of the sum of the squares of the two sides (opposite and adjacent) a2=√(b2+c2). This extends to three dimensions by adding the third length into the right hand side. When we are using the overall dimensions of a box, this gives us the full diagonal, and thus we divide by two to get the radius. Don't be
  3. The cost of the physics is derived from the area of the triangles that make up the mesh with additional cost being assigned to triangles that are longer than they are wide (long thin triangles) this is because they increase the cost of collision detection. The extreme case of this being the degenerate triangle, which in mathematics is where two of the vertices are the same, but in the viewer it is signified by being a small percentage of the total length of the sides (if I recall correctly, though it might be a small percentage of the average length). Degenerate triangles result in the red hig
  4. Hi Finch, Can you be explicit please and state the actual version number that was running, and the version you have now. We have not expired any current release versions for a long time. We always allow the 3 most recent full releases. We have beta releases which can and do get blocked when a new version is available, so that might be one possibility. We have not moved from the last release version 6.3.9 though we have an optional beta release 6.4. Beta releases can and do get blocked as new ones are deployed. Make sure you download the 6.3.9 Release and try that. Having said t
  5. Physics issues appear to be related to the uplift of regions, whether directly or indirectly. There are a lot of crossing failures where bridges that were previously "helped" by large physical blocks that are no longer crossing properly. I've not seen this reported for situations other than region handover issues where an avatar is transferred from region to region so this may have nothing to do with the OP's issue. It would do no harm to see if a Jira exists and add your comments to it. The lab can only fix things that they are aware of, and will fix things quicker the more aware of it they a
  6. The viewers are predominantly single-threaded (see note below) but windows is particularly poor at managing this (or is it particularly adept at it? you choose) and while all of the activity is happening on a single thread, Windows moves that thread about all over the shop. If you sum all of the per core CPU usage it will almost certainly come to about 1.2 * 100/N where N is the number of cores. e.g. my machine has 8 cores and if I sum all the usage it comes in at around 14% which is a little over the 12.5% you'd expect of a 100% utilised single thread. Mostly true but not entirely so,
  7. As others have noted, it is most likely a settings issue (and reinstalling may not help unless settings are wiped) I would suggest the following (screenshots are form the latest SL viewer windows but I believe should correspond to the ancient version too) open preferences (ctrl-p )(Me->preferences) on General. Ensure that "pressing letter keys" is set to "affects movement" on Move & View "Arrow keys always move me" can be enabled (strictly speaking it does not need to be) If this only happens after she has opened a chat then the second item above is almost cert
  8. Asset servers are in the cloud and have been a while, not that that necessarily has any bearing on things here. there are all kinds of server interactions, such as money transactions etc. So it could be any number of things. As this is an http error, it is being returned from the server. I would suggest that you raise a jira ticket as it seems most likely an uplift related issue and well-worth escalating. The waters are of course muddied by the fact that the uploader has changed a bit, but in reality the underlying mechanics are the same so the balance of probability is with the ser
  9. It's an uncaught error, take a look in the log tab and see if there is anything of note in there. With no screenshots and no other information that's about all I can suggest.
  10. The old Ruth models used to be available on the SL wiki, but keep in mind that these are hopelessly old and do not have Bento support. You can find lots of old resource here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clothing_Tutorials While some more up to date (but often broken) resources for Bento are here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Project_Bento_Testing Depending on your needs though you might want to take a look at the Ruth/Roth project. A fully open source enhanced, avatar developed by some active creators in the OpenSim space, but available and fully compatible with Secon
  11. It's a nice effect, really well done, but in the end it's just old school mega-sculpts used as sim surrounds, it has been done in a more tasteful and visually appealing way than many of the high details surrounds we see, but apart from the designer's skill there is nothing new here. It still has the same problems, and exemplifies them as a use case. It is a fantastic example for @Vir Linden, @Ptolemy Linden and Euclid to look at to further the discussion of "We need to solve the sim-surround problem" . I should probably throw all of the following into a Jira and link that to the various
  12. Silly question but the texture mapping isn't set to planar for some bizarre reason is it? What does it look like in the uploader if you toggle on the UV overlay? If you are using FS then that is here The latest lab viewer has incorporated my changes along with their own and you should also have that in the SL viewer too.
  13. while this does not surprise me in the least, I can agree that it is annoying in the sense that you cannot reliably know that the way that you have assembled/disassembled a design is the best and most efficient. I'll explain why I believe the discrepancy is arising and hopefully form that you can see that it is to a large extent unknowable in advance and thus a frustration we live with. In the general scheme of "my split thing costs less/more than my whole thing why?" type discussions, there's generally a couple of things at play, but mostly, in this case, it is zip compression I suspect.
  14. As noted elsewhere:- Lag compared with some_random_game is not really an addressable problem. It might be useful here to list just a few of the reasons why such comparisons are not likely to yield sensible results. SL is quite different in performance constraints to a commercial game for many reasons and thus what you can achieve in those games is not achievable in SL 1) A commercial game for the most part has predicatble rendering, the creators will have measured each scene or level and identified rendering issues that cause jitter in the frame rate. 2) The commercial game ha
  15. To my knowledge it is still an average, though not a straight mean, I have a notion that it removes all outliers from any calculation, the fact that Black Dragon reports completely different numbers to other viewers but does not skew the overall figures is an indicator of this.To be honest though I could have completely dreamed that up 🙂 . @Vir Linden is best placed to talk about this though as he has worked most closely with the calculations lately and might also be able to explain a bit more about the future direction. @Wulfie Reanimator's link is good and appears mostly correct f
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