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  1. Hi, Faith. If you own your mainland parcel through a group which you have donated tier to, you can temporarily withdraw your tier so it's available when you want to try for a Bellisseria home. Just remember to add the tier back to the group after you've made the attempt. If you do succeed in the Linden Home lottery chase you can abandon your mainland plot, or increase your tier level to maintain it also.
  2. I was responding to the comment that the +512 represents good value. It was very nice at the time but when you are at 16K tier it's not really much, which is where I am at. Thank you for explaining what I already knew, though. The effective price has more than tripled for all of my premium accounts on top of the $67 monthly land tier cost so I notice it. Everyone has a different experience, and this is mine.
  3. When you add more in monthly charges for more land, the "free" 512 bump at the start recedes in value with every, um, tier. Combined with the effective more than tripling of premium cost after factoring stipend US$ value*, it's actually looking pretty terrible from this mainlander's point of view. *also the value of the L$ is dropping as I write this, possibly due to many dumping their L$ ahead of Tilia implimentation and just getting out. Not sure but I had to exchange at 254 when I've been exchanging at a steady 252 for years. It's just my own experience, but it's a bad one, looking ahead for me.
  4. I would not choose to live in a place with a HOA or similar in RL, but Bellisseria is basically that, and I feel like we all agreed to the covenant when we got homes there. So if something about my own place gets reported for being out of theme (I don't think it is, but who knows) then I'd take it on the chin and fix it, or give up my spot and go do something else somewhere else. I personally feel that the tastefully done little cafés, pubs and even a small post office are in keeping with the theme, but I didn't grow up in subdivision land where there's nothing but private homes in a five mile radius, so I can accept others may feel differently. I will say that the house someone essentially turned into a giant boxy warehouse with crappy siding textured prims was way past whatever line there is.
  5. I won't argue against the social/psychological theories for dystopia, but I will suggest also that SL mostly lent itself to a darker, more confined version of the future. Open spaces are harder to realize than dense urban scenes- SL is quite small and cramped in terms of pure square meterage. At least back in the day before materials and such it seemed like darker, less clean texturing offered a better visual element (a lot of old stone, urban decay etc), the more pixels of interesting dirt, shadows, stains on a face the better. The video game/RPG activities worked mostly around some notion of struggle and/or conflict, so that RP/gaming scene would naturally want to do Cyberpunk stuff. I personally like the optimistic, clean vision of the future from late 60s/early 70s sci-fi movies etc, and there are good resources for that style of futurism (Isil, Solares and other creators). My current home is an ART modular shop building, which might look more suited to a rain-soaked neon dystopian Blade Runner future but I think it looks at home in my little wooded hillside.
  6. Well, if you agree that the stipend has a real value, you have to also agree that the price of a premium SL membership for most people has more than tripled... That is not a headline Linden Lab would probably want to see, and no doubt why they talked about price reductions and price changes which is a nice euphemism for "increase."
  7. I don't know that the L$:USD is fixed per-se, as you can still see a spread when you go to the manage tab to sell/buy. I had 500/wk on my oldest account (400 on this ) but the value of the L$ was lower in terms of cash-out or conversion to cover tier/subscription etc. I was pretty economically active and I remember transacting at around 310-320 per USD, so the L$ was "worth" 0.32 cents, and on Lindex that 500 stipend would get you (less than this after fees) $1.58 Under the current fairly stable 250:1 (usually 252:1 when I sell but I don't quibble) each L$ is worth 0.4 cents, and 300 of those are $1.20 (less after fees). If they bumped the Stipend to 375 it would be about the same as it used to be. The L$ economy is a nice introduction to the concept of sectoral balances though.
  8. In thirteen years on several accounts I have never received either cake or bears! Talk about Feted Inner Cake. 🎂😬
  9. My two oldest premiums get 500 per week, one slightly less ancient one gets 400. The newer ones get 300. I noted in another topic, after taking my socks off to correct my maths, the price increase for a premium subscription factoring in the refund of stipend is effectively a 225% inflation in cost.
  10. In effective terms it's actually a 150% increase. Part of the benefit of a premium subscription can be considered a refund in the form of the stipend, which has a value of approximately $60 USD per year which can be exchanged for USD in your account to pay your subscription. At $72 for a premium the real term cost was $1 per month. With the new pricing it's $2.50 per month. Whether that seems to much or not I guess is up to each person, I just wanted to highlight the bump in cost as an effective or "real" percentage. ETA: Correcting myself, it's a 225% increase, because the cost per account will be $3.25. I was going on $90 not $99, derp.
  11. I got the Water Horse English Warmblood friends edition the day they came out. I like it a lot, and I was able to make versions for each of my friends until they got their own horses using the included customization HUD and saved copies of the horses. I also on that first day let a couple of friends who do a lot with vehicle scripts ride them, and they did not have kind words to say about the scripting on region crossing. We all noticed a 10-25% chance of being thrown wildly into the air on crossings. The feedback I got was that compiling the saddle (vehicle) script in mono was a mistake, and that it suffers from a vertical attraction bug that car scripters solved years ago. We added an extra script to try and fix it, but it may have been a placebo. If the horse falls over (not hard with the wedge prim it's based on as a vehicle) it's basically dead and you have to reset the scripts or rez a new one. Of course you can attach it instead if you're the owner and I did so the last time I rode around Bellisseria. I got offset from the horse about 5m to the left on a crossing and had to delete that copy and attach a fresh one to continue. It is very cool, but the script problems concern me in a L$12,000 product when those problems have been solved in scripts used in dollarbie cars. I hope they will improve the scripts over time. I don't regret buying it though- we've had some fun adventures so far in our small group of riders.
  12. A good number of creators offer even HUD based items with copy/mod permissions or script removal features so you can make a copy without scripts in it. I do it a lot, because I fly a lot, and I think it helps with that. I have many copies of my Maitreya body saved outfits with the scripts removed (Maitreya has this feature, as does Slink- I don't know about others). My hands are de-scripted in all my outfits and still work fine with bento AOs. My (LOGO) head is copy/mod so I was able to delete the scripts in that. I lose the specific animations but the facial AOs still work if I want to add 128KB or so back on. Various hairs with script delete/removable (Mina, Elikatira or whatever the new name is), clothes by L&B, Neve, Vale Koer etc. I use FSAO to skip HUD AO scripts usually also. I feel like I can look good in full mesh stuff and only 80-300KB of scripts depending on exact items. It's probably more extreme than most people would go to, but it helps me out, and is kind of fun in its own way to try and reduce. Even my "bad" outfits are rarely over 30 scripts/3MB. Well anyway I'm not pushing for any policies, just hopefully it's useful to anyone looking to lower their personal impact (it really improves TPs also.)
  13. Hi, I tested this just now with my own mainland parcel and Firestorm viewer. My friends are at 110m altitude. I set my draw distance to 1024m and moved myself to 510m No avatars visible. 410m No avatars visible. 310m, 210m No avatars visible. I repeated this and did not get any visible avatars until I was within ~30m vertical distance.
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