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  1. It should work. 'Authorization' is not on the blocked list. Check the error and your custom header list. As for 'Accept', I haven't checked this but if you don't specify it, we'll default a long list of acceptable types which may startle your server.
  2. Hmm, I'm looking at https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/statistics-bar-guide-r68/ which is even older. Both of those could use some refreshing.
  3. Anyone else think the KB article on the Statistics Bar could use some work. Pretty certain 'Agent Updates/Sec' accidentally turned into the sum of main and child agents for some reason and 'the simulator runs 22 frames in a millisecond' is performance devoutly to be wished.
  4. I believe our official policy is not to divulge that and I'll demur for now. I will say this is an area subject to frequent changes at the moment. Look for hidden messages in our release notes.
  5. Nope, sweet spot is in the middle. On the single instance end that requires unshared services everywhere (60k apaches, 30k squids) greatly increasing costs. On the other end, linear scaling tends to fall off somewhere (filesystem, memory bandwidth, network interface, bus competition) decreasing performance. Virtualization adds a layer of weirdness as well.
  6. Exactly that. No simulator runs in isolation (well, very rarely and not for long). Computational demand increases after an upgrade as resident sessions on the simhost reach a steady state (which isn't very steady), scripted things come up and do what they do, etc. Only a total eviction of regions and resis from a simhost will bring it back to its 'cold boot' demand.
  7. That's not inconsistent with expectations. There is competition on simhosts and a part of that competition runs proportional (or worse) to the number of avatars/cameras served by the simhost. Nothing runs as well as a deserted simhost but those don't last.
  8. An area I'm touching at the moment... Several things can contribute to the disparity: Almost all of the time-related metrics are based on wallclock times and not CPU accounting. For a long-duration sample like total script time there are many opportunities for the simhost to schedule other processes. The wallclock continues to advance but no useful work occurs until the simulator gets scheduled again. The full script time isn't completely covered by individual script times and so such events don't necessarily land on a single scripts' running time. There's a good amount of book
  9. Anything contributing to SL is in AWS. It's just these moving boxes...
  10. Totally modern from the factory: 12v and negative ground. Just like a Lambo.
  11. '69 Land Rover in my case but, yeah, a bit of that.
  12. Re: "Uplift is done." While it's true we managed to move out of our old place, we now find ourselves in a new apartment surrounded by stuff still in moving boxes and slowly realizing some of our old decorating choices really haven't aged well. Not an excuse but it is where we are.
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