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  1. I can't really discuss specific anti-griefing measures. But we are very aware of the need not to annoy our new landlord.
  2. Peer verification is a challenge. Should it be based on layer 3, 6, or 7? How to do revocation or update or other maintenance if working in layer 7? Etc... AWS itself strongly discourages IP-based schemes but they do publish some ideas for those who insist: AWS Documentation on IP Ranges I'm inviting comments on that page, particularly on the later section about SNS subscriptions.
  3. I wouldn't call AWS load balancing round-robin but it will definitely be a more-broadly shared resource. Instead of a handful of regions being stuck with a bad proxy, everyone will cycle through it and move on until it's replaced (quickly, is our plan). But a 502 on HTTP-Out isn't necessarily sourced from Linden. That can be generated anywhere up the connection into the origin server. Sending back hints about error origin to the script is an interesting idea. Or at least coming up with better alibis... I may have an idea...
  4. Love pcaps. Just be careful with their distribution - they're full of secrets.
  5. @Chroma StarlightIf you can get your IDS to provide more info about the bad chunk or trailing data, I'd be very interested in seeing it.
  6. @somazT I'm curious what country you are located in? 280ms is an appalling ping time. I'd expect that with Antarctica or .nz...
  7. Occasionally, there may be hints of problems in the event logs. If you don't mind digging through a lot of noise: Windows Administrative Tools > Event Viewer (or some variation of this depending on windows) Then in the viewer, Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System to see what is going wrong and when Recently caught a failing disk with that while it was still possible to clone the disk...
  8. Build a japanese-inspired region and I will visit. :-) It's true, most of the young nerds like a high-spec machine but I'm a contrarian. I don't code randomly so continuous compilation isn't required and I like old hardware to fly the flag for residents. It's just a bit painful at times...
  9. Not an official Linden recommendation but I've used this site as a reference based on their correct assessment of the classic WRT54G: WRT54G is a lousy router. If anyone is still using routers like that or early Belkin, etc., please, please consider an upgrade. Their charts (Router Charts) list some potentially interesting tests like Max Simultaneous Connections but they're not collecting data on them. Still, some other tests where data is available are relevant. And if anyone has links to better evaluation sites, please pass along the links.
  10. This linden dev has an HP z600 with a gtx 660 card. How high do I score?
  11. Never rely on second-hand information. If you're using Windows, go grab SysInternals tool suite and poke around with Process Explorer. (You can also do this with MS Performance Monitor, it's just more annoying.) Go ahead, I'll wait here.... o |~~~| /\_ _| | \__`[_ | ][ \,/|___| Okay, you're back. :-) What did you see? Depending on specific build, OS, etc., there are about 20 threads in the viewer. Some rarely if ever do any work. The Main thread is generally pinned to the wall eating a full core. But enter a new area where you need to pull in new content
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