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  1. That would seem to be a natural administrative/monitoring API if nothing else, wouldn't it?
  2. I'm going to assume you mean the desktop app is failing with that message. One thing LSL doesn't yet provide is a fixed point where pieces of a distributed, scripted system can go to find the other pieces. This usually means a small service on the internet where the pieces can register and search for other pieces (and do license checks, etc.). Looking at the installation instructions, for the HUD, I'd guess that this function is associated with the 'AOS-Extreme: Object-DNS successfully updated:[200]' line in Local Chat. If you are still getting this status, there's a good chance that part
  3. Just musing at this point. Some AWS patterns seem worth borrowing for SL (without turning into a bitcoin mine).
  4. @Fred Allandale you're entirely too reasonable for social media. Concentrating outbound connections does make us look more bot-like, or at least web-crawler-like. Simple web-site hosting services are going to have different concerns than a webservice-oriented offering. So I can't really fault them for their policies. But it does mean some head banging. Hope to read some updates from you and speak up if you need some verification. One of my hopes for the future is better diagnostic information on outbound activities. When you control neither endpoint, it's hard to know what is really
  5. In your case, I can see that the 502s are a result of a refused connection. This could be load-related or a firewall decision on their end. If the latter, they're rejecting solely based on IP and frequency as that's the only information they have. No HTTP transaction ever occurs and there's no magic you can perform to get in. As a general comment, this is an issue others have been, are, or will be dealing with soon. Collecting community knowledge about good and bad hosting services and publishing them in a suitable place and keeping things up-to-date would be a very useful project. I
  6. @Fred AllandaleExcellent bug report, I was able to see your test cases without any difficulty. Success and failure exactly correlate with the proxy machine. A host always succeeds or always fails though the failure isn't fixed (subscriberkiosk.com itself varies its failure response for a single host). At this moment, they're allowing about 25% of the proxy hosts in. The short answer to this is the one that Amazon gives out: don't try to implement a security model on AWS' volatile IPs. Just during your test run, the set of IPs used by the proxy hosts changed at least once. And at cer
  7. I can't really discuss specific anti-griefing measures. But we are very aware of the need not to annoy our new landlord.
  8. Peer verification is a challenge. Should it be based on layer 3, 6, or 7? How to do revocation or update or other maintenance if working in layer 7? Etc... AWS itself strongly discourages IP-based schemes but they do publish some ideas for those who insist: AWS Documentation on IP Ranges I'm inviting comments on that page, particularly on the later section about SNS subscriptions.
  9. I wouldn't call AWS load balancing round-robin but it will definitely be a more-broadly shared resource. Instead of a handful of regions being stuck with a bad proxy, everyone will cycle through it and move on until it's replaced (quickly, is our plan). But a 502 on HTTP-Out isn't necessarily sourced from Linden. That can be generated anywhere up the connection into the origin server. Sending back hints about error origin to the script is an interesting idea. Or at least coming up with better alibis... I may have an idea...
  10. Love pcaps. Just be careful with their distribution - they're full of secrets.
  11. @Chroma StarlightIf you can get your IDS to provide more info about the bad chunk or trailing data, I'd be very interested in seeing it.
  12. @somazT I'm curious what country you are located in? 280ms is an appalling ping time. I'd expect that with Antarctica or .nz...
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