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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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21 minutes ago, Mysterie Forcella said:

Hello I am Mysterie here since 2007 and still have my first avi, perhaps you can see that but I tried different looks with mesh but it is not working, so if there is anybody who can help one day 🙂 would be great, but for now I am happy the way Mysterie looks.

We do less helping and off topic in 'look now' thread than we do in 'look today'. Plus there is the Answers section for tech question with a need for long answers.

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This pic in itself isn't the greatest. It's what it made me realize is what is:

I have no idea where I am. Looking around. I followed someone through a looking glass. I just know know this is Hell...It's so good to be home!

P.S.:This IS my home with Talitha, and I know Exactly where I am!!! I need to remember where the shower is though...

Pearl with Claudine_1124.png

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