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  1. I dont really have any rules for friends since everyone is different, bit weird to have them but you do you good luck
  2. this is how i currently look finally found some good clown make up now for the rest
  3. I mostly, explore, listen to music, hang out at clubs and dance, take pictures, shop and just chill i guess. Mostly have been dancing and taking pictures recently
  4. Hello there everyone im copenhagen, i used to be on sl back in 09-10 but lost my account and email and just recently made this one last year due to covid and wanting to socialize. I like to shop, go to events, clubs, talk to people, listen to music and just try to have fun and get rid of my anxiety. I am in the US but am usually on SL a lot since time permits it, always up for making friends so message me and we can talk
  5. Honestly youre as oppressed as you make yourself, as someone of color irl and that has been part of the lgbt community most people accept you for you, just like sl no one really cares if you are gay ir anything, the problem starts when you make yourself a victim
  6. Just block them, very easy to do, dont take threats seriously or anything if they dont know your rl stuff youre fine, block them and if they harass more on an alt then report them for harassment
  7. Well to get to the point VR chat is more social and you can talk to random people about anything in SL people dont really talk at all in world most are jsut zombies so its not surprising VR chat is big right now when most of us are stuck inside, and as for minecraft its always been popular its a relaxing game you can play with friends
  8. Happy New Year everyone, hope all of you stay safe and healthy, be safe.
  9. Thanks to both of you, found some nice ones because of the help from you
  10. For the life of me i cannot find robes like these, and yes already tried the store for the other item in the picture, someone help me
  11. Id say social island as well really, met alot of cool people there and in general a lot of the newbie areas like the firestorm support area as well
  12. Nice to meet you, ill be your friend too if you want
  13. I would say a relic of the past since second life does need to do more to get more people in, i dont really see it as a future thing since there will be better options in the future
  14. I think it just depends on the person, will they be putting stuff out as well? Is this their actual home? Many questions you need to ask and see then come to the conclusion if they should pay rent or not
  15. Well it depends on the person really, i dont have a problem with them, but relationships come in many forms what kind are you talking about? Friendships, romances?
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