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  1. I have another Itgirls skin that do not have this issue, but it seems like there's like a shadow baked in neck of the older skintones as showed here... (New skintone to the left, old to the right - demo of Lore in cocoa on Catwa Catya head). Look at how the top of the older body skin (easier to see where head stops and body begins with the demo head skin) get gradually a bit darker on last bit towards the neck joint whereas the new skin stays same hue all the way... Since the Lore skin is the older type, I guess you are stuck with some degree of a gradient just below the neckjoint. Perhaps this was the reason for them coming up with the new skintones...
  2. Almost to many of them out there My fave at the moment is from Raon Hausen: (better without the freckles applied tho - transition under the eyes too sharp, but I HAVE to have freckles - lol) Session and Deetalez also have a few that I like - but I guess almost brands have nice skins for Catwa, so it is DEMO DEMO DEMO 'till you drop
  3. Still got it, but with some minor adjustments 😎
  4. Yay - got me my first Bento head today, love it!!!
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