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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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On 10/16/2020 at 6:19 PM, MsAfrodite said:

I am trying to make sure I have the right or at least average settings for my Avatar. For example, for a female avi the height, arm length, thickness, etc. I feel like mine may be too short with too thin arms, neck and shoulders. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. 🤗







Avatar proportions make the look. There are human portions and fantasy proportions. Since you seem to be going for human...

Look for standard sizes in the marketplace. There are some free sets. All Std Size packs are pretty much the same. A standard size gives you a starting place. -- Standard Size was a thing before we got Fitted Mesh. Creators decided to create a set of Std Avatar Sizes and came together and did that. It allowed the pre-Fitted Mesh to fit an avatar. Basically fitting the avatar to the clothes. It wasn't a popular idea  in SL.

You can Google for art sites that explain how to create realistic human proportions. There is lots of information available.

While you can do a number think, eyeballing the look  is the ultimate best solution IMO.

A problem in SL is T-Rex arms. The 100 setting for arm length just gets you to the correct arm length. Everything else is too short to be real.

Real female hip width... draw lines from the outside limit of your shoulders straight down. Full hips should touch those lines. Guy hips use lines from the armpits. Female hips should always be wider than guy hips. But... there are  petite looks that look better when that rule is broken. 

Get your basic conformance to real proportions then shape your avatar to look as you want.

There are also proportion guides in the marketplace. I make one for body and another for face. Mine require good camera skills. So they aren't for everyone.

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