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Make Us Laugh!

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I don't know about laugh, but I hope this at least makes you smile if only due to cuteness.

From left to right.

Ladybug: Human mama's taking another picture again. Why is she always doing that?

Creampuff: Because I'm beautiful.

Honeycomb: Puh-lease. I hope I'm adopted.

Dewdrop aka Dewey aka Mama's Special and Only Boy: BOTTLECAP!





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God:  Gabriel, did you get the major historical events for the 2020s lined up yet?

Gabriel:  Yes, Lord, they're all...uh, wait.  Did you say "2020s", as in the decade?  Not the single year?

God:  Yes, of course.  What did you think I meant?

Gabriel:  Oh, s**t...

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  News Reporter convincing Corid-19 deniers to use a mask.


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