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  1. Dead Doll for clothes. Dahlia for accessories and home decor.
  2. Happy handwritten letters from family. Cozy feeling when my partner nestles between my arm and side. Tummy aching laughter at good jokes.
  3. It's always fun to spot whimsical dressers in the wild. Especially of an older age. The ruffle on the gray skirt is a mesmerizing waterfall of fabric. Go for it. If you can't muster the courage those cute clothes can simply be worn around the house. Enjoy your life. As for me I'm going to be childlike at heart forever. Age restrictions seem silly when it comes to things like clothing. Or the hobbies and media people like.
  4. Really is. The times I declined a couple people continued asking if they could friend the next day and the next. What the heck. It's easier to just accept the add and move on.
  5. I don't have enough social energy to be available to strangers and acquaintances. Even the pinging noise and flashing im box produces sensory anxiety. Wish this wasn't the case. Definitely guilty of accepting requests in the moment and deleting them later.
  6. People that lie about hardships to get pity from others.
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