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Another song recently heard on the car radio, this one with some forum history.

I posted this once long ago, in a version of this forum in which non-SL posts were technically not allowed. I had just stumbled across the video and wanted to share. Someone reported it as being Non-SL and it got deleted, which really ticked off a friend of mine: @Charolotte Caxton. I think she might even have gotten a slap from the mods for complaining about the deletion.

Some months later the GD forum rules changed to be more like this one, where we sometimes talk about RL. One day, probably a Friday, there was a kind of nonsense thread going on. Someone posted suggesting space aliens would treat humans like cows. I posted something that included a "Moooo". Charolotte saw all that and quickly responded. As I recall she just said, "Now???", and linked the song.


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I haven't been this excited for a movie since I first seen This Sucker Punch Trailer years ago.. I got all cult like with that movie and all kinds of inspiration came from it..

Now I am feeling all those same feelings and more with this movie and I'm loving it.. I love feeling the creative juices flowing again..

This is going to be such a great movie I can feel it..

It looks like some of the best cgi I've ever seen so far also.. I'm just super excited about it and can't wait to see it..I love when things like this impact me in such a way that i can't wait to get started on whatever it will be that comes to  mind..  :)

Like a kid in a candy store

If i sound really crazy looney and nuts right now..I'm just so excited to see this  hehehehe



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