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  1. Dillon Levenque

    What are you listening right know.

    Figures Maddy'd be on a run just when I decide to play something. I heard this today. Not sure what to call the style but I'm sure it has a name: they all do. To me it sounds like a somewhat hip hop style lyric done really melodic over a bunch of blues chords. It even has a modern jazz feel to it, yet with that insistent beat it can still qualify as rock and roll. I liked it a lot.
  2. Dillon Levenque

    Requesting Information about a Tyrant Admin of a Sim

    I managed to get all the way through this thread without noticing Angela's last name. With that name she must be nigh as old as me, and I'm in my eleventh year. How could anyone be here that long and not be fully aware of how sim rules work?
  3. Dillon Levenque

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I just recall that it was 1940's oriented (and that I could not find a rock solid absolutely perfect Lauren Bacall hairdo, which bummed me out considerably).
  4. Dillon Levenque

    How does your avatar look today ?

    She cleaned up nice, too. I danced with her at a get-together party for a 1940's group (which Scylla either started or was involved with, I think). She had a nice dress and heels and everything, but I think the bandana was still part of the outfit :-).
  5. Dillon Levenque

    My hair doesn't show, then doesn't remove.......

    Sooo, ghosting has not in fact stopped altogether; it still haunts (intended) the grid? I'm not at all sure I like this version. Instead of your entire avatar/persona being trapped in some region you forgot you even visited, now bits of you are. That's kinda creepy.
  6. Dillon Levenque

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    Okay, you sold me. I have to admit that sounds mostly edible (although using that recipe I reckon you could cook golf balls and it wouldn't be too bad).
  7. Dillon Levenque

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    I haven't ever used a gacha machine and almost certainly never will. I didn't know what a lootbox was until I googled it. Why then (you might be asking yourself) did I bother to read this thread at all? What possible benefit could I gain from doing so? What could I learn that could be of any use to me? That question can be answered with one word: Belgium I've long suspected something of the sort was true. I mean come on. Jean Claude Van Damme? And my God, who thought of those horrible sprouts? Thank you, @Zeta Vandyke, for shining that beacon of truth into our lives :-).
  8. Dillon Levenque

    Just Ignore and let this one die

    I can drive two hours at any speed under about 300 kph in any direction other than west and still be in California! If I go west, though, I'd be joining you under the sea. ETA: I may have overstated that slightly. At an average speed of 300 kph/186 mph, I could reach Stateline at the south shore of Lake Tahoe in around an hour and forty five minutes. Whether I'd be capable of negotiating Highway 50 at that speed is another question, one to which I'm pretty sure I know the answer.
  9. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    Found it! I was right, it was Keith Laumer and Nile Green was the color. How long has that been hiding in my brain?. "Night of Delusions" is the title of the novel. I took a flyer on my recollection and googled 'keith laumer nile green'; found it right away. Even better, the fourth entry on the page was a link back to my post in this thread :-).
  10. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    I don't know if that's the one or not; I'll have to dig around. As I said in my edit, I'm not even sure right now that it was Laumer that I'm thinking of, I just recalled it that way when his name came up in the thread. I purely love that part about your name :-).
  11. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    Yes, that is exactly what I meant.
  12. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    There's a Laumer story (title escapes me as usual) that I loved. Can't recall whether it was a novel or a short story, but the hook was the hero. It was written first person like most of Laumer's stuff, but in this case that person was a dead ringer for Philip Marlowe, Raymond Chandler's famous private detective. He goes through the whole story dropping Chandleresque lines right and left; it's so much fun to read. I do remember that for some reason the baddies in the story were associated with a color that I remember as being described as Nile Green, although that makes no sense whatever. Mr. Marlowe at work, as portrayed by a fairly well-known actor of years gone by ;-): ETA: Now that I've thought about it, I'm not even sure if it was Laumer that wrote that story; might have been someone else. I think I'm right just because Laumer injected a fair amount of humor in his stories; it'd be the kind of thing I'd expect from him. By the way, this whole Science Fiction thing is a hella long derail. We've been on topic for more than a page!
  13. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    I came to the conclusion the same way I come to many conclusions: independently and without consulting any outside sources. I find I am far more often satisfied with conclusions obtained in this manner than by using any other method. In truth, they really are considered classics. 'The Demolished Man' was almost avant-garde, at least for 1950's Science Fiction. I did just take a look at Wikipedia; sources there at least make a case for me. It mentions he won the FIRST EVER Hugo Award, and Harry Harrison is quoted as saying, "Alfred Bester was one of the handful of writers who invented modern science fiction."
  14. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    It's not considered a space opera by me, but then what do I know? We do at least share a fondness for Alfred Bester. I took a pic of me going for a ride in my beautiful new rocket ship once; the filename I gave it was The Stars Our Destination.png . Like a lot of people I liked "The Demolished Man" better but they are both absolute must reads for anyone interested in Science Fiction.
  15. Dillon Levenque

    Conversion starters

    It'd be prohibitively expensive but it would probably save countless lives to say nothing of reduced property damage. And yes, definitely a closed course and in a car with dual controls and a skilled instructor. It's good to know what being at the limits of a car's safe handling speed feels like, just so you'll know when to slow the hell down.