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  1. Dillon Levenque

    Hide partnership on your profile?

    See what I mean?
  2. Dillon Levenque

    Hide partnership on your profile?

    That's what is so great about Second Life. If you're looking for a creative idea, you'll find it here :-).
  3. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    Somewhere here or in another forum far, far away the subject of Dr. Who came up. I mentioned that I had never seen an episode. Well, I'm seeing one now! Amazon Prime has 12 seasons beginning 2005. The Doctor is Christopher Eccleston. I've already decided to give it a good try, just barely into the first episode ("Rose"). Got me hooked as he is shooing Rose out the door saying, "Go have your lovely beans on toast.". I think I'll like this.
  4. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    Let me relieve your uncertainty. Rolig is correct; I meant hers. Imagine my dismay at learning she is capable of such villainy.
  5. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    Losing the Focus Department: Clover's post back there about sansars on the lawn was the first new post when I logged in. I continued reading from there, past all the silly sansar stuff (including a truly horrific pun by someone I'd have thought was above that sort of thing) and then into foliage colors and weather, until Iva dropped the non-sequitur about the coyote. I thought, "Wow, talk about a derail! What was this thread about, anyway?" And then I remembered where I was.
  6. If nothing else, Gabrielle, you chose a heck of a good topic: three four pages of fascinating posts already in just fourteen hours (it expanded as I wrote). I've been ambivalent with the few Experience equipped chances I've had (I haven't gotten settled enough yet with this re-entry to do a lot of exploring). I like the idea of seeing what happens and how it's done, but I just do not like other people planning my exploration. Like Lil, I would infinitely rather explore a new place on my own than take an organized tour. When I'm in a strange (to me) place the last thing I want is to have someone telling me where to go and how to get there. Just let me do it myself. I've had some pretty cool experiences that way. Not all of them as good as getting caught in the middle of an anti-government protest in Kuala Lumpur because I insisted on using public transit (in this case the light rail system) instead of a limo or taxi. You're not having fun until you're getting tear-gassed in the train station :-). The same reluctance to believe someone else knows what I like/want better than I do tends to make me not a fan of the Experience idea. I don't mind 'losing control' of my avatar; I can always bail out if I don't care for it if by no other means than closing the viewer. I'd just rather move at my own pace and see it my way. All of the above changes if the Experience is the whole point of the experience. Elementary example: Disneyland. I loved just getting in the boat and going for the ride at The Pirates of the Caribbean. I had no desire whatever to travel that route on my own. ETA: Good grief, it took me half an hour to do this? In my defense I did get interrupted a few times. Anyway, upon going back to read what posted while I dawdled, I see Lil had already used Pirates of the Caribbean as an example (in exactly the same way I did, which is pretty funny).
  7. Dillon Levenque

    Where do you live?

    I KNEW I'd seen that image somewhere but I couldn't remember where. I was looking for this post yesterday (Oct. 15) because of an article I saw on BBC Online. I didn't save the link (sorry) but as the caption shows it was about Pompeii. I believe it was an article saying they'd found evidence the eruption was a few months later than the long-believed date. This image certainly suggests that The Mighty Finn (a possibly mythical character) extended his travels as far as Italy (it's known he got to Hungary; they speak almost the same language).
  8. Dillon Levenque

    What are you listening right know.

    There are so many songs I love that I always resist trying to rank them. But it's really, really hard for me to name one I love more than this one right here.
  9. Dillon Levenque

    couples friends

    I agree for sure with the dance idea; dancing is the second most popular SL activity involving couples, I bet. Plus you have an excuse to shop for slow dance anims.
  10. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    I'm not sure, there have been a few people who used Dilly. One who I hadn't seen in years dropped by a club I was visiting the other night and yelled "Dilly Doll!", which I had not heard in a long time (her now-absent friend used to call me that). You might be the only one who used the rhyme, though :-).
  11. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    Oh. I was just about to declare my complete ignorance in front of everybody and ask you flat out :-). Thanks for the picture; I'd never have gotten it just from the textual clues. ETA: I probably should have looked a little closer at your avatar, speaking of pictures. That mighta helped.
  12. Dillon Levenque

    A Derail Thread

    I love that you took the time to look for the song (although I can't imagine why you waded through my wall of text) but I wasn't looking for the Underground's version; that, as you saw, is readily available. What I wanted on youtube is the live version by Prague's favorites, The Plastic People of the Universe. That's the one I wanted to play here. ETA: Never noticed that about "The" v "My"; I always called it by the lyric and must not have paid much attention to what it said on the album cover. Thanks so much for the ever-so-appropriate derail :-).
  13. As she's pointed out many times, it's not exactly false modesty. It's a conversational tactic and one that can be seen (and used) as either a defensive maneuver or an assault preparation. In Maddy's case it can also just be a way to keep an interesting conversation going, and in that respect it is something a lot of knowledgeable people learn to do. As for conceit: I wouldn't call it that although I can see Phil's point. It's just that she really does know how smart she is and she's not usually bashful about it. Most people tolerate it because she's so cute. Even if she doesn't really forswear the tactic I do think there's still hope for us all, especially if we can count on an occasional intervention from Snugs.
  14. It was a long time ago; I thought you were still here. Maybe it happened shortly after you'd been pulled away. It's not a long story, but the fun Maddy and the rest of us had stringing it out afterwards could fill volumes. For instance: this guy right here? He was a Dave. Maddy was terribly proud.
  15. Dillon Levenque

    What are you doing today!? :D

    You can't be excused for yelling at me for hitting the back of your seat when you DID jam on the brakes. Wasn't my fault!