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  1. This looks like as good a place as any to say this: I think I've mentioned in this forum that over the years my favorite day of all has become the Winter Solstice. I start looking forward to it as the days grow alarmingly short in early November, and when by mid-December it seems like the poor Sun hardly has the strength to get out of bed in the morning (a problem with which I can fully sympathize) I can hardly wait. That day when the cycle reverses and I get just a tiny bit more light each day is finally upon us once again. Turns out Solstice is on Saturday this year, and Saturdays
  2. Agreed. I have crossed that #%&$@!* bridge dozens of times in my ancient Lotus 7 knock-off. Fortunately I have a supply of spare fenders on hand.
  3. I couldn't resist. True, I did steal that first line (and the idea of it being part of a haiku) but since about half of that thread was stolen from one source or another, what's a lousy five syllables?
  4. I'd forgotten that was on MP. It's been around for a long time; I have one. I know @Bitsy Buccaneerhas one too because she mentioned it here in another thread a while back.
  5. Oh sure. Put the blame on Snugs. ETA: I just noticed Ms P. back there. You were lucky to escape relatively intact.
  6. It was only a near miss for an instant of time, I believe. Your aircraft is upside down, and even a pilot of your unquestioned skill and agility would be hard pressed to fly out of that situation.
  7. Er, he did say 9 PM SLT; written in that 24 hour format that EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD BUT US USES that would be 21:00 SLT.
  8. I'd never heard of Seasick Steve either and I hope Naz doesn't ever read that. I've heard of him now, though, and thanks,Belinda! Maddy would like his hat. Aside from all that now I'm even sorrier I was not here for so long; this thread started out sooo well. I wish I'd been here when all that was going on.
  9. Thinking that a safe distance exists was your first mistake ;-).
  10. I got here via that very same path, Kali (and at about the same time, too). I kept seeing these snippets of interesting conversations and finally I had to go look. I spent a long time listening before I started talking, as we all did. Well, all except Maddy and maybe Scylla. Like you, I never understood why they dropped that feature when the format changed. Was nice to read all the comments in this thread and to see all the people, too. I have not disappeared, I just don't get by as often as I should. That's not permanent.
  11. The first time I ever saw real desert up close and personal I was sixteen. We'd driven down to a place on the Colorado River not far from Lake Havasu to try and find the gold mine my father and several partners had worked back in the early thirties. We were out in a rented boat one late afternoon watching the sunset color the rocks on the Arizona side, and I was changed for life. I couldn't get enough of that country. It seemed so pure—no weeds, no scrub, no trees. Just the rock, as if all the leftover material from the making of the Earth had been dumped there and forgotten. Nowadays I
  12. Getting back to the question asked in the OP, I think SL is based on American culture (for want of a better word). It was created by an American company, after all. It make sense there'd be a good many Americans taking part in putting it together. That hasn't seemed to stop people from all over the globe finding ways to thrive in SL. In Second Life, there is no reason whatever to worry about 'fitting in'. There isn't a norm. It's true, English is our lingua franca, but that's not unusual; the same holds true for most of the world. The Americans don't call themselves Americans thing has al
  13. Figures Maddy'd be on a run just when I decide to play something. I heard this today. Not sure what to call the style but I'm sure it has a name: they all do. To me it sounds like a somewhat hip hop style lyric done really melodic over a bunch of blues chords. It even has a modern jazz feel to it, yet with that insistent beat it can still qualify as rock and roll. I liked it a lot.
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