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  1. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    I'm glad you saw the Aquarium and shame on me for not mentioning it. I haven't been for several years; probably due for another visit myself.
  2. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Sea otters are delightful. They use their tummies as a table-top while breaking open those shellfish.
  3. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    When I read this earlier I didn't notice that Lil was heading for Monterey. I can actually see the western portion of the Monterey Peninsula from here, off in the distance. Unfortunately the weather is the absolute pits right now. We have fog, as is so often the case this time of year. Comes in off the ocean. Today it's in the form of overcast with a solid layer starting a few hundred feet above the water. Gray and gloomy and probably some drizzle close to the shore. High temp for the day expected to be around sixty degrees. It's still an interesting and beautiful area with lots to see, but I hope she brought a few sweaters with her. Today would be a good day to drive over to San Juan Bautista, an easy thirty mile drive. It'll be about seventy there, and there are lots of little shops and eateries plus of course the Mission (bonus points if she's a Hitchcock fan—it's the one featured in "Vertigo".
  4. Five word Story Game

    ... life is on your tilt-a-whirl.
  5. cute girl

    It's good to be home. Not to recycle the theme but I've been away from my headphones for a bit, and I have to hear 'em tp play 'em. As it happens...
  6. What would you do?

    As usual for me, I paid no attention to any of the bells and whistles here; I just came for the conversation. I had no idea we had signatures in this version. Turns out my old signature is still there. I just had to flip the switch to allow viewing of signatures. I guess this belonged in TIL, but whatever.
  7. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    For a craft like that priced at $60, I'd suspect the phrase "Needs Work" might qualify as the Mother of all Understatements. I think pictures are in order, so we can share your progress. You're probably gonna need a new outfit, too. Something like the old "Seamstress of Gor" only with power tools and caulking and such instead of needles and thread.
  8. What would you do?

    This phrase has a lot of vagueness. You find out how? There are only two methods that have even a sliver of validity: the offer's in her profile OR she tells you about it in an IM. Even then, who's to say the pictures are really her? If the idea of pics bothers you, then what LittleMe said: walk away.
  9. Is there any place where silly behavior is at least tolerated?

    Mais oui.
  10. Is there any place where silly behavior is at least tolerated?

    I wasn't grinning.
  11. Sugar baby looking for Sugar Daddy

    Was I really gone for a month? This looks very familiar.
  12. MIA

    I am so sorry for having dropped of sight without a word to my friends. Not my fault: was hospitalized. Better now and still improving. love to all.
  13. Daft things I have done!

    He would have, being English. Born and raised there (of British parents) didn't come to the US until a young man.
  14. Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    Mine look similar to yours, Chardonay. Middle, ring, and pinkie fingers all compare very closely. Unfortunately my thumbs and index fingers are considerably shorter than yours: index finger is about halfway between ring and pinkie in length; thumb just barely clears the palm (which causes me great difficulty on guitar). I also have very little body hair (none on the chest and not much on the legs, either) which made things a lot easier back when I was 'active' in RL.
  15. When is catfishing really catfishing?

    It's nice when I read through all the responses to a post and agree with every single one of them. Like all of you, my answer to Bree's question: "The question I pose to you all: Do you think a person is a catfish if they want a SL relationship without real life info and have no intention to be cruel or to troll their partner?" is NO, especially when you take the part I bolded into consideration. "Catfishing", in the meaning used in the OP, is fraud from the get-go, originally devised as a way to fraudulently obtain money from the love-dazzled victim. SL relationships in which RL is never part of the equation don't meet that definition. As a side note, if you're ever in California the best catfishing is in the Sacramento River-San Juaquin River Delta.