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  1. That's pretty much what I've narrowed it down to. Requires a bit of initiative on one's part to get any kind of interaction.
  2. I've gone out and about as a non-human at times and get that same feeling.
  3. I hope so as well, Panteleeva. Thank you.
  4. My name's Niko. I've been here for a month. American. I shop, roleplay when it sounds fun, chat and sit at places. Still have a classic avi body, mostly mesh clothes though. That's about it. Wish I had more to bring to the table but whatevs.
  5. Not a parcel owner (at least not yet, anyhow), but more often than not I'll typically do just about everything else you described. I prefer doing said things with others, but having some IM conversations about anything under the weather will generally satiate my need for socializing in-world. Honestly I find that easier than hopping into a random bar/club and uttering a few hellos before inevitably sitting there in silence until I get the idea to move elsewhere. But then again, I still need to improve on my end a bit on taking initiative to approach people, I guess. Anyhow, yeah, alone o
  6. So far, so good. I've met quite my fair share of people (some I like, some, well, not really), explored quite a bit, and joined the shopaholic club. I've learned quickly the many reasons for the age restrictions in some places, often having to do with people (ab)using alts because I guess there just isn't much better to do in their free time. Others just didn't like my look I guess, still need to hop on the mesh body train. But I'm liking it here.
  7. Seven days, a lot of places (roleplaying sims, some clubs/bars, etc) that I've tried to visit usually require at least 30 days.
  8. Title is rather self-explanatory, but to elaborate, I'm an American who got into SL about five days ago. Rather overwhelming at first, and at times still is, but despite all the things I've learnt and have yet to learn, I think this might be somewhere I can enjoy myself and make rather good connections and all. Primary thing that got me interested was the roleplaying potential, and while I've yet to really settle into anywhere in particular (primarily due to age), that is certainly something I would love to do, whether it's urban, historical, adult, etc. Also enjoy just hanging out at bars or
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