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  1. I love the stained glass! That's what I need for my windows so Siri stops accidentally looking in!
  2. Wasn't sure if they were man o war or what, but Bruce kept the peace. And thanks, just a start.
  3. Last one, I saw her live outdoors (not these videos) and it was a dream.
  4. Watercolors. Red Blue Green seemed the most reasonable and appropriate starting colors. Also, we don't get trash service? Bruce is tired of eating it all. Yes, I do have other outfits, this one just happens to be the most waterproof 😆
  5. I think it's fairy specific, all I saw were cuddles and stardust. In seriousness, it was a moving tribute of love.
  6. Thanks for showing me the pg version 🙃 hahahahahahahahaha
  7. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful gesture!
  8. edited for brevity (I don't know what that means).
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