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  1. The PBSCP was in no way comparable to you. She was that mean, vindictive kind of crazy that everyone needs to run away from. Her, I tiptoed carefully away and then ran like hell. And you are right, I didn't read or understand it all. More than once, I felt very sorry for you and was glad I was not on PBSCP's radar. I've been the victim of that kind of cra cra myself and I remember how miserable it made me.
  2. I remember those days. I wish I understood all that was going on with you back then. As I recall it you gave as good as you got and being the wimpy little people pleaser that I was, I just tried to steer clear of the whole mess. I failed and eventually abandoned my first avatar (mostly because my partner left SL but also because one of the people I thought was a friend turned out to be a jerk). At any rate, I liked you even though I thought you were nuts. Now I understand the nuttiness was just you coping the best you could. You have my heartfelt apologies for not standing up for you.
  3. I am pretty sure the original Junkyard Blues Club had a sexy 3 way dance animation. That was in the wild and woolly days though and it's not currently rezzed. You could ask about it though.
  4. First of all, I'm so glad you started this conversation. For the past year I've been only dancing with one person, but before that your dilemma was very much my own. Wanting to dance, just dance and not being asked. It never occurred to me that hair color might be the culprit (I'm a redhead too). I'd finally decided to just ask people to dance instead of waiting to be asked. Made it my new years resolution for 2019 in fact. Who knew that one of the first people I asked would wind up being my exclusive guy? I thought maybe because within my club I'm a little on the famous side. Or maybe I talk to much in local (it's true, I'm a chatterbox). Although my av is 6'8" it's shorter than most so I didn't think that was it. Anyway my lunch break is over and I have to go to work, but I'm very interested in learning the answer. I hope it's not 42.
  5. @Seicher Rae, you are not responsible for your feelings, they just are. What you do with 'em is your responsibility. But you can always come in here and share them, that's why we are here. It's become my favorite thread for that reason. It's the safe place to be who you are at the moment. We won't blame you or try to change you. If the moment is difficult, then we'll just be by your side, supporting you in the difficult time.
  6. I wound up buying several new skins. Interestingly enough my original skin from 2009 works perfectly with Maitreya body. No funny toe problem. I wonder if the Maitreya designer was wearing a LAQ skin when she made the body? Too bad the lips on that skin are so dated... and I was such a pale face back then. I'm tanner now.
  7. very interesting.... What's that black round thing under the egg?
  8. I did that BOM waltz a couple of weeks ago, I just deleted all my old outfits as I felt it was time for something new. But it does take a few marathon SL sessions to do the BOM waltz.
  9. I haven't needed to buy Linden dollars since I started hosting. IIRC i could get $5,000 for $8 and change US dollars. Has it really more than doubled in price since then?
  10. Was David Dixon Ford Prefect? If so he is much closer to my imagination than the one in the movie.
  11. Can't use the sad icon because this makes me angry. The news media no longer understands what news reporting should be. They treat everything for the ratings. We really need some conflict of interest legislation and hold these media giants accountable for not reporting accurately. It is a disservice to everyone that it is so hard to learn unbiased facts. Don't let them make your head hurt though Beth, they aren't worth it.
  12. I'm with you Rhonda, I love that little warm fuzzy feeling when someone quotes me. But I like the likes too. It's not my only reason for posting, just a pleasant side effect. I don't post in order to get the feedback nor do press the buttons in a "quid pro quo" sort of exchange. I'm just not that into it. But in this case I'm quoting Rhonda because I now know she likes it and I like her.
  13. No, that wasn't it. I'm a big fan of the hitchhiker books. Doug Adams was a comic genius. I forget now what it was. I thought the books were much better than the movie. The Zaphod and Ford characters were much better in my imagination. Haven't seen the BBC tv version which I believe came before the books. I also enjoyed the early Apple text based game which for some reason required one to find some dust in one's pocket. I liked his other little series too, The Dirk Gently one.
  14. Flowers for Algernon, great book. Heartbreaking.
  15. I have a valentines sweets hangover. Ate a bunch of those cute little mini eclairs. Never even got to the 1 pound chocolate bar so I put in the freezer to fortify my emergency chocolate stash. Stayed up way to late playing with a Lelutka Evolution demo while I was eating the aforementioned eclairs. Going back to bed.
  16. I googled the term before I even entered the thread, but thank you for explaining the nuances. I don't identify myself as Trans or Cis but I was identified as female at birth and I'm still female. Anyway, I like to look at everyone.
  17. I'm glad the place where I work doesn't make me split my tips with them. I do contribute to the venue tip jar on a regular basis. I was able to modify the tip script in my tip jar so that it doesn't do anything but receive the tips. For years I hosted without a tip jar and I was fine with that. People tipped me anyway. Then a few months ago, they voted to let the hosts have tip jars so I made one that didn't intrude on the mood much.
  18. My fancy Italian truffles are not going to arrive today 😕But the 1 pound milk chocolate Hershey bar should, so all is not lost.
  19. I have a new peeve! Earlier I was forced to google an obscure(to me) reference to some popular main stream television show. I don't watch much in the way of popular main stream television. I prefer the offbeat obscure gems that I sometimes get addicted to. I hate being reminded of how weird I am! The only thing I hate more than that is re-discovering the fact that I'm not all that different. I wanna be special!
  20. I'm glad you mention this again Dyna. I saw your post yesterday and I checked it out. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to send valentines anonymously. Later I heard you could also send one to yourself.
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