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On 1/7/2019 at 2:02 AM, Ceka Cianci said:

This just came on my stream  on my land..

I always thought this was Roy Orbison..Wow does he sound like him..

I always loved this song


Me too - the guitar as well as the voice. Beautiful.

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Oooh, I found this gem right after "Lonely Bull". You can see Herb Alpert as the bus driver, the barber and the bartender. The redhead he's flirting with at the end is his wife, Lani Hall. It's so sweet to see a music industry titan like Herb still mixing it up, and yielding the floor to young dancers.


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This just came on my stream on my land..


It hit me when I am so nice and relaxed doing some mp shopping while flowing with dance in my hideout on my land.. hehehe

just thought I would share the perfect timing with you all :)

Enjoy Ceka ❤️


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