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Landscape Photographs!

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I edited the photo in photoshop cc to make it b/w. That's all the editing I did.

What I like to do when I do landscape photos, is push down on the arrow key in camera controls to the bottom of the scene. I then use ctrl+0 to move in closer. This gives the illusion that the person viewing the photo is inside the picture as an observer.

I took this snapshot at the headquarters of The Nature Collective, where you can get your tourist badge and use their HUD to visit other photogenic sims to explore and take piccies in.

Click the photo to be taken to my personal flickr, where you can get the slurl.

You can also join their flickr group to share your photos you take at their sim. I have my photo added to it.

The owner of the sim left a comment about how she loved it and this made me very happy.

I always try to find the sim owner's flickr and/ or flickr group to add them to the photo I take at their sim.

I always include the slurl in the description so that people viewing my picture, can explore the sim, too!

Rest Stop 1 - Explorers Welcomed

Edit: The flickr group is for nature landscape photos with no avatar in them, not just the nature collective hq sim that I had said. It's also a great way to get inspiration and to discover more nature sims to take photos in!

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I am in the process of doing some landscaping for a friend.

He asked for snow and a beach .. my idea is to fade the snow down the mountain into the tropical area. The lower level at this point is my sandbox. 

I hope he likes it  : )


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