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  1. I agree with you, about it being Japanese creators. I said in this thread that SL creators were inspired by the gachapon in Japan. You get a prize in a plastic package or plastic ball. they aren't like the flimsy plastic toys you get at a grocery store. they are much nicer, and many are lined up in retail stores, and retail stores in malls. I do remember the 2L - 5L pulls inside mainstores. Then gachas become gacha events but initially wasn't everywhere like it is now. I stopped going to gachas because I want a specific product and can now afford to do that. I shopped gachas in the past because that was all I could afford. I'm happy to see the gacha system leaving SL. Yeah, I dreaded The Arcade, because it was addictive for me. Although SL itself used to be addictive for me also. Just depends on the person, if you can be easily addicted to entertainment pastimes or not.
  2. If you would have mentioned retextures instead of a very broad statement about worth, then I wouldn't have replied to you and said what I said. When I see rares, they are not retextured. It is a completely different product.
  3. I already gave you an example, pertaining to SL. It was a very simple and easy to understand explanation. I only incorporated a RL example because I ran out of options to tell. I only mentioned the bonus because that is how it works in RL. I know nowadays creators offer bonus colors and/ or prints if you buy their fatpack but that is not how the fatpack started. Fatpack= buy everything in 1 purchase for 100-200L off the price. Set(or Collection)= buy everything in 1 purchase, no discount Singles= buy everything, 1 by 1 Although nowadays, creators I see, aren't offering all of the singles. they choose certain colors and/ or prints. Then the only way to get everything is to buy the fatpack but the fatpack does not offer a discounted price by paying in bulk aka as 1 purchase for everything. Do you understand now? It is very frustrating to break it down over and over. I feel you do understand and are just playing mind games with me.
  4. I don't have a problem with it. In fact, I was sharing the Flickr photo that a member of the Fab Free staff had uploaded, and linking to their wordpress, to creators who didn't know about their gacha sale store list. I also got thanked by the woman and other creators as well for sharing so that they could contact her to put their store on the list. I also shared to all the fashion FB groups I am in as well. I like to help our community. Somehow you took what I said out of context with a negative assumption about me, twisting my words. I was mentioning how 1 store said they "might" have gacha fatpacks in their store with a 50% off discount. That is a very old fashioned lure to bring people to your store. Instead of being transparent and stating how many gacha discounted fatpacks they had placed out for purchase.
  5. Fab Free is graciously putting together a never ending listing of stores offering gacha sales until the ban. Lowest common price I am seeing is 25L. You can contact them in-world to add your store or view their wordpress to see what is there.
  6. I am in Flickr, adding my new releases to other Flickr groups I wasn't a member of. I see that a store is taking advantage of the coming ban. They are now offering a very, very cheap gacha sale, and that some gachas may be available as fatpacks, with a 50% discount. There is the lure to bring you to their store. You "may" find something is offered as a gacha fatpack at 50% off, or you may not. LOL Why even resort to that type of behavior? They could have stated how many discounted gacha fatpacks are available with the numerical amount. *shakes head*
  7. Right, that is unfortunate. I have never understood the point of that. Gachas at an event and not at your mainstore at the same time, are because of the event rules, to only sell during their round. When it ends, you can put it back up in your mainstore. They think that making an item more elusive, hypes it up to rack in sales. What people really want is mass quantity. To always be available at the mainstore. Don't want old products in your store? Put them on the marketplace. Or they can do a limited edition in their mainstore, selling a certain amount of copies. It will be copy/ no transfer and you can always get a redelivery if you lost it in your inventory. Creators want to stand out and be "unique" for their customers. You can be unique on how you create your shape, style of hair, type of skin. That all makes a difference. You could meet another person wearing the same clothes but the style of everything else they wear can be completely different. I think people worry too much about being the same. It's only a virtual world. Take it as a compliment, be happy you met someone who enjoys what you like.
  8. It's not gambling. You know that what you want, will not be given to you. You know you will get one of the prizes shown. This means you are comfortable with getting anything shown on the gacha poster, because you like what is shown. You may also love the creator's products, having bought many of their products that are not in gacha machines. There is always the option to buy from a regular vendor in their mainstore. It's not like the store only has gachas. Also I had added more information as an edit to my post but then got a rl call and had to pause my typing. It's there now if you want to go back to it.
  9. I mentioned prizes, not getting coins. The gacha in SL is from the gachapon in Japan. Of course a slot machine is gambling because you don't know how much money you are going to win. Playing a nickel machine and getting a nickel back is not winning anything. Winning would be getting more than what you put in. You can see the prizes before you pay a machine. You know you will be given one of the prizes. It's not gambling because it's not a slot machine filled with money.
  10. I love that store! This is one store I will be sad to see the gachas go away. Then again, I also root for the creator and their pocket. They really should be priced very high. You get uv/shadow maps, etc, and an applier kit to create your own textures. Who has ever gotten a full modified product in a gacha? Said no one ever.
  11. The sploders should make the last person who pays into the sploder, the winner. That is the legal way to do it, according to the TOS. Not these lucky egg sploders where everyone is a winner. That makes it a game, to see who can be the last bidder. Only one winner, not paying out to everyone who put in money.
  12. You can join these mainstore sale events. Saturday Sale, Miix, Wanderlust Weekend, Happy Weekend and so on. All these prices are under 100L. Much better than a gacha as they are copy. You get to choose which color/ print you want as everything in that sale section is priced the same.
  13. You can, if you tell your customers to click the Info button on your scripted vendor system, and have a shortened url link to your FB page or Flickr ad photo and so forth, with the various traits for that specific breedable animal. I have added the Flickr link on all of my vendors(not gacha), so that they can see any additional details and see the ad photo at the high resolution. Yes, it's more effort but your customers will appreciate that.
  14. Gachas are NOT gambling. When you gamble in a casino, you are not guaranteed a win after putting up your money in the form of a bet amount. Gachas were inspired by the Japanese gachapon machines that you put coins in and get a prize in a plastic ball package. Those machines are placed in retail stores in malls. They show a picture of what you can get. Just like those machines in grocery stores, where you can get cheap little toys. You don't lose out on anything. The bonus was that you could resell the gacha on the marketplace or in-world, with the creator's permission. Then you are earning your money back for a common and making double or more back on rare products. I think because there is a gacha frenzy going on, it could be why LL wants to put a stop to it. Especially when people complain and say they want to buy a specific color/ pattern, but wanting it at the super cheap price of a gacha. This is actually helping creators to earn more profit with the actual value of the product's pricing point, instead of bending over backwards and selling under value.
  15. I invited a person to join SL. They said they made an account but haven't logged in-world yet. Do they have to login first for it to register with the search function? I've tried both in-world and the website, and the name doesn't appear.
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