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  1. What I liked most about the Horizons not the rate or the double prims, it's the Sci Fi theme that makes me want a parcel there, a few months ago I found a parcel for 80k that's cheap for a Horizon parcel, I was very tempted to buy it and was very close to click the button, but I changed my mind because something kept bothering me and that was the homes around it, it's nice looking homes but it's out of theme, I'm bored of seeing these traditional homes everywhere in mainland and in private states as well, I wanted a sci fi theme but it's hard to find even in private estates, and the rentals in sci fi RP sims ( they are not many ) you pay over 500L$/wk for 100/75 prims and no privacy whatsoever it's really frustrating, Horizons is the only option, but again it's ruined with out of theme homes.
  2. People with empty profiles are more interesting to me; than people who write paragraphs and fill every tap.
  3. * Edited on my phone πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  4. I actually tried it on the fantasy region, and it looked nice, this is the Horizons sunrise, they made a special EEP for Horizons because it's a Sci Fi theme, It's weird that they didn't do the same for the fantasy theme ( not same EEP but a special one made for it, so the day time won't look dark and colorless) :
  5. This is so cute, like a town in an old RPG game < 3
  6. No that's not what i meant, it doesn't have anything to do with the glow thing at all, i meant some colors to the sky, clouds, haze etc, i didn't want to bring up the Horizons again, but i guess i have to; to explain what i mean, Horizons have a special EEP and it's a beautiful one and the transition between day and night is really nice and colorful, here's an example i visited the horizons same time as the fantasy region, you can see how pale the EEP of the fantasy compared to Horizons:
  7. we can still see the transition to the night mode even if we're not using the default eep, which is nice, but that magical world lasts for only an hour, the rest of the day the EEP is not good to be honest, i hate looking at my home during the day unless i use a costume EEP, you did amazing job with the landscaping it's so beautiful but EEP is important and strong element in landscaping, wish you will make a special EEP for the fantasy region at least with colors and fog, mist so the magic lasts the the whole day.
  8. I just played the "Meibun" machine in some event, and it's kinda nice, better than Gacha, I can live with that. #justsaying
  9. Then it's not in your parcel, or ask your neighbor to take it back ( much nicer)!
  10. Oh yes! I just checked it out, omg all this time I thought maybe half of the residents are seeing me without an AO and I look stupid to them! Maybe I had connection problem at that time when I saw myself without an AO on my alt's account with LL viewer, glad I talked about it here; so someone can finally correct me, Thank you!
  11. I use a 2 very simple animations from vista and use it on firestorm AO, the problem with that, is others who don't use firestorm and use other viewers, will see you with no AO at all, it's horrible, way worse than the system AO. I so very much like these vista animations mainly because of the face expression, so simple and natural, i can't find anything similar to it, so I'm willing to sacrifice myself looking like a noob for it:
  12. Oh yea no kidding haha, winter clothes is the easiest solution for neck problems. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
  13. You don't wanna see my avatar's neck then, it's a horror, I gave up fixing it long time ago, and I'm at peace with it now.
  14. I'm 1, 2, 3 and 4, because I like to change environments.
  15. Yes, I'm having the same message, it will get fixed in about hours or a day, that's not the first time it happened.
  16. Yay! I would not have to change my favorite body! Kalhene you're not off the hook, l still have one eye on you πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ
  17. I agree, with some changes and updating it's so fitting to be in Bellisseria, the old Horizons is gone, it will be amazing to have a newer version of it in Bellisseria. How pretty πŸ₯Ί it's even prettier at night, sad it doesn't look like this anymore πŸ₯ΊπŸ’”
  18. Finally someone said it, I cringe when I see avatars dancing, it's silly; I never do it.
  19. If they're going to do a Sci fi theme, I'd like to see similar version of the Horizons regions, it's beautiful there but people ruined it with their traditional homes.
  20. oh yes sorry, I thought that it was already there in the viewer, but now I remembered that after the firestorm update to EEP all windlights is gone, but you can still download it all again from here for free: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Firestorm-Default-Sky-Windlights-for-EEP/20088838 True, and with personal lighting as well:
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