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  1. Gidgy Adagio is exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art Gallery October 4th – November 1st This magical woman has such a wonderful eye and energy! Gidgy also has a permanent Gallery at Campbell Coast do come visit. Gidgy’s Gallery @ Artists Village Campbell Coast
  2. https://throughowlseye.com/2020/08/27/join-us-for-visual-and-audial-delight-as-skip-staheli-exhibits-body-positivity-wth-an-opening-party-featurng-the-vinnie-show/
  3. This was shot in the old FS viewer in the Black & white setting. uploaded it to Canva added the text and 3 photos downloaded that as a pdf Imported it to Photoshop and changed it to a Jpeg. no editing on the photos...
  4. Hoot @Da5id Weatherwax and @Larree Quixote was so awesome to have you both!! Day 2 starts at 10am June 17th hope you can come by! Here is a quick shot of some of Moondance Parx particles from Jed Luckless's set!
  5. Do come join us for Earth day ! (April 22nd) *AWESOM FALLEN's Art Exhibit *10am JOE PARAVANE performing Live! *11am DJ DOC RAST mixing his set for us 💜🎶Defiantly a fun time!🎶💜 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruthsburg/125/206/23… @BJoyful @rasterscan
  6. Wow Patch cool! Can't wait to have SL time so I can go look!
  7. @Beth Macbain Hugs just thinking atm maybe early fall ish : ) Hoot
  8. haha Hugs Syl : ) Idk yet work summer but umm thinking : )
  9. Hello - does anyone know how to go abut reserving the fairgrounds and if you can get stream rights at least for your event? Thank you in advance Owl
  10. beautiful look and Capture!
  11. awesome shot Nelson such a wonderful eye you have!
  12. yay! Such a magical fall photo.
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