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  1. Fiona others have told me that. Someone has to know why it's not working for me now. Would reinstalling FS fix it? Or (shudders) using the LL viewer?
  2. Bitsy? both Chic? I have. they have no answers Am I the only one in the whole world Rl and SL who has had this happen? The most frustrating part is everyone assumes I'm either stupid, a noob, a "gurl" or incompetent. I have used the same process for years. I KNOW how to do it. Now it won't work SL side shows to be saving. RL side never arrives. Folder is empty.
  3. Since the new FS upgrade 6.2.4 I have been unable to download pictures (snapshots) from SL to RL. The inworld system shows to have saved properly, but if I check a folder, there's nothing there. I tried downloading from the internet a random pic and it worked fine, also a music file in mp3 format. Worked fine Has anyone else had issues with this? It's rather important since I edit my pics in RL and upload back to SL.
  4. This is mainly for anyone else looking for answers
  5. AIdySL's is much simpler and doesn't require downloading a program
  6. This may be silly, but how can I get a pic under my name in forums?
  7. Doris Johnsky


    Small , growing Beach is looking for Venders. I have 5 stalls ready. I have room to add more Fee is negotiable and prims would be in the 25 range. If you want to look, search for Angel Bay Beach. Stalls start by the landing point. If interested, please IM or Notecard Doris Johnsky. If you are a new merchant .but the big Malls and shopping areas are too expensive. Look at us.
  8. The times I've gone there I've been so confused I just left. Anything I have to work that hard to get, I don't want
  9. DJ Doris will present her usual great set of music and there will be 500L$ up for grabs in a Best Crazy Hair contest. Starts at 6pm SLT tonight and goes till DJ Doris gets tired. Contest ends at 8. Jon us at Angel Bay Beach.
  10. Monday- DJ Doris from 6-8pm SLT Rock/alt/pop CONTEST-- Best of Craxy Hair 500L on the board Tuesday- DJ Melody from 10-12AM SLT club dance mixes Tuesday- DJ Slack from 6-8pm SLT Mixed styles Wednesday- DJ Alexis from 6-pm SLT Thursday- DJ Alexis from 6-8 pm SLT Friday- DJ Melody from 6-8pm SLT- club dance mixes Contests to be announced. All our DJs take requests Cabbie here: LUXORY WEST (55,179,22)
  11. DJ Slack will be working the turntable Tuesday Night Cranking up the volume at 6pm SLT and playing till he gets tired/ Along with the music the contest will be>>>>>>>>>>>>Best in PJs. So where your PJs, lingerie, night gown, and footsies, and join us Find us in SL search under Angel Bay Beach
  12. DJ Melody сделает ее дебют на пляже залива Ангел во вторник утром в 6 утра slt. Очень хотелось бы чтобы у наших друзей из Европы присоединиться к ней. Узел будет Filamint35. Приходите проверить наш пляж и клуб. Найти нас в SL поиска под Ангел-Бей-Бич
  13. Angel Bay Beach is looking for DJs for a new beach/club. We are growing and have recently added a contest board to help draw patrons. While experience wold be desired, I would talk to a DJ who is breaking into the business. We want DJs who work professionaly. Taking requests is a requirement as in having your on stream. We allow DJs to pick thier music, but prefer upbeat dance music. While many DJs do voice in SL Venues, I don't see it as a requirement to be a successful DJ. If you do voice, my only concern is that you do not preempt the music. Contact Doris Johnsky or filamint35. If we aren't online send me a notecard with the following information: Name- SL age- Time of experience- Clubs worked (if applicable(- Stream name( i use Streamhood stream, 25L a week and reliable)- Add any information that would enhance your chance to be employed by Angel Bay Beach.
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