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  1. Perhaps I'm being naive and simplistic, but isn't the point of BOM so you DON'T need specialty items to wear? I have a Slink Redux body and I wear whatever clothes I want and whatever skin I want.
  2. Black and White isn't my thing except for erotic photos. I DO love them though. I don't think I do it very well, frankly. I love lots of color
  3. Takes a lot of photos to get what I want, but so what?
  4. Believe it or not I use my dance hud to create the sense of movement.
  5. I agree. With my finished photos they are only copy and mod. If there were a way I would only make them mod. I don't think you can do that.
  6. I DJ in SL and I use 192. As far as what I don't like? Like many of you, "DJs" that talk on and on irritate me. I don't go to a club to hear people yak away. I'm there for the music. I, personally, do not voice, but I blab a lot in local as does everyone in the sim I work. Gestures can be VERY distracting. My hostess will mention tipping maybe 2 times in a 2 hour set. I may say something about the guests tipping her. We don't get nor ask for multiple tips from any single person. Should they request a song after an initial tip then tipping is expected for that.
  7. Whoever was complaining about your profile pic was being FAR too picky. A profile pic is a profile, not a work of art. I take profile pics for people and I retouch them, but just how I do it.
  8. It's been my experience that people buy textures more than frames. Frames are cheap and they often want frames to match the decor of a room. I sell photos in both framed and textures and the textures sell more. My photos and frames (I made my own) are no trans/copy/mod Mod because people need to resize to fit the wall they have.
  9. I would rather see closeups in a profile pick. I think they tell me more about the person
  10. I also take mostly body pictures, but yes, when I see a scene that appeals to me I will take a snap of it.
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