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  1. Bought a mod from an adult shop to reshape the free Genus Strong female head to look more masculine. Used the L$1 Legacy body and a few L$1 pieces from Gabriel. Swiped the hair from Musician Guy for LOLs. Yup, I think I can work with this head mod, it's awesome! If I have to I can buy a Jake bod for this guy, should do so soon I suppose!
  2. This is changing... a little ... I think my alts wacky moods (particularly my younger male alt) is beginning to infect me. LOL I'll leave it at that.
  3. This is interesting to me... came across a male head mod from an adult MP store that modifies the free female Genus Strong head. Looks really nice! I'm using a Blackburns Roth skin from Vlad's pack that I've had for a while, and the L$1 TMP Legacy body. Still need to tweak some stuff (like the neck not 100% matching the head and body skin), but this is freakin' awesome for just under L$200. I'd recommend it for anyone that can't afford a Lelutka ATM. Not me of course, this is one of my male alts. Here's the mod from the MP. Read the notecard to get it together with little initial fuss: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NEW-MALE-shape-for-the-free-FEMALE-Genus-Head-Strong-Face-GIFT001style-card/20289473
  4. I don't mind the differences at all. I'll admit I haven't used BD's poser feature much yet. But the way it renders lighting for photos is awesome... when I use BD, I don't PP as much as I do with photos taken while on other viewers.
  5. This is partly why I'm enjoying using your viewer. I'm getting a bit more fps on average with my GTX 1050 based PC even with some of Cool VL's extra rendering features turned on. Not to mention... I'm beginning to use it quite a lot for photos because of this option you implemented. (Doesn't mean BD's dead to me, but that's a different story... no infighting please LOL... *cough* BD Poser *cough*)
  6. Testing the latest CoolVL viewer... UI takes a bit of practice to use, but not as hard as Black Dragon. No PP here.
  7. I've been playing around with the latest CoolVL release for a few days. Definitely a great option for lower end PC's, I'm using it on a GTX 1050 based system with a 8th Gen Intel i7. Works great, and is tolerable if you want to tackle crowded spaces with mid-high settings and shadows turned on. My only niggle with the viewer is that it doesn't implement separate profiles for graphic settings. Otherwise it's great, though its UI is based on the older style V1/Singularity viewers. I think it also renders well. Here's a photo I took with CoolVL recently. Facelight is a CG Facelight, no PP... should have made the light brighter but I like the result. I used an Ultra setting, and cranked up the shadows and environmental settings. Shot in London City.
  8. This has been happening to me a bit in Firefox and Chrome lately, even late at night when fewer people are around. My time zone is SLT +3.
  9. Tested the Linux viewer. Ran it it on a Nvidia GTX 1050 based laptop (4 GB VRAM), in Ubuntu MATE. Playing around with one of the Unreal avatars from the Unreal cosplays full pack from the MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Unreal-cosplays-fullpack/16881951
  10. Not intentional... but I think this shot of my main SL squeeze gives me Charlize Theron vibes.
  11. I usually flick the BoM switch on and off for my Genus Strong head whenever I have issues. I don't use appliers so that works for me. It doesn't reset all of the options like eyelashes but that's OK, I can work those out separately.
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