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  1. I own 33,792 sqm of land, simply because I like to build and create different environments and public places, that's my joy in SL and where I spend all my time along with exploring of course it's the first and main reason I joined SL.
  2. You're way nicer than what I wrote BUT :
  3. I did that with one of my neighbors, and they did the same for me too, we exchanged some of our landscape. And I will always do it.
  4. I visited Elena's spring place today, It felt so serene; loved looking at every lovely little details: I'm a little big to sit on these chairs but I sat on it anyway, I hope it did not bend : b Thank you Elena for this beauty ❤️
  5. for once, i wish if I see you acting your age, and not with this childish attitude, and laughing emoji on every post you don't like. ok.
  6. The only big object i had was a cliff, and it's not affecting her land whatsoever, as i said i had 3 neighbors before her none of them said anything, returned anything, they even loved my landscape. I logged in one day and saw that she returned half of my landscape, my land looked awful, at that time i got furious ( and I couldn't talk sense to her, she already sent me a bad message and when you reply; you get a bad auto response) anyway I had a tall building in the place of my landscape that has been gone ( giving her this view) till I figure out what I will do with my land now that
  7. I'm not doing it on purpose, I was living there long before her and I had 3 neighbors before her, and we were in good terms and I've become friends with some of them, none of them saw any object encroaching in their land no visible objects or land impact, I don't know how she can return my landscape, I made sure it's all in my land, and yet she can return them, I don't know how she can scan it, because in her parcel there's no objects from others, it's 0, you can clearly see she's digging the ground looking for troubles.
  8. I think I have the worst neighbor you will ever meet in second life, she's my new neighbor and she's using ban lines, orbs and walls, she does all that and I won't go in the details, but she keep calling me names and sending me links for mental disorders, just because I have the biggest land in the area and she said it herself, she does way more than that, turning my staying next to her a hell, she keep watching what ever i do waiting for anything i rez to reach her land so she can rerun it with a nasty message like OMFG enough is enough!! I blocked her but still I can't stand living next
  9. Working on Multi scene skybox, I posted earlier one of the themes ( The Alpine Spring Retreat ) with feminine vibe and this is the second one : ( A Cliff House In The Desert ) with masculine vibe, I'll just post what I liked so far; which is only the bathroom xb and I'm stuck with the rest, it's done! but I don't like it so I won't show it : b
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