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  1. I saw Abnore Mole and Whitney Linden in all the 3 regions released, yesterday ( harpoon, good tiding, good humor ).
  2. I like these 3 releases everyday, you know what to expect so if you don't like the 3 regions released you simply don't go for it, and if your favorite region is about to get released you will have higher chance of getting one there, not like the big mass release of all regions, your chances are way lower of getting what you want, I don't know why people don't like that! That was just a thought tho, you can chill and relax not having to worry about missing your favorite region because you know when it will be released, I hope they will stick with this alphabetical order, it's rally helpin
  3. Thank you, I did a little exploration it was beautiful, I already found my favorite spot : b I can't wait to see more and explore more, man too many things I wanna do at the same time 🤯
  4. I just bought 4096smq parcel in there, thanks for letting me know, I didn't know about this area and I love it!
  5. that was mere coincidence as i live between these 2 regions and my mini map is always open, and the blue dot caught my eyes, and it was Abnore mole flaying between these 2 regions for a while, i saw another linden a week a go in the region behind me as well i don't know what they were doing but nothing got released.
  6. Actually the eyesores in Belli is just the same as in mainland, how many times you had to abandon your home because of your neighbor's bad taste filling the place with shiny things, many different things as much as they can, till it turns into a bad carnival.
  7. float alone released, it's gone in a matter of seconds! Congrats to the lucky people!
  8. Abnore mole spotted flying around Flamingo dancers and Float alone regions 🕵️‍♀️
  9. specific I'm in Falule lua now, and as i see not many are available in this area i think only 2 homes, and yes not a nice ones! Edit: I checked what you got, and as a person who likes OL i would say it's a nice one, If i don't have a specific location in mind I would be happy to get it!
  10. These 2 pink homes on land by the water are still available ( maintenance ) in Ferrymans Driftd, if someone want them: Also this on available now: and this one: aaand these two:
  11. Today I went on trip with my ever so cute companion "Tootty" to the Moles Village, It felt like a trip to Disney land, I really enjoyed my time there: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meauxle Bureaux/157/123/29
  12. Nice! Glad to know that, and your welcome : b
  13. Nothing much, I'm not done with my stilt home, but I liked this little corner shot at night, so i thought I'd share it!
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