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  1. I get that... I don't expect my male alts to use the female skins LOL... I do have an alt that's transgender, but that's another story.
  2. Glad I came across this post! One of my male alts is trying to figure out which body to use beyond Roth and the L$1/freebies/TMP Legacy... this was one of his visits recently, yes I know it's protected land but it was a bummer not being able to look in world. OTOH he did find a few nice demos to try out from ZED across the street and suggested I check out Bella Moda, Deetalez, Cupidz Arrow and Magic Avi Shapes. He travels a lot in world, haha!
  3. Awesome anime looks! I'm thinking of giving one of my alts more anime stuff... the saxophonist take is cool
  4. While I was changing clothes the other day at Alethia... something about this moment gave me Heavy Metal*/Boris Vallejo vibes. *Heavy Metal is the title for a science fiction/fantasy/erotica magazine, in existence since 1977. I used to own a collection of this magazine back in the 1990's.
  5. So far, in my few months here... mostly exploring, taking photos and occasionally chatting. I also play around with all the free and low cost stuff. My appearance hardly stays the same whenever I'm around (bless my alts LOL)... still haven't poured major money into a main body but I think I'm getting closer to it after nearly four months of experimentation. I love walking in museums and libraries when the lights are out (aka midnight)... very relaxing, can't do that IRL without being arrested LOL.
  6. Messing about with a free Miku head. I think I should send her to the big girl extravaganza and get her a few things LOL... she's grown quite a bit! I love the Pusheen slippers, though.
  7. Finally got something I like out of the free Genus Strong head, and Lucybody ATENEA. My ideal rocker chick look, if I was one IRL. Flying around at the Game Foundry in Hina...
  8. In the middle of seriously demoing several advanced mesh bodies after a few months of exploring LS for the first time... can't decide which one I should plunk serious L$ on. This is me with the usual free 'bodypaint', HOC sneakers, hair from a New Resident Island avi and a Ruth BoM avi from Vlad Blackburn (v4 2020). Taken on the last day of SL18B, at the Biobreeds exhibit, JPEG conversion from a Kokua PNG (no other edits).
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