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  1. https://throughowlseye.com/2020/08/27/join-us-for-visual-and-audial-delight-as-skip-staheli-exhibits-body-positivity-wth-an-opening-party-featurng-the-vinnie-show/
  2. This was shot in the old FS viewer in the Black & white setting. uploaded it to Canva added the text and 3 photos downloaded that as a pdf Imported it to Photoshop and changed it to a Jpeg. no editing on the photos...
  3. Hoot @Da5id Weatherwax and @Larree Quixote was so awesome to have you both!! Day 2 starts at 10am June 17th hope you can come by! Here is a quick shot of some of Moondance Parx particles from Jed Luckless's set!
  4. Do come join us for Earth day ! (April 22nd) *AWESOM FALLEN's Art Exhibit *10am JOE PARAVANE performing Live! *11am DJ DOC RAST mixing his set for us 💜🎶Defiantly a fun time!🎶💜 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruthsburg/125/206/23… @BJoyful @rasterscan
  5. Wow Patch cool! Can't wait to have SL time so I can go look!
  6. @Beth Macbain Hugs just thinking atm maybe early fall ish : ) Hoot
  7. haha Hugs Syl : ) Idk yet work summer but umm thinking : )
  8. Hello - does anyone know how to go abut reserving the fairgrounds and if you can get stream rights at least for your event? Thank you in advance Owl
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