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  1. what a fun style of interviewing you have! Thank you @archangel969for the experience and article : ) Hoot
  2. Send a Hi in sl I will invite you to all kinds of interesting parties and events! Welcome Birdie : )
  3. I Just lurked through here and found these post really interesting. Last month I bought my first piece of mainland. @BJoyful and @rasterscan let go of some property with in Campbell Coast. wow what a beautiful area of mainland. I feel quite lucky to be there and friends have areas nearby. Currently there are a few rentals open there, II don't believe more land is for sale. It is quite a lovely area of mainland with a great community of folks. if you like Scotland, Art, Music , fishing, boating, driving and conversation it would be worth your time to come see it.
  4. At Hoot Suite Art Gallery, I am Featuring the photos of Michiel Bechir. Michiel is exhibiting Dec. – Jan. 10th Do come by and see his wonderful work ! Here is a teleport to Michiel Bechir’s exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery. Party December 22nd starts @ 10 am 10 am Live music by Lexus Melodie 11am Dj Uli Jansma
  5. December 16th I am hosting an Art Party at Phoenix Arts Collaboration 10 am – Live Music By Winston Ackland 11 am – Dj Joss gets us dancing! This event features the Art of Sheba Blitz , Cullum Writer, Michiel Bechir, and Me. PAC is well worth your visit as this is home to many studio galleries. Here is a Teleport to the party at PAC.
  6. An Art exhibit by Anouk Lefavre at a new location Eulennest Gallery. Anouk is exhibiting now – Jan. 24th 2021 .★.«”Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” ».★. Join us for an opening Party December 15th at 12pm (noon) 12 pm – Live music by The Vinnie Show! 1 pm join the After party with Dj Uli ! Your Teleport to Eulennest do come by!
  7. Just ran across this .... pretty good info ... https://picklaptop.com/best-laptops-second-life/#Best_Laptops_for_Playing_Second_Life_in_2020_-_Buyers_Guide
  8. I got a dance with Slenderman! @SlashTE haha @Trinity Yazimoto 's Art Party at Hoot Suite Art Gallery in Bellisseria.
  9. Gidgy Adagio is exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art Gallery October 4th – November 1st This magical woman has such a wonderful eye and energy! Gidgy also has a permanent Gallery at Campbell Coast do come visit. Gidgy’s Gallery @ Artists Village Campbell Coast
  10. https://throughowlseye.com/2020/08/27/join-us-for-visual-and-audial-delight-as-skip-staheli-exhibits-body-positivity-wth-an-opening-party-featurng-the-vinnie-show/
  11. This was shot in the old FS viewer in the Black & white setting. uploaded it to Canva added the text and 3 photos downloaded that as a pdf Imported it to Photoshop and changed it to a Jpeg. no editing on the photos...
  12. Hoot @Da5id Weatherwax and @Larree Quixote was so awesome to have you both!! Day 2 starts at 10am June 17th hope you can come by! Here is a quick shot of some of Moondance Parx particles from Jed Luckless's set!
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