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  1. Just for clarification, how many of you bitching at me even live in the US? How many who do, live in the south?
  2. I live in a southern state and I just don't see systemic racism. I see many mixed relationships. In fact my best friend is married to a Black guy. Great couple with great kids. No one cares they are mixed. Systemic is a buzzword. Your numbers are skewed because of the number of people living in the hoods of Chi-town and other big cities. Those cities run by Dem mayors and councilpeople, have done NOTHING to increase jobs in those cities. They have made sure they stay poor and helped stir the gang violence and poverty, But who's counting?
  3. I firmly believe many people still have prejudices. I don't believe we have SYSTEMIC racism. We wouldn't had a Black POTUS for 8 years if we did. Not to mention all the other high ranking Cabinet members and members of the Legislature. Some of whom are from the deep south.
  4. Agreed. I had a DJ friend who is Black who was called the N word by some redneck a**hole, I got all in his face and told him what I thought of him, then the DJ banned him.
  5. Also if you have a Win10 PC, you can right click the sound icon at the bottom ( then click "Open Volume Mixer") and adjust each part that is creating sounds. For instance , you could turn up SL and turn down the rest. If that solves the problem then it's something external to SL. Does this happen everywhere you go or just your home?
  6. (Just for clarification , is the new word supposed to be part of the old sentence? Because if it is, then the old 5 word is now 6 words. Just sayin'.) BITES Better insert the enema slowly. FUBAR
  7. Dude. Nothing you asked was rhetorical. They were direct questions.
  8. Dude. Nothing you asked was rhetorical. They were direct questions.
  9. It may be a one and done. I have gotten IMs from people who sent it to the wrong person. The fact you weren't online seems odd, however. I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens again.
  10. I have several motorcycles but the easiest to ride is my Eldiablo 666 Cafe Racer (which at one time was free in MP). I find random tracks that allow rezzing.
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