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  1. I realized the OP was asking for a person to wear said body to copy it and put a script into it to see if it would work for creating clothing for it that would auto hide selected parts. I'm retracting my previous statement in my first reply.
  2. Yet here you are again, being negative and now threatening me. It looks as if you don't care about abiding by the policies in how you treat people in the forums. You assumed sarcasm when there was none. That in itself is a negative statement, stating it as a fact when it's false and just your opinion exaggerated. I do block people who harass me here. I also don't look back on any replies to me since there are almost always an attack on me, spewing their hateful thoughts upon me. Unfortunately you fall into that crowd of people as well. Please don't counter attack me again.
  3. I have the Ebody curvy. You didn't specify which body you want. I'll do it for free. Message me in-world please.
  4. Regardless if his comment came across wrong or not, it's not okay to attack any member in the forums. I recommend reading the community guidelines for the forums on how to respond to our fellow members. It's better to keep the negativity to yourself than to air it out and risk hurting the person.
  5. Razor might still be doing sponsoring. Check their Profile picks to see if that is still available. I used to be a sponsor manager at a dance club. If you are promoting outside of the forums, I highly recommend Flickr. Post your flier into fashion and home & garden sl flickr groups.
  6. What type of dancers are you hiring? What is the percentage cut?
  7. In regards to other listings offering a position as a personal assistant, it's fine for the OP to post what they offer and their resume in their own post. Let's encourage one another, not bring people down. Suggest reading the guidelines for the forums on how to reply to your fellow SL members.
  8. I suggest that you create a website like a blog and setup your services there. Then advertise in FB fashion groups and on Instagram. If you want to advertise on Flickr, you can tell people to message you on Flickr or in-world, providing your username in the description box for your portfolio pictures. If you have a store in-world or on the marketplace, you'll need to become a Flickr Pro member to add those links.
  9. I read the web page. This wasn't my particular problem. My cart was empty before adding items. I had added all items on the same night and wanted to check out on that night. this was after I reset my pc and updated my graphic drivers. I do love chrome but it can be slow on playback of streaming videos. firefox will not work, it won't load itself. I do appreciate both of your help.
  10. Thank you for your feedback. I opened the email for the ticket and Dakota Linden cleared my cart, stating it should fix the problem. I haven't yet gone to the marketplace yet but I'm sure it has been resolved. Is there a way to add "resolved" to the thread title?
  11. I got a random message from a guy when I was at an event yesterday. From reading his profile, he is looking for a sl relationship to go to rl. The conversation led down to wanting to know how I am and then it got weirder. I wasn't interested and he kept pushing. I stopped replying and told him to stop before I stopped replying. He just had to blow up my IM and kept asking me questions. Yes, it happens to me all the time. They think complimenting my avatar or my rl pic is going to give them what they want from me. always an ulterior motive with these guys.
  12. I didn't because the only date I saw was 2016. I didn't see 2018 from the first screenshot share.
  13. Did you know that LL now advertises SL as a place to find romance? They are marketing it as a dating website where you can interact with your pixels, from the picture alone of a woman and man avatar holding each other.
  14. The checkout page continued to be missing. I got 10 items, 1 quantity per product. It doubled to 2 for each, making my cart with 18 items. It's never done that before as it only allows 10. Updating via the link under the box and the update button at bottom of the page didn't work. I tried many times. The last time, I was able to make each be 1. I signed out, signed back in, and it then turned into 20 items. I've already submitted a support ticket. Status says website is operational. I don't see a thread started about this. Is anyone else experiencing it? I reset my pc last night so all cookies etc have been cleared, Microsoft gave me that message. I'm on Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge. I used to use google Chrome but after the reset, its connection is much faster than Chrome.
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