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  1. Do not quote me on this thread for another thread. The marketplace reply has zero to do with this thread looking for a relationship. Do not attack me on my personal feelings and tell me what I can or cannot talk about. We all have the right to expressing. Not when it's going to bring a person down. If you had viewed my profile instead of assuming, you'd see I'm not new to the game. don't blame your refusal to do so on me and project your illusions(assume) about my experience in the game. Over the years as the internet has developed, websites that have forums or is only a forum, have had many of its members that reply to old threads. People care. It's only in your opinion that people don't. What you're saying is, that you don't care. State that instead of speaking for everyone. -source knowledge on necro thread: active user on many forums since 1995 with AOL ISP.
  2. I read the web page. This wasn't my particular problem. My cart was empty before adding items. I had added all items on the same night and wanted to check out on that night. this was after I reset my pc and updated my graphic drivers. I do love chrome but it can be slow on playback of streaming videos. firefox will not work, it won't load itself. I do appreciate both of your help.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. I opened the email for the ticket and Dakota Linden cleared my cart, stating it should fix the problem. I haven't yet gone to the marketplace yet but I'm sure it has been resolved. Is there a way to add "resolved" to the thread title?
  4. Now you are purposely trolling me. Do not quote me on this thread for another thread. That's not how the forum works. It's your opinion yes but before, LL didn't promote this game as a dating website. Thus, since the developers are treating it as such, wouldn't you support their POV and encourage the person looking for love?
  5. I got a random message from a guy when I was at an event yesterday. From reading his profile, he is looking for a sl relationship to go to rl. The conversation led down to wanting to know how I am and then it got weirder. I wasn't interested and he kept pushing. I stopped replying and told him to stop before I stopped replying. He just had to blow up my IM and kept asking me questions. Yes, it happens to me all the time. They think complimenting my avatar or my rl pic is going to give them what they want from me. always an ulterior motive with these guys.
  6. It does somewhat when you flat out state that a marketplace store name cannot be changed, when it can. It's okay to reply to any thread. Old threads had always been replied to if someone had something to bring to the topic, something to say. Besides trolls who say it, it was mostly said by the admin and appointed moderators of the website. Since LL doesn't get involved with peer to peer conversations unless it's harassment, it's fine to reply. If you feel that strongly, then why did you reply to the lone person who replied? Would you not then be part of the "necro thread" that everyone makes out to be so forbidden?
  7. I didn't because the only date I saw was 2016. I didn't see 2018 from the first screenshot share.
  8. Your point was to be rude? Aren't we all supposed to get along in the forums? Does anyone abide by the community forum guidelines? I read it and I've seen it broken many times.
  9. Did you know that LL now advertises SL as a place to find romance? They are marketing it as a dating website where you can interact with your pixels, from the picture alone of a woman and man avatar holding each other.
  10. The checkout page continued to be missing. I got 10 items, 1 quantity per product. It doubled to 2 for each, making my cart with 18 items. It's never done that before as it only allows 10. Updating via the link under the box and the update button at bottom of the page didn't work. I tried many times. The last time, I was able to make each be 1. I signed out, signed back in, and it then turned into 20 items. I've already submitted a support ticket. Status says website is operational. I don't see a thread started about this. Is anyone else experiencing it? I reset my pc last night so all cookies etc have been cleared, Microsoft gave me that message. I'm on Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge. I used to use google Chrome but after the reset, its connection is much faster than Chrome.
  11. If in-world products are cheaper of the same item listed on the marketplace, this is breaking the market policy. If you do a sale in-world, I believe that is different. There is no information about sales. This is why I feel it is directed towards regular priced listings.
  12. You can rename your marketplace store. I've done it when I re-branded my store.
  13. If the engineers hadn't rushed the job, we wouldn't be back to having the same maintenance round again that we are experiencing now. It's okay to take your time when addressing a problem to find solutions in a timely manner. The best work is when it's taken at a normal pace. We're not going to abandon SL. We're more than happy to have the logins disabled so that the Linden team can fix all the problems thoroughly. Please disable logins so that you can efficiently focus on the existing problems without having an overload on the servers from people logged in and sequential logins as they come in through the night, etcetera.
  14. I see you want to believe there are heterosexual men in SL that are harmless but unfortunately 99.9% of the time, a Hi from a guy I don't know, leads to the guy being interested in getting into my avatar's pixel panties. She has every right to state what she wants so you are in the wrong to harass her because you don't like it. I've never had any male who greeted me just only want to be my friend. They always want sex or just want to flirt. Instead of making comments to make fun of this woman, why didn't you just greet her with a hello and lead by example by your own words?
  15. That is exactly why I am waiting before logging back in after reading that logging in has been enabled. Best time to get sleep and login later today. 😊
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