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  1. I've decided to move regions again. I do have build, object entry and scripts already set to group. I'll do the same to the new Linden home and get a security orb. Thank you @Rolig Loon
  2. Fashion events that refuse to tick the box in about land, show in search. I just had to go to Flickr to search for the name of the event, clicked on a poster in the hopes there is a slurl and got lucky that the blogger provided the slurl to get there. I had even done the web search in-world as well, thinking it may be in Destinations. It's not. The only thing I can think of as to why they don't want their event found through search, is to avoid griefers. If it's not to avoid griefers, then what is the reason? It's very annoying and frustrating. You have to scour s
  3. No need to be rude. Learn about the game before you spread misinformation. Interesting how you only pulled out this one statement I made and ignored that I said it's a 13 and up game.
  4. It's relevant because you revealed your real life personal information. If you hadn't, you wouldn't have had adults getting upset, assuming you did adult jobs as a minor. Unfortunately, not everyone knows or was around back then when we had the teen grid, before it was moved into the main grid, where the adults are. It would have meant, if you did go outside of General sims, that you lied on sign up, which is against TOS. Please next time, don't volunteer your personal real life info in the forums and in-world. If it's not in your in-world profile, it shouldn't be said in public
  5. Somehow, today I see I am still in your applicants group as I'm going through my groups. It wasn't there Monday, when I replied to this thread. I was having issues rendering textures in a body hud and found out that it's a viewer issue. I fixed it from help through the viewer group and now today, the group appears in my group list. Glad to know I wasn't actually discriminated against, based on my profile details. Thanks SL for ruining my experience.
  6. It would be great if you had answered the OP's question instead of just spamming her thread about your business. She wants to know what a hostess is. Did you read her post?
  7. This is a very vague post. Are you looking for a scripter to help you build your furniture? I suggest creating a new thread, with Looking for scripter for furniture. Then more details inside your post. People need these details before they go out of their way to message you in-world.
  8. Where does the OP state where she went in SL at the age of 14? She says she did the first two jobs, "some time ago". that doesn't mean she did these jobs, years and years ago. As long as she stayed in G sims, she is fine. The game is 13 and up. Did you know that SL also allows under 13 yr old kids to come inside SL to participate in their photo contests, with parent's permission? They of course I'm sure, have the parent with them inside SL.
  9. It sounds like your skills are suited best for a real life job. You could become a real life blogger and write about content that you enjoy and that people will like. You can use blogspot or wordpress and monetize your blog through Google, with relevant ads. Plenty of websites that will help you learn the best ways to do blogging and the best SEO blog templates.
  10. You're very welcome! I hear that a lot, that SL is a lot to take in. Just take your time, research and study. ask questions of the community via the forums and in-world as well.
  11. I wanted to include how she advertises, Nylon Pinkney, for her commission pricings.
  12. The first 3 you are looking for, majority of businesses don't pay. It's just for fun. Dancer as a host or dancer as a stripper? Type the keyword, "hiring host" or host in this category. Reply and ask if they offer training for hosts and what is the minimum amount of days in the game required to work for them. Many clubs only take residents that have played SL for 30 days, some require 2 months or more. There are some exceptions, some clubs will take you under 30 days, only if you have a basic knowledge about how the game works.
  13. Search for the keywords, "dinner server" and restaurant in this category. You'll then find the job you want.
  14. You can purchase full perm mesh templates and then create your own textures to add to it and sell in your store. I don't think designers are going to want to split their sales like that to you. A designer wants to make full profit from their creations. You can also get free affiliate vendors and place them in your store building. Just make sure they are separated and that you are the only affiliate for those stores in the sim you have your store in.
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