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  1. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Wanted: Similar/Custom Shape

    Hi I make and sell bento shapes. Please send me a notecard with your calling card inside, screen shot link of this picture, and any additional information. You can reference my store on the market place, I have my shapes from 2018 set as gifts. Just search with my username. Make sure you enable Adult to view all shapes. I look forward to speaking with you. 🙂
  2. Kytteh Wytchwood

    SL15B Crystal Gifts Revealed

    I didn't do the 15 week SL15B Crystal Hunt. I'd love to see members of the community add pictures here for each week, starting from week 1 to week 15. If the first person could start it, then the following people could add their pics, in numerical order. I look forward to seeing the crystal gifts on your avatar! Thank you in advance.
  3. Kytteh Wytchwood

    looking read carefully

    No need to be rude. Obviously Canadians also speak French. All the Canadians I have met in SL type perfect English. The only French man I met on SL who could not type good English, actually lives in France. There is a difference between phone abbreviated words and improper words. If I were in her shoes, I would've used a spell checker and Google Translate. Also, type any word in the Google search engine, and it will ask you, Did you mean _____? It will have the correct spelling of all misspelled words. Not all Millenials type like they didn't go to school and get an education. Although, I do see the "your", when it should be "you're". Also, for "could have, would have, should have", I see "could of, would of, should of". When it should be, "could've, would've, should've". Can't understand why their school didn't teach them that.
  4. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Sugar daddy?

    How does this make her a crap person? She stated she is tired of men using her for money and now she wants her turn in being spoiled. How is it lazy? She said she has the money to buy what she wants. She wants to be treated special and for a guy to actually think about her for once instead of only himself. How is it egocentric to want to feel special? There are so many guys who could care less about buying his girl something that would light up her day. Maybe she found that she can't find a romantic guy and was like, hell with it, I'll just go after a guy who wants a casual hookup in exchange for gifts. It has nothing to do with the welfare line. You're pretty rude and assuming too much. Again, she states she has money. Your line about being on welfare is unrelated. Your whole post is targeting her and you became a bully. You even attack her on her grammar. I don't see anything wrong with it. Men are simple, especially sugar daddies. They don't care about that kind of thing unless it's a guy pretending to be a sugardaddy and only enjoys a solid structure for roleplay purposes which would require perfect sentence structures. Obviously what she brings to the table is herself. Every single person is different. We all have our own life experiences. Our own type of personality. Everyone has their own lifestyle. Not everyone has to conform to another person's standards of life. That is very ignorant.
  5. Kytteh Wytchwood

    looking read carefully

    I could barely understand what you wrote. You live in Canada yet you type like English is not your primary language. If English is not your primary language, it would be better for you to state what that is so that you can find a partner who speaks the same language as you. Because that broken English is going to become very annoying to anyone trying to talk with you. I see you prefer voice but unfortunately, not everyone likes to voice. The only men I have found who enjoy voicing are usually very perverted and are in groups for voice in adult sims.
  6. This is very common, this type of relationship. But what is very uncommon, is the fact you had the courage to speak the truth about yourself, the real life you and what is really going on. For that alone, I applaud you! Perhaps if you create a new topic and give information about your interests, hobbies, what you seek in a partner, perhaps you will get responses. I feel like this section of the forum is more about discussion of relationships rather than a dating service. I suggest trying a dating service in-world, and give full detailed information about you. State what you said here and then go further into who you are as a person and add that in too. Good luck.
  7. I on't know why no one has mentioned this, but OP, you state your dominant is your Dad?! So you're into incest and hoping to get a partner who is okay with that? I don't even know why your post is still allowed on this forum.
  8. Kytteh Wytchwood

    For lonely people, just sign your name (and some info)

    I have a lot of nice mesh furniture if you don't mind adding me and I can give you my edit rights. If you rather not do that, I wouldn't mind taking you to the stores where I get my furniture/ decor from. I'm anti-social but I can also be social(I do work two very social jobs lol). I'm friendly, mature, enjoy fun and nice people. There is plenty of normal clothing and I can also take you to the shops that offer a casual style. Just let me know you came across me from this thread as I tend to get randoms messaging me out of nowhere.
  9. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Friends that lead to family , looking for son

    You seem like a nice individual but then you have that awful trolling app wear folder in your profile. It crashes your display driver, makes your screen black with neon bright colors. I think it also makes the screen flash a lot as well. I made the mistake years ago and clicked on it while being laughed at as well. Now every time I see that in a profile, I don't interact with those type of people.
  10. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Friends that lead to family , looking for son

    That's sad to hear about both the woman and man who died in real life. I find it odd that they both died though. I guess i am thinking they died at the same time. Were they married in real life? How did you find out they both passed away? Your activities sound fun but I am neither a male nor do I roleplay as a child.
  11. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Take over my parcel?

    Very good rental price for the amount of prims. Nice of you to offer. Commenting to bump your thread.
  12. Kytteh Wytchwood

    ChouChou's Cinematic Hud? Is this still around?

    That's great to see. I'm glad to know the hud is still available as it said in the creator's blog. I am guessing we aren't allowed to put the name of thieves on the forum?
  13. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Sexy clothes

    I see my avatar as a doll. I enjoy dressing her up. I love sexy clothing. I like to wear revealing clothing on her. Also, when I shop, I am always looking for outfits that are two piece because I am a stripper in SL. I also love vintage clothing. But I don't have fun wearing conservative clothing often. I enjoy my avatar having a flirtatious, seductive look. I also like to mix it up and mix cute with sexy. I joined SL because I can dress up avatars. That is what I did in a previous game. It doesn't bother me if other users are checking out my avatar because it's an avatar. It's not me! lol So if a bit of cleavage is showing or my skirt is up real high, it doesn't matter. I know how it can feel real because in this game, you aren't watching your avatar, you're actually in first person mode. So people attach themselves to their avatar and think they are the avatar. So then these real life morals come into play and I just think it's funny. I once fell into that trap but I climbed out of the illusion.
  14. I own 8 mesh bodies. I do like to wear the classic avatar with older items I have in my inventory but I will wear mesh hair. I loathe the laggy, wavy, bad textured, choppy flexi hairs. I do it for fun and because people take their avatars so seriously. Like they forgot where their avatar came from. I enjoy going to clubs looking like that and then people assuming I can't afford a full mesh avatar. Then I leave and come back to the same club, as a full mesh avatar. It's interesting to get people's reactions. I own a few catwa bento heads, an old Catwa static head, few Akeruka heads, LAQ Heads, one Lelutka head, old Slink Visage head. I also have the kemono and the M3 Venus head. It's fun to dress up when I use my mesh avis. It's easy to switch outfits because I save outfits. Just right click replace and voila! If you are wanting to try a mesh body but you want to stay as close to the classic look, the best body is Slink Physique. Like, you don't see much of a difference except for the smooth wrists, ankles and curves. And the cool thing about Slink, you can choose which hands and feet you want. I have all their hands, the mesh pack before bento, the Slink Dynamic full pack, and all their feet. My favorite Slink hands are the Casual and my fave Slink feet are the Kitten. Kitten is in between the flat and mid foot. Another body to try that isn't exaggerated and fits close to the Classic look is the Tonic Fine. I own the Tonic Curvy and i demo'ed the Tonic Fine and it's a very beautiful fitmesh body. It's the first fitmesh body to have natural breasts. No torpedo breasts here. No matter the size, they always have a natural gravity to them. And the feet fits with Slink High shoes. Works with Omega appliers. One user in this thread said they cover their entire body, so they feel you wouldn't be able to see their shape. With a Classic, your shape IS covered with the sculpty you wear and if you wear standard mesh. With a fitmesh body, when you wear fitmesh clothing, it conforms to your shape like a glove. It moves with your body, unlike standard mesh which is stiff. And standard mesh shapes your buttocks and breasts while fitmesh goes along the curves of the butt size and breast size you have with the shape sliders. Like others have stated, proportions depend on how you edited the shape sliders. The mesh body itself does not create bad proportions. In fact, a fitmesh body allows you to further customize it than with a Classic, you have to stop at a certain point or it becomes too jagged looking. When it comes to breasts in a fitmesh body, you no longer have to stay at a small breast size to avoid the square looking breasts. The breasts will always have a nice curve, no matter the size. Just like in any game, you have to do a lot of reading to understand how to use the game. It's not hard unless you make it hard by not trying, reading, and applying what you learned. There is also this active forum besides fashion in-world groups that can help you to master the world of fitmesh, clothing appliers, fitmesh clothing and so forth. There are jobs where you can earn Lindens to afford your clothes. Ask the stores if they have upgraded to appliers for your favorite clothing, tattoos, and cosmetics. All you have to do is try and ask for help.
  15. Kytteh Wytchwood

    Whats your avatars eyecolour?

    Light blue. I like to wear blue eyes because in real life, the rest of my family has blue eyes. I took after my Father and have brown eyes. So I wear blue eyes here because I can't do contact lenses in real life. It's like getting a do-over in life, selecting which eye color I want before I am born. I use Catwa eye appliers. Avi Glam makes nice eye appliers. Not sure if they have regular mesh eyes. Amara Beauty are the eye appliers I use mine from lately. They are beautiful.