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-Bellisserians Show Off Your Home and Garden-

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As promised here is the exterior of my home. This concludes my home tour. I will be keeping this home for awhile. I love how serene it is and love every room in my home in

This thread is dedicated to showing off our homes on the new continent. Please no advertising. Please keep your sight seeing pics for the thread Patch started. This is just for showing off what you've

Here is a sort of walk-through. I remember now that I missed the entrance. First garden pictures, different angles: It is only a narrow strip between my house and the hedge, but I manag

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5 minutes ago, Leora Jacobus said:

Wow! Even if I try hard I can see hardly any difference!

Yeah - to me the siding lines are visible just fine in the before version, whereas the after version makes the umbrella and rain look less sharp and more washed out (no pun intended).  

I agree with Rabid on keeping the first version.

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How funny, because I do NOT see siding lines through the umbrella itself in the first version. It's all just a matter of taste anyway; I happen to like higher transparency so I'd have gone with the second one. But it's not my house. 😛 

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39 minutes ago, Rabid Cheetah said:

Look closely at the slats behind the umbrella.  In the first picture, they don't show;  In the second picture, they do.

Ahhh -- I was just focusing on seeing the slats behind the rain, not the umbrella


The word "umbrella" just didn't quite click in Sylvia's post.


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