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  1. Hammond seemed to take a while to find a new owner also!
  2. I think that was us - I have put this back we are ending our home search until we see the new theme!!
  3. Let's see if we can pop it out again - I've gone camper + mainland so will be letting the Hammond Park traditional out at half past! (four mins)
  4. You WILL find something else though and I hope you like it more than what you had
  5. What are people trying to do when they accidentally go to about land pop up, press the abandon button and then press the confirm abandon button in another pop up? I want to know in case I end up doing it myself!
  6. I am sending three campers back in now if anyone is looking for one ....... ⛺ The first Huney Junction then two in Tickle Ridge ...
  7. Your predictions are famous in the citizens chat also I noticed Leora!!!
  8. No lake at the back I am bordered by Verdant Falls and houses but I was really happy to see that the house faces the sea and the sunset! Gives me a great feeling in a place. I was really impressed with the landscaped parcels at Calleya as well I almost kept one there but I did originally start this journey to get from inland to the coast (no sand). The more houses I see the more importance I think there is for people to settle and create a home and neighbourhood yet that is quite difficult as these tempting builds keep coming up and then there is new theme also... !!
  9. In the citizens chat he also expanded to say that the trees and land textures can't change and that there may be some kind of time limit on the seasonal decorating to come - more importantly though I think it is stressed that they are obviously working out what to do and they need more time to come up with best solution for everyone. Also pointed to the fact that they can concentrate on building new homes and regions or focus on sorting out the seasons - well you can guess what was the more popular option. There are thousands of us and not that many of them
  10. We are neighbours again at Hammond Park - I tried to flip River Run onto another account this morning it didn't work (obviously!!) and I picked up this new Hammond abandon on the sea front !
  11. Putting the wiggle camper back in now along with two traditionals in Calleya...
  12. Ive pocketed the infamous camper in wiggle... It can come out to play later for now its quarantine Also I've put the Calleya trad away for later too. I've had this one pinging back and forth all day it's got great landscaping but it needs to stay away from my "abandoning about"
  13. It was the furthest end left HB on the wharf so you may have found a lot of neighbours on two sides I thought it was lush though for the other two sides. May come up again who knows?!!
  14. Just caught my old friend River Run again - thought that was out of the running!! EDIT: I am keeping it this time at least until I decide over the boat and the house. Seen a million houses = seen them all! And this one is adorable. Until we see what the new theme is I am glad not to be stressing over anything until then! Good luck with your release everyone!
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