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  1. There is a lot of potential and many builders see that and produce useful theme friendly stuff - good luck decorating!
  2. Lots of people will share your view and I do to an extent as well - with Victorians I remember my expectation was that they would have attics and glasshouses! - but I have come to realise and appreciate that the LH, whilst starter homes, give you unique opportunity to flex your imagination. Everyone gets the same build regardless of parcel layout or position, the fun is taking that and making it yours. I thought they may be rounded logs too but now I don't notice it so much only the potential of them
  3. Yes it could just be that - it's the weekend after all
  4. Yes but Bellisseria was never an always present option and now it is
  5. It might just be a phantom Victorian so that Bellisseria is always present on the LP now?
  6. Certainly everything a Victorian could offer but I am more endeared to log home landscaping especially for the Halloween and Christmas decorating season so we shall see the fun is in experimenting ...
  7. Another stunning one today! Thank you abandoners!
  8. I decided to try out for some abandon cabins and found this I think this is one that might sway me on them
  9. I think a lot of Europeans abandon when we are having our coffee in the morning. It's not tactical. It's practical.
  10. Putting this boat at See Ya back in now - currently an open ocean and sunset view ...https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea Ya/112/136/0
  11. Thanks, still time to go overboard, sicken myself and start again! Loving Linden ivy patches
  12. Thanks I keep having to prune the garden for more allowance but having a bit of everything on the boat is where I am headed - very glad I returned to boats
  13. Beginnings of a possible private courtyard garden on the HB roof - I am trying to take a little from every theme content pack without going OTT would be interested in seeing some existing Bellisseria rooftop gardens if anyone has one for inspiration!
  14. Thanks! I am using a mixture of mainly DRD gacha items (sometimes removing haunted scripts) so both chandeliers and sofas are from Mystery Mansion 2. I've mixed it with items from Phantom , the Mystic Bastion and so on. Works well together!
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