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  1. Wow!! That is an amazing ride!! Glad you got out of Millbank alive, Teager!
  2. Is that cat licking Mr. Squiggles off his paws??? Does that cat own a car... or a steamroller?? Does that cat know where @Resa Nova's car keys are kept?? Hmmm... I hope the Unsolved Cases team is aware of this possible new evidence!
  3. This poor fellow was Mr. Squiggles and he belonged to Abnor Mole. @SquirrelyTE is in the greyish squirrel family so I don't think she is closely related... but she may be interested in the location of Mr. Squiggles' nut stash! Mr. Squiggles murder will need to be thoroughly investigated as @Resa Nova admitted washing off her car shortly after the body was discovered. For now, I assume the death of Mr. Squiggles remains an Unsolved Case File until all evidence is collected and processed (and until Abnor finds a spatula). Sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Squiggles ♥
  4. NOOOOOOooooooooo o o o.... . . Squirrel 9-1-1 ?? There's been a terrible accident... please send a Squirrel Ambulance right away !!
  5. I’m pretty sure ChiMia will exchange them open or boxed, maybe even opened is encouraged (to save time) but not necessary. I never knew Schulz Bro’s. Had gachas but I will definitely want to check them as I love their buildings. ❤️ I recently learned how to AVProp and AVProp by Menu (for furniture to Rez different groups of Props without a sitter... like items on shelves or inside a fridge and they can be rezzed individually or in groups). LI is needed for the items to be rezzed so it won’t give any extra LI but it does give Residents more choices for the LI they have, like for ad
  6. I have some extra gacha parts for that kitchen and ChiMia does exchange all gachas for yes copy yes mod no trans versions ❤️ IM me inworld and I’ll see if I have a copy of the one you need ❤️
  7. Was a gacha and now also available as fatpack... all gachas are exchanged for Yes Copy Yes Mod and No Transfer by ChiMiaStore https://chimiasl.com/serenity-kitchen-fatpack/
  8. ChiMia has a great modular kitchen named Serenity with great LOD and low LI, You will need to find a fridge though!
  9. I got a First draw Houseboat in Bowhead on the first day and my Premium partner and I shared it until the campers released. He got a houseboat in Carden on his first draw With a gorgeous sandy beach beside it so I abandoned mine in Bowhead and got a Camper in Red Bluff on my first try. We have kept them ever since. ❤️⛵️🏕
  10. It can be a challenge but for me it’s been also very gratifying and often surprisingly beautiful when you find an interesting or creative way to ‘use’ a hill or unusual bit of Mainland. Maybe some sort of lookout tower or overlook structure with steps or perhaps even the helicopter landing area up on that hill may be a way for it to look like the hill is there for a purpose? Good luck and I hope you’ll find a way to make it a feature 😉 and not an obstacle.
  11. Maybe as no VAT is charged on a yearly Premium Membership it would serve your needs to just upgrade an extra Alt and donate that Alt’s free 1024 to the same land group? (Then maybe no account would need to downgrade to Basic, perhaps just one upgrade from Basic to Premium). I’m very glad you posted these questions as the answers and info others already know has answered some questions I also had about the same thing ☺️
  12. @hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian You may want to consider that each Premium account receives 1024 square meters free PLUS the weekly stipend of L$300, so that reduces the nest cost of a Premium membership to approx USD $30 to $40 per year (if you consider the value of the Stipend) and divided by 12 months (if prepaid yearly) that works out to be about USD $3.00 to $3.50 per month (depending on the Lindex value) vs paying for an extra 1024 square metres which will cost USD $7 per month. I think it would be more expensive to split the extra 1024 between 2 accounts as each would pay for an
  13. Are you wearing the Group Tag for the land you want to buy for? The only other issue I can think of is to make sure that Ability is ticked in the Group Info. Hope you get it sorted.
  14. In my experience, I removed the parcel size (in square meters) from the Group I wanted to end up owning the land so I had available tier in case I won the auction. Once you’ve won the auction you can deed the new land to the Group or contribute land to Group with deed (not sure of the exact wording, but on the first tab of About Land window. Good luck in the auction, they are lots of fun!
  15. Will you be paying the renter that amount...? 😸
  16. If this was Hoot Suite Gallery in Ruthsberg Region, the art is a gift. 10 pieces are set to L$0 to celebrate the new Body Positive series by artist Skip Staheli. ❤️❤️❤️ I thought it was just for the Opening Day but maybe he left them up as the Region was full during that Event.
  17. Maybe try to think of the pods like escalators or elevators or ski lifts or cable cars operate in RL? They are usually always running, or in a state of running, or readiness to be there as we need them or notice them and decide to use them ♥ There are times when it is more feasible or economical to keep them operating than it would be to call them up on demand only, I think ♥ (Newton's Law)
  18. There are large continents of connected Mainland in SL Here is a link to a list of them http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/List_Of_Continents on each of those are road systems and here's a link of links to the Roadways http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Road_Network_Directory Many Rez zones are marked in various ways (depending on the Continent) Have fun and enjoy driving and exploring Mainland ♥
  19. 😄 It would take a long time to derender and blacklist thousands of objects... not the way I’d choose to spend my precious time in SL! 😁
  20. Search MP for Couples Bike? I have a rezzer out for one at my Camper in Red Bluff and I think it's one of the best ways to explore in SL ♥
  21. I love your vehicles ZZ, especially the ones with rezzers! Your vehicles (especially the station wagon) are always so much fun! HUGS ZZ ♥♥♥
  22. I think we can determine if something we own is using a lot of script resources by using About Land and click Script Info button in lower left corner. This will only work if you are the owner of the land, I think, but if something is unusually heavy compared to others in the list, I find a better alternative something, if possible. ♥
  23. I think I discovered an easy way I found by accident to identify temp-rez (over and over every few seconds) using Firestorm is to "derender and blacklist". If a new one appears, it must be an over-and-over temp rezz "bad" variety, I think?
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