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  1. This is going to be great! What an beautiful place to Explore with Yukiko's insight as our Tour Guide! WoOOoOOooOo HoOOooo!
  2. I think to allow time for the surroundings to rez for the person landing and possibly to reduce the lag of a new arrival too close to the busier dance area?
  3. That should be right up there with the Laws of Physics! 🥰
  4. These tunnels are really impressive! No Guides have been laid yet, so trains can't run but they are passable and beautiful... The tunnel is flooded so please take a very deep breath before you submerge!😨😱 ♥♥ 😉 ♥♥
  5. Maybe an army of triage volunteers? People who are willing to try and help the offenders first with a friendly encounter or offer of help and if that fails, then pass those on to Governance with a knowledgeable understanding that a tree which exceeds the height limit isn’t as serious as blocking a public road or path. Not everyone is comfortable attempting a friendly chat with a stranger who might be violating a rule and those people wouldn’t want to be put in such a role, but they might feel better just submitting a note to a volunteer group for triage and still have comfortably done their part to try and help. It would require some rather diplomatic volunteers for the best results but I think something like that could work and ease the burden of triage considerably for Governance 🥰
  6. I try to give people the benefit of a second chance whether they deserve it or not. It is human nature to push limits in everything from letting the grass get too long before mowing to spending more than they earn and not using common sense in Second Life until they are reminded of the consequences of crossing the line. If everyone who broke a rule once was banned, the world would be an empty place. 🥰 I can’t imagine how many Governance staff it would take to police a place the size of Bellisseria but I’m sure they are doing their best. It does depend on the severity of the breach also. A griefer setting off a grief object is certainly demanding an immediate ban and hopefully will get it but someone setting out a box enclosing their land because they don’t care what it looks like to the rest of the people living around them seems to be an all too common practice all over the grid… same as people setting a security orb on their land and nothing more. They just do so because… they have always been allowed to before or some other bad practice they are accustomed to. Most people are lazy and don’t read unless they see some direct benefit of doing so and use their common practice over even common sense 😉
  7. Perhaps a “How well do you know the Covenant” Test which needs to be passed before re-entry is allowed! 🤨 😉
  8. Brand new on the Campbell Coast is the Butterfly Conservatory! Open to all to enjoy 🦋 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunstream/164/54/49
  9. https://secondlife.com/destination/oceana-ballroom-dance The Oceana Ballroom is nice and there's a few more in the Destination Guide below this listing ♥ 💃🕺 ♫ I've heard quite a few people like Romance in the Clouds also. I hope you find one which you like ♥
  10. Secret fun… is the most exciting 🙈🙉🙊 🎉 🎊🎁 🥂🍾
  11. Whatever you’re up to, Pru… it looks gorgeous 😲 🌼 ☕️ 💕
  12. This is a great spot!! I hope someone grabs this 672m2 parcel for L$2000 obo Quick! and make something wonderful with it! 🤩 SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mimas/44/180/37 Surrounding land prices are somewhat inflated, and have been stagnant at these high prices, but no doubt a nice Build for a riverside location like this could turn a handsome profit!!
  13. I agree with this 👆for sure! Even though there are now “some” new Premium homes available there’s not “enough” available ones for the number of Premium Residents who still have Old Premium Homes and Patch did promise that no one would get tossed out on the street… they will make sure there are “enough” of the New Premium Homes. I’m pretty sure there will need to be enough, plus a surplus to accommodate any new Premium Members they expect. I think once the amount is getting near “enough” then the Old Premium Homes will be Unavailable on the Dashboard for a while …and then perhaps there will be a communication to each Old Premium Homeowner with an invitation to take a New one at that time and then once those are moved… there will be a Notice of shutdown and give them a timeframe to move. Perhaps during that final phase, some of the best bits of Old Premium Homes will be preserved or rescued in some way because LL does know how important our History is to us and to new Residents as well. I’m sure they won’t just flick off the switch and poof them. LL does understand these have been Home to some people for 11 years! They are simply inefficient to operate as housing in comparison to the New Premium Homes. If these models are so important to their owners who have held on to them for many years perhaps LL will find a way to keep a few of these older models somehow or make an updated version of those models for the people who have loved them as their home for a long time. LL does care about things like that. They can’t keep everything for posterity, but I’m sure they aren’t ever going to toss people out into the grid, homeless with nowhere else to go 🏡
  14. Maybe they could put a Mole Amusement Park in the middle... perhaps a Moley World? Hopefully MOLE-Y WORLD won't ever close for 2 weeks!
  15. That was my favourite model of the Meadowbrook homes! It was the one I was living in with no furniture when I met Doc! He took pity on me and sent me a folder of items he had made or scripted, some he was selling on MP https://gyazo.com/8c1857e507c329a8551ee88a5bf9ec5f I still have it. It has grown considerably from the 50 or so items he sent me 5 years ago ;D
  16. Palm Springs, Caifornia is an area full of beautiful Mid-Century Modern homes. If you Google Palm Springs Photos, you'll see them in full glory where so many have been lovingly maintained ♥ Walt Disney's former home ...
  17. This was our family's car until I was 6 years old... Replaced by a good used 1968 model just like this one (even the same colour) in 1970... Among my parents friends were members of a jazz quartet and they would play in each others Recreation Rooms or Living Rooms... instrumental tunes like this... always in suit jackets and ties until ties were loosened and sleeves rolled up as the night wore on.. and things got a bit more extreme, trying to match Buddy Rich's impossible drum solo... Never managed to make it but ♩ 𝖶𝗈𝗐 ♩ wøw ♩ ωøW ♩ ฬ๏ฬ ♩ 🆆🅾🆆 ♩ 🅦🅞🅦 ♩ Ѡ❤Ѡ ♩ ...just watching them through the bannisters on the stairs as they try, was an adrenaline rush! ♥♪ I hope you can see why I'd plug into this as a Jestson-ite in HorizonsVille! WHooOOooOOoOoo! Cocktails for everyone! 🍸
  18. Megan Draper is played by Canadian Actor Jessica Paré 💓🍁 @Patch Linden Thank goodness the LDPW & Moles are tree lovers because we'd sunburn to a crisp in about 3 minutes in those dystopian Scissorhands suburbs with out the gorgeous landscaping, hand placed with such care in the Traditional Theme.
  19. ... The Drivers of SL's Heaven in HorizonsVille... and my Jetsonite dream Recreation room in HorizonsVille... shiny terrazzo floors
  20. Pretty please, Patch!! I want to be a Jetson-ite in HorizonsVillle! ♥♥
  21. I think you are doing the right thing @Jammy Voxel ♥ Voicing your concerns so that they can be addressed is the most valuable thing you can do for those who follow you. I think many of the people I know in that sailing club are feeling the right things about this call out. I'm not a member of that Club, nor am I a member of the Fisher's Island Yacht Club because we did not feel welcomed when we were brand new to sailing and visited various of their yacht club locations inworld and asked questions of the members who appeared to be gathered in small groups for informal YC chats. We said hello to each person there and each new person who arrived after. We attempted to join conversation about Sailboats we owned and asked questions about the boats the others had. They were not welcoming, but terse and gave perfunctory answers if they did answer. If we asked a question no one knew the answer to, chat seemed to just die or perhaps they were engrossed in outside activities or other chats. We tried several locations and had a similar response in all of them so we moved on until we found a good fit for us ♥ ⛵ Perhaps a Welcome committee or a Welcome package of FAQs about their club or about Sailing or some Boat Reviews by members (to help new people choose the right boat or know which boat to ask questions about) so when people new to the Group or new to sailing can get a list of Welcoming Members they will know who they can IM if they need an answer that's not an FAQ or if someone new is just not comfortable chatting to or with unfamiliar people. Maybe you have a better idea and maybe you will implement it in the group where you find a good fit. No matter what, good things will come of this ♥ I have a good feeling about how important this kind of thing is going to be in every Group in SL inviting new members because there's so many new people who will join SL today and every day and I'd like them to enjoy every moment of their experience and tell others they know to join or come back to SL because it is FUN and help those new people find their groove here and make this virtual world an even better place that is worth spending a second lifetime exploring, adding to it, creating things and experiences for others and themselves, doing things they enjoy or working at jobs they love. There is nothing else like Second Life. We are so lucky to be part of it ♥
  22. It was a wonderful time, but so is now ♥ In 50 years the children will feel the same about the 2020s. The things that are terrifying to you as an adult now will contain treasured memories for them because they spent more time with parents and got to do schoolwork in pajamas and learned how to make ice cream at home ♥ not mindful about how frightened their parents are about the world their children will inherit. Hopefully we will have shown them that no matter how hard life can be we can make it through. Keeping their world full of peace love and understanding, not fear and worry will empower them to forgive the mess we left them when we or our leaders didn't know better and worried more about an extra 5% profit than whether it cost us 500 years of fresh water in the future. Each of us can change that. One person can make a much bigger difference than they think they can with only support from their immediate surroundings. ♥ I have Reduced, Reused and Recycled my entire life, because my parents did and knew it was important even if they didn't know exactly why, they understood waste control and management from growing up on farms because there was no garbage pickup of any kind here for farms in the 1920s to 1960s ♥ Enjoy life and LOVE SL ♥ Planting a tree every week is a wonderful gift for the future 🌍
  23. That is so interesting! @LibGwen I was born in 1964 in Canada in a small town settled by pioneers who immigrated from the British Isles and grew to a population of about 10k population by the time I was born and my mum and dad dressed in clothes like in @animats wonderful video. Our family car was an American Motors Rambler and there were (and still are) about 50 of these Mid-Century Modern style of houses built in a 1945 -1965 development along a river which skirted the town. They were stick-built (from scratch - no prefab cupboards, cabinets or built-ins so each has all these custom made) and used lots of fine-grained wood like mahogany for the cabinetry. Many had those fold-down cooking elements just like in the video 😻 My dad worked as a rough carpenter on many of them and proudly told us which year each was worked on, interesting stories about how the many trades took their turns plumbing, pulling electrical wire, Gyproc-ing (old brand name for drywall… which wasn’t totally trusted to be a proper finish for paint or wall paper so they also had plaster covering the drywall) painting, flooring, carpeting of such high quality that even today it looks like new. Sometimes the cabinet makers worked before the flooring and sometimes over it, depending on the General Contractor’s preference or the house plans, or what the architect designed. Then back to plumbing for the hardware (taps, tubs, showers, toilets, bidets) and the electrical fixtures and so on… like a ballet. They did love their jobs and many took lunch and coffee breaks together, still usually discussing the build progress. At community parties they greeted each other warmly, bragged and praised each other while they sipped the trendiest new cocktails, dressed up in suits with skinny neckties and gorgeous knee length dresses, kitten-height heels, layers of the latest body shaping lingerie, full make-up and hairstyles worthy of an episode of MadMen! We were excited to have a babysitter who heated TV dinners for us to eat on TV trays watching 1 of 2 channels we had on TV until they went off the air at 10 PM or Midnight. I’d watch my mum get dressed up like Harriet Nelson or someone from the Truman Show, Edward Scissorhands or Pleasantville 🥰😉 even if it was just for a Tupperware Party or a visit from the Avon Lady. Most cities and towns in North America probably have had similar residential developments containing the Mid Century Moderns but many went on to get makeovers in the years since they were first constructed. 🚗 🏡 ☕️🌼🦮💗💏💗 Innocent queries to my normally attentive parents or other adults like “why doesn’t Beth Bronstein have to go to church?” or “why do Miss Lee and Miss Finch never go out on dates with men and only with each other?” were glossed over or ignored, especially if asked in public. So I guess for me it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. It was a time when most mums didn’t works at jobs outside home but they could if they wanted to and they could be dentists or florists or gardeners but usually only until they had children and sometimes mums worked after their children were older or away at school or if their husbands died or “moved away” which sometimes meant divorced. 😲 The best of times were because everyone was helpful and polite, less rushed and everyone practised philanthropy and belonged to at least one kind of Service Club or Group to raise funds for worthy projects and causes. The worst of times because of those unanswered, ignored questions and the nervous or embarrassed glances the adults shot to each other when one of them was asked. It was like adults were involved in a conspiracy and agreed not to discuss some things… of course they did the same thing when I asked questions about Santa so I wasn’t too worried!
  24. Thank you for this!!! @AlettaMondragon & @Alexa Linden WoOOoOOooooo HoOOooOoo!
  25. Hmmm... the Evilness can even withstand the North Coastal climate and the sweet wailing bagpipes will mask the screams... I bet there's some MacDonalds in him, not the fast food ones!! https://www.ccsna.org/the-campbells-and-macdonalds There goes the Neighbourhood! 🤭
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