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  1. Also, I think Belleza bodies are 50% off right now.
  2. I know The Mesh Shop (where the Legacy body is sold) has their classic male body offered free. It is BOM compatible. I am not sure how many clothes are available for it, but since men tend to wear long pants and shirts that cover their torso, I would hope a lot of mesh clothing can work with the use of alphas. As for heads, the only discounted heads I can think of are Akeruka heads. The creator there often offers their newest heads at half price for a limited time. I am not sure which head they are offering now, but they don't go long without a promo of some sort. ETA: This is the head they have on promo right now. 7 day promo 🙂
  3. I am really happy. I love my Isis body, but stopped using it a while ago. I need to go get the update!
  4. Oh, and I would prefer to buy the stuff myself with lindens then have it gifted, because oftentimes gifted stuff can not be redelivered to me directly (especially off the Marketplace) should I need to do that. I have to contact the person who gifted it to me and have them do the redelivery, which is a PITA. I am not seeing anything nefarious here. 🙂
  5. What she did is common. If she took the time to improve your home and only charged you for the stuff she didn't have, then you got a bargain. You did not have to give her lindens for anything, and if you wanted those things, then you could have bought them yourself and put them out. It should not be expected she buys it for your use. You could have passed on the decor/furniture she wanted to charge for and had her use something else and used all her stuff for free. I do not know how many lindens she asked for and for what, or how large your home and land is (how big a chore it was for her) but it sounds to me like she did something nice for you and only asked for her out-of-pocket expenses. Consider the stuff you bought for her a thanks to her for her time and efforts, and enjoy your new and improved home experience.
  6. Once, when my cabin would not rez, I put out a tent and a campfire and a sign. And like you, it happened on a weekend, so I had to wait until Monday. You have to make the best of things!
  7. I am down to ONE linden home, and I think that one will be thrown into the land page soon. I am missing my ability to have a blank canvas and to put down the house I want. Furthermore, I have so many pretty things I can't get out due to prim limits. It is not easy though when you fight your way to your hallelujah home, fending off land sharks left and right (haha), only to discover the honeymoon is kind of over.
  8. My guess is that you do not have scripts enabled to everyone on your parcel. If you have it set to group, and changed the group on your land to a different group than you are using on your furniture, then the furniture will do what you are describing. You can click on your furniture and set it to the new group, or set that land scripts to all on your land options.
  9. That is a fabulous spot, Luke!
  10. I do not want a fantasy home (I recently got my awesome home/location, and I am staying), but I will be popping over to the fantiserria to look at what people have done with this theme. I look forward to that.
  11. If you like the stilts on the sailing channel, now is a good time to try over water. I see them very slowly being picked up, so they must be getting to the top of the queue.
  12. I rolled a stilt on Shell Shack which is an area I really wanted to be in. That means I have a very nice parcel on an edge with open water on two sides and a sunset view to abandon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glory/55/207/23 Let me know if you like. ETA: I will let it go sometime around 12PM SLT unless someone wants to arrange a possible time to abandon, so they have a better chance at it. 🙂
  13. The Muniick creator is super nice too. I once bought a couch there and he/she messaged me and told me it would be on sale on the 60L weekend and refunded me all my money minus the 60L. I thought that was very cool.
  14. That looks so pretty, and I would probably love seeing them. People might be annoyed though if they made big loud booming sounds, and you did not have your sound restricted to your parcel. I have the fireworks from Madpea and I put them out on my stilt once or twice. I usually only have them going for 10 or so minutes at a time.
  15. Exactly this! Derending all this stuff makes me feel like I live in a bubble of my own alternate reality. Oh, wait . . .
  16. My best guess is that they will release sometime in the future, somewhere around sooooon.
  17. I feel the same way. I bought an amazing mainland parcel and thought, "this is the mainland I really like." That lasted for about a split second before someone floated a full bright platform full of backdrops about 75 meters up. And then someone floated this white blob thing I suspect was supposed to be their version of a cloud. Then to kick it all off, the parcel behind me is a rental and someone rents it and puts up walls around all the corners some 50 feet high. This was on the Atoll walkways, which is sort of themed and pretty when people are considerate. However, after all the eyesores went up, I decided that Belli had spoiled me and mainland only served a purpose for me if I wanted a store in the sky.
  18. I demo'ed it and really liked it. My alt now has a nice body that suits the look I wanted for her. I still want to tweak the shape more and find an outfit that I like better, but this is how it looks with an outfit included with the purchase. https://gyazo.com/8dbda1d51d455a9801e52313c24cd0c6
  19. I hadn't heard of this body but by the looks of it here, I really want to try it on my alt. She uses the LucyBody Ateana and although I do like it (and it was free through their MM board), I can not get the curvy look I really want for that avie. Off I go to try it!
  20. I am going to release this nice land stilt that backs up to water on Nest Egg in a few moments. The water out back dumps into all the sailing canals, so it is rather nice for that reason. I just needed it temporarily to work on a project. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nest Egg/39/193/35
  21. I use the sound explorer in Firestorm under the world menu. It is right under area search. I listen to what is there and when I hear what annoys me, I blacklist it (you can also choose to "look at" it and mute it that way.)
  22. You don't lose a roll if you roll and end up not getting a home because someone else was faster and grabbed it first. Your roll will still be available and is only used up if you get a house.
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