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  1. I love this outdoor set. May I ask where that is from?
  2. This is how I think of them. They are like Colorado mountain homes. They are very lovely and I adore the dirt roads and woodsy feel.
  3. Please Linden Gods fix the sticky vicky. I can not tell when one is up. Well, unless I continuously hit the vicky and check but that reminds me of Glen Close in Fatal Attraction turning the light off and on.
  4. My alt will be releasing this one in about 15 minutes. 1:30pm SLT. It is on a corner lot but it was not exactly what I was looking for. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jardin des Lilas/120/205/39
  5. That one is perfection. It's the winning house in the house lottery! CONGRATS!
  6. The mailbox disappeared for me once and I had to relog. It was just a SL glitch.
  7. Those curtains in my house. I forgot to add above that these come in a full permission version.
  8. I found these on the Marketplace. They are very detailed and not on a flat prim. They are 2 prims but I took out the second lace panel on the bottom and stretched the remaining one across and that reduced it to one prim. I made the panel sheer so you can see through it easily. I removed that panel altogether on some windows (like the kitchen). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Pleated-WindowDrapes-Ecru-w-Retractable-Curtain-Mesh/8553157
  9. After days and days of tweaking, I think I’m finally done with my Victorian (maybe). I am so happy!
  10. I was so envious of your concept that I went and built my own version. I hope you do no mind me using yours as inspiration? It's an amazing idea!
  11. Stand on the land/houseboat and bring up your land tab and on the first tab there is an abandon button to press.
  12. I just released a Victorian on the newly released Knapping sim. It is across the street from the water parcels.
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