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  1. I particularly like the zones butted up against the log or cabin areas. I can imagine sipping my fruity tropical drink beneath the palms with the cool ocean breeze blowing through, and then getting on my trusted steed and taking a moonlit horseback ride through the cabins and woodsy areas afterward.
  2. I made one to match, and I can send you a copy. Also, I think at one time Blush Bravin was giving one away in her in-world store, but I am not sure if she is doing that now. You can contact me in-world at this avie with yours and I will pass it to you.
  3. My trusted SL friends know my RL name, know where I live, have heard my RL voice through Skype, and know what I look like. Almost all of them are on my Facebook page. They see my house projects and remodeling. They saw the pics of my new puppy etc. Those particular SL residents earned that privilege. They in turn have shared with me, and I consider that an honor. As for the rest of SL, I do not feel I need or even should open my RL to them. My RL doesn't have an open door, and just like in RL, I don't leave my front door open so strangers can walk in.
  4. I had an issue with a mainland sim about 3 or more months ago, and they restarted the sim as soon as I got someone in live chat.
  5. We are not the same person. Go to your database and look at our IP addresses which I am sure you can see. Once you do that, I will gracefully accept your apology. Also, you can go to the Marketplace, look in your sale transaction history for my name and see what I have purchased and to whom all those purchases went to (by gifting etc).
  6. I really like the new areas that connect to log regions and/or camper regions. I am crossing my fingers that I can roll a good one in one of those locations when the release.
  7. I love this thread and the entire Slenderman Belli thing, but I would probably get chills if I saw him close to me on the map, and I was alone. I still believe there are monsters under my bed.
  8. Tari and I are not the same person. I do not use multiple accounts on the SL forums to come in and back up my posts, because I think that's scummy.
  9. You said the pics were part of a promotion of your business. And yes, I have seen all the pics. All your social media accounts are promoted on your SL related website and in your SL group. So it's on topic.
  10. Ok, if that is what you are promoting then I do not think I care if my buoys/poles or whatever are replaced. You are socially tone-deaf. I am out. Good luck with your endeavors.
  11. Thank you. I will try again when I am in world next. I hope you take some of the other things I said to heart and work on those. I appreciate this kind reply.
  12. I do feel sad about your hack. Your community is great - the players that is. I own a lot of your products and I have supported your businesses through my businesses for years. I own your buoys and have paid out tens of thousands of lindens to your fishers over the years I used them. I do sincerely hope the culprit is caught and your database is secure, and it never happens again. With that said, I have been IM'ing you for over a week. You answered the first one by passing me a notecard talking about your hack and in which you compared your hacking to the attack on Pearl Harbor. My e
  13. If that is truth, I am sorry that happened to you. You do seem to have a lot of blackmailers and hackers which is concerning. Why do you think you attract those types? What about the other things I mentioned?
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