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  1. I purchased a large piece of mainland. I needed a place for an in-world store and a place where I could build and play my farming game. It wasn't easy building at my linden home with the lack of prims and I don't enjoy building in sandboxes. With that said, I decided I had to part with all but one of my Linden homes (until stilts come out and I will likely be trying to get one there) and go back to freebie accounts on that alts. I have to choose between my seaside Victorian or my amazing traditionals; one facing west and right on the water and the other with water on two sides with a view of t
  2. I decided to let go of my camper and put that alt back down to a free account. This camper is on a very nice parcel with water on two sides, a boat rez zone just a hop, skip and a jump away and a lot of boat traffic. I think this camper is special and I hope it's new owner thinks so too. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saltmarsh/122/73/28 I will let it go in approximately 15 minutes :-)
  3. Awww . . . any parcel can have a sunset or sunrise view with a swing of a slider in your windlight settings. With that said, you made someone very happy I bet 🙂
  4. Firestorm has a Beta EEP viewer which is what I was talking about.
  5. Another good place to visit is Twisted Orchid. It's a D/s club and it is full residents who have been part of the club there for long time. A friend of mine is a Daddy Dom and DJ's there and he is a wonderful person. Strike up conversations and ask questions (like you did here) and you will be on your way.
  6. I have to agree with the others. From those pictures, I like the non-mesh body better. I also second Maitimo's thought. The free Legacy body might be the best balance for you. It's been updated to BOM and used the newer HUD which is much more user friendly. I would give it a try. You do not have anything to lose.
  7. Great tutorial! The Beta EEP viewer makes it even easier. You can make and share your own windlights. They are assets in your inventory in a new system folder named "Settings." You right click on them and hit "set to parcel" and it's done (you have to be the owner of the parcel of course). It's fun to play with 🙂
  8. I had this house for the longest time and absolutely adored it. I only let it go after landing a trad THAT was in an outstanding location. I let this one go very reluctantly. Congrats to the new owner!
  9. I think I might have encountered this neighbor when I had a log home for a short time. Like you, I used the sound explorer to blacklist the noise.
  10. I put in my vote for the terrain textures, too! 😘
  11. I look forward to the weekend sales. There is usually something on sale for homes. I am also grooving Floorplan's sale the OP posted about. There is a handful of beachy type things available and I am stocking up on that for my stilt home.
  12. I came in late to the show. The Log homes had recently been released and even though I came for a houseboat I ended up with a log home instead. I can not remember where it was located any longer. I stayed there for a month or so and watched the land page for houseboat and eventually switched to that. Many houses later, I am now in a Victorian I adore and also have an amazing trad on Humansville that I will probably keep for a very long time.
  13. I saw a UFO fly over my trad a week ago and I told my friends I had a sighting but no one believed me!
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