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  1. This is the theme I want. *crosses fingers*
  2. If you really like the Lindens houses, then go premium. They are free with premium, and that cost of premium will be cheaper than it would be to rent something similar.
  3. I had the same thought when I saw the demo area in world - the area looks like Moonglade. I also think it looks like the Elven areas in Lord of the Rings Online.
  4. I definitely want to check it out. I am not sure though that this theme is my thing. It feels a little like I would have to suspend a lot of "reality" (I know, don't we already do that) to get into this release. I have to check out the demo area to get the full feel. And then maybe I need to deck out my alt as a fantasy avatar and jump in head first.
  5. I had a home right on the corner of Humansville. I held onto it a long time. It was the perfect traditional - out on a peninsula, water on two sides, and the boat parade going by daily. I lost it trying to swap to an alt. Haha. Yah, that one stung a bit, but I never attempt a swap if I am not prepared to lose.
  6. I no longer post things I abandon because of all the venom in the Linden Home forums lately. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with contacting friends and letting them know when you are abandoning a location they might like. We used to do it in the abandons thread all the time . . . you know . . . back when we are were friendly with each other. Now, many people (including myself) announce their intentions to abandon a great location privately because they don't want part of the non-stop drama over this subject; the great LAND WARS of 2020-2021.
  7. The place I had the longest was a stilt I rolled on Christmas day (just after they released), It was on open water with a sunset view. I just recently rolled a stilt on land with an open water view and very reluctantly let the first one go.
  8. I also use LucyBody Atenea body on an alt and the Genus Strong free head. I like the Atenea body better than Maitreya and Maitreya Lara clothes fit it. Some stores offer free skins as group gifts. Amara Beauty has one out right now, but I can not remember if it is for Genus or not (It might be for Lelutka). ETA: The skin is from Pumec. They offer many free group gifts skins and ears, but there is a reasonable fee to join the group.The outfit is the same 1L one mention higher in this thread. The head is Genus Strong and the body is Atenea from LucyBody. Hair I paid full price for at Doux.
  9. The tassel textures are there for me on the 1LI basket but not the basket itself.
  10. This is a thread you can watch for abandons. People tend to post the better ones here, so you have an idea when they will hit the land page. However, the best way is to bring the land page up and watch for your theme to pop up (if it is not there already) and accept one and go check it out. Almost everything there is an abandon unless a new sim just got released and those literally get scooped up in moments.
  11. Those look very nice, Chic. Maybe others can post some rentals like he is wanting, so he/she has some nice options.
  12. I use Windows Defender myself, but for me that was not the issue. It was specifically Malwarebytes that was causing the problem.
  13. 7 prims will not get you a house or room. You will maybe be able to put a chair down. A prim (land impact is what it is actually called now) is not an object itself but the weight of the object you are putting down. Every object has an impact based on it's complexity and scripts. Some are only 1 LI and most are much more. You can find small houses around 20 LI (prim). At minimum you would need . . . ummm . . . maybe 100 if you put down a low impact house that was very small (maybe only one room) and some low impact furniture.
  14. I might pay a ticket price in lindens if a performer I really wanted to hear was singing (and that is a big might). I would not buy a ticket via PayPal.
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