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  1. Second Life Flickr is one of my favorite things about SL. I love it for it's creativity, for news and gossip, new releases and shopping! I followed you 🙂
  2. This is pretty much what I was going to say. If I have my FS AO on along with another AO, then my walks will not work correctly.
  3. I think I have them all. Lelutka, Catwa, Akeruka, LAQ, Genus and Akeruka. They all have their pluses and minuses. I find Genus has the most support from other creators right now. You will have no issues finding skins for that head. Catwa's heads a close second (in my opinion). Catwa has the best HUDs and options, but I don't care for the side profile on a lot of Catwa's heads. I like my Catwa Catya and so did half the grid at one time. We all looked similar. I switched to Genus to feel more unique and I liked the look of it from all sides. I quickly discovered everyone was moving over to Genus and everyone started to look alike again. I love the face shapes of Akeruka the most, but their HUD is not as robust. I honestly wear them all. Genus Baby Face being my fav of the moment. I am sure that will change tomorrow. Wear what suits your personality best. LAQ has great heads.
  4. You'll hit that 30 day old mark and be good to go! Just remember to take off all the extra lady bits and huds and that should greatly reduce your scripts. Have fun and welcome to SL!
  5. Almost always gacha items are no-copy so you can not open the boxes with the ways we are use to these days. You must rez the box out on the ground and right click on it and choose open. Make sure the content tab loads. It's a possibility this is your issue.
  6. I use the arrow keys but I always want to move with my mouse. It's unnatural for me to move with the keyboard because I always use my mouse in all other games I play.
  7. I went and tried it on because I always have to try on the new things. I loved the shape. I loved the shape of the original version. I think, look wise, it's my favorite. With that said, their store store is still an acid trip. Their body doesn't offer Omega support so none of my favorite skins could be worn seamlessly. There were deformers offered in the demo and they did work satisfactory. I thought the alpha slices were not sufficient. I dislike having to enable media to use their HuD. I never have media enabled. The HuD is slow. I'm frustrated that they have a body that is so close to being what people might invest in, but they insist on shooting themselves in the face by continuing with a store that the majority of shoppers dislike, an applier system that makes both creators and consumers apprehensive, failing to offer Omega support and then overpricing it to top it off. It all comes off as an enormous ego trip in my eyes and I don't think I can justify the waste of lindens on it (although I was tempted).
  8. Remember how every other person was either a neko (sp?) or a bloodline's vampire. It was a rare day when you could go to a busy place and not get a bite request.
  9. THIS! I was premium for years. I owned Mainland but I eventually sold it all because it literally drove me nuts. The mainland land textures are ugly, and there was very little you could do with it as far as raising or lowering it (and I understand why but it sucks). You're a slave to your neighbors and the lands look like SL 2009; Ugly prim builds with full bright on, big 2D walls with a flat tree texture and platforms and sky-boxes floating low and all visible. I can't imagining ever PAYING again to live there. Not to mentioned I think the mainland buying and selling process needs to be streamlined so it's easier. What I DO like is premium members priority into busier sims. That is a nice perk. The things I would pay premium for are: - Free Mesh and texture uploads - Give premium members the ability to own smallish sims. 8096 maybe and no neighbors. I would be in Heaven. - The ability to transfer lindens and send IMs from your Dashboard. - Multiple Partners. - Last names (I will believe it when I see it).
  10. I remember having to wear a "flight feather" so I could fly over a certain altitude. I remember having to deposit lindens into an ATM so I could buy stuff off the Marketplace which was not called the Marketplace back then. I would have to find an in-world ATM and deposit as much as I needed for my purchase. I think it was called X-Street? I remember RedZone fiasco and all the drama surrounding it. I remember when Amaretto horses took over the grid. They were everywhere. The lag was already horrible which reminds me of how walking could cause you to rubber-band yourself all the way across the sim (and then some) before snapping back into place. I mostly remember that feeling of captivation because I felt I was logging into something special. It was easy to meet people and find fun things to do. Maybe it's still like that for some people but for me it feels a lot different now. I role-played and I opened a store. I owned sims and had a landscaping business. I had rentals and a DJ'ed some. I was even an auctioneer at one time. I've had a lifetime of experiences. I've moved on from SL and only visit now and then, but I do remember fondly the good ole times 🙂
  11. I own the Bento Waterhorse on my alt. I do like it a lot. When I went to upgrade to the animesh version, I tried the WH and the Teegle and ended up choosing the Teegle. I liked the animations a lot better. I thought their dev kit was easier to use if you are into creating coats or attachments. I love the way the animate when roaming on land. I think both are excellent horses and you can't go wrong with either of them. The Teegles 🙂
  12. I think what you're describing seems like a common complaint I've had (and I have heard about) with the Lara body. The Lara body is very nice, but it doesn't like its shoulders being on the very low end of the shape slider which is where I tend to go. Try making the shoulders slightly broader and see if that stops the deformation.
  13. It's possible you triggered move-lock. Try hitting CTRL ALT P. Hopefully that fixes you 🙂 https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/move_lock
  14. You all look beautiful. I love the Genus head myself. I usually wear Lelutka on this avie and Genus on my alt. I actually use my alt a lot more than this avie. As for skins, L'Etre has many Genus skins as does MILA. MILA being my favorite as the moment because I love the body appliers as much as the face appliers.
  15. The head and shape look very cute. The issue seems to be with the skin. It does look like the skin is a different shade than the body. Genesis Lab is the older version of the new Genus Project. I have some older Genesis Lab gacha skins I could pass you if you contact me in-world and maybe one of those will suit your tastes more.
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