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Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

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I'm in a bit of a minority in that, while I quite like Firestorm,  it doesn't really do much for me and I don't really understand people's enthusiasm for it.     It seems to me to have three or four non-LL features I find indispensable and a whole of stuff I never use.    I think the same is true for most people, but it's a different three or four features for everyone.

I have to use the Official Viewer and Firestorm both when I'm making stuff, since I think any conscientious content creator needs to check and thoroughly test things using both the Official Viewer and the most widely-used one.    I also use the experimental viewers quite a lot because I want to become familiar with major new features before they become part  of the Official Viewer and, eventually, Firestorm (EEP is going to make a big difference, and anyone who does much building or texturing, or scripting that involves controlling visual effects, needs to become familiar with it sooner rather than later) but for everyday use I usually use Catznip or Marine's  RLV,  both which have same look and feel as the Official Viewer, only with RLV/RLVa and the three or four TPV features I find I can't do without, but none of the extras I never need.

That's just me, of course, but I would encourage people to remember there are TPVs other than Firestorm.    And I don't think the Official Viewer is anywhere near so bad as people make out.    Things have really changed in the last 10 or so years, since TPVs first became a thing.     

Nowadays, as a scripter and content creator, I see the Official Viewer as the one with all the cool new features for the early adaptor (in the past, Experience Tools and  Animesh,, for example, and now EEP ...) and Catznip and Marine's viewers as the ones with the new RLV stuff (and some other useful features), while Firestorm is the conventional one that's holding me up as I wait for the viewer used by most of my customers to adopt all the latest things.

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Here is my not very useful opinion: I like my Firestorm dressed in AnsaStorm Blue and my Catznip naked. 🙊 ✌️

PS: All viewers gorge themselves on memory, it's in their nature. I care about all animals equally, and won't judge a hog.

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