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  1. I'm not seeing the fun or the facts. ProTip™: If you are currently happy with your YT algorithm, have an academic level of education, and generally agree with my statements - play this video in a private browser window - and voila your YT algorithm won't get polluted with alt-right and low-brow channel suggestions after clicking through vapor video links! 😘
  2. It's a shame that this thread wasn't used for its purpose, which was to post pics of your avi with the hash-tag generator at https://climateemergencyeu.org/#pbgen But I came to understand that most people didn't read the original post, or let alone the open letter. More important it seems to be to press the agenda of the nuclear energy lobby. You should be proud of yourself. The nuclear power lobby thanks you. Let's talk frank, shall we not. I mean, why give up all of these important modern conveniences, when we can fix everything so very easily. Need more powah f
  3. I can't follow that logic. I'm sorry you feel that way. Part of the signature form encourages people to state which group or organization they are a part of. It was meaningful to mention my groups, as they are for the purpose of activism and part of our autonomous social center in Arcadia. The purpose of this thread was for Second Life residents to become aware of the open letter, and to have some fun posting their pics. Please lets not let the thread go to waste by having a petty argument. It will only drive people away, and I see no reason why this would be meaningful at
  4. This thread is for what I state it is about in the original post. I'm mentioning my groups because through these I can reach many people. At the time of this writing I can hope to reach 118,885 people in summa. I'm not trying to sell anything, and there is no hidden agenda. That can easily be back tracked online where you will find that I'm using my social media accounts for activism and non-profit causes, such as BLM, Climate Strike, or the Artist Relief Event. I also think that some brands are participating in some activism because they hope to make more sales, and while
  5. Activists, scientists and people from all walks of life (and second life) are currently signing an open letter to the EU and global leaders. In a nutshell this letter demands that the climate crisis is actually treated just as that: A real crisis. I've encourage members of my group Fire Flower and Fire Flower Deluxe (on Discord) to read the letter and to consider signing it! At the bottom of the letter you can generate a profile picture: https://climateemergencyeu.org/#pbgen I thought it would be nice if you made a profile pic of your SL avi and posted it in this thread?
  6. Hey, please contact me in-world, there seem to be a whole bunch of BeautifulXu? My name is Wendy Starfall: https://my.secondlife.com/wendy.starfall
  7. Hey everybody! I'm starting a project where everyone can acquire, create, share and remix EEP assets. The project is called Forever Free Skies and it's happening in Arcadia. Here is some key information: All assets created for Forever Free Skies will be licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. We will carve out a piece of land in Arcadia where EEP assets can be shared and tested. Participation is free, there will be no cost, no catch, and no hidden agenda to monetize things. To participate, please send me a message in-world, and you will be invited to Forever Free S
  8. Oh, no! Maybe you still have them in the Marketplace Listings window in your SL viewer. I use the Firestorm viewer and it has 4 tabs called All / Listed / Unlisted / Unassociated, maybe it's in one of these. I think the keyword spam flagging happens when you use very generic keyboards, and that's bad for the search. I've looked at your Marketplace and you have a "coffee table" there, which already is coveredin the description, but you still use "coffee" and "table" as keywords - you don't need that! You also seem to repeat the keywords in the Features, although it is alread
  9. Hey friends! I will be holding an event in support of SL based artists. Until May 13, 2020 creatives can sell one of their products at my sim free of charge. The important infos: doesn't cost anything to participate happens in one of SL's most popular sims you keep 100% of what you earn during the event you don't have to create something new or exclusive Everything is explained in detail at https://wendystarfall.com/event. The event will open once a few creators signed up for it. Stay safe!
  10. I'm sorry, but that's not possible, as you only receive the text once. You have already received it. 🤷‍♀️ You can look at the privacy policy that explains news and how to disable them: https://www.opencollar.at/privacy.html No, I don't send it everytime. I send it one time. I'm not sure why my news system is all of a sudden such an issue, I've been having that in place since the OpenCollar 3.9 API era in 2013, and used it many times for things that were not related to the collar but to my community. Not everyone is running an ice cold business where everything
  11. You cannot know something that you can only guess. We are obviously both professionals, and we have different opinions. That's okay, but assuming that you actually knew things without any insight, data, source code, or model, is not how we do it.
  12. In fact, I have been getting quite a lot of support since I posted the topic. Signatures are going up and people are discussing things and having fun. This forum topic isn't the alpha and omega of the petition, or its underlying cause. It's all good, my dude. ❤️ I don't think so, but that's something only someone working at Linden Lab can clearly tell. I don't have anything to do with this. It's obviously not my style as I'm trying here for many hours to make my point, and defend this point, with eloquence and dialectic. As I said, I didn't expect the offici
  13. I'm taken seriously enough so you feel it is worthwhile to spend your time and energy to argue with me. You must be taking me quite seriously, and that is a good thing.
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