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  1. i didnt get a cookie when i got my vaccine..
  2. So, assume you buy one of these. Assume you follow their steps. Assume they don't follow through sending you the full perm version. Linden Lab won't refund the L$ ("resident to resident dispute"), nor will these creators. You might be able to file some disputes with PayPal or your credit card company if you pay for the L$ and generally you'll win that dispute, but LL is likely to punish you for doing so. So the question becomes, do these creators deserve to be copybotted? Is it ethical to steal their mesh to give yourself full permissions- which, keep in mind, you did pay for? I know exactly what stores those are. I have purchased from them a few times, once they were on vacation and i had to wait two weeks for the full perm version. That made me stop purchasing from them. I do truly love the arrogance of creators. "if you do not have a store I will not give you the right to transfer" "Creators who have Inworld and or Marketplace stores" what if i create solely for myself? I cant buy full perm items for myself in the off chance i end up creating a store? But no, i wouldn't copybott. I am just this side of lawful neutral to follow that.
  3. You have never looked into the deaths and side effects the polio vaccine caused, have you? 40,000 people, mostly children, every single year in the 50's got seriously ill from the vaccine, with fever, sore throat, headache, vomiting and muscle pain. Any idea how many tests on humans were run? 5.. 5 people got the vaccine as a test. Salk, his wife and three children. the next year 420,000 doses were give n to school children. TL:DR get the vaccine, the alternative is much much worse.
  4. So, how did she survive the polio, pertussis (whooping cough) and tuberculosis in addition to smallpox and diphtheria? Was she not vaccinated as a child?
  5. Perhaps in this instance we will never know. In my case the daughter of a dear friend and the son of another informed the friends of their respective mothers in SL of their passing. Which is why I have a pick about the impossibility of separating SL from RL fully.
  6. A disposition on what? Your "friends" ghosting you in SL? "OMG my friends left SL and i want LL to make them say why they left!!!" What a pompous arrogant entitled viewpoint on life you have. No one owes you a damn thing. And to be bluntly honest, if how you act in these forums is any indication of your presence in SL, i can tell you why they left...
  7. I would go for that if they gave us the ability to either link our own vendors to the MP or released their own to use.
  8. Why did i ever unblock someone out of curiosity of a "Hmm, a thread with over 100 posts, i wonder what they are babbling about?"
  9. Agree to let LL decide if someone needs to be punished for ghosting you? Riiiiiiight.
  10. You should never assume anyones gender.. Especially in SL.
  11. Seriously speaking, your neighbor in RL could move without telling you as well. Why do you think they owe you anything?
  12. People move on with their RL. Put on your big girl panties and go outside.
  13. That "study" was done on people who went to the Mayo Clinic for treatment of a myriad of issues, not Covid patients. Of the people sampled they could simply have found smokers that had a stronger immune system naturally. They didnt infect them with Covid, i would like to know how they came to their conclusion as it is NO WHERE in that study.
  14. Linden Lab "We are going to charge a fee to instantly travel about SL at will. Yet we will freely let you travel the land, sea and air in vehicles driving up the impact on the servers and lag for free." That make so much sense, I wonder why they haven't implemented it long before?
  15. Thats not a belly button, thats a cave to go spelunking in..
  16. And who is going to pay for all these vehicles? Are we really going to put that cost on top of everything else new users need to buy?
  17. How exactly would people get to sky platform stores? Would they fly there in a plane/blimp/whatever and then have to park it there till they were done shopping? Who would take up the Land Impact of such items? That would enable all griefers free reign in SL as every store would have to have object entry active for their store. Aside from that, I dont want to walk, drive, fly, sail to a store. Why would anyone possibly want to spend hours traveling about SL just to shop in a day? Forget about grid wide hunts. "We have 100 stores in our grid wide hunt and you only have two weeks to complete it." Looks like i'm stocking up on jolt and instant coffee. TL:DR Bad idea is bad.
  18. Except the FDA has prohibited both of those drugs for the treatment of Covid. Should she waste a vaccine on a patient that it will NOT help? That would be a terrible thing for a doctor to do. BTW, its hydroxychloroquine.
  19. The Vaccine is free....
  20. I musta been really drunk... I dont remember a thing...
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