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  1. I saw that just now, I have a map I made of the Three Continents, and I was doing an update check. Currently, the link to Jeogeot is broken, and there are is a new huge area filling most of the gap, but no connections north or south. Which is going to be a bit frustrating. There are a few airports that popped up in the right places for that old link.
  2. There's sample SL figures that are Blender compatible. Either as a .blend file or as Collada. This page is a starting point.
  3. Sounds odd, because the same applies to the old Linden Homes continents, and they don't have rez zones. It may be more to do with control of the pool of prims that are used for the homes. Whatever the reason, the Bellisaria line has a limitation that doesn't apply to the SLRR.
  4. One big difference between the Bellisaria railway and the SLRR line: The parcels containing the SLRR track are set to allow Object Entry to everyone. The Bellisaria lines run in the generic "Protected Land" for Bellisaria, which are set Group Only for Object Entry. The group is "Linden Department of Public Works". This is similar to the old Linden Home regions, and it makes some sense. But it seems to explain why only single linkset trains work on the Bellisaria line. Object Entry doesn't seem to be mentioned as part of the SLRR standards, but the setting for Linden road parcels is the same as for the old Linden Home regions. The SLRR is different, and any Bellisaria residents can forget about running more than a single vehicle train.
  5. Was trying to get a train, using VRC scripts, through Calleta at about 23:00 UTC, and the lag was huge. Sim crossings in and out of Sweetbay are pretty bad for trains but single vehicles are tolerable. Calleta-Cecropia is pretty rough, so is Colleta-Oculea, but any sim crossing involving Sweetbay is far worse. I've never seen a report of this Low LOD thing in my viewer. I try and make fairly efficient meshes, keeping LI and Download Weight down, but I have seen signs of sluggish handling of the higher LOD versions of a mesh, things like the slow reappearance of a vehicle after a sim crossing. I'm using the current Firestorm viewer under Linux, so there seems sod all point in trying to tell the Lindens. Are these Low LOD reports something that's only in the SL viewer?
  6. I have heard good things about the new Blender 2.8, but Avastar does not yet support it. I am not sure if you absolutely need Avastar, but Second Life animations get pretty gnarly. My own experience of Avastar has been in making Mesh clothing, and from that I would expect that exporting via Avastar would be fairly simple. Might be best to learn Blender 2.8, get a base in that, and don't worry about learning Avastar until the v2.8 release appears. It's a bit frustrating, but the Blender UI changes are pretty big, and it feels like a waste of effort to go down the v2.79 route at this stage.
  7. I am not sure how old that advert is, but since it still points at the SL Wiki pages of the SLRR system, I have my doubts. One review, dated November 2015. As for your "If you expect free you're going to get what you pay for," you're talking to somebody who uses Linux. It's a lot better maintained than most things. It's partly a question of reputation.
  8. It looks as though the Virtual Railway Consortium group in Second Life is dormant, and the VRC scripts for rail vehicles are pretty old. They work, but there have been so many changes to LSL since they were written in October 2010. Are there any available scripts more recent than that? Either similarly open source or on the marketplace. One possibility would be putting the vehicle characteristics in a notecard, rather than needing to edit the script, but is that worth doing? You can still get the VRC packages at places in-world such as Tuliptree, but that, and "Hobo" trains using a similarly old script, seems to be all there is. Which makes me a little nervous.
  9. Drivers of SL has visited the Bellisseria continent several times, it has a lot of roads, waterways, and now a railway, but it can be difficult to find a rez zone. Things are getting better, but every time you cross a region boundary with a vehicle, there's a chance of something going wrong. You can rez a vehicle while at your Linden Home, but after that it's a gamble how far you can get. Today I was testing a Y6 Tram engine on the Bellisseria railway. I'd been modding the engine, it's quite old, and I'd thought I'd try it there. (Replacing prims with mesh can make a huge difference to LI. The original from Waxen Works is a nice model, and it suits the style of the railway.) There are plenty of railway stations modelled on the line, but they don't have rez zones. I found two rez zones. There's a balance thing, they're competing for the resources needed in the sim for the Linden homes, but if you can't rez a rail vehicle, what's the point of putting it there? What's the point of making a railway which uses the SL standards for running trains? The line passes through the Campwich Forest region, which seems to be some sort of starting/social location, same as you get for the old-style Linden Homes regions. There's a station there, a road link, and a set of docks. No Linden Homes soaking up resources, so you would think there could be rez zones. They didn't bother. I see from the map that one junction is under construction in SSPE343 and there's another in SSPE316. I hope they do better at letting users control the switches than they did with the railway in Smithers Bluff. On what I saw today, the passing loops and such, it's not improved. There'll be railway track nobody can get a train onto. What's the point?
  10. When I ran the Grid Drive on Saturday there did seem to be some horrible grid crossings, and the sims involved, in or out, had issues with sound effects. The Grid Drive huds have some voice messages, warning of ban-lines by the road, sim-corners, upcoming rez zones, useful things like that, but when I had a bad sim-crossing into a sim, the sound effects would go into a Max Headroom stammer mode, repeatedly restarting until I left the sim, and then all the problems stopped. There were other times when I just crashed out of SL on a sim crossing. And not even a warning message from the Viewer, which is unusual. So was it my connection? That seems unlikely, because when I crashed out I had to restart that leg of the Grid Drive, and the bad sims hadn't changed. I got the impression that a small set of physical servers was affected, and the sims they are running are scattered all over the Grid. I can't rule out some problems here as well. I don't see these things happening now, but I am not holding my breath waiting for info from the Lindens.
  11. While ArcTan (and I did enough Math at school to wonder what they were smoking when they picked the name) might be worthwhile, if only creators paid any attention for complexity, I was trying to check on what the current calculation for display-weight/complexity is, and I am pretty sure there are changes that have come through from somewhere. Nothing disastrous, but I find it hard to trust the documentation. For all I know, fixing a typo on the page gets the same reporting as changing a limit or a formula.
  12. Interesting, but I find myself wondering just what you're uploading to need so many triangles? OK, it does depend on the object size. And one place where there is a risk of long, thin, triangles is where you model fabric seams and edges. A normal map can be the answer for that.
  13. For furniture and similar objects, Wings3D is worth a look. Windows, Apple, or Linux, uses the Erlang programming language, Windows version has it, Linux version needs Erlang to be installed separately. Imports and exports .dae and a lot of other formats. Just making the mesh, UV mapping, and setting up faces and materials. I started using it a long time ago, no good for rigging mesh, but since I do know it well. I've made clothing meshes, done the UV mapping, and then gone to Blender for rigging. When the version of Avastar for Blender 2.8 comes out, I shall try to learn that.
  14. I checked on the Status page, apparently the only restarts last week were on the RCs. So we should have expected restarts today, because they don't like running for more than two weeks without a restart, but nothings more than the usual in-game messages when a sim is restarted. I wonder if I should send Linden Lab a bill for doing their job?
  15. After Sunday's pretty total failure of logins, it shows up on concurrency graphs as a huge drop compared to the normal daily pattern, things have been OK for me, but I think some old group notices reappeared, suggesting some data was restored from back-ups. Not a big deal for me, but potentially awkward. And I may be mistaken. Monday morning, UK time, about midnight in California, I logged in OK. No problems since. So maybe I've been lucky.
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