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  1. So what did they say? The Lindens must have a hell of a hangover from that farewell party...
  2. Thanks. This particular issue really does need clearly documenting in the SL Wiki I was lucky, the item which has started spewing those error messages is one with scripts I can read and modify. Many are not.
  3. Ok, an nVidia 750 is old, and there have been a lot of fakes around from China, but it's not a bad card. But 9xx cards and later do NOT have a VGA connection. I currently run a 960 card. A 1050 is close on benchmarks and uses less power. Looking at a better PSU is still a good idea. There was a long gap before the 10xx series was replaced, and later models are still new and expensive. It's not just about bitcoin. nVidia 750 benchmark = 1055 Power = 55W nVidia 1050 benchmark = 2345 Power = 50W An nVidia 1650 is about twice that again; but that is feeling on
  4. It looks like nobody at Linden Lab has a checklist. I was following the reporting of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 14 on Twitter, and they could keep track of plans and bugfixes, using voice radio, over a quarter million miles. Yes, they had checklists, and they changed procedures to work around problems. They didn't use JIRA...
  5. One thing on draw distances: the standard SL viewer has a minimum draw distance of 64m, while Firestorm has a minimum of 32m. The LOD setting can be useful, but I reckon that if a creator says it needs increasing to see a product properly, they didn't know how LOD worked when they made it. But some stuff on the marketplace is old, and while you can get an idea of just how old it might be, and old is not automatically bad, it's not always clear.
  6. You can spend a lot of money on keyboards and mice, and they wear out. It's always worth having a cheap spare, but don't expect the really cheap hardware to last.
  7. I suppose we should be glad the RC system does catch some mistakes.
  8. I have seen mentions of Blender tools which do this, most recently this free one. I've never used it. so I don't know how well it works, but it gets so frustrating when somebody says something like this without any pointer to a method, not even a link to a relevant page in the Blender documentation. https://github.com/SavMartin/TexTools-Blender/
  9. With the current state of the Map system, some activities are very difficult. And the map data which is available is sadly out of date. I don't think anything has changed since the initial construction of the Stilt Homes, we don't even see the regions that made the connections to the rest of the continent. And I have stood in those regions I don't know if I can rely in the info I get from the map system when I click on a location. Are parcel names correct?
  10. OpenGL is now at end-of-life and deprecated by Apple but I have seen reports of problems with recent drivers for some AMD cards. I recommend you check on that first. It may not be an OpenGL problem.
  11. Maybe totally unrelated, but I am having login troubles, yet userID/password gets me logged in to the website. Dare I do a password change?
  12. Rule of thumb: a 512-size texture is half your screen height. How often does something you're looking at fill half your screen?
  13. You know, you could have put that single line in the original post. I saw a cancelled announcement of a restart earlier than the final announce-ment/starting/finished triple. I wondered if it was just the usual "works better after a restart", clearing the decks for the weekend, but it was late in the week. About three hours to restart everything, that went pretty well, you can be pleased about that, but you're still treating your customers like mushrooms.
  14. It's worth having two different viewers on your system as a sanity check.
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