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  1. I'm putting this info here since it may help anyone else trying to build stuff for the SLRR standard. While some model railways use a wrong track gauge for the vehicle scale, the only significant example of the British OO system, which uses the same gauge as HO models, but a larger vehicle scale. SLRR uses an oversized track gauge, so to look right models should, according to the 1m nominal scale used in SL, be 138% or the real measurement. I've decided to use 133% for any railway models I make. The result is close, and the 4/3 ratio is a little easier to work with.
  2. Maybe last one for a while. Here we are at Crumbi Junction, with the pre-1946 loco number, coupled to an old Pattern V5 PBV of the GWR, waiting for a signal to clear before heading for Leafroller and Tuliptree
  3. And, just for comparison, here's a pic of a real one. (The loco numbers did get changed from the original 48xx series to 14xx in 1946) The best typeface for GWR nameplates and numberplates seems to be called "Swindon" and is related to Clarendon. The links here still work. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/116740-class-4243-warship-nameplate-font/&do=findComment&comment=2496169 I seem to have the distinct moral failing of bothering to look things up. It seems to be offensive to politicians...
  4. This is the same pic marked up to show some of the changes the mesh version has. The wheels and coupling rods were also replaced by mesh. Only the lamps were on the prim model. The access steps for the cab use the same mesh as the marked steps, but the original had them as prims. I really should try to set up animation for the wheels and coupling rods.
  5. I noted prim sizes but built the mesh components from scratch, with some slight size tweaks after import.
  6. OK, so here's a mesh model of a 14xx class tank locomotive of the Great Western Railway, about half the LI of an old prim-based model, and with a lot more detail. There are some things I got wrong, but this is getting pretty close. Actual spoked wheels rather than cylinders with textures, that sort of thing. It runs on the SLRR with the standard, rather ancient, scripts.
  7. It's a different version of the real helicopter, may be more than one creator-team making them, but there's a very nice freebie model of an earlier version of the MD-500 from Spijkers and Wingtips. I know one vendor for it is in the general market building on the East side of Hollywood Airport. There are quite a few free and low-cost textures and accessories. If you want to try helicopters, go for it. This is a colour scheme I made. It's pretty easy to fly, a little bit different from fixed-wing types, but it doesn't get into the real-life effects that make helicopters so demanding. Flying a real one isn't trivial. Unless you're using a long draw distance, the chances are you'll never see an SL-aircraft passing. A friend asked me to duplicate this look for one of the bigger SL planes. I did, and the mad beggar flies like that in SL. Want a lawnmower for your parcel?
  8. Since I didn't notice any log-in problems myself there could be something ISP-related in the mix. Remember, every IP packet comes with a source address and if they're not logging that for all log-in traffic, it's a bit of a security weakness. I have a permanent IPv4 address, which is pretty unusual on the modern internet, and if that's why I didn't see any problems something is really messed up. I know that in many ways, I am not typical, neither hardware nor software/firmware.
  9. It's looking as though the still-working tracking sites, reporting things such as concurrency, can't be relied on at the moment. I do see the problem that hit overnight at https://eregion.kicks-ass.net/munin/servers/akari.eregion.home/SL_Online_Now.html but updates stopped and http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/sl-statistical-charts/ hasn't updated since Wednesday. Since both seem to use their site's localtime it's not so obvious the updates stopped. Both show the Sunday spike, and it's unusual for them both to be stalled. Do the Lindens still emphasise total sign-ups rather than concurrency in their publicity? The longer-term concurrency charts seem to show a steady decline, and if they're still pointing to total sign-ups if feels like typical Silicon Valley economics
  10. It seems a lot of status reports vanish from the history on the server, but the repeats via Twitter are still accessible, and they're all "Rolling Restarts", no distinction between a simple restart and a roll-out of new code to the servers. No message here from the Lindens, but the inference from the version numbers is that there was a roll-out of new code.
  11. What I saw of the version-change messages the viewer can give, a lot went to 534597, but you never see the codenames.
  12. It is looking as though the Lindens restarted every RC region in Jeogeot at almost the same time, not even channel by channel. I've seen a couple of individual restarts earlier in the week, and they were pretty quick. This restart took at least 25 minutes. There's enough lag on the map to be misleading, but I don't think it's enough to explain what I saw. The Lindens have just announced completion on Twitter so the total time has been sort of OK.
  13. All I can tell is that about a third of the regions near me are down. That looks high for the RCs, but it's not far off for a random sample of the Grid. Zoom out a bit on the map, and it looks rather as if they pulled the restart trigger on every affected region at 07:00, which must really be hammering the network.
  14. I wouldn't have started the Grid Drive of I had known this was coming. Checking on Twitter, the warning appears to be 10 minutes before the In-progress message at 07:00 PST I started the run at 05:28, sim crossing has been better than it was over the weekend, and now I have been waiting 20 minutes for a region to restart. OK, I am not in a good mood. The Lindens are making a good effort to make themselves look like a bunch of wankers
  15. Rolling restarts for the RC began at 07:00 PST, no timestamp on the warning notice on Status, and no warning here. I am using an ISO date string, since there are sometimes paying customers from outside the USA Do you thimk the Lindens are hoping we won't notice?
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