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  1. I did a little bit of wandering around yesterday, and any mainland region is likely close to another running on the Cloud. A roughly 1 in 10 chance of a region being on the Cloud, and a possible 8 regions adjacent to each Mainland region. At the moment we have the domain name in Help>About as a clear sign, there are also tools which report server-version changes, and the Cloud regions are the only ones on 551155. The way server code and physical hardware are arranged could affect the apparent randomness, but random surveys that aren't are a well known problem in the science of statisti
  2. We're not Amazon Cloud customers. Linden Lab is, just one small corporation using the Cloud. How many times have you seen anything on the net which you can only access with an amazonaws.com domain name? I'm a little surprised that Linden Lab are openly using that domain. They can figure it out how to use their own domain-name for the current servers on that server farm in Arizona. They were doing it back in the days when servers were in several locations across the USA. Putt's Law would fit, though it's far from the only explanation.
  3. I have seen reports that the domain name used for servers on the cloud may change. When you think about it, Amazon will have a lot of customers using their cloud who want to be able to use their own domain name. It can take a little setting up to use two domain names for the same IP address, and the amazon name might default to a specific port to give them secure access for maintenance. And now I can't find what I saw. But what I recall is that the cloud serves will still use a distinct domain name. So I know a few regions that are on the cloud. If there is a new domain name, I can check.
  4. When is anything ever random? Oh, come on guys, it's quantum all the way down.
  5. There's a message out in status. I read it to mean that more regions are being uplifted today, from the position of the word "today". "We will be performing rolling restarts for regions that have been Uplifted today beginning at 11:45 AM PDT. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates."
  6. It looks as though there is a steady trickle of migration after the few hundred of last Tuesday. It would be worth knowing how many there have been. My guess is six weeks to get the migration finished, because of possible server fixes and Christmas/New-Year/Thanksgiving/Election, an average of about 4000 per week. Every working day would be about twice what we've had so far. It gives me the same feeling as current British politics, a rather indigestible lump of change and chaos descending on us through a failure of planning and leadership.
  7. I sometimes say that Second Life is more like a stadium. There are just so many different things that can happen in a stadium, far more than just games. I've been to a corporate AGM that was held in a meeting room which is part of the local soccer stadium.
  8. I'm guessing, but "a few hundred regions" and www.gridsurvey.com reports 24979 total regions, so around 2% of regions transferred to the Cloud today. None of the places I usually visit are on the list. The Grid Drives, a weekly event, usually cover around 150 regions,and so might see 3 regions on the Cloud. I am more likely to see problems from the DST change in Europe, which takes lace on Sunday..
  9. My efforts at building a locomotive have shown up some of the problems with the standard SLRR/VRC scripts, and the Bellisaria forces single-vehicle trains, a single linkset which bends in the middle. There's other reasons for that tech. All the steam engines I use, the models I have made, are tank locomotives, no tender needed to carry coal and water. I have seen the old-style SLRR rolling stock do all sorts of strange things. Either a tender locomotive looks oddly rigid, or it needs to use an articulated primset. One of the tank engines I have built was often "autocoach fitted". A s
  10. It's sometimes hard to tell whether a problem is down to local-to-SL network problem or something on the wider internet. but crossing from one region to another is something that involve moving a lot of data from one sim server to another. It has been bad this weekend. Partly it's the higher concurrency at weekends. But what seemed new this weekend was repeated script errors where my avatar was suddenly not sitting on the vehicle. Which then triggered other oddities. The vehicle might stop completely, while the viewer thought I was still sitting on it. Sometimes everything would corr
  11. I hadn't realised, but Monday was a Federal Holiday in the USA, though I am not sure what that means for a private company such as Linden Lab. It might explain why we had the news late for this week. Not that we had a new version ready to go on MC.
  12. Region crossing is always worse over the weekend, higher numbers logged in. There is a fairly regular pattern over the day, low point about now (03.00 PDT) with a fairly steady rise over the next 12 hours to a peak. There's a slow decline for the next 5 hours, a sort of plateau, and then a faster decline. That transition would be late evening on the US east coast, I think. Very roughly, a low of 30,000 and a high of 50,000. The only times I have seen the number drop below 25,000 there has been something wrong, once a major cable break somewhere in North America.
  13. You'll see something like this in Help/About: "You are at 71.4, 126.5, 78.9 in Hippotropolis located at ec2-35-163-246-234.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com"
  14. I had a look around Firestorm Preferences, and some of the labels used, which the preferences search uses, feel a bit off, on the "why did they call it that" level. "Use legacy list layout" is a restart option under User Interface -> 2D Overlay I don't have that set. If you do, it might be what you need to change. Or could it be lurking in debug?
  15. One of the things I was thinking of was essentially a belt with an ornate buckle. It would have looked odd if it bent in the middle. It does need a bit of manual editing of weighting to give a uniform single weight. When I just used the automatic weight from Avastar, the buckle distorted. This picture shows the sort of fastening. This is the final result I got, a style of belt which is rather commonplace in England.
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