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  1. So far, the roll-out has been going on for about eight hours. Either somebody has forgotten to send out the completion notice, or something is going wrong. If this is the expected behaviour, next Tuesday is going to be hell.
  2. I put together a mesh house for the first time, a couple of weeks ago, there were a couple of things I came away with. 1: Make a mesh physics model, and do not set physics to Convex Hull That physics model doesn't need holes for windows. 2: Because a house is so big, the LOD switching distances are huge. The uploader-generated LOD models can look broken but you can check before you upload. There can be problems with long, thin, triangles. I'd thought the render-weight calculation discouraged them, by including a measure of the maximum triangle dimension, but that seems to have changed. What I thought happened was that if you split a 4x1 quad into 2 2x1 quads it triangulated into twice as many triangles at half the cost per triangle, and now I am wondering if I imagined it.
  3. The textures are still at that link. Robin Wood's templates/UV-maps are also useful at https://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/AVUVTemplates.html Since the new Bakes-on-Mesh looks as though it may have problems with mesh bodies that don't match the classic avatar UV map, it seems worth a reminder.
  4. OK, thanks, that makes sense, but why the hell couldn't you just say so? The sticking point is going to be the interaction between the basic avatar and the mesh body. If you can't maintain the current invisibility and also use BoM, it looks as though I'll be using a horribly more complicated mesh avatar if I want to use BoM. And forcing Alpha Blending worries me. Right now, I'm thinking BoM is going to be useless for me
  5. It's probably how my usual mesh avatar body, looks good with low complexity, uses a different UV map, but how much does it matter? My first guess is that the BoM system doesn't give a monkey's about the UV mapping. It's never mentioned, but why should it matter? The samples pictured use a default texture, there's signs of shape-related distortion, but it looks like what you would expect. The demo is a universal wearable that uses classic avatar UV mapping So why does nobody mention this? These universal wearables have to be made with a shape that matches the mesh body, and they don't have to have the same UV map, but the alpha mapping effect is going to be messy if they don't. It's as if the Lindens writing the documentation have never made a rigged mesh, and never had to work with UV maps. I have used tools, made for the Poser program, which will translate textures from one UV map to another, so it can be done, but what does the Omega Applier system do? Again, nobody says, but it's simplest if the target meshes all use the standard classic avatar UV mapping. I have fitted mesh cloths on the Marketplace, but I don't use this classic UV map. I have some sweaters, and they're set up to reflect the parts of an RL sweater, with the direction of the knitting constant, so I can used a tiled normal map, easy to download and using RAM efficiently. It looks pretty good. If BoM is UV neutral, it's not going to be a problem. Yes, I know, you can't use BoM for anything but diffuse channel textures, but you have to use the same UV mapping.
  6. I do know of one mesh body that has the onion-skin clothing layers as a distinct rigged mesh, essentially a piece of clothing. I do make mesh clothing of my own, and the whole business looks a bit tricky to set up but it might be a useful option. I'm picky about this, I reckon there are some horribly-built mesh objects, and it's going to be a while before there's a BOM viewer I can run, but it might be worth the effort. Practically, having skin and tattoo distinct from clothing might work very well. If you can have a set of clothes on an onion-skin add-on, changing them gets easy. And I don't think BOM throws away the idea of appliers. But I have been using a mesh body for so long that I can't really remember how texture baking handles multiple layers. Layer 2 sits over layer 1, so the application sequence matters?. but I can only recall multi-textures that don't overlap. I suppose I'd better mention the mesh body I'm referring to: the Psicorp Avatar Core.
  7. I tried to set these up on an item today. It was a semi-historical paint scheme for an aircraft, a small passenger/transport type. Every time I tried to submit the data, something, somewhere, terrified the artificial stupidity system into changing the rating to moderate. Nowhere did the responses point to the offending text, and it seemed to be a word I had used in multiple places: Delete all the text in keywords, and the error report changed to point at another field. I suppose somebody is going to say that if the system gives any specific information about where some bad word is, it becomes too easy to game. Well, if you're that scared, don't Google for Kenneth Williams singing "The Marrow Song", because I expect that will provoke paroxysms of pearl-clutching all along Battery Street.
  8. The instructions for the Search (the box at the top of the page) look broken. I used two words, entered as "word1 word2" and the results clearly use the OR function, returning every entry containing either or both words. The suggestion to improve the search was "word1 AND word2", but that treated "AND" as just another word, not as a logic function. Google did return a few relevant results to the same basic search string, but may have stopped indexing the forums last year. I did try digging for a JIRA on this, but I only read and write English
  9. For me, all the viewers have a problem with not picking up on the OS defaults I set, such as font and mouse pointer size. I also struggle with some colour schemes, which Firestorm handles well, the SL viewer doesn't. Yes, there is an add-on for the SL viewer, but I've had it broken by a viewer upgrade. The basic colour scheme is pretty poor. I struggle with the JIRA systems that Linden Lab and the Firestorm team use. I am not convinced it is a viable bug-reporting tool, however good it might be as a tool for planning the work being done. I end up feeling that I need an exorcist more than I need a programmer.
  10. This is something I have been watching with my system for the past few days. I have a program that displays the readings for various temperature sensors. I'm running Linux, so the specifics won't be much help. What I do see is the video card temperature rising, so dropping back the video settings could help. It depends on the video hardware, but the Advanced Lighting Model setting can be more efficient. Firestorm can also limit the frame rate, which will help a little. (There are some jobs I would not try running in the current weather.)
  11. It is still lousy documentation. It needs improving.
  12. A Project Viewer for Estate Access Management came out in August 2018. There were a few mentions of it then, but I've not found any definite source for when it merged into the main SL viewer. I assume it must have, because now it's part of the latest Firestorm Viewer. The only thing I can find which might pass as documentation is a pair of article in Inara Pey's blog, which assume everyone knows what an Estate Manager is. I eventually found this old web page on the SL Wiki: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Estate_Manager I am not an estate manager. I can ban people from the parcel I control. I can see how being able to get at least some of the info, such as a banned resident's last-logged-in date can be useful to me. But I am not an estate manager. I reckon, with the Firestorm-led hype, that it's time to update that web-page to cover the EAM features, making it clear who can, and cannot, use them. In the past, extensions to section-A through feature-B have suffered from only having B->A links provided, so that a search which finds section-A doesn't have a chance of revealing feature-B. I think one web-page, covering Estate Managers and the current tools, is enough
  13. What has started me off is the lousy optimization to the Mole-attributed items of the SL16B freebie outfits, up to five 1024-size textures for a pair of shoes, with two of those textures for the inside of the shoes, not visible while they are worn. It might be the poor mole was only responsible for loading the versions distributed, but somebody at the lab signed off on this crap, and they couldn't even be arsed to upload a smaller version of the usually invisible textures. This solution depends on finding somebody competent. I doubt I would be up to the job, but on the evidence I don't think a Linden would recognise competence if it sat on their face!
  14. It might not be the ideal solution, maybe a last-resort one to do with support guidance, but the relevant setting is likely to be in one of the preferences files which can be edited while the viewer isn't running. Looks like it's in user_settings/settings.xml and search the file for "TextureMemory". Either I am in totally the wrong place, or setting the value to 512 would fix it. Is it really that simple to fix?
  15. I can just remember a few things that RLV made possible which were replaced by other viewer functions. One was a system of photographic filters which now seem to be handled by Windlight. And, as long as everybody involved is having fun, RLV does have a place in sexual roleplay. I can think of things I would agree to do. There are a few things I can think of where RLV can usefully automate something, but somebody could do the same thing manually. What I would run away from, very very fast, would be the sort of guy who can't ask, who can't communicate, and thinks RLV is all that's needed. It's like the AFK places I see. What's the point? The big feature of SL is being able to communicate with other players. If you don't want to do that, why not download a porn video?
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