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  1. Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

    Beds like that already exist. I have a bed that the owner can set to "castration mode" - it flips the male onto their back & cuffs them. Female stands over the bed with a chinsaw. It even has blood & screams & a temp rezzed cut off part of the anatomy. Not that I would ever do such a terrible thing to unwanted bed visitors of course....
  2. Latest update turned my mesh body white

    Can you paste your system information from Help -> About Second Life again, so we can see the installed driver version. The region unavailable problem is nothing to do with your driver update. It sounds like that region was offline.
  3. Can Not Select Role in Group Invite

    Is the group very large? It could also be this bug: BUG-202550 - Unable to select roles when inviting someone to a group
  4. Land full of prims

    I can see certain cases where that bug could still reproduce but I don't really want to test it For example: Vehicle is rezzed under Group A outside Parcel B. Parcel B is group owned by Group A, Parcel B has a mixture of prims rezzed under Group A & prims rezzed under other groups. Vehicle is driven into Parcel B. Vehicle has high enough LI to overfill Parcel B when not sat on. Driver stands up from vehicle. Suspected result: All objects on Parcel B not rezzed under Group A will be returned to their owners because on group owned land, objects set to the land group always take precedence over those not set to the land group.
  5. Today I learned ...

    If you use Firestorm, while holding left click on your avatar, you can also walk by holding down the right mouse button. Left click your mouse button on your avatar or name tag. Keep the left mouse button pressed down, and then also click the right mouse button. Your avatar will start walking forward. Move your mouse to “pilot” your avatar. Releasing either mouse button will stop walking. This method also works while flying.
  6. Why is there a giant moon covering my screen no matter what I do?

    The image shows a broken Firestorm bridge attached as a HUD. Which viewer version are you using? You could try going to Avatar -> Avatar Health -> Recreate LSL bridge.
  7. Giant angled planes appearing in world

    Still there 15 hrs later. I filed another AR. @Tommy Linden
  8. Giant angled planes appearing in world

    Oh the horror! I filed an AR against the griff objects.
  9. Giant angled planes appearing in world

    I see it too. It's griff objects, file an AR
  10. convex mesh object vs thin prim collision

    Firestorm has a Havok sublicense from Linden Lab - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Havok_Viewer_Sublicense You need to be running a Havok enabled build of Firestorm, not the OpenSim version.
  11. What are you listening right know.

    Love this cover
  12. A Question About Movement On Firestorm

    Preferences -> Move & View -> Movement -> Pressing letter keys affects movement (ie WASD) instead of starting local chat
  13. What are you listening right know.

    This just blew my mind.
  14. groups still viewable

    That group only shows up when you search for your name under "Everything". I don't think you can get rid of it - it seems like expected behaviour to me. The group contains both the words salem & haven so it should be picked up in the search results for Everything.
  15. groups still viewable

    Is the group "Miss Robichaux's Academy"? That group's description contains the words Salem & haven.