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  1. Help please

    Top menu bar of the viewer: Build -> Options Make sure the top 4 settings in the red box are NOT ticked. Does that fix it?
  2. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    I don't think it's because they don't care - it seems to be the policy they just won't tell you exactly what you did wrong. Fwiw, I think it's stupid too. I can't think of any reason why they shouldn't tell you in more detail so you don't make the same mistake again.
  3. account troubles

    Yeah pretty much. Having a large number of items (where an item is a folder or a loose asset) in the root inventory folder causes the most problems. The more you nest your inventory into subfolders within subfolders, the better.
  4. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    You'll never be told the exact reason if you got a slap, suspension or ban for breaking the TOS or community standards. The most you get is the part of the TOS/CS you broke pasted to you. It's pointless to keep asking for the reason. It sounds like that's what happened to you, a normal support ticket asking for help with an account or technical issue etc wouldn't be treated that way.
  5. Use Land to Unpack Lost&Found Folder

    If you contact Linden Lab support, they will give you access to a region called Unpackistan where you can safely unpack all your stuff. Contact Support | Second Life Help
  6. Question about Relevance Ranking

    Both are guilty of keyword spamming for a start.
  7. account troubles

    Considering this problem is happening on multiple viewers but only on one account & you can login the affected account when cache is cleared all points to a problem with a large, flat inventory. File a support ticket with LL (https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ & ask them to check your inventory so see if it needs to be de-flattened. LL support can fix this.
  8. I'm trying to post in events.

    A couple of others having the same problem here:
  9. Here we go again

    Called it
  10. This is fixed for me now. Are you guys still seeing a problem?
  11. Odd. I went back to Morris to try again & now I can reproduce it. Logs show this for all new meshes I upload on Aditi now : 2017-10-17T16:17:29Z WARNING: #Mesh newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(3048) : LLMeshHeaderHandler::processFailure: Error during mesh header handling. ID: fb954e15-02e0-3d59-fbf3-e4325e21040f, Reason: Not Found (Http_404). Not retrying.
  12. Here we go again

    "Internal Fixes"
  13. I can see my mesh uploads on Morris region on Aditi.
  14. Nah, that bug isn't fixed yet when ALM is enabled. Not just the moon, the stars are also black against clouds when ALM is enabled. Stars: BUG-6000 -  Stars render black against lighter coloured night skies and against clouds when ALM is enabled. Moon: BUG-5813 - The moon looks darker when Advanced lighting is enabled.
  15. Unable To Post Events? SL Errors?

    I just posted a test event & it worked ok. I'm using Firefox.