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  1. Whirly Fizzle

    Coming Soon!

    EEP parcel environments work on any parcel as long as it's 128 m2 or larger. No experience is needed to set or view an EEP parcel environment.
  2. Whirly Fizzle

    Coming Soon!

    You'll have to "turn it off" every single session unless you use a TPV. BUG-225496 - [EEP] EnvironmentPersistAcrossLogin does not work on EEP viewers
  3. Whirly Fizzle

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-10-15

    Testylvania Sandbox, Hippo Hollow & Hippotropolis are supposed to be rolled to Snack as far as I'm aware.
  4. Whirly Fizzle

    Base-avatar skirts broken with advanced lighting model?

    It's a known bug - see BUG-4357 - Alpha masking is broken again on avatar clothing when ALM is enabled
  5. Whirly Fizzle

    Beta test grid?

    I'm currently logged into Aditi here: secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/EEPTesting/236/53/23
  6. Can you upload if you go to a different region?
  7. Whirly Fizzle

    Can't Sit Down

    Ok, found it through profile stalking Region is MYSTERIUM All parcels on the region are affected. It's definitely a malfunctioning or a griffy llUnsit script - you can't even ground sit on that region. Finding the culpret object or objects containing the script is like finding a needle in a haystack. LL support should be able to find them for you though.
  8. Whirly Fizzle

    Can't Sit Down

    What's the name of the affected region?
  9. Whirly Fizzle

    Current Premium Gift - camp fire & tent

    Is that an SSP region?
  10. When moving between different altitudes that have different environments set, the transition between environments is the same as when you cross between parcels with different environments set. There's some odd rendering glitches with the sky,sun position & horizon line up at altitude though - I'll file a JIRA for that bug, https://gyazo.com/290dc250926a78e80dccde171bef4957
  11. Whirly Fizzle

    Can't Sit Down

    Have you already contacted Linden Lab support about the problem? Support can track down objects with an llUnsit script.
  12. Whirly Fizzle


    If that's one of the new Linden homes, it looks great!
  13. Whirly Fizzle

    How do I find the group key?

    Presuming you are a member of the group, open your web profile in an external web browser & go to the group tab https://my.secondlife.com/AmandaHoliday#groups Click the group you want the key for. Then look in the address bar for the group UUID.