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  1. Suddenly Unassociated products

    ^ Does this help?
  2. Suddenly Unassociated products

    Hi Keira, Should those who filed JIRA issues reporting this problem today be told to file a support ticket too or are their JIRA reports enough?
  3. Suddenly Unassociated products

    Is it maybe the act of a customer buying or carting an item is triggering the unassociation? Hence it would be hitting popular merchants best selling items.
  4. Suddenly Unassociated products

    It's being reported new items are still being unassociated after today's MP maintenance. BUG-202752 - Further MP item disappeared AFTER today's maintenance
  5. Marketplace Listings - Reported and Unlisted?

    This is happening to a lof of stores today. Please see Also LL just posted this to the grid status: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/nylvk04mplfd
  6. Suddenly Unassociated products

    Pinging @Dakota Linden - please see the 3 comments above this one.
  7. I'm guessing you mean this:
  8. If you spent a lot of time in Sansar, you'd eat out of boredom too
  9. How do I stop my invisible avatar casting shadows?

    Theresa gave you the correct solution above. But the avatar shadow will still show if you have Avatar Shadows set to "Simplified" under Preferences -> Graphics -> General

    As Alwin said, this is caused by that font you used for the display name. It's a known bug. BUG-11555 - Setting certain characters in Display Name results in DN changing twice within minutes and resulting DN changes to Korean.
  11. Cant use my drop downs

    What do you mean by can't access them? Is the top menu bar in the viewer missing altogether or do you mean that your teleport history & mute/block list are empty when you open them? Which viewer are you using?
  12. viewer close after login

    Can you zip up the whole logs folder & upload it to dropbox or google driver or similar? Do you know how to run the viewer under gdb to get a backtrace? LL no longer support Linux on their official viewer & the Linux viewer is a bit buggy now. You may have better luck running one of the third party viewers that still support Linux. Up to date & still maintained third party viewers still supporting Linux are Firestorm, Catznip & Alchemy: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  13. Flagging unfair reviews - choice of reasons are too limited

    Pinging @Dakota Linden
  14. can be closed

    I didn't touch the thread!