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  1. I'm surprised this didn't hit the forums before the Wired article. Maybe it did & the mods swiftly removed the thread/s. Seeing as this thread hasn't been removed yet, I guess it's ok to discuss it. The first I heard of any problems were via Ms Pearlman's twitter a few weeks ago. I was following her because before she was fired she was "Maya Sansar". Thread - worth reading the whole thing.: Of particular note is this screenshot from the court docs where Patch & the Moles get a mention: Both Inara & NWN blogged about the Twitter thread & lawsuit long before the Wired article: Inara: https://modemworld.me/2019/08/01/linden-lab-in-wrongful-termination-lawsuit-over-alleged-cybersecurity-law-violations/ NWN: https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2019/07/linden-lab-tilia-second-life-lawsuit-kavya-pearlman.html Not really sure what to make of the whole shebang to be honest. Though Linden has always struck me as being extremely diverse & non-discriminatory with their staff hires. There are a lot of women in high positions within the company - one is on the board of directors, 5 women are listed as upper management. Also several RL Female Lindens who interact with us users inworld & on the forum are in high positions, eg) Grumpity Linden who is Director of Product. Linden also enthusiastically support Pride & quite a lot of Lindens are openly gay. I also know of more then one Linden who is transgender. Linden Lab just does not strike me as a company that would discriminate against a staff member for being female or a person of colour or being in any minority group at all.
  2. Also see https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_movement_and_camera :)
  3. I'm not sure how Singularity works but on FS you can just left click & hold on your avatar to move camera.
  4. Preferences -> Move & View -> View -> Reset camera position on avatar movement. You need to tick this setting to get the behaviour you want.
  5. If it's still happening today, can you post a screenshot showing the error? Are you able to buy L$ using the LL viewer? If it also fails on the LL viewer, try another region, then if you still get the error, contact LL support. Also can you buy L$ with an alt?
  6. You said clearing cache didn't work. Try a different viewer to see if your inventory is missing on that viewer. If your inventory is missing on the other viewer, contact Linden Lab support - they can run a script to check for inventory corruption & often they are able to recover missing inventory that doesn't display in any viewer because the inventory is corrupted. https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131009-contact-support If your inventory is only missing in one particular viewer, contact the support team for that viewer for help.
  7. This was originally a feature from Emerald viewer. This feature was ported into Phoenix & Firestorm & some other TPVs also added it. That feature was added to the LL viewer with a code contribution from Jonathan Yap in 2014. Ref: STORM-68 - Allow setting of default permissions on creation of objects, clothing, scripts, notecards, etc.
  8. This has been fixed for me the last couple of days too. Keeping fingers crossed
  9. Make sure you file an abuse report against any avatar handing you one of those debit perms scam "gifts". They need to file a support ticket asap & explain what happened. If it's possible for LL to recover the L$ following the L$ trail from the scam account, your friend will get their L$ back.
  10. What's the exact error you are getting? Can you post a screenshot?
  11. Your options will be limited. As far as I'm aware no TPV based off the current LL viewer use a different method to store login credentials. I suggest you try Singularity or CoolVL viewer. It's possible those V1 based viewers use a different method, but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure whether any other TPV stores multiple sets of usernames & passwords like Firestorm does. The LL viewer certainly doesn't. It will only remember your last used username & password.
  12. Technically not a bug. But with Windows 10 changing the machine ID so frequently now, it's become an inconvenience. This has been discussed several times within the Firestorm team about how it could be changed & still store your usernames & passwords securely. However changing the way credentials are stored to a different method to that which the Linden viewer uses has everyone a bit nervous. It's likely Firestorm won't change it till LL makes a change in their viewer. It was one of the Firestorm developers that filed: BUG-139291 - Windows product key not suitable as unique machine key
  13. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_stored_passwords#failed_to_decode_login_credentials BUG-139291 - Windows product key not suitable as unique machine key
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