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  1. Oh, that lovely warm fuzzy feeling when you break the grid 🤪
  2. Yeah, not so fast BUG-228393 - Offline messages are not delivered to Firestorm users on Second Life Server 2020-03-20T18:24:06.538907 (LeTigre / BlueSteel)
  3. Without steps to reproduce the problem, it can't be fixed. Providing an image attached to your JIRA issue (when you file it) that shows degradation when uploaded to the marketplace is the best thing to do. Is anyone else seeing image quality problems when adding images to their listings?
  4. I can't reproduce this. Can you upload an image to an image sharing site that looks fine (and share the image link) but gets degraded when you upload it to the Marketplace?
  5. Did you still get disconnected when you were using your cellular connection? Do you also get disconnected when using an alt account? It's possible your main account has an inventory issue which can cause login to time out which will result in disconnection soon after login or you will get fully logged in but when your inventory fetches in the background it can cause a disconnect.
  6. Do you have "Hardware Skinning" disabled in Preferences -> Graphics?
  7. A couple of years ago I had to use my cell network to connect to SL for a couple of weeks & the data usage was pretty horrific & expensive Using Firestorm, I would easily burn through 1GB of data in an hour at a busy event, less on an empty region without much content & my draw distance at 20m.
  8. Is there a reason you have bandwidth set so low?
  9. A recent viewer change added support for up to 30 second sound upload, BUT as far as I'm aware the serverside change needed to support this hasn't been implemented yet. As far as I know, 30 sec sound upload is coming soon (tm) but I haven't seen any official announcement yet when this will happen. It's also possible that only Premium or Premium Plus accounts will be able to upload sound files over 10 secs in length.
  10. That's fine. The viewer logs will still have the information needed.
  11. It's in Viewer-Neko https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-neko/ The commits tagged with SL-6109
  12. Can you run a session on Firestorm that fails to launch with the video driver error. Then close the viewer. Then zip up the Firestorm logs folder - how to find your logs: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/file_a_jira#how_to_give_us_your_logs Upload the logs.zip somewhere & send me the link. You can PM me the link if you prefer or send to my email: whirly.fizzle at phoenixviewer dot com.
  13. https://modemworld.me/2020/02/21/lab-seeking-a-plan-b-to-secure-sansars-future/
  14. If you are interested in discussions about SL topics, then there are several weekly Linden user groups that generally have some lively discussion: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups
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