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  1. OOOOh what happened? Asking for a friend...
  2. I don't think BUG-229219 - Group Chat Being disabled after teleport is fixed yet.
  3. Hiya Phil, Exactly what you are experiencing is affecting pretty much every group over the last few days. Just a few of the bug reports: BUG-230576 - Not receiving and unable to initiate any group chat conversations after simulator version update to 2021-03-31.557694 BUG-230571 - Group chat not working BUG-230592 - Group chat conversations still randomly fail since update to simulator version 2021-03-31.557694 BUG-230600 - Group Text Chat does not work
  4. It's a known bug BUG-229028 - [EEP] When ALM is enabled, disabling water rendering breaks the sky
  5. That can happen on systems with Intel graphics. Bug report: BUG-226613 - The object rotation bands are blinking
  6. That was fun to play with. Thanks for posting it
  7. This is not an easy problem to solve unfortunately. The "high tides" bug described on this thread has been fixed & reverted several times because the fix causes all standalone regions that use a non-default water height to have broken water rendering, which causes even more screams then the current behaviour described here. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-29065 & all the linked issues.
  8. LL send the TPVs listed on the TPV directory regular stats showing viewer versions, number of sessions, number of users, hours online, average session times, median session times, and crash rates.
  9. Some of the commons show up if you search for "polywog".
  10. The store is "Arcanist Mystique" & they are an old 2019 Gacha from Gacha Guild. The creators profile doesn't have a link to an inworld store though.
  11. Oh drat, I didn't see that thread earlier. Thanks!
  12. I've been playing with this cool free AI app called Wombo today that takes an image & adds music & lip syncing. It works really well with avatar images & the results are hilarious. I thought you guys might enjoy playing with it too. Information here: https://www.wombo.ai/ Here are some I made earlier Jessica Lyon Kyle Linden Dan Linden Alexa Linden
  13. Looking at Rider's comment on BUG-230126 - "Too many error returns for script." error from a HUD while on regions on Second Life Server 2021-01-20.555189 it's likely to be a script problem the creator needs to fix. Where is the soundscape object rezzed? @Rider Linden
  14. Edit your sky & under "Atmosphere & Lighting" set "Ice Level" to zero. Moisture Level, Droplet Radius & Ice Level are the 3 settings that control the rainbows. Note that you will only see the rainbows when shadows are enabled in the viewer.
  15. Setting non-default glow settings can cause weird effects like this. You can enable "Render Glow" again. Then open Phototools: ALT+P Go to the DOF/Glow tab. In the "Glow Settings" section, click the D button next to all the settings to reset them to default & that should fix it
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