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  1. There is no list. You already found the only "undocumented" one in Firestorm
  2. The mysterious bad word list includes company & product names that are trademarked or copyrighted, or whatever the correct term is. Kinder = https://www.kinder.com/uk/en/
  3. Actually certain WL or EEP settings can knock your FPS lower. Generally foggy environments will knock you down about 5FPS.
  4. https://modemworld.me/2020/07/09/linden-lab-announces-it-is-to-be-acquired/
  5. Well to be fair, it will be dead in 6 months anyway. May as well get all the screaming over with now then in 6 months time.
  6. Do you have "Sit when away" enabled in Prefs -> General? There is a bug that causes you to run when standing up from a ground sit. This bug happens on the LL viewer too, but the LL viewer doesn't have the sit when away option. BUG-10122 - Avatar always runs after standing from groundsit The next release of Firestorm will have the camera presets feature. As for the performance problem, there could be several causes. Firestorm has a lot more options & features then the LL viewer & this can cause some performance degradation, depending on your settings. If you have dual graphics cards, make sure Firestorm is running on the gaming graphics card. You can see which graphics card is being used under Help -> About Firestorm. Firestorm uses a higher object LOD setting then the LL viewer & this can cause lower FPS - Preferences -> Graphics -> Objects & sculpts LOD.
  7. Honestly, any SL content that relies on Flash media should really be updated by the creator so that it doesn't need Flash to work. It's only a matter of a very short time until Flash is dead.
  8. If you want to give me a SLURL to your arcade machine, I can also go & test it on a build of Firestorm viewer that has the CEF update too.
  9. Test using the current LL release viewer from here: Downloads | Second Life This will not interfere with your Firestorm install. You can have both viewers installed & in use at the same time. This LL viewer has the CEF update that broke Flash. The next release of Firestorm will have the same CEF update. It does appear that the broken Flash after the CEF update is a bug though. I have no idea whether LL will fix it or decide it's time to call it a day for Flash seeing as Chrome web browser already blocked Flash & the EOL of Flash is only 6 months away.
  10. Well, it depends which viewer you are using. Not all viewers have the CEF update yet.
  11. Flash is actually broken with the latest CEF update BUG-229024 - [CEF UPDATE] Flash is unusable in Built-in browser
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