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  1. Uniblue Powersuite is also known to cause copy/paste to not work, so uninstall that if you have it - see http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/copy_paste_fail Are you willing to uninstall McAfee temporarily, then reboot your computer & login to SL & test if copy/paste works & whether the viewer feeezing & disconnects still happen? If you are, please do this to rule out McAfee being the cause of the problem.
  2. Crashing a lot after last up date

    We had another report of this crash too - so far the cause is unknown. FIRE-22231 - Crash on outfit swtich
  3. Why Did the Postcards from SL top Working?

    I tested sending postcards with the current default release of the LL viewer to Snapzilla, which I presume works in a similar way to how images are posted to a Typepad blog. This worked & the image was posted.
  4. Why Did the Postcards from SL top Working?

    I found this on http://help.typepad.com/posting_via_email.html
  5. Why Did the Postcards from SL top Working?

    I asked one of the QA Lindens about this problem & they said that: we are now more IETF compliant and its probably sending the image as a multipart file, so this change may be making Typepad upset. I presume by "we" they meant the backend email service.
  6. Did your new PC come with an antivirus installed? Many new computers come with Webroot these days & Webroot is known to cause problems with Second Life. Antivirus software can also stop copy & paste working with certain programs. Which antivirus are you using?
  7. Why Did the Postcards from SL top Working?

    If you send a postcard to a different email address does it work? It's working for me sending to a Gmail email. Does sending a postcard fail on any region or just one?
  8. Why Did the Postcards from SL top Working?

    Hmm it's working for me using the current LL Windows 64bit release: Second Life Release (64bit)
  9. Help for a friend required

    She can give an alt her edit rights. Alternatively, if she's only parcel banned, stand on a neighbour parcel, cam to the objects & pick them up. If she's region banned & there's a neighbour region, stand on the neighbour region & cam to the objects & pick them up.
  10. Double clicking on a name in your friends list starts an IM session. I'm guessing you mean double clicking on a name in the FS radar, which will cam on them. You can right click a name in the radar & choose IM from the options. There's no setting that exists to change double click via radar to open an IM. You could make this change but you would need to change the viewer code & recomplile the viewer, which is not a simple task unless you know C++ & get set up to build Firestorm with your change.
  11. Online friends not displaying correctly

    The usual cause of this is a region problem. Are your online friends only showing offline when you login to a certain region? If so, the affected region needs to be restarted.
  12. Maybe this bug? BUG-9851 - Alpha masked textures on rigged mesh render opaque underwater when ALM is disabled.
  13. Blocked user evading a Block by sending 1L$ with message?

    There was bug in the viewers that meant that blocked residents can pay L$ to the blocker and use the pay message to avoid the block. Make sure your friend is using the latest version of Firestorm 5.0.11 which has the fix. The blocked user will still be able to pay you L$ but the payemt message will not be received if you are using a viewer version with the fix.
  14. The Strange Version Viewer Window That Opens and Scans

    I recommend "Lightshot" - it's free & has no nasties or PUPs. You can choose whether to save each shot to your PC or upload it online, no account needed. By default, hitting the F6 key will take the shot right away, so you can capture things quickly. Details: https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html Does it look like this? If so, this is the SL_Launcher window.
  15. The Strange Version Viewer Window That Opens and Scans

    The SL_Launcher will run on both 32 & 64bit builds of the LL viewer, it's not specific to the 64bit version. It shouldn't be popping up a window & checking for updates apart from viewer launch though. If Prok is seeing the SL_Launcher window checking for updates frequently while logged inworld, it's a bug.