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  1. Can you post a couple of screenshots of the same scene, one with ALM disabled with the working AA and one with ALM enabled showing the broken AA.
  2. Anti aliasing problem Do you have Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) enabled under Preferences -> Graphics -> General? AA behaves differently when ALM is enabled & disabled. If you enable ALM and then relog - does anti aliasing then work for you? If you have ALM enabled then disable ALM, AA will be broken unless you relog or enable ALM again. The AA setting of 2x, 4x etc only works when ALM is disabled. When ALM is enabled, the AA setting is fixed & the value you set for AA in preferences has no effect, AA is either on or off. Also note that 16x AA won't work well on a lot of cards, kit's best to avoid that setting. DOF problem Is DOF still missing in your saved snapshots if you take the shot at the current screen size? DOF does not scale with the resolution of the snapshot, so if you take a snap at a higher resolution, the DOF effect in the saved shot will be reduced. Lag with shadows Your system should be capable of running shadows without too much of a performance hit. Check that you don't have your shadow settings pushed up too high in phototools - that can really case a nasty performance drop. Top menu bar of the viewer -> World -> Photo & Video -> Phototools Under the Light (and DOF/Glow for good measure) tabs, click all the D buttons to set those settings back to default & see how your shadow performance is then,
  3. No you won't get in trouble at all. Wearing a different shape or editing a shape worn with a fitmesh/bento avatar is the norm & you are supposed to tweak the shape to get the look you want. The "no modify" permission on that mesh body just means that you won't be able to directly modify that mesh object, for example by editing it and changing the applied textures through the edit menu. You should be able to modify the mesh body using the HUD that came with the body though, or by using skin appliers made for that mesh body.
  4. You probably don't need Unconstrained. Pretty much every object I've seen that makes use of more then one dialog menu uses a separate channel for each, so the default setting should be fine.
  5. Just to note that on Firestorm, the default setting for number of script dialogs per object is one per object per channel. LL viewer is limited to one per object.
  6. Ok. If you still see the bug on 5.0.1, please can you share your Favorites folder with me in world & I'll see if I can reproduce it. Re the original multiple dialog problem - the old V1 based viewers used to support multiple dialogs so it's likely it still works on Singularity and CoolVL viewer too. Out of the V3 based viewers, I think only Firestorm supports it. There is an old bug report for the LL viewer here - it's been broken since their V2 viewer - https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-27524
  7. Have you tried the latest Firestorm 5.0.1 release? The favorite ordering bug should be fixed on it.
  8. @supapuff Oh wow, I just saw your update in the first post - yay making progress! Now that you know the old listing URL for the house, it's possible LL support may be able to still see that old listing and tell you the creator name. Another clue though.... If you search google images for exactly "2F 4 Room having Open Ceiling Space" (NOT "2F 4Room having Open Ceiling Space" or "2F-4Room-having-Open-Ceiling-Space") and include the quotation marks, you get exactly 5 image results and they are all from the same Second Life store - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/46661 This store only sells avatar mods now, but it's worth contacting the store owner to see if the house was one of their early builds they removed from the MP.
  9. Changing password doesn't work any more for the beta grid. To get your account synced over to beta so it will recognize your password, you need to contact Linden Lab support: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ However syncing the account over will I think replace the whole beta grid inventory with the main grid inventory, so he won't have the house on beta grid either.
  10. Another idea. When did you last login to the beta grid? You may be lucky enough that the missing house is still in your beta grid inventory - it depends how long ago the last inventory sync was done. If it's there, at least you can get the name of the creator & name of the house.
  11. Does the house show up in your order history? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders I'm not sure if items you are gifted get listed here but worth a shot...
  12. Daft question maybe, but have you tried powering off your router/cable modem for a few minutes and rebooting your computer for good measure since this started?
  13. Do you happen to have any old SL snapshots showing the house?
  14. I use a similar HUD to take 360 snapshots, which is excellent - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/IOL-Camera-360-Panoramic/10049409 Some piccies I took with it, all unedited apart from stitching the shots in Hugin Little Planet: 360 Equirectangular Projection: Click on image & drag mouse Cylindrical Projection:
  15. @Tommy Linden I already reported it using the Report button. This is the spam bot: https://community.secondlife.com/profile/1463846-gerry3233/ Edit to add: I see someone just nerfed the posts. Thanks!