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  1. Why Would a Mesh Tree Be 800+ Prims?

    I'm a total noob when it comes to mesh creation. This tree increases in LI the larger you scale it. At a smaller, normal tree size, this mesh has a reasonable LI. Am I right in thinking that if the creator had used "analyse" when uploading, this mesh wouldn't explode in LI when it was scaled larger?
  2. firestorm viewer

    If you still have the LL viewer installed, in the top menu bar of the viewer, go to Help -> About Second Life, click the "Copy to clipboard" button & paste all your system information here. Is it ALL mesh you cannot see or only worn rigged mesh? If it's only worn rigged mesh you cannot see, you likely have an intel card with an old graphics driver that needs updating.
  3. Why Would a Mesh Tree Be 800+ Prims?

    Info for the tree:
  4. Blog post from Firestorm developer Tonya Souther. http://secondden.blogspot.com/2018/06/at-apple-worldwide-developers.html
  5. Why Would a Mesh Tree Be 800+ Prims?

    Can you PM/IM me a link to the MP listing for that skybox?
  6. Intruder coming to our sim and moving objects

    I went to your region & checked if you had any objects set to anyone can move & you don't. I also tested the doors in the house on the region & they all appear to be working fine. Tip: On a region where you have no land rights & you are not an EM, going to Build -> Pathfinding -> Region objects will only display objects that you are allowed to move or have return rights for.
  7. APPS required?

    Can you explain in more detail what's happening & what these "apps" are? If you can post a screenshot showing the problem, that would be helpful.
  8. Firestorm Jump bug

    Does the affected account have an active gesture bound to the E key?
  9. Here is still up, I just went there.
  10. Haha Unpackistan is a real region. Support send Resis there who need to unpack things that can't be unpacked on a normal sandbox, such as coalesced objects with Linden plants or objects containing too many contents they can't rez on a normal region (>2k scripts for example). The region has higher limits for certain things.
  11. Closed Topic - Hiring Private Stablehand

  12. Contact support. They will give you access to a region called Unpackistan so you can unpack your stuff.
  13. The Latest on Last Names

    AS far as I'm aware, you can have mature/adult content in the text of your profile - there is a script that runs (not sure how often) that will set your profile to M or A if there are any M/A words in it. All images in the profile must be PG however.
  14. Sometimes those stuck snapshots do actually show up at the snapshots link: https://my.secondlife.com/F1FormulaE/snapshots
  15. First attempt was added in https://bitbucket.org/anchor17/viewer-release-baking-updates/commits/320ecbc5d47781e51038c596fea79d69b3717a27 Looks like this was backed out & they are going about it a different way now.. https://bitbucket.org/anchor17/viewer-release-baking-updates/commits/7613b07b54be5b7231e4e90571dabc037a0e40cb https://bitbucket.org/anchor17/viewer-release-baking-updates/commits/11f9716bd9388f939dbf9c1caf15cabc4ab2da98