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  1. Haha I'd missed that too.
  2. laq

    Try the demo first to make sure.
  3. laq

    Do you like The Skinnery sklns? They have nice body detail. The Skinnery Lydia skin looks really nice on the Trinity head. Here is Lydia: https://www.flickr.com/photos/umazuma/28372089305/ Here is Lydia on the LAQ Trinity in Milk tone.
  4. laq

    Trinity has Omega support out of the box, so you can buy any Omega head skin applier. This thread over on SLU has a few images of people trying various head appliers on the LAQ Trinity http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/mesh-avatars/116304-does-anyone-know-anything-about.html
  5. laq

    Which LAQ head do you have? My favorite skin for my LAQ Trinity head is actually the skin that comes as default with the head called Wilma. I think you can buy the Wilma skin applier for the other LAQ heads too. It's a really well detailed skin. The main image here is the Wilma skin.
  6. laq

    Omega skin appliers will work on the LAQ heads.
  7. You didn't say which viewer your daughter uses. If she happens to use Firestorm viewer, you can actually increase just the font size, as well as the UI size Madelaine mentioned above. On Firestorm: Avatar Preferences -> User Interface -> Fonts. Here you can adjust the font size, choose a different font (we include an all caps font which some people with vision problems find easier to read). Avatar -> Preferences -> Chat -> Visuals -> Onscreen console font size (this just changes the size of the console/chat text only). Avatar -> Preferences -> User Interface -> 2D overlay -> UI scaling (this is the setting Maddy gave you above). Avatar -> Preferences -> Skins - we also have some higher contrast viewer skins available which may help with vision problems, for example, choose Firestorm Skin, High Contrast theme.
  8. That's expected behaviour on the Linden Lab viewer. Some TPVs use SLT time for group notices.
  9. @Sidney Pobieski Which viewer are you using?
  10. The "Second Life: Third Party Viewer Meeting" recordings here are also a good source of information for what's coming down the pipe viewer wise.
  11. There wasn't a viewer deploy thread on the old forums. If there are particularly big viewer changes released, like Bento, LL usually write a blog post about them. You can keep an eye on upcoming viewer changes by checking the release notes for the RC & Project viewers here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers Inara also posts a frequent viewer release summary on her blog here: https://modemworld.me/category/second-life/sl-tech/viewers/ Also here for general SL updates: https://modemworld.me/category/second-life/sl-tech/sl-project-updates/
  12. If you are using Firestorm viewer, do you have "Sit when away" enabled? Preferences -> General -> Sit when away.
  13. I want to share another trick you can do in Firestorm which I use a lot that not many people seem to know about. It's especially good for those of you who like to post unedited snapshots & see what effects you can get just using the viewer tools. You can actually use the viewers Depth Of Field (DOF) effect to sharpen your shots by using a negative Circle Of Confusion setting (CoC). This can really make some close up face shots pop with no post processing. In the top menu bar of Firestorm: World -> Photo & Video -> Phototools -> DOF/Glow tab -> Enable Depth of Field. Setting a small negative value for CoC will slightly sharpen the image (I usually use -2 to -6). Setting a much higher negative value gives some really funky effects that are cool to play with. Warning - a high negative CoC value will push your graphics very hard. Remember to set CoC to default after twiddling with it (click the D (default) button). Shot 1 - DOF disabled. Shot 2 - DOF enabled & CoC set to -5 gives a nice sharpen effect Shot 3 - CoC set to -50 - now we get a little crazy!
  14. Examples: Nasty ugly default camera zoom Zoomed in using CTRL + 0 instead.
  15. Zoom the camera in using CTRL+ 0 - this gets rid of the fish eye effect when zooming in normally. It's a must for avatar close ups. CTRL + 8 to zoom out - nice for wide angle shots. CTRL + 9 resets camera zoom to default.