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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for confirming that.
  2. @GabrielleVanDerMalle Please update to the latest Avast virus definitions. We believe this should be fixed now. Does that fix it?
  3. Starting early hours of this morning, both Avast & AVG antivirus (both owned by the same company now) started flagging Firestorm as being infected with "IDP.ALEXA.51". It's a false positive. You will need to whitelist Firestorm in your antivirus software: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/antivirus_whitelisting Are you using AVG or Avast?
  4. If you know the asset UUID of ANY asset that's stored on the CDN, regardless of it's permissions, you can acquire that asset for yourself.
  5. JIRA filed: BUG-227627 - I'm having issues trying to log in to SL with the Linden Labs Viewer roughly since June 2019.
  6. Look at the OP's previous posts & it makes a teeny bit more sense... Also OP may find this helpful: https://www.atrixnet.com/bs-generator.html
  7. You arrived at the Firestorm Gateway regions for your orientation. LL send a certain percentage of new accounts to one of the Resident run Community Gateway orientation regions.
  8. Possibly this bug - performing certain actions can double the items in your cart. BUG-226406 - Items saved in marketplace cart disappears if new items are added when not logged in
  9. Your old "prim drift" JIRA issue BUG-7922 - Prims have moved (LeTigre
  10. Oh, we still use that for Firestorm Team recruits
  11. Can you post the FULL system information listed. All of it in that Help -> About Window.
  12. When logged in on Firestorm, in the top menu ar of the viewer, go to Help -> About Firestorm. Click the "Copy to clipboard" button & paste all your system information here. Please also post a screenshot showing your settings in Preferences -> Graphics -> General.
  13. BUG-227593 - [NordVPN] Logins seem to be broken Lots of reports that SL login isn't working via NordVPM at the moment.
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