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  1. Try all the demos, and not for just a second.
  2. Playing the devil's advocate here, Crack Den being one of the largest (and oldest) RPing communities attracts all kinds of players, if some are meta or powergaming that surely isn't something everyone there would do I think, at least it didn't used to be. What made you feel like you weren't very welcomed there by the way? There's one thing you should understand, long term roleplay is something a lot of people will prefer, but the problem is lining up schedules. Even if you have a very consistent online presence it is very hard to line up the planets and get consistent roleplay. So for that reason most people won't be very invested into someone new that comes to a community, because odds are they won't see much of them. Hypocritically these same people will complain about the lack of new players or roleplay in general, and when someone knocks on their door they just don't answer... Another thing you should consider, because you have a partner that will be off putting to a lot of people. Most people like their roleplay to have two or three characters max per scene, ideally two, that is because if you take say 3-5 minutes to post you are looking at 6 posts yourself, and 6 posts from the other player for an hour worth of RP... with three players that is 4 posts each, likely less because stuff happens. Roleplay is a massive time investment, one that like I have mentioned previously will likely go no where since you'll only meet the same people a handful of times. It wasn't always like that, early days of Crack Den that place was a skybox, a road in the sky, it had a police station, a medical center and a crack house, ence the name Crack Den. Back then RP was a lot more loose, one-liner even but that style lend itself to amazingly fast pace so you actually felt like you were writing a story. These days a lot of people equate going over the character limit as a sign of good writing, which is just isn't. I can describe as good as the next guy the fluid dynamic of a drop of water rolling down a chilled glass that is sitting on a table outside a coffee shop in a warm summer afternoon while a pigeon flies over head, gun metal grey the color of the tips of its feathers. There is a time and place for such eloquent and detailed narrative, most people on that level can't seem to understand it isn't all the time and all they are going is bogging down the pacing to a post every 15 minutes. Now since I'm ranting, let me give you my views on fantasy roleplay settings. Don't. Really, do not get into that. The problems with those is, the very nature of the theme is vague and loose. Take vampires for example, seems straight forward enough right? Except as soon as you start thinking about it there are a million flavors of vampires and everyone is gonna wanna play their own tune. If the sim rules are too strict people will get upset and leave, so most sims will just let people do what ever. That brings us to hybrids... all bets are off with hybrids when it comes to individuals picking their abilities and skill sets. Last but not least, original races. Yeah when you see one of those it really is time to open the door and get out. They will likely be the last surviving member of a race that was incredibly amazing at doing things, more often than not those things they were amazing at was killing other things, yet somehow they got themselves extinct... that doesn't matter because this last one surviving member is the bomb and the only weakness they have is... when they get upset they become even more powerful... Now because I don't want you to leave here losing all hope in humanity, for what you describe I believe the best fit for you would be a living community. These aren't necessarily roleplay, or in some cases the roleplay takes a back seat. Dare I mention Bellisseria? You can look for a family friendly place that has community activities, there is also adoption agencies, you can look into those.
  3. Your problem can be solved in the settings, if you are old enough that is, if you are a legal adult just enable Mature and/or Adult content and the search will bring up those results. Most RP sims are in Moderate or Adult regions, that's because they rather play it safe when it comes to ToS, so no wonder you aren't finding very many.
  4. Then don't hide it? It isn't anyone's business, you have the right to keep your privacy. Just like everyone else has the right to not associate anymore with someone they feel like wasn't honest with them. You see you can't have your cake and eat it too, if you don't hide it, then the onus would be on the individuals themselves to make their choice if they would like to associate themselves with you or not. Let me give you an example, I have a trans friend in SL that insists on buying pants and shorts with bulges on them, and when I asked her why does she care so much and even skips on clothes that don't have bulges, she said because other wise she might be sending the wrong message with her appearance and that way people can make an informed decision if they wanna approach her or not, which saves her a load of trouble. Now, different strokes for different folks, I'm not telling you to carry on a sign, what I am telling you is, if hiding that fact is causing you distress and costing you personal relationships, maybe it is time to rethink that approach as you seem to be doing right now, I'm willing to bet being honest will be liberating and it won't ever again cost you any relations when the truth is revealed.
  5. I just wanna throw this out here, you might wanna consider just having a special moment for the two of you, exchange vows, do some pictures and just enjoy yourselves. Because think of the alternative, you are gonna bring in people you'll barely know to a very intimate setting, how exactly are you gonna entertain them? Are you gonna have a DJ there? And don't say either you or your bride can do that, you won't be able to multitask that and even if you do, do you really wanna spend that day focus on entertaining strangers? Not to mention they will have little or nothing to add, it's not like they will have stories of either of you to tell so at best you'll be talking about things neither of you were there for. Now think, why do you even want them there in the first place? To have an event with some people that will mark a special occasion? But how are they gonna add to that? They're not, and things will get awkward really quick at which point you'll just wanna leave and likely not talk to them much ever again, are the pictures you might take in a group really worth all that? Managing to get a sizable group there would be ideal, because then they would mingle among themselves, but odds are you'll get 2 or 3 there at best, which will be a very small number and make everything even more awkward. Trust me there is nothing wrong doing a ceremony where is just the two of you, in your head you might think it's a sad thing to do but it can be a lot more special than having some friends there, let alone strangers.
  6. The hairbase has elements that influence a Bento Head, namely... Eyebrow> Eyebrow Size Eyebrow> Eyebrow Height Eyebrow> Eyebrow Arc Eyebrow> Eyebrow Points Needless to say these variables have a MASSIVE impact on the ultimate appearance of a Bento Head, even if the majority of people completely disregard this crucial element on shaping it. While I am at this, do make sure you don't simply alpha the basic hair, but actually shape it to be crushed inside the skull, other wise what you have there is a mesh object with 100% transparency that can mess up your avatar.
  7. The Right Hand is the default attachment point for any new object created, for anything else you need to manually set it only content creators just leave it as is bag it and sell it. Yes it can cause a lot of problems, for example after a teleport some people on the region you land might not see some of those objects and yes you should manually make sure you are not wearing everything on the same attachment, it is good to have a strategy like OP does, although the Spine is (used to be more) a premium attachment point, that's because of how an avatar will move there are a lot of non-rigged objects you might wanna put there, so I would go for something like shoulders and other less used ones.
  8. For me is the hair before anything else, then everything follows. Even something like this is not quite there yet and this one is several levels above.
  9. In SL? No, not even close, not even with all the latest skins that are made out of real pictures (the face at least) those would be the ones that could have a hope to come close but it all falls apart when you look a complete picture, even if it is a close up with a blurry back ground. Although I would guess different people have different levels of tolerance before they start experiencing that.
  10. I find that the easiest way to find things in search is by looking on the Groups tab. Anything else will sometimes return no results, even if you copy paste the correct name, let alone if you only manage to get it close... In groups (for some reason) the search function works a lot better, when you find the right group you can open the profile of the creator and on that profile you often find the direct link to the place you wanna go.
  11. Don't forget to mention the Default Hair aka Bald Hair aka Eyebrow Fixer (what ever the creator decided to call it) these have a massive impact on the shape of the eyebrows and wearing the wrong one can cause the eyes to look droopy and melted.
  12. It's simple, these add ons change the shape of the area (ence why you are complaining) so if they make their clothes to accommodate this, those clothes will look poorly fit on people that don't use these addons. As is there are already leading mesh body brands that get things made for them and then every other body just gets a (often poorly) ported version, because content creators don't have the resources (or will) to port clothes properly. The idea they would start making a specific version of their clothes to accommodate both the regular mesh bodies and the augmented ones with these add ons is not something they would be willing to do. As many people here have mentioned, you should be detaching them when you are not using them anymore, that will make your avatar lighter in geometry, textures and scripts.
  13. I can tell you the Belleza Jake body you can adjust foot size with the shape slider, and this will translate into the size of any rigged footwear.
  14. @Lindal Kidd I had no idea there were silent bite vampire games in SL, but after Bloodlines that doesn't surprise me.
  15. It's simple, think of bloodlines as a pyramid scheme. Because of that in the old days A LOT of these bloodline players would just go to popular places and spam pretty much anyone with bite requests, because "the more you bite the merrier!" A lot of people had no clue what all this was and they were getting these prompts every few minutes from people they didn't know, and even if they kept pressing Deny over and over again it was still annoying to get these constantly and THAT was the major objection people had, not their names being listed outside of SL since the vast majority of targets didn't even know that was a thing. The free Garlic Necklace stops all this, but as far as I can remember that came out quite a while later thanks to all the complains bloodlines was getting. The problem with all this is, and this shouldn't go without saying, is people that didn't want to participate in the game (or even know what the hell it was) had to actively take steps to get out of it, which needless to say should NOT be the case. No one should be required to look something up so they can opt out of it. The aforementioned garlic necklace wasn't a common knowledge thing and for that a lot of people just settle with pressing Deny a couple dozen times a day, and even if someone told them about it they were still expected to get it and wear that scripted object made by some people they didn't know and probably didn't even like. With all that a lot of clubs just labeled "bite requests" as harassment (rightly so) and some places carry it on till today. If you can imagine getting a dozen or so random friend requests a day, you can understand how it was.
  16. As far as I know, and depending on the group, they still do all that. Perhaps in a more controlled environment were they set up the scenarios with people they know rather than relying on randomly approaching other people that they don't, which more often than not never ends well or at least it's not a fun experience. As you've mention, both RL and in on SL these groups have other missions, in SL in particular they tend to focus on what works best and is more enjoyable.
  17. I can do you one better, there are groups in SL dedicated to SAR that operate all over the grid, normally in the public waterways. You can find some of these groups in world, there are two which are particularly active and one of them sounds like just what you are looking for, look up the group named United States Navy SL created by Izzy Harcassle and take it from there.
  18. I would say it is probably easier to find people in world for that since that is a very very common RP theme, do the point I would say it is over done.
  19. So you're using anecdotal evidence of a small sample size to prove my estimate wrong, by a landslide no less! I can always present you mine, which is a few hundreds of SL users that I've help set up SL over the years, part of that help includes them sending me their system specs and over 95% of them have laptops with no discrete GPU. So my sample pool being vastly larger than yours puts the statistical evidence on my side, which since LL doesn't do hardware surveys or at least do not make those public is the only thing we have to go by, but I would love to see you prove there are over 100 concurrent users of SL right now running it on RTX cards.
  20. Besides the temperature that has been mentioned, are you running it on battery or plugged in? Even when it's new, it's not a good idea to run a laptop on battery while on SL, for several reasons but especially when with age your battery starts getting degraded. If you are looking for a program to read temperatures, try "Open Hardware Monitor" I'm not gonna paste a link because I don't think these forums allow that, but look for the .org URL, and no place else. It's free, it's light, doesn't need to be installed and it tells you a load of information about your system.
  21. You know when you put it like that you are belittling the suffering of people that live in much, MUCH worse places. How bad can it really be when there's no shortage of people trying to get in there by any means necessary? Just something for you to think about.
  22. That depends on where you are, with who you are and what you're doing. Some clubs have personal rules about minimum hight, they will also get upset if you are half the size of your partner.
  23. If you're always in the same place, you'll never see the people that never go there.
  24. I know several. I also know people that come into SL, set all preferences to max because that's what they do in every video game, drop their jaws when they see that gives them 15 FPS, go away and don't come back. The problem is, content creators end up in [censored] contests and to exacerbate the issue, users will "give the crown" to the one that goes more over the top and label that as "high quality." Here's an example of a little prop that even in the most modern best looking video game would have a fraction of the geometry and texture detail shown here:
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