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  1. Copying various files from different viewers didn't help? 😏
  2. SLPlugin.exe is not SLVoice.exe but belongs to the internal browser/media components which are trying to connect to a malicious website, most likely by an inworld TV around your location relying on some dodgy website to display their content.
  3. What both @Oz Linden and @Rider Linden forgot to mention was, that you can create days longer than 24 hours (even Ethopia with their 13 months calendar didn't had that idea yet 😛), why is it you can only set an offset of from [-12;12] hours??? 🤔
  4. Why don't you ask them? https://jira.secondlife.com/
  5. Since Python is only used for build scripts and not to run websites, the deprecation issue is neglectable - at least on Windows, where you simply download Python 2.7 and install it, because Windows - it just works!
  6. Yeah, using Python 2.7 for running build scripts (like any other viewer until LL finally updated their scripts to be Python 3 compatible)... man... those are some serious problems... as if the viewer would be executed on a webserver!
  7. Complete nonsense! Evolution is the key. It's just that Apple a) favors vendor-lock in and b) simple wasn't willing to fix their broken implementation causing it to be stuck on a 15 year old specification because the deprecation argument just came in handy because of a)
  8. "Since we are lazy a** f***ers and don't care about fixing our OpenGL implementation, OpenGL was deprecated in macOS 10.14. To create high-vendor-locked-in code on Macs, use the Metal framework instead. See rip-off." - fixed it for you!
  9. It was added during the early days of server-side baking to enable fetching baked textures via HTTP since it was still done via UDP back then. For quite a while, they are already fetched via HTTP - unless client-side baking is used, e.g. on OpenSim. As Whirly already said that setting is not connected to any code anymore and you can ignore it for the time being it will be removed in next release.
  10. You know you are getting boring, right? You said bugs are only relevant if you know about them, otherwise it's acceptable to release with bugs - what you said in a nutshell basically. This leads to the simple conclusion that there was no snapshot bug for the vast majority of our users. And those actually affected still had the chance of rolling back to an older version. What I was referring to are bugs that are inside your viewer you would have noticed at some point if you were actually using the viewer. Anyway, since I'm getting bored and we're not getting anywhere here: Brag on, Wayne!
  11. Do you have some broken record or what's your obsession with high resolution snapshots? But hey, most people haven't noticed that or it wasn't relevant for them, so everything ok for 99% of the users. Aside from that there are several issues in the viewer you would notice in daily use and are even reported to the LL JIRA - if you would actually use the viewer for things other than pushing pixels in the UI or tweak stuff for creating videos to brag with! You must be kidding, right? Everyone knows how you changed the complexity calculation the way you think it should be because you could
  12. And you have bugs in your viewer we already fixed years ago - shouldn't you be ashamed right now? How can you dare to have your users live with these bugs for years? In your position I would be careful who you start fingerpointing at, especially if your viewer contains an actual TPVP violation you only get away with because apparently Oz doesn't seem to care since it only affects 250 users or so... But for now I am happily waiting for your lesson about release managent which is most likely coming up next - I'm sure it will be good for a laugh or giggle at least!
  13. What EEP release are you talking about? The is no actual Firestorm EEP release out yet due to the amount of bugs EEP still has - there is only a public beta for people to have a peek. But I forgive you overlooking that fact while raging...
  14. You don't like the new "oiled pig" look once somebody puts on a tiny bit of shine? Well... I wonder if there was a reason Firestorm didn't release this rushed out piece of breakage yet - beside giving other TPVs the mandatory chance to brag and blame... 🤭
  15. of course that helps quite a lot if you try to call other grammar nazis it has nothing to do with grammar nazis but maybe if you want others to understand what you are trying to say it might really help otherweise I'm not sure why you are complaining about no support you tried to create some abortion of a viewer and seriously expected support for it asking to warn about or even ban viewers because they don't live up to your personal standard just lol but since you are so smart an know best why not fork any viewer project and make your own improved super up to date viewer you can hand out but d
  16. But what other choices do you have if you want to keep this piece of abandonware up to date? I'm already looking forward to the next episode titled "How to update from version 6.3.9 to 6.4.x using a hex editor"!
  17. That's not only related to software development. It happens in other areas as well, most likely where people without competence (aka politicians) are in charge.
  18. Apple is only deprecating OpenGL because they haven't been able to get a proper implementation for ages and been stuck at OpenGL 2.0 or something like that, now using the "old-tech" argument to distract from their own incompetence. Apart from that, forcing developers to use Metal comes with some nice lock-in effects and we all know how Apple likes to lock in their users. The only positive effect of switching away from OpenGL to Vulkan (if they do, since they just even are about to start evaluating how many users are actually capable of using it) would be, that we finally might get away fr
  19. Do what you wanna do. Since people on the Firestorm team have actual jobs and cannot spend 8+ hours a day of fiddling with the viewer and start from scratch if one of those optimizations leaves the viewer in a broken beyond repair state as already happened with Alchemy. And yes, some options do have an impact on performance.
  20. Contact the creator of that game and ask them to change your username in their database to your new one since they are apparently "very smart" and use a username as key in their database instead of your account's UUID...
  21. 32bit viewers don't set Windows 10 compatibility to allow people with older Intel HD2000/3000 GPUs to be still able to use Second Life, which results in Windows identifying itself to those viewers as Windows 8. Apart from that, I would check the dual GPU settings in the nVidia command center instead of that Windows settings thingy. I wouldn't trust that any inch.
  22. Nope, wrong! Since I have an old laptop here with an Intel HD 3000 GPU and Windows 10 running on it, I can easily demonstrate how much of a driver there is: The driver comes directly with Windows 10 and is not the base driver Windows installs if it doesn't have a specific driver for the GPU. The only problem with this driver is that the actual Windows 10 profile is broken (presumably because Intel never provided full Windows 10 support), so you MUST run the application in Windows 8.1 compatibility mode, which - as already stated - does not work if you define explicit Windows 10 comp
  23. The viewer is running perfectly fine in Windows 8.1 compatibility mode. The problem is that the executable file is explicitly configured to be compatible with Windows 10, which will result in Windows not trying to run the viewer in compatibility mode (if you don't specifiy explicit Windows 10 compatibility, an application will always run in Windows 8 (or 8.1) compatibility mode). This is done by a so-called application manifest file, which is built into the executable file. Not sure how it is done in Singularity, but both the LL viewer and Firestorm do not set Windows 10 compatibility for thei
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