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  1. I've been ghosted and I have ghosted others. (It's primarily because I'm an incredibly mentally unstable person who shifts rapidly from being communicative to wanting to be isolated because hey, let's give a 12 year old amphetamines because he fiddled with a pencil in class, that definitely won't come back to ruin their life 10 years in the future) A friend of mine in a discord server is in a similar way, one day they just deleted the discord, deleted their account, and then abandoned every other method I had to contact them. I got one last message off and it said they read it, and I'm glad they did read that at least. But god damn I spent months trying to track them down from knowing the county and state they lived in and that they worked at a Checkers. Never got a lead, it's been a couple years now, I still think about them fairly often, id like to know how they're doing, but I've got nothing on them besides a game profile they abandoned. In the same sense I've a few months ago deleted my Facebook, nobody in my family besides my parents have my phone number or address, pretty much all my social media was abandoned ages ago, I never keep game accounts for long (this SL account is like #4 or 5, first starting in 2006, and it's the longest I've had an account out of those). I guess after years and years of the internet, having made friends online that I talked with for even up to a decade, only for something to eventually drive us apart, I just stopped valuing online friendships. If I meet someone and talk to them a bit, even if we get along great, at some point I just won't be able to anymore, so I don't feel any reason not to just delete them from the friends list out of the blue because I don't see any reason to talk with them.
  2. cykarushb

    Where are all the black people...

    Social games are more popular with middle aged white women. i don't intend for that to be offensive to the middle aged white women but it's totally true the same kind of people who play the sims, still own a desktop pc but not specifically a gaming pc, probably have a myspace page, other hobbies include attempting to out-Pinterest the Pinterest moms, many own at least 1.5 cats and have 1.5 kids just a demographic, one that likes SL, so they kinda overshadow everyone else SL also attracts younger teenagers and various degenerates, specifically with the younger teenagers that would ever care about a social game, mainly middle class white kids who are bad at making friends, and the degenerates never play as who they really are irl im a polish mexican irl, ain't nobody wanna see that genealogical derivation disaster of a body composition in SecondLife so I wear the skin of what was once a real red panda I digitally scanned into SL to cover it up
  3. Do not use bottleneck calculators, they're owned by computer part companies and are designed to trick you into getting and upgrade you don't need. fine example here, Ryzen 3 2200G and GTX 1060 "10.04% bottleneck" Just buy this Xeon! Totally pair with your 1060! It's a workstation class haswell hyperthreaded quadcore that really just performs about the same as the 2200g. Not to mention that's buying into LGA 1150, a now nearly entirely obsolete socket. DDR3 and not DDR4, no nvme, no future upgrade path at all, expensive motherboards if you wanted new, realistically all those parts would be used... Bottleneck calculators are just overall a click bait sort of site designed to provide a person with SOME information, wether it's useful, true or even vaguely based in any kind of comparative research is out the window.
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    What are you doing today!? :D

    cramming big parts into a small case on my secondlife machine
  5. It would simply be way too much effort to put in for very little end reward. The reason not a lot of people play SL is because not a lot of people bother with any kind of social game at all. Theyre all pretty much dead, Smallworlds/Habbo/IMVU/SW/etc. If you wanted to count some similar games from a younger target audience, like Adventure Quest or even Club Penguin... "making the graphics better" just isnt really that easy with SL, the engine this game is built on is ancient, it would pretty much have to be rebuilt from the ground up, and that comes with a lot of problems like: 1) will anyones content work in the new game from the old game? 2) how much of a bug infested mess will it be? 3) how long until someone finds a game breaking exploit? Really to get this game "playable" at higher settings you dont need much hardware wise. You can still play SL on hardware from its launch day, you can play SL comfortably on hardware from over a decade ago, ive done it, way too many times. Its not that demanding but because it performs terribly on all hardware, people with PC's like mine who have no problems with any AAA game today would come to SL and see that it doesnt look as impressive but its giving them balls tier framerates are going to really notice something like that. And on some level it really isnt acceptable at all, its not just user content, thats a huge part of it, the content on this game isnt optimized to run efficiently. Playing a game like say, Grand Theft Auto V or Fallout 4, those games run well at high settings on decent hardware, but that same hardware will struggle with SL. The reason is that every single little tiny thing in those games is designed to look the best it possibly can while requiring the minimal amount of system resource usage. If you take off the textures of many objects in a lot of AAA games that look super complex, you find that theyre actually very simple shapes hidden underneath a detailed texture. But then you notice the texture itself also really isnt that detailed, its low res and involves a small spectrum of colors if its an object thats generally one color. Its all designed to run as well as it can because the studios have massive dev teams to make sure that everything is optimized so their games will run on a large variety of hardware, which allows for a larger audience to buy and enjoy the game. SL doesnt have that, its all made by other users, and while many people here are excellent at making 3D objects for this 3D world, they are god awful at optimization. But its not just the fault of that, testing done by many users on this forums and myself has shown that SL really just bombs at using your hardware well. It does not matter what GPU youre using in SL as long as its moderately recent and not super low end. 8800GTX from 2006? Itll play, not maxed, but 1080p at decent framerates, itll play. Even with a matching Core2Quad Q6600. Hell ive got a windows vista machine i put together recently to play Halo 2, with a Core2duo E6550, 8800GT and 2gb of 800mhz DDR2. That wouldve been a high end but not enthusiast tier PC if it was still 2007. It still plays SL, 1280x1024, so around 720p. Generally medium settings, lots of avatars can crumble framerate but its smooth for the most part. That is a 12 year old PC. There is no SSD, its running Vista, it is all 2007 inside and it still plays SL fine. Next to me right now is my current SFF project with an i5 4570, 8gb of ram and a GTX 680, older stuff but nothing to be scoffed at even in 2019, and it plays SL about as well as you'd expect. But if you compare the difference in the overall playing experience you get from the Vista Machine compared to this PC or my main PC, its some really, really small jumps. You expect more. The Vista Machine can only play GTA V with 4gb of ram installed (i just dont because its not appropriate to the time), its terrible in 1024x768 basically all low settings and around 30fps. But it can play GTA V. But theres this massive jump going from that to this pc with an i5, and an even larger one to my main PC. Like complete night and day, suddenly im playing 1440p max settings 60+ fps all the time. Its a whole different experience. SL being how it is, just doesnt run well on anything. And going from the vista machine to the i5 its just like, well i can turn ALM on and play in 1080p now. But overall the framerates are only marginally better in some places. So it looks a little nicer and its higher res but thats it. GTX 680 was 2012, so 5 years of technological advancement got me ALM and higher resolution. The i5 came out a year after that (so 7 years from the Core2duo at 2006). Thats not SL content, thats the base game, thats the stuff in the background, the "engine" behind it all. Processors and GPUs are really just underutilized in every single way on this game. More cores != better in any way, people with Threadripper 16 core processors get about the same performance as people with decently modern dual cores. Got a RTX 2080ti? Dont matter much, your framerate will be minimal over someone with a 1060/1070. So maybe one day in the future we will see if SL will get some large scale upgrade to the game that will make it look more appealing to a larger audience. I personally think it looks fine, not everything needs the complex lighting and shaders that you see a lot of in AAA games. But that also depends on if people would actually play it anyway. Sl is one of those weird relics of the past that somehow stuck around because it quickly built a massive playerbase that just doesnt leave. New players show up now and then, most quit but many stay, and chances are the only reason they stay is because theres a bunch of diehard SL citizens already here to interact with. That was the death of a lot of social games. Smallworlds died because the new players showed up to a nearly empty game and nobody stuck around, and the original players stopped playing because (well there were a LOT of things, mainly the economy that got ruined) they ran out of stuff to do. You aint gonna run out of stuff to do in SL, i dont expect it to die anytime soon, but a large scale upgrade to the game wouldnt really draw anyone here since almost nobody is actively looking into playing games like SL these days. Its just not popular anymore.
  6. I did a whole thing testing this. The requirements page is really vague and out of date along with being host to a lot of misinformation. You can run SL on an absolute toaster, but don't go buy a GTX 275 because that's what the requirements page lists. Depending on your budget you can have a lot of options ranging from modern hardware to some older core2duo/core2quad kind of stuff and get playable results.
  7. cykarushb

    Second life with a GTX 1080 card?

    Try not to necrobump, start new threads in the future. Im not sure how you found this considering it was from march of last year. I could definitely see it being a vram limitation but ive personally never seen vram come into play on my 970 no matter where i was. Most ive ever seen SL use was about 2.2gb and that was in a rather people packed location. If youre playing in much higher resolution than 1080p, yeah, you will probably see your vram get maxed. But 4gb shouldnt have any problem with SL in 1080p. If vram is your main concern and you dont need the best of the best gpu wise, you could look into an AMD RX 580/590, which have 8gb options and perform like a 6gb 1060 which performs slightly better than a 970. Its not the greatest jump overall but it will give you overall better performing video memory compared to the 960 with its 128 bit memory bus. Let it be known i was right, while 1000$ was incorrect it was pretty damn close, with a 700$ rtx 2080 and 800$ "founders edition". Not to mention the 1200$ 2080ti founders edition. Oh, or the 2500$ rtx titan. And also that a used 980ti is going for about 250-270$ right now, as are gtx 1070's. Though oddly enough i would still say the 980ti would be a safer buy because Maxwell was terrible for crypto mining and a lot of the used 1070's are from crypto mining. So at this time in march we were at the peak of the cryptocurrency GPU inflation, 1080ti's going for 1100-1300$ new on average, their MSRP used and even higher. We got these cheap cards: With no video outputs, and then like a month later crypto crashed and Nvidia was left with this massive stock of 1060's they cant sell, oddly enough people figured out how to game on the cards with no video output anyway. People wonder why i like old tech. Anything current is always a complete mess to deal with.
  8. cykarushb

    What are you doing today!? :D

    Just having a blast in Missouri.
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    Lack of R-Pi viewer

    Pretty sure you can just install linux and run it on linux. The hardware isnt going to be up to the task but it should start. I dont think SL cares what architecture youre on.
  10. Both intel and AMD can overclock, it gets a bit complicated to explain but heres the simple tl;dr version: 1) Overclocking means you are running the CPU at a higher clock speed than stock. i.e a 3ghz processor overclocked to 3.4ghz. Doing this basically increases the voltage going to the processor by a small amount to get the clock to run faster (think of it like giving more power to a lightbulb, more power, brighter light). 2) This requires specific processors and specific chipsets. Chipsets are a small microprocessor on the motherboard that control things like CPU features, SATA (storage drives) controllers, pcie (slot interfaces) controllers, memory controllers, etc. Older motherboards have integrated graphics on the chipset but thats now moved to being on the CPU instead. 3) AMD is a preferable budget option SOMETIMES because of this. AMD has less restrictions on which processors and chipsets can overclock. Almost all processors and chipsets on AMD platforms can overclock at some level. Currently the mainstream AMD Ryzen processors can all overclock, and all but one current chipset type motherboard can be used to overclock (B350/450, X370/470, but A320 cannot overclock). 4) Intel overclocking is limited to "z" series motherboards and only works with "k" series processors. So for example, an i7 8700k can be overclocked on a Z370 motherboard. It cannot be overclocked on an H310 motherboard. Likewise a regular i7 8700 non-k cannot be overclocked on Z370 or H310 (or any other intel chipset). 5) The upside to overclocking is better overall CPU performance, higher clock speed means it will perform slightly better since its running slightly faster. The downside is that this draws more power and creates more heat. With a "stock" cooler on most processors you can usually overclock a little bit, but if you want higher clock speeds you need a better cooler. Extremely overclocking involves liquid nitrogen to keep the processor cool. 6) You can do the same with many components including the GPU and RAM I wouldnt look into that as a deciding factor for your PC choice. You can overclock those APUs, you may not 100% be able to do it on that specific motherboard however. Large system providers like Dell/HP/Lenovo tend to have weird semi customized chipsets that may have some features enabled or disabled at a hardware level. Not to mention that those machines have a 240 watt power supply and overclocking draws a lot of power at times. You also have the stock and likely proprietary and non up-gradable cooler that may not be able to handle the heat. SL likes single thread performance. I highly suggest using >> https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/ Use that to compare different processors in machines you find to see which ones have the best overall performance and single thread performance. But also account for a GPU solution. Those machines you posted have decent integrated graphics. And theyre cheap machines. An equivalent priced Optiplex 790 at around 140-160$ will have a processor like an i5 2400 which would absolutely decimate that A8-5500B >> https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/AMD-A8-5500B-APU-vs-Intel-i5-2400/1868vs793 But, the integrated graphics are substantially weaker and you would need to factor in the cost of a graphics card to make SL bearable.
  11. Something is extremely wrong with your windows installation... My windows 10 machine idles at around 1-1.2gb tops. Hell, this last week I've been working with the "Chinese PC" with a Pentium G3260T, GT 1030 and 4gb of ram. It was enough for SL with the linden labs viewer, a few tabs of Firefox going at the same time. However that is windows 7, which idles around 300-500mb usage. 2 viewers running at once is definitely possible without running into *shudder* page file issues on 4gb. ive heard of some specific versions of Windows 10 using 3-4gb of ram on idle but nearly 8gb is definitely not normal. If you have an SSD, try disabling super fetch, you wouldn't notice the load speeds in windows on an SSD anyway if it was off.
  12. Both of those are running extremely low end APUs by modern standards. Its single thread performance (how well a single core out of all the cores can perform, which is very important for SL) is lower than the 30$ haswell low voltage dual core im currently testing out (Intel Pentium G3260T). Its better in multi core/thread loads for sure since its a quadcore, but SL being the old game that it is on an old engine really doesnt use multiple cores well (this is a longer story, tl;dr version is that the games current engine has been built on an original version made when Dual cores were fairly new). https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/AMD-A8-5500B-APU-vs-Intel-Pentium-G3260T/1868vs2566 Thats gonna be the killer with SL, graphically it will do it ok, its integrated graphics are kind of mediocre but not terrible, from the benchmarks ive seen of that APU youre looking at running the game maybe in 720p tops, definitely lowering graphical bound settings (textures and view distance, avatar cloth and glow settings (for Firestorm). CPU stuff settings wise is shadows and lighting, which will also likely have to be turned down. So summary, its a good option at sub 200$, theres no real big noticeable difference between the two of them. It does have two pcie x16 slots internally, though obviously low profile only. This will allow for a low profile, low wattage graphics card upgrade in the future (such as a GT 1030 for example which would be a pretty drastic improvement over the integrated graphics).
  13. 8gb of ram is more than enough to run windows and multiple instances of SL... windows will not use 4gb of ram unless you have some extremely broken bloated version of windows running, im running at about 1.9gb right now with multiple firefox tabs going on windows 10 You dont need the fanciest PC in the world for SL. If you wanted to go super budget, you can. I can tell you how if youre interested because it can be either way more involved than buying an off the shelf PC, or a matter of 1-2 small and easy to do upgrades to an existing machine, or just a cheap prebuilt. There are a lot of reviews of different prebuilt companies and what they have to offer. There are a lot of prebuilts out there, and each company has its own perks and flaws. Personally i say stay far away from OriginPC and iBuyPower, which are super common on amazon. I would personally suggest Maingear, NZXT's BLD systems or DigitalStorm https://www.maingear.com/ Maingear is a pretty expensive option but these PC's are built by people who really know what theyre doing and provide only the best product they can, along with having pretty fantastic customer service. https://www.letsbld.com/ If youre looking at NXZT's BLD computers, click on the Counter Strike Global Offensive preset for performance, SL and CS:GO have very similar hardware requirements despite being extremely different games, they both like a powerful CPU and dont really care what GPU you have. This is also a more expensive option at around 1000$ for an intel based model with an i5 and gtx 1060, but again, built by people whos entire company is based around extremely high end PC components (NZXT is mainly a case and cooler manufacturer). https://www.digitalstorm.com/ DigitalStorm is a much more budget friendly option for a prebuilt, but ONLY at the low end. Theyre where you can find a 700$ prebuilt: https://www.digitalstorm.com/configurator.asp?id=1864480 However note that this machine does not have a dedicated graphics card and is using an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, which is an APU with integrated graphics. This isnt on the same tier of crappy laptop integrated graphics however and its a very capable APU graphically, itll play SL without issue. But as soon as you move up to their 1000$ tier PC, you get lesser specs than the NZXT BLD pc's have to offer. (Their 1000$ pc has an equivalent processor, but no solid state drive and the GPU is a GTX 1050ti, while NZXT offers an SSD and a GTX 1060 at the same price). Specs wise you want a strong processor and fast storage drives, but graphical capabilities dont matter too much as long as you dont go super low end. Look for something with an Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 processor, a minimum of 8gb of ram, a Solid State Drive (SSD) is a must and graphically anything at or over a GTX 1050 (AMD Equivalent being an RX 560 or 460). If you want to go super, super cheap, i can explain how but thats a much longer wall of text. SL will realistically run on just about anything you want, i would know, ive run it on some absolute toasters for computers and you can get very playable results on extremely old and very cheap hardware. An alternative on a tighter budget that is a bit more involved than just buying a prebuilt is to buy an old office PC and do some upgrades. A dell optiplex 790 (those little silver boxes in pretty much every school and government building in the world) with a decent processor, 4 or 8gb of ram, windows preinstalled on a small hard drive, tend to cost next to nothing and then can be easily upgraded with a low power graphics card and maybe some extra ram to perform extremely well for under 400$. If you are interested in that, this right here: https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Optiplex-790-Performance-Refurbished/dp/B071NM6RNC/ Has a capable although older i5 processor, 8gb of ram, and an SSD, all that other normal PC stuff like Wifi and a decently sized hard drive and Windows 10 installed. From there you plug in something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Geforce-GDDR5-Graphic-GV-N1050OC-2GD/dp/B01MG0733A/ And install the drivers for it, restart the PC and you have an entry level gaming PC for very, very little money. The only fiddling around with a PC required is plugging in a graphics card, which is a matter of two screws and a slot. Or you can build your own, but that as well is something that belongs in a much larger block of text, or really just some links to a few youtube videos. The difficulty in building a PC is not the actual assembly, but knowing what it is you need and what is the best options in your price range. Anyone can slap together a PC, but will it be a "good" pc in the end?
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    need help

    Yes, SL will run down to first gen mobile intel I-series HD graphics (Ironlake HD graphics). Though it's only officially supported down to HD 3000. 4000 will run it, might not be the best experience but it will run.
  15. Windows XP is where its at, no problems there.