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  1. Dont you just love when,...

    I actually went and tested this just to see what number it wants in an empty sim, it would give me that message when im over 50k, anything lower and it said i would be rendered by everyone. But then in a populated social island, it told me that i may not be rendered when it was at 38k. Maybe its dependent on the lowest setting of a user in the sim unless its empty, at which point its set to a base of 50k?
  2. SL still performs like a SNAIL.

    SL is still fairly demanding, and it has stayed at a similar level of graphical complexity in order to keep the majority of users who are on weaker machines in a state where they can play the game. There are a lot of people on SL still using integrated graphics and old Quadro NVS cards in laptops. Not everyone has a high end or even mid tier PC to play this game. Even the highest settings can make most mid tier machines struggle a bit in 1080p. SL is very dependent on CPU performance, even with a decent GPU if your processor isnt up to the task your performance will suffer. My machine can handle GTA V at High settings in 1080p and hold 60fps, but it sure as hell cant play SL over 25fps at generally High settings. And thats because of a weak processor. And just because there are people out there with Threadripper 1950x's and quad Titan XP setups doesnt mean theres any reason to advance SL's graphical and physics capabilities to better suit machines of those caliber. Next to nobody is going to be playing on those, and features that would take advantage of hardware like that would also require much beefier minimum requirements, which means less users can play which means less money for SL. And just because your internet connection is fast, does not mean its fast overseas. SL's servers are not in Australia, meaning any connection to SL you make is likely going over an ocean. Which means you will have incredibly high latency which will cause lag of all forms since SL is so network dependent.
  3. Any Viewer is over FHD Resolution?

    Right click your SecondLife application shortcut and go to "Properties", in the "Target" text bar put "-window" at the end of it. This will force it to start windowed. Most TV's have this issue because of how their firmware is designed for input changes, when it gets a full black screen its because it thinks the input is gone, it "resets" and sometimes gets stuck. Computer monitors generally dont have this issue because their firmware handles that change in input and will test to see if the input is still sending data. When you shut off the signal to a TV it doesnt bother checking again if signal is still going through.
  4. Graphics info needed

    If you were playing fullscreen and exit the game back to desktop, it can cause resolution conflicts and stuff. Its a common issue with 10xx series Nvidia cards and a lot of games when using Windows. Usually just changing the screen resolution to something else and back to native again fixes but, its kind of inconvenient but better than a full restart. Try updating your geforce drivers if you havent in a while.
  5. Clothing alphas not working?

    Yes, and the alphas use to work on the mesh body just fine, but now for some reason dont.
  6. Laptop

    Hit up ebay for a Thinkpad T420 with the i5 2540m and NVS 4200 will handle SL at max settings in 720p, those things are like 150-200$ tops. Other models like the T430/440 are similar in price but you lose the DGPU unless you want to pay a lot more, they'll still handle SL on integrated, just not as well as the NVS would. Used business laptops of any kind are a good budget pick, anything with a 2nd-4th gen i5/i7 in the Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Latitude or HP Elitebook lineup will be fairly cheap and perform well, quadro NVS cards are a plus, but with newer stuff you can use the integrated. Alternatively, Newegg often has these cheap Acer Aspire laptops with GTX 940mx's in them, theyre 0/10 on the build quality chart but the hardware in them in fairly decent, theyre around 400-500$.
  7. Clothing alphas not working?

    So ive got a couple of clothing items from GiZZa and their alphas use to work, but they no longer work at all. Not on any avatar ive tried, they dont show up to anyone else either. Ive had to resort to body masking to get clothes to look right. Someone said it might be some kind of "priority" issue with other alphas, but my avatar alpha works fine and even with that one off, the clothing alphas dont work. Ive also tried editing the alpha, it didnt change anything. Anyone else experience an issue like this?
  8. IS SL really all about sex now

    Different types of people play the game for different reasons. There are definitely a lot of people who play the game as a sex simulator, but thats never been the focus. SL got that kind of reputation because it was really the first social MMO where something like that was even possible. Plenty of other large social games were around, but SL was the first where you could have more than RP textsex in it, and it was actually allowed too. The games not all about it, theres much more to SL, in the end its a glorified chatroom, but there are people who think its basically just a game for virtual sex. It really just come down to how you play the game and how you interact with people.
  9. Second Life is closing?!

    It aint gonna die as long as its still profitable. We got other social games out there like Smallworlds that are still hanging on with like 500 daily users left.
  10. Is the dance machine suppose to let me dance?

    I noticed this happens sometimes, i use to think it was because the region was very populated and it must turn off to reduce lag or something, but sometimes it didnt work when it was just a few people there. I think its just a bit iffy and bugs out sometimes, usually i just went to a different Island, it usually worked if i went back an hour later or whatever.
  11. Try a full uninstall and reinstall first, if that doesnt fix the issue then try running SL as an administrator to give it elevated permissions to install updates. This happened to me several times on Windows 7 and it was simply the fact that SL was being blocked by windows when it tried to update. You shouldnt have anything to do with Windows XP and a legacy viewer.
  12. Yes Another Laptop Question

    It'll run SL fine, the 7670 is a decent dgpu for the time and will easily handle secondlife on medium/high settings in 720p, or likely medium 1080p. Dont expect god tier performance on a mobile sandy bridge i5, its hitting that point where its gonna be fairly obsolete soon. But as a basic hyperthreaded dual core it will be fine with most light games like SL or CS:GO, Overwatch, etc.
  13. Just saying, SL runs smoothly for me on the high preset in 1080p, and all ive got is pic related. Its more than enough for SL, it aint that demanding. It also handles GTA V and some other older AAA's like BF3 very well. Dual xeons is gonna be way beyond wasted on SL. If youre looking for a new system to handle SL at its best, even in very high resolutions, something like an i5 6500, gtx 1060 and 8gb of ddr4 is great. An alternative on the red side is an R5 1500x and an RX 580 (though miners are kinda ruining GPU prices rn). You can also drop back a few generations to an i5 4460 + 760, FX 8300 + R9 270, etc. I use to play SL at general medium settings on a Core2duo E6700, gt 710, 3gb of ddr2 running windows xp.
  14. How Many...

    I cant sit naked at my computer, the chair is hardwood, need them jeans to keep my butt from turning into a dinner plate. In SL it depends where i am, if casual nudity is allowed im usually partially or fully nude just because its fun.
  15. I try to think of it as just a very casual thing, its just a game, it lets you explore some stuff sexually in a very safe manner and its quite nice to explore sometimes. It can be very interactive, or it can be a matter of sitting back and letting someone else do all the work, sometimes it literally just so something is going on while youre both semi-AFK. There are people who view it in a very similar manner to sex in real life, and keep it very private and get really into it, and then there are those like myself who see it as a game where its just kinda "whatever, why not?". I have met people who are very much so against it, and those who think the game revolves around it. Theres a very broad spectrum of opinions on SL sexuality out there and how people treat it. So in my case, all i really see is some erotic animations and explicit chat logs, theres just not much to it where i feel any kind of connection or seriousness with it.