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  1. More of an inconvenience than anything, since pretty much everything that doesnt work can be accessed from the website. But i have no UI for the Profile, Destinations, Help, etc. It seems to be everything that normally requires a connection to a web browser. As things that are ingame only work just fine, like my appearance, inventory, world map, etc. So i have a feeling this is an issue with SL not wanting to interact with my browser, Firefox. Ive had this issue with a couple of things (Steam, mainly) and everything else that needs to use my web browser is able to do it just fine. SL isnt restricted from it, everything is set up to where SL should be able to connect to a browser, but it still wont. Not 100% sure why, anyone who's dealt with this issue; your input is appreciated. Specs wise its in the Pic, ive got 32 bit Xubuntu running on a separate HDD from my main one, since SL doesnt like 64 bit.
  2. It will be compatible, it just really wont perform that well at all. The chips SL lists as incompatible are simply things too weak to run SL. For example, ATi RAGE graphical processors died off in the late 90's, the Radeon 345m came out in 2002. But as i said previously, i would not buy that laptop if your goal is to play SL at a reasonable framerate, its not going to happen, its going to play like trash. Modern Intel integrated graphics chipsets like 610, 620 and 520 would perform better than the integrated R7 in that APU on that laptop.
  3. Everything is pink could also be related to texture misloading, pink or checkerboard pink/black being the default texture for any mesh. Which could be anything from an issue with your GPU on a hardware level, to broken drivers. Most often is actually an issue with local storage and cache. Its textures that the viewer thinks are in one location, but they have been either removed or broken some other way and because the client still thinks theyre there, it wont try and replace them, it just loads what it has. Which is why you would see some things but not others. And thats a very common thing for any network based game, it happens to a lot of things that pull texture resources from other places. Try clearing cache, wiping out everything SL if possible and doing a reinstall (sometimes just good to do that anyway), but you may also want to find either newer drivers or possible roll back to an older driver for your GPU. Thats a very old and very weak graphics card for SL, im running a cheap little GT 710 on my core2duo box and its just barely enough to keep me at stable framerates in 720p.
  4. Your integrated GPU may not be enough to run Secondlife through that viewer, or they may not have support for that generation of integrated graphics anymore. Updating your IGP drivers wont do much, it wont make it perform any better. If you have a desktop i recommend a dedicated GPU anyway since performance will be much better. As Chic said if the regular viewer works and Firestorm doesnt its more likely a problem with firestorm than your computer. Ask them about the issue and see what they offer as a fix.
  5. 1) Really oldschool advertisements almost a decade ago when playing Smallworlds. Didnt actually get interested until late last year when i saw some posts on facebook about it and decided I might as well play since Smallworlds is pretty much dead now. 2) Ive never really seen much discrimination directed towards people. Most users seem to get along no matter who else believes what, their skin color or nationality, language, etc. 3) Never had one, but from the ones ive seen it looks almost like a more in depth friendship where people express themselves much more openly. 4) Female 5) Not really, mainly just chatting, you can talk with anyone the same way really, and that carried into secondlife. The way i interact with people didnt change much. 6) Both have their pros and cons, you cant compare a game to reality. Secondlife is nice because it allows a person to involve themselves with things you may not be able to do in real life, in a setting thats similar socially to reality. 7) Its polar opposites as my average outfits. Either its casual wear like a plain shirt with an flannel, shorts, etc or my more common outfit of a formal jacket. Its still a realaxed outfit but one that seems like something you would wear as a real estate agent or something lmao
  6. So an update on this, around an hour later. I went to install Lubuntu 17.04, the new release. Sounded just fine. Installer couldnt connect to my wifi network, it was using a driver for a device i did not have and it did not function fully. That already was a bad sign. So i said screw it, ill fix it later, im installing alongside windows xp anyway. Partition out a 20gb space for it and let it go to work. I didnt want to lose some windows only applications like AutoCAD, Sketchup, a few other bits of professional software i have. Midway through partitioning it crashes. Just freezes up, spits out some fancy xorg errors and my computer shuts down. woop Windows starts back up, disk checking, let it run, disk partitions are borked. Windows XP is broken beyond repair, i whipped my usb stick out a window. Posting this from my phone. Ive installed linux on machines dozens of times and never had a detrimental error on install, definitely not while partitioning. Fantastic. As it turns out most of the 3rd party viewers dont support bento anyway, and the Linux SL viewer is buggy as can be. Im just gonna drop my Gt 710 in another somewhat newer athlon machine i have lying around that already has windows 7 on it (i think).
  7. I know the hardware is old but it still does SL just fine for me, most of my issues seem to be related to the legacy viewer. Im thinking either 7 or possibly going to Linux, but i had issues before with the client not working even with the 32 bit package patches on linux so im not sure how well that would go. I wouldnt do windows 10 since i dislike most of its telemetry things and i dont think it would perform that well on something of this caliber. Ive only got 3gb of ram and idle on windows 10 can hit 1-1.5gb on its own just for the OS. Which is a far cry from windows xp using about 150mb, and Linux using around 70mb (if i use something like WindowMaker/gnustep or LXDE)
  8. A lot of users do come to SL with the idea of playing it like a Sex sim. There really isn't another option out there for the level of sexual freedom this game offers in the format its presented in. Just about any wild fetish or fantasy is possible, and that attracts the people who are looking for a sexual outlet that allows them to do those kinds of things. While I personally didn't come to SL with the intent of taking part in the virtual sexual activity, its a common enough thing where I eventually found places and communities that are relevant to my sexual tastes. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience some of those things. But there is definitely an issue with people overstepping bounds. Some people can be very pushy and really heavy on others about sex in SL. Theyre expecting that if you do X you're into Y and Z too. And that others who take part in SW sexuality are just like them who play it exclusively for sex related reasons. But that just isn't the case. I have a thing for casual nudity. So I frequented a place called Bare Fur, furry dominant nude beach. And while plenty of other things took place there, it was first and foremost about the very mild sexual fun that is doing things in the nude. Feeling like your avatar is a bit more free, a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, talk to people, show off a bit. So while standing around or laying on a towel or something, people presume that because I'm naked I'm down to bang any time. Which just isn't the case, I'm not there for that. And it gets really annoying when people won't take no for an answer. It kills that casual vibe. Even asking politely I'm probably gonna turn you down, and most people are just fine with that, everything carries on as usual. But sometimes there's a person who doesn't seem to understand that another person is behind the avatar their talking to, and that this person should be treated as you would IRL. Don't force yourself on someone or continue trying if you get a "no". That goes from regular sexual interest to creepy really fast. Even worse is people who don't ask at all. If I'm sitting on a towel with adult interactions nobody is gonna just gonna jump in and go to town. Normal people just don't do that, they recognize that that's just unacceptable on a social level But its happened to me and to many others. These people who don't respect sexual boundaries.
  9. If you want to run SL maxed out in 1080p you wont need much. A modern build with a Pentium G4560 + 1050ti and 8gb of ddr4 will be enough to max out SL in 1080p at over 60fps in most if not all locations. And that would be ~500-600$ depending on what other components you chose, mobo/psu/storage/case/etc
  10. Should be maybe OK for the screen resolution (~720p). But its really not a powerful APU at all. Its a decent CPU, competing with 4th gen mobile i7's, but the integrated graphics are nothing special. The 553mhz mac R7 integrated GPU is on par with a GT 720m. Which is a very weak GPU. I got some comparisons with my system to give you a bit of performance expectation. Im playing in 1366x768 (same as that laptop) on a Core2duo E6700, 3gb of DDR2 and a 1gb Gt 710. Im pretty limited graphically and im usually on Medium/low general settings with some of the fancier stuff like atmospheric shaders and bump mapping turned off. Though with those settings i still get over 60fps in most light places. Anything larger however can crash the game. CPU Comparison GPU Comparison Youre weaker GPU wise than i am on my very budget machine. Though you do have a much more impressive CPU score. And thats going to be a problem since my Gt 710 is just barely enough to run this game at an acceptable level in 720p. That weaker GPU is going to cause severe problems. Especially since it likely wont be running at the max 533mhz, knowing AMD its going to thermal throttle when it gets too hot and the clock speed will drop. You'd also be working on shared video memory and system memory instead of dedicated video memory, which can really impact the performance of the graphics because system memory is extremely slow in comparison. So in my opinion, no. Do not buy this laptop if you intend to play SL. You'd be spending 400$ on something that will perform slightly worse than my 60$ crap-box of a computer. Save up a bit more money and get something more capable. Check out some more modern machines,
  11. Yeah its the legacy viewer. Most stuff works just fine, its just occasionally some peoples hands and heads. Ill ask people if theyre using Bento components. Might be time to upgrade the OS then, only reason im still using XP is because this thing came with XP and i dont have a 7 disc + key around. The hardware though is ok-ish for SL, its not that bad in 720p
  12. This is perfectomundo, very little lag, lots of space and fantastic design. Exactly the kind of place im looking for to chill for a bit. Definitely gonna recommend this to a few friends from Bare Fur who also like to stand around in the nude.
  13. Im not trying to skirt any rules, im mainly talking of situations where id be changing clothing in G rated places, my avatar is not nude, no bits, but there may be a transition period where i am not wearing pants or a shirt. And im most frequently in places like Social Island or some of the newbie spaces. I was just wondering if there was a specific list of what is and isnt nudity since there doesnt seem to be much of that searchable on the Wiki.
  14. So ive noticed with some particular mesh parts on avatars, specifically hands and heads, i sometimes get bugged out meshes. pic related Any idea what causes these? Changing settings dont seem to do much. Turning off hardware skinning stops that but results in the next pic. Ive tried everything from bare minimum to ultra presets, tweaking individual settings, lots of stuff. I have a feeling its my viewer, but others on newer viewers have also said they sometimes have similar problems, again mainly with hands and heads. This isnt a powerful machine but it runs everything SL just fine around my settings and i can do more if i dont mind dropping to 40fps on average. Specs below
  15. With bare fur being currently borked im looking for something similar. Nude beach but accepting of furry avatars. Preferably not too laggy either, which was one of the benefits of bare fur. Any suggestions? Other places that have beaches?