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    Upgrade from GTX 560 ti

    This is always a concern with used GPUs, you just need to know what to look for. GPUs are killed by heat, BGA failure and various power delivery components can die due to excessive heat. And its not always just "was it hot" because most of the parts of a gpu will have no problems with running at 120c 24/7, its rapid cooling/heating cycles that damage them, similar to ice forming and melting in a crack, solder can slowly form a small crack and eventually heat and separate, if it happens on the ball grid array (bga) of the GPU die, its bga failure. So used cards you generally want to look for things that ran cooler, and wouldnt have been used in a way that kept them hot then cold then hot, etc, all the time. You also want to avoid post cryptocurrency mining cards that got particularly hot because they have much higher used failure rates than others. For example, the AMD R9 200/300 series was really popular for Crypto mining, lots of dead 280x's out there. But Maxwell and Kepler from the same time really werent popular in the mining scene so things like the 700/900 series cards are pretty safe used buys. Ive got dozens of used gpus from various hardware eras, high wattage extremely hot cards, stuff from the early 2000's like Geforce4 cards, none of them have shown up DOA after extensive testing yet. Maybe im just lucky, but my general synopsis is that as long as you know what youre looking at, you can learn what cards are going to be a safe used buy. Christhiana points out something interesting here, which is that SL is more CPU bound than GPU bound. And your Phenom really isnt up to it anymore, it'll play SL. Ive got some of its performance equivalents sitting around and ive played on them before: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/AMD-Phenom-II-X4-940-vs-Intel-Core2-Quad-Q6600-vs-Intel-Core2-Quad-Q6700/367vs1038vs1039 But this is far from a good experience with SL, just about anything paired with any of those processors is going to be a bottleneck if you were to upgrade. The 560ti isnt even that bad for SL, ive got two of em, i ran em for SL all the time, their performance is graphically "adequate", but that was with a more recent i5 processor which is much better suited for SL, a cpu bound game. The 4gb of ram is definitely an issue now, if all youre running is the stock LL viewer, itll be fine, but 8gb is generally the minimum you see in newer PC's in 2018. Network connectivity doesnt determine framerate, just load times and things like soft freezing out or delays in chat/movement if your connection is unstable. 1050ti would be ideal, but if youre on a budget and have a decent power supply (which you should with a 560ti, should have at least dual 6 pin pcie power connectors) there are cheaper performance equivalents. The GTX 960 will perform about the same but cost about 20-40$ less used. Make sure the card you are buying is a real one, there are a lot of fake GTX 960's on the market. If the price seems too good to be true, it definitely is. A GTX 960 goes for 90-110$ used not including shipping. Buy from a reputable brand like Gigabyte, MSI, Zotac, EVGA, etc. Bigger number != better card. Each generation of Nvidia cards goes up by 100 in its naming scheme. GTX 680, 780, (800 series was mobile only), 980, 1080, with an exception for RTX which is now 2080. But overall per generation of card you see a 10 number jump in performance each generation. The GTX 680 performs like a 770 which performs like a 960 which performs like a 1050ti. Now thats not always the case, there are some exceptions to that, mainly as you go further back though and find much larger performance jumps. Dont trust internet bottleneck tests, theyre owned by companies that sell PC parts, and their goal is to make you think you have a problem you really dont. Note that many of them go "you have a gpu bottleneck, insert this part to see the bottleneck go away!" and then after you do you get "you have a cpu bottleneck, insert this part to see the bottleneck go away!" and your intended upgrade of a gpu turns into buying a 4000$ custom PC. However if you dont have an SSD, it will be beneficial for secondlife, you keep the game and the cache on it and things generally load a bit faster. Among other stuff like windows boot time being quicker. You dont need a super fancy SSD, as you get into the high end SSD territory theres only one big jump and its moving from SATA or NVME to things like PCIe Optane drives which go from 120 bucks for a 1TB 860 evo to 1300$ for a 960gb Optane drive. Adding another 4gb of ram is a good option, though read my ending tl;dr on this brick of text because upgrades might not be a good idea at all to start with. This is really what it comes down to, its not worth upgrading at all. The Phenom cant be upgraded any further besides a minimal performance jump to an x4 960, and even the 560ti is being bottlenecked by that processor. You need a whole new PC or at the very least you need a motherboard and CPU upgrade (and depending on what motherboard its on you may also need entirely different ram). You can add an SSD, a new GPU, more ram, but its really all going to be hindered by the processor. You wont see the most drastic of performance changes. Ive got a Q6600 box set up right now if you want to see the change in performance going from a 560ti and 4gb of ram on an HDD to a GTX 1060 and gb on an SSD? Spoiler, its pretty much nothing. New != better, because UHD 600 is gemini lake (i think?) which is low end mobile celerons and pentiums. Its not strong or fast, theyre trying to sell you a netbook and make it look good. The reality is that its not going to be useful for much more than regular web browsing or very light gaming. Your current desktop outperforms it drastically. So my tl;dr here, its not worth it to upgrade anything. Save up your money and buy the parts for a whole new PC, start with the Motherboard/CPU and RAM, because SL is going to perform much better with a much better processor. Look into budget options for AMD Ryzen if you dont want to sink a lot into it. An AMD A320 motherboard and a Ryzen 3 1200 regularly go for 30-40$ and then 80-100$ (USD). You could go B350/450 and get an R3 2200G as well for slightly more money and get slightly better performance. Ram prices are currently dropping as well, so DDR4 wouldnt be as expensive as it was a year ago. If youre really intent on upgrading this system, go as cheap as possible, because at some point you will need to build or buy a whole new PC and this one is going to be decommissioned. Buy the cheapest SSD you can find, buy the cheapest performance tier equivalent GPU you can find (and your power supply can power), there will be a list in a second, add 4gb of ram and absolutely nothing more. Theres just no point in upgrading a Phenom ii system in 2018. GPU wise as i posted above, a 1050ti is like a 960, 770, 680. Any card around each will also perform better than the 560ti anyway, just pick whatever you can find thats cheapest, a 760, 670, 580, 950, etc. Just make sure your power supply is up to the task of powering the more high end cards. A 560ti should have a dual 6 pin requirement, a 770 will need an 8 + 6 pin, a 670 will need two 6 pins. If youre not sure and you dont know if your PSU is up to the task, a 1050ti is a much lower wattage card and will run usually with just pcie power (no connectors, slot power only) or with a single 6 pin.
  2. cykarushb

    Computer specs question

    Alright, from the benchmarks ive seen of this APU, it struggles to play games like CS:GO on basically the bare minimum settings. I tend to look for those benchmarks since its a very single threaded cpu bound game built on an older engine, like SL, and they tend to perform similarly on similar hardware. Its passmark benchmark score is worse than a quadcore from a decade before it: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/AMD-A9-9425-vs-Intel-Core2-Quad-Q6600/3278vs1038 It is entirely incapable of playing pretty much any modern game at all, the CS:GO benchmark i saw to see what i can do graphically is similar to an 8800 GTX, a 12 year old GPU. And i played a lot of SL on a system with a Q6600 and an 8800 GTX, so its gonna be slightly worse than that, and that was pretty bad. It will run SL, as in it will start, it will be an abysmal experience for SL and i highly suggest getting something else.
  3. cykarushb

    SL out of the box

    Anything with a 7th gen i series processor with intel HD620 will play SL at general medium/high settings in 1080p no issues Anything with a mobile 1050/1050ti works fine as well
  4. cykarushb

    second life viewer

    once again, someone who doesn't know what they're talking about is talking about something and once again they're adamant in their belief which is plain and simple wrong because they refuse to be told that their belief is wrong gee I definitely haven't seen this two billion times before *cough*"ati doesn't work with SL" people*cough* *cough*pulling jiras from a decade ago*cough* *cough*macbook players complaining about SL causing too much heat*cough* let me tldr this because I gotta be up at 4 tomorrow and my phone is burning my retinas you're wrong, plain and simple, you just are wrong and there is no more to it practically any chromebook on the market today is hardware capable of playing SL and having it play fairly well even, those little mobile celerons aren't that incapable the only limitiation is ram, on top of the fact that it's generally harder to do than to just install and play like windows, such as if you don't want to pay for the android app and instead go chroot to Ubuntu to firestorm my basis for playing terribly is that it's going to involve stutter and generally low settings, but it will be playable and enjoyable, not just "well it runs" ive done "well it runs" on a low end machine from 2002, and that's still well below my bar for "runs" there are plenty of people here on SL that play on braswell/haswell igp daily and get very playable results
  5. cykarushb

    second life viewer

    They asked if it can run it, I told them yes, because it can. I've run SL on much less and while it would be a terrible way to play SL, it could do it. If you dropped down your settings to basically nothing it could even be bearable. I have played this game on its "minimum" and that was terrible but even haswell celerons would be dozens of times better than that. Especially since those N series ones aren't even that bad compared to the same gen mobile i3 dual cores, really it's big drawback is the different igp and lack of ram. The R11 OP has uses a slightly newer quadcore and has either 2 or 4gb of ram, if it's 4gb, they won't have an issue playing SL via firestorm on a chroot. If it's 2gb, you're looking at 300-500mb being eaten by chromeOS and another similar amount by the VM, though you can cut down both but that gets a little more involved. And SL just isn't playable on 1gb of ram. The point here is that a chromebook isn't just some garbage tier android tablet machine. Just because the thing was designed to browse Facebook doesn't mean that's all it can do. And I definitely did not take the system requirements page at face value, I did an entire over typed and incredibly boring post on the system requirements page and why it needs a revamp. And I sure as hell do not "tinker", this is my hobby for sure, but I don't own 50+ graphics cards, 100+ different processors, dozens of motherboards, ram types and countless other parts both rare and obscure for the sole enjoyment myself. I do this to be certain when people ask for help, I first and foremost enjoy dealing with people's little tech support issues. You can't be 100% certain in telling someone how their specific PC will perform in some specific tasks, or how well an upgrade will go and if it's worthwhile, or what their PC is actually capable of if you don't have the hardware yourself. A lot of the time you're gonna struggle to find a performance benchmark of GTA V on something weird like a GTS 150 or a GTX 760ti, there are even a handful of later AGP cards like the 7800GS that can still play modern games. What about egpu with a laptop from 2005? I've got two IBM Z61t's and a 2503 advance dock for that exact purpose. I take tinkering almost downright offensively. "Your opinion doesn't change anything." And nobody asked for yours on what you personally think a chromebook is. I happen to actually know what they're capable of and had information to give OP other than just shunning their machine.
  6. cykarushb

    second life viewer

    -Quote someone who doesnt know what theyre talking about. I had an acer cb3, celeron n2840, 2gb of ddr3, mediocre at best. However its running full fledged linux, ChromeOS is built off of Gentoo Linux. Its designed as a web browsing machine, watch youtube and browse facebook or whatever. But in the end its a haswell mobile celeron and 2gb of ram on linux, its decently capable if you know how to use it. Its not designed for people who know what theyre doing with the hardware but the hardware is there. I used to run a large variety of stuff on an Ubuntu 12.04 chroot ranging from playing Counterstrike: Source via steam on ubuntu, to basic photo editing with Gimp. It will play secondlife with firestorm. Its just going to perform awfully because youre working through a VM layer on a machine thats best suited for older games and mainly for its original purpose, web browsing at best. If you made an ubuntu chroot and installed firestorm on it, and it didnt run, its probably just not going to. I said it was possible, but not that it would work well at all. Its plain and simple not up to the task.
  7. cykarushb

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    spoiler, its gonna be just as bad i dont know why people bother with apple products when they have a history of having bad experiences with apple products the tl;dr version is: anemic tiny cooler + next to no airflow + extremely poorly constructed mainboard = constant thermal problems and eventual solder failure its been going on since like 2006, i dont know how they keep getting away with it, every single apple product that has ever been made since the mid 2000's has had some kind of serious problem that occurs with it, whether its the old macbooks that had the gpu die because it unsoldered itself due to heat, or the new airs that literally came out of the factory thermal throttling, or the pros that did the same or the trash can mac pro thats been on sale since 2013 and still manages to thermal throttle even though the entire thing is basically one giant fan or the mac mini that just came out that has soldered storage and once again an anemic cooler and no airflow or the 2016 macbooks and the jtag corrosion issue off topic but damn, why does XYZ program suck on a mac? its a mac, buy a real computer, or if you insist on apple, buy a powerbook G4 and dont bother with anything newer
  8. cykarushb

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Actually looking into this, the only way I could do it is with 8800GTS cards. To change vram quantities on the same card you need to modify the bios and it gets really unstable and may toast itself if you do that. However the 8800GTS came in 320mb, 512mb, 640mb and 1gb versions. The difficulty is the last 1gb version is extremely rare and super expensive when they do show up on eBay. But otherwise with all GTS cards they could be clocked the same and have the same performance outside of video memory quantity to give an accurate measurement of how much video memory affects performance in SL If I can find a 1gb 8800GTS I'll do it.
  9. cykarushb

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    I think I posted before elsewhere that I've got GPUs capable of SL without graphical issues with a wild variance of video memory if anyone would like to see SL on 128mb of vram vs 512, 1gb, 2/4/8 etc Unless there's a way to disable quantities of vram to keep it all on the same card though I've been holding off on that test since even if some of the lower end cards can play SL, obviously framerate would differ and I wouldn't want to have to just point out specific issues with textures because that's also kind of inconsistent and hard to test. Ive yet to see texture related problems though with anything more than 256mb of vram, and only really in densely detailed places. Eventually it just uses system ram instead of the vram for short term texture display and it's slow to load but it's there.
  10. Monitor temperatures with some kind of 3rd party program, it might still be overheating if the cooler isn't making proper contact with the CPU die
  11. cykarushb

    second life viewer

    You need to work through a chroot, install an Ubuntu VM on the chromebook and then install a Linux viewer. im currently on the road so I don't have time to write out a step by step guide, you'll need to google how to use crouton on a chromebook gotta put it in developer mode, mess around with a command line a lot, then use the ubuntu Linux vm to install and play SL its gonna perform terribly just as a warning
  12. cykarushb

    Is this CPU good for SL & VR

    Yes it'll do both without issue
  13. cykarushb

    New laptop advice please.

    Theres a typo on that page, the i5 is actually an i5 8300H (based on its clock speed and the fact that there is no 8300U) It outperforms the i7 slightly. (the reason is that U are ultra low voltage processors that run at lower clock speeds, H are basically just regular mobile quadcores and run a bit faster, one of the situations where a same generation i7 isnt actually faster than the i5). So the i5 and mobile 1050 option is better performance wise. That one also comes with an SSD while the HP Envy only has a 1tb HDD, the 128gb SSD is going to be much faster for everything
  14. cykarushb

    New laptop advice please.

    I have no idea what these websites are. I can't get either of these links to work so I'm going off of current gen 17.3" envy spec sheets. For SL you want CPU performance more than anything, if it it has integrated graphics it's likely HD620, or 630. Both of which are fine for SecondLife but may be lackluster in other games. photoshop will also benefit from a more powerful processor the mobile 1050 option is also pretty good, but if they would sacrifice being able to constantly play on higher settings, the i7 will be a better performer in photoshop over the i5 though ideally you'd just get something with the i7 and a dedicated gpu like a 1060 or 1070 maxq if that first option has the GeForce 940MX, don't buy it, it's a terrible graphics adapter in there and even Hd 620 will give better performance.
  15. cykarushb

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    GPU-Z Its sister program CPU-Z is also pretty useful for other things. Good to have in the nerd toolkit.