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  1. Pentium 4's and Pentium M's were XP era hardware, not 95 or 98. Nobody is playing SecondLife on a 233mhz Cyrix M2 on widows 98 except for me using radegast. SL will run on just about anything, it's getting playable results that requires better hardware. It's a matter of knowing what performance you want and what hardware will get you that. The system requirements page is useless for this because the info it gives is basically irrelevant to any user these days. There really isn't a precise system to suggest to people without them explaining factors like their budget, location and ide
  2. The MX 130 is the most capable of that lot, though depending what APU is running the Vega 8 integrated graphics that may be a better option. HD 620 I've played on a lot in the past and it's fine for lower to medium settings, expect a lot of people and ALM to tank framerate though. The 940mx I'm amazed is still being sold, avoid that at all costs. The MX110 as well isn't very powerful at all.
  3. You're trying to create a hostile argument where there is no argument to be made, I wrote out a statement and opinion, not an argument.
  4. The difference these days is the lack of genuine innovation or a push for a large change. Something like the iPhone was genuinely revolutionary for consumer technology, to this day we all use phones designed in the footprint of the first iPhone. PowerPC based consumer computers were an apple thing, and they held on for a while but later died out. It was popular enough that ppc variants of software had to be created. Apple managed to influence in a whole new architecture, the only thing to do the same is ARM which has held on decently as well, but x86 still dominates. Apple
  5. It's interesting that this thread got revived. There's a lot of stuff I should realistically do to update this to 2019 standards and include some more modern hardware. But I don't play SL much anymore, most of my computer use turned into web browsing and playing Halo 1, so I mainly use my Thinkpad Z61t from 2006 these days. I guess as a bit of info I could drop in that applies to stuff now more, with Windows 7 going EOL soon I imagine shortly after Linden Labs will stop supporting it. Windows 10 is much more popular as a new gen OS than its previous generations, like how more people
  6. Ive been trying to replicate this one 2 different systems because ive been having other issues with SL on different windows versions, a Latitude E6410 and an ivy bridge era desktop with an i5 3470 and intel HD 4000 graphics, both trying Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 64 bit, all "professional" versions. The only time where it happens is Windows 10, but on both HD 4000 and the first gen intel HD graphics that are on the latitude. On windows 7 and 8.1 it will run the 64 bit viewer fine. I tried a full clean installation of SL 64 bit, it asked for 32 bit before login, i tried a fresh install of Windo
  7. This has to do with older versions of OpenGL that these old cards are limited by and Windows 10 not getting along. Theres a lengthy list of things you could potentially try but the easiest would be to just install windows 7 instead. It's EOL soon but presumably so is the rest of this pc. Ive run some cards about that age and older with SL, high end stuff from the time even will struggle pretty bad. G80/G92 high end like an 8800GT/GTX/Ultra or Quadro FX 4600/5600 are kinda the lower threshold for "not complete garbage performance".
  8. Also consider that ray tracing in general is extremely hardware intensive and even games like minecraft with ray tracing require very, very high end computers to even get playable framerates. >> https://youtu.be/5jD0mELZPD8?t=62 Thats an RTX 2080ti with an i7 7900X getting 60fps in 1080p with that graphical mod. And a Ryzen 1700x and GTX 1070 (still a very high end system) in 720p to get 30fps. Even titles designed for ray tracing end up with 1080p/720p sub 30fps performance if you want it to actually look good. Battlefield V is a good example where a 1070 and HEDT type of i7 o
  9. Very few people are running RTX cards, and ray tracing will definitely not be playing well with the way most of SL is laid out. The whole "unoptimized user content" ordeal would only give you worse performance when you include ray traced lighting into the mix. When this game runs decently on high end hardware at all, and when the technology is common in all consumer graphics cards, thats when it might be viable to add the functionality to SL. But when you consider the very small amount of people who use RTX cards or even have GPUs capable of non slideshow ray tracing otherwise (780ti/r9 2
  10. Theres no reason to not have it as optional. Many other games and sites online have optional 2fa. Its a very successful way to keep peoples accounts secure from the most common of attacks. People logging in from anything other than where you normally log in. Even if you fall for a keylogger style attack on your own PC and they get your password, they cant login from where they are without also having access to your phone. I dont really know how many people are actually trying to steal SL accounts anyway, but again, no reason to not have it as optional.
  11. Got any better detailed specs? Ram speed, specific PSU and case model? Corsair has some super nice power supplies and some extremely low end power supplies. And Ryzen benefits from faster memory, if you can get 3000 or 3200mhz DDR4, go for that over 2133, 2400 or 2666mhz. Depending on the motherboard chipset overclocking may be out the window. A320 cannot overclock, among other issues. If theres an option for B350/450 go for that instead. The cost should be less than 10$ more than the cheapest of A320 boards. 3.4ghz implies Ryzen 3 1200. Dont bother with the 1200, the 2nd gen R
  12. There really isn't any hardware that you can buy that gives smooth performance everywhere in SL. This game is an unoptimized mess built on a near ancient engine that's really bad at using the hardware you have. The two biggest factors are single threaded CPU performance and the speed of the drive the games cache is on. I run SL on a lot of different hardware, and those are the only two things that really impact performance dramatically. Obviously a better gpu can help, but only slightly compared to how some gpu upgrades would affect other games.
  13. Its not too much of a concern, modern memory controllers dont have an issue with it anymore like the ones for pre DDR did. Everything there is the same speed and thats good enough, timings will balance out to whatever all sticks can handle. Mixing speeds would just result in the lowest speed stick being the speed of all memory.
  14. Your hardware from 2011 just really isnt up to the task of running SL in 2019, itll run the game obviously but running it smoothly is out of the question. You cant really upgrade it besides adding more ram or swapping to a different drive. So if you want better performance youre going to need a new machine to play on. My Latitude E6410 with a first gen i5 and the first generation of intel HD graphics can handle SL fine and dandy, for things like just standing around a social island and chatting. But thats at near minimum settings and im not doing much more than using the chatbox anyway. I
  15. The slightly more on depth explanation of this is that some lighting settings offload from the CPU to the gpu. Basic shaders are a gpu bound task and without that enabled, the CPU takes over most surface lighting rendering.
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