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  1. This was seemingly originally necrobumped by OP but on the topic of AMD and SL, ive done a bit of testing on this, and im still doing more. Basically ive yet to really find problems with SL now and any ATI/AMD card that is capable of running the game at a hardware level. Different driver versions, a large variety of cards, different operating systems and other hardware configurations. It just doesnt seem to cause problems like people say it will. Im sure it did, theres plenty of horror stories from years ago but they dont pertain to SL in 2018 at all. A good example here is the testing i did with the infamous HD 4870x2, a card similar to a GTX 280, dual gpu, complete housefire, driver nightmare on Windows 8.1 with semi-modern drivers. And ive done other stuff non posted with more common cards like a 5770, 6750, even the lowly 3450 (it was garbage FPS but didnt really present any other issues).
  2. >gt 625 well thats your problem, a 4770 could be paired with pretty much anything short of a Titan XP buy a secondhand 970 and watch that framerate triple
  3. What are you doing today!? :D

    i managed to get cheese to actually play the game again for a grand total of 10 minutes before she once again got bored with it such is life
  4. Furry femboy help

    Im not gonna lie here, the problems youre describing that are making this difficult are things you shouldve looked into before spending the lindens on the avatar and accessories. I suggest Dark Spot Designs avatars, they have more androgynous options and a variety of body styles compatible with different mainstream clothing styles such as Kemono, matreiya (how do i spell this) or Slink, or really anything if you use the SL body variants.
  5. Help

    The hp will give you a good upgrade path for the future and it'll be good for SL as is. The RX 550 is no powerhouse but its leagues better than any integrated graphics right now.
  6. Help

    Does the i3 have a 7 or 8 in its name? 7th gen and higher will have HD620 integrated graphics which are about the minimum for a comfortable experience in SL without having to run everything at near minimum settings. you gotta provide more info than i3 dell aio, because there's a lot of different variants of those
  7. Viewer + Multicore CPU's

    In SL the CPU is actually handling a lot more of the graphics than you would think. Most games use the CPU graphically at some level, and SL does the same, but because the game is so bad at utilizing multiple cores and threads, it quickly becomes a bottleneck at higher settings no matter what you have. Absolutely NOTHING running on an 8700k should ever dip below 60fps in 1080p, yet there are people on this forum with that problem. the CPU mainly handles lighting and shading effects, the gpu is more for geometry and textures, surface effects and filtering, various forms of AA the gpu does share some of the shader effects however, and they're tied into texturing and surfaces if you disable basic shaders for example, it will decimate your FPS because pretty much everything except for the geometry is immediately offloaded to the CPU since lighting is a big part of SL, even without the advance lighting, the underutilization of the CPU is a serious issue that's really holding the game back, even if it IS a super unoptimzed mess of content with insane polygon counts and super high res textures, modern hardware should be able to handle it fine
  8. Viewer + Multicore CPU's

    I'm really hoping we get this someday. CPU utilization with SL is trash. My i5 4570 and GTX 970 can max this game, but quickly I gets to the point where changing settings does nothing because my CPU is being underutilized. Render distance at max, 30fps. Render distance at minimum, 32fps. Turn reflections on and off, bump mapping and shiny things on and off, 970 has no problems with it and there's no difference in frame rate since the CPU is holding everything back. i shouldn't need the best of the best single threaded performance to play this game smoothly and if I didn't care about graphics or frame rate, I'd play on my Pentium 4 system from 2003
  9. Quick question of CPU Temp when running SL

    Don't run a case open for temperature problems, add and change around fans to create airflow. need an intake and an exhaust, more for hotter parts, you want air to exclusively flow in one end and out another, optimally exhaust should be at the back and top and intakes should be at the front and bottom having the case open entirely negates airflow since the air you intake just blows out the side instead
  10. video

    obviously... if youre not using this to record runescape in 640x480 youre not recording your screen properly
  11. How to fix my graphics?

    bingo also if this starts happening a lot, clear your viewer cache
  12. Viewer Installation. Install on SSD or HDD?

    The problem there is that almost nobody has enough RAM to make a proper ramdisk out of. Most people are still on 8gb, 16gb is getting more common but its still mainly for people who game a lot. Even 16gb of ram really isnt enough for a proper ramdisk, especially if you need that 16gb of ram as well. Ive got the xeon system now wtih 32gb of ram so that might be an option but really it gets into the land of diminishing returns, im giving up half my ram for a place for my browser to cram stuff and an SSD would do it just as well, with a near negligible speed loss. As for this thread from 2011, if anyone cares, stick the viewer cache on the SSD, it doesnt matter where you install the game, the boot time for the game i pretty quick anyway.
  13. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    SL wont take advantage of SLI/Crossfire configurations unless youre using some specific dual chip cards, and 1070ti SLI is really just not a necessity for anything right now anyway, wait a year or two until the cards are cheap and perform kinda average, then get a second for SLI to have your configuration last longer. I only suggest an AIO because its easy, it fits into anything with a 120mm fan mount, without details on case cooler height restriction, ram clearance, etc, its just easier to say "buy an AIO" because its gonna work 100%.
  14. Quick question of CPU Temp when running SL

    If you never touch it, it can last decades. Many suggest replacing it every so often however, and whatever you consider "every so often" to be. Personally, ive got systems that have never had their coolers removed in the last 20 years and they still have the same temps. Ive got others that get new thermal paste every few months or so when i take them apart for fun and cleaning. Unless you start seeing temperature problems with a clean cooler, dont bother.
  15. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    If you have a Z87 (updated bios) or Z97 motherboard, sell the 4790 (temporarily replace it with a Pentium G3260 or something for like 30$) and buy an i7 4790k, overclock the crap out of it on an AIO water cooler or something similar. AIO water would be the easiest option for you if you wanted a cooler upgrade and OC potential, but a high end air cooler wold also be a good option. Just upgrading the cooler on a 4790 will do literally nothing for performance, it will make it run a bit cooler and probably be less noisy but really unless that thing is hitting 90-100c its not even going to thermal throttle. Dont bother with an 8700k unless you need 6 cores, and for SL you definitely dont need 6 cores. A 4790k will hold you for a LONG time.