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  1. How does your office space look?

    Currently not much, I'm just at a hotel.
  2. How does your avatar look today ?

    Trying out some different avatars.
  3. Shaders being almost... undesiredable?

    Ran out of upload room, big images, heres what it looks like with the shaders off. Theres better detail in the lighting, glows, things are more vibrant. Its like the advance shaders just made everything kinda dull.
  4. Something I've noticed as I've been playing around with this new laptop, turning on things from Atmospheric Shaders and below can sometimes actually make a place look worse? As in it loses a lot of color and the edges get so blurred out that everything seems to blend together. Everything else i have on is below. Example, im on general medium/high settings on the LL viewer. No depth of field, heres what this scene looks like with Atmospheric Shaders on:
  5. Second Life Mobile

    My 450$ Acer Aspire with a mere i5 7200u and intel HD 620 graphics would contest that. 30-40fps on medium/high settings in popular places. ALM drops that to 20-30 but can rise in less populated places. For the sake of portability, which i need now with my current job, 450$ for this kind of performance is pretty great. It outperforms my budget desktop by a fair bit. You dont need a laptop with a mobile quadcore and a 1070 to get decent performance in SL. *sniffs air* Smells like 2003? I caught a faint whiff of pogs and pokemon cards. Wifi and mobile connections are just fine for a game like SL today. I always play on wifi with no issues and im currently playing via a tethered 4g LTE connection which is still 30mbps down and 15mbps up with 2ms latency. Also screen size has nothing to do with resolution, i have a 7" 720p monitor and a 23" 800x600 CRT, big screen, low res, looks awful. Small screen, decent res, looks ok. Most phone screens are now 720p or higher, flagship smartphones (besides apple) are 1080p/1440p+. Dont spread misinformation you got off ancient resources from the early days of SL, they do not apply at all anymore.
  6. Who else came from other virtual world ie IMVU ?

    Couple of years ago i migrated from Smallworlds. Before that was Habbo Hotel.
  7. What are you doing today!? :D

    Not doing anything in SL (and sadly haven't in a few weeks), currently driving in New Mexico Hopefully I can get back to SL fairly soon, rip all my free time
  8. Core viewer tech: Multi-core processors and RAM

    Yeah, the GPU side of the APU benefits from faster ram, as it uses system memory as video memory. So higher speed ram is faster video memory which is always beneficial with an APU. However its still a Ryzen 3 1200, pairing that with a dedicated GPU would be the better option unless they're on a tight budget, an RX 560 or 1050ti would give a drastically better graphical experience over GT 1030 tier graphics, which are about on par with a GTX 750.
  9. what kind of computer to buy for SL in 2017?

    This thread is physcially painful to read. Protip, and I'm not directing this at any one person, if you are not 100% positive you know what you're talking about, don't talk about it. I see a lot of talk on the technical forums here using anecdotal evidence and outdated information about hardware for SL. Like that whole "only nvidia will work for SL". The system requirements page for SL is a joke that needs to be re-done, its a literal relic from the mid 2000's, noted by the use of "ATI" and referencing 3D acellerator cards from the late 90's. This is an old thread, but whatever. You don't need much to run SL smoothly, pretty much any mid tier system from the last decade is fairly capable. I play on 12+ year old hardware and SL still runs pretty good in 1080p at medium settings. Something like the basic quad core and a mid tier GPU will handle SL just fine, going higher end leads you to the land of diminishing returns, when the 70$ G4560 gets you 3fps less than the 400$ 8700k... Ryzen 3 1200 or Pentium G4560, 8gb of ddr4, a compatible motherboard with a chipset that allows for future upgrades (B350 for AM4, Z270 for LGA 1151, though if you don't want to overclock, A320 for AM4 or B250 for 1151 are fine), a decent GPU like a GTX 1050ti or RX 560. Alternative with GPUs is to go a little older, GTX 750ti, 760, 770 or 950, 960 are great performers and can be found cheap used online. Note that older AMD cards are super power hungry, so make sure your system is up to the task of powering them, HD 7970, 7790 and 7770 are decently powerful cards, but are very high wattage, they can be found for super cheap used. Same with the R9 270x, 280, 280x and 290.
  10. Core viewer tech: Multi-core processors and RAM

    SL uses multiple cores and threads but doesn't utilize it well, certain aspects are heavily single threaded so a dual core with a decent single thread performance score can actually outperform 8/16+ core processors that have weaker single thread scores. Meltdown Spectre means nothing for SL or 99% of consumers in general, the average person is not a target for the people who would use that security exploit. Servers in particular are a target though games like SL would be super unimportant targets because they're not worth that much money and theres not much relavent user data to steal. 4gb of ram is fine for the LL viewer, ive run it on way less (1gb with the legacy viewer on XP, no issues), firestorm is, and I'm not sorry to all the people who use firestorm and praise it as the end all be all of viewers, bloated and really inefficient with resources and requires a lot more ram. Clock speed and cores mean next to nothing nowadays, a 4 core i7 4770k at 4ghz outperformed the 8 core 5ghz FX 9590. I use a Core2quad Q6600 and a Quadro FX 4600 with 8gb of DDR2 on Windows 8.1 with the 64 bit LL viewer. SL runs fine, more populated places or high detail places can drag down my FPS but for the average place with 10 or less people I see 30-40fps on medium settings. For a modern SL capable PC, look into recent quadcores with good single threaded performance scores and a GPU like an RX 550 or higher. I suggest a Ryzen 3 1200 or Pentium G4560, 8gb of ddr4 and maybe a GTX 1050ti or RX 460/560. That would be a very adequate system to run SL at high settings in 1080p and not see much frame loss with lots of people around.
  11. Yeah, Sandra suggests midrange quadcores, most VR stuff does. You want a processor that pairs well with your VR capable (not just "it can do VR" but it can do it well) GPU or better. So if you have a GTX 1060, anything better than an i5 2500k is good. If you have a 1070 or 1080, an i5 4460 or 6600k, any higher and you want an i7 4790k or better. So considering the r7 1700 is waaaaay above that, you're good for VR sansar if you have the GPU for it.
  12. Good desktop, but just 8 fps.

    My first thought was that your graphics card wasnt being used, but i dont think HD 2000 is even supported anymore. AMD has that weird thing that enables crossfire to work with IGP's for some reason, make sure thats disabled. If at all possible disable your IGP in the bios or via any intel graphics control panel you have. Drop to a baseline configuration, 1080p, medium preset, AA off, you should be seeing 45-60fps. Turn ALM off and you should be seeing a constant 60+ Otherwise theres still a bunch of stuff it could be, make sure to monitor CPU and GPU usage with something like GPU-Z and CPU-Z, make sure theyre being properly utilized, not overheating or whatever.
  13. HELP!

    It could be a large variety of things, its definitely not your hardware though. And its not your internet connection, wifi is fine to use for SL if your computer is newer than 2001...
  14. Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Well even then, its not a big deal. You just dont get any more updates. Doesnt mean the GPU is not going to work, just means you wont get any more new additions or fixes. LL still has a 32 bit viewer and will still release updates for it because people still use it. Just because Nvidia is no longer doing stuff for 32 bit operating systems doesnt mean the rest of the entire computer marketspace is going to stop supporting 32 bit.
  15. Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    It seems to work fine, the updates are a lot of small things but you can always just disable updates. Ive had them disabled recently due to the bug where it seemingly updates every time you run it. Just because there are no modern driver updates doesnt mean the current drivers arent going to work anymore. Really you dont need the most up to date drivers for a GPU unless theres some serious flaws at launch, which does happen sometimes but those are fixed quickly. I also dont use Windows 10, i still use 8.1 and never had any issues with bloatware since updates got backburnered like a year after its release. To be fair, usually after a few driver updates in, they start fixing very small unimportant things. I understand the drop of support for 32 bit operating systems especially for 10 series graphics cards simply because nobody should still be using a 32 bit OS as their "daily driver" anymore, and definitely not with a 10 series graphics card. Whats even a 1030 going to do on a system limited to 4gb of ram? LL will still release 32 bit updates for all those people who are still using the 32 bit client on 32 bit operating systems. Very few people on SL are using 10 series graphics cards but even then this doesnt really affect them, they just dont get any more GPU updates. Thats not going to break SL or break their GPU. I was looking mainly for information regarding general performance, i personally like the LL viewer because its what ive always used, and im not a fan of the transition going to firestorms UI. However because i have a fairly low end computer, if there was a difference in performance over the LL viewer id be more interested. From what people are saying here the actual framerate, loading times and overall performance boost is either nonexistent or minimal at best. I dont really use the advance building features that FS has, and most of its little tweaks are things i can do in the LL viewer if needed, although not as easily. From what ive read here, to me its not really worth moving to a different UI, i was looking for better framerate. In the end with my own testing of the LL viewer vs FS i got a literal 1fps performance increase on average with the same settings enabled in 1080p. What i noticed was that FS eats up a lot of ram for those tweaks that it has. And while for someone with 12 or 16gb of ram the extra 1gb it uses isnt a big deal, for me and my 8gb toaster oven from 2006/2007, it starts digging into excessive ram usage over the LL viewer which usually tops out at about 1.5gb for me.