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  1. Innula Zenovka

    Scripting a Surfboard

    In addition to Rolig's wise advice, you might want to take a look at the Linden Vehicle Tutorial (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Vehicle_Tutorial), and also Cory Linden's Simple Vehicle Script (https://www.outworldz.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=768) for a very well commented example of how to put together a basic vehicle. His example is for a motorbike but the principles for constructing any vehicle (which a surfboard is) are pretty much the same, whatever you're making I feel justified in directing you to that example since it's basically a tutorial in the form of a script.
  2. Innula Zenovka

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    Yes, I know. But my problem is that, assuming the Wiki is correct when it says that http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mono#Mono_benefits I don't think there should be any difference between the two mono scripts containing 10 lines of code each. A mono script that, at the moment, is capable of using up to 64 kb doesn't actually use 64 kb if it's just a simple "Hello Avatar" script. It uses only the small amount of memory it actually needs. So why is that going to be any different if the same code is written in a script that is capable of using up to 124 kb? It won't require any more memory than the identical code written in a script capable of containing only 64 kb, so why would the simulator allocate any more memory to it? There's probably a very good reason why it would allocate all the extra memory unnecessarily, as opposed to "only the memory it needs," but I wish someone would explain it to me why it would do that.
  3. Innula Zenovka

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    I'm still a bit dubious. I mean, is there any reason to think that a single script using (say) 84 kb would place a greater strain on the simulators during border crossings than 2 scripts using 42 kb each? Though in fact the two scripts would almost certainly need more than 42 kb to allow for two sets of events and so on, and probably inter-script communication. And wouldn't there be an advantage to the simulator in having to load one script only rather than two? The amount of memory used by the single script would be no more than that used by the two smaller ones, and probably less, after all.
  4. Innula Zenovka

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    I don't often need more than 64kb but when I do, I'm acutely aware of the extra code I frequently require simply to accommodate the fact I have two scripts doing a job that, ideally, only one script should handle. Unless ticking the "I want to have 128 KB available" box means that the script immediately reserves 128 KB, even if it's only the default "Hello Avatar" script, I don't see any particularly obvious potential problems. For the reasons I outlined above I -- possibly mistakenly, I admit -- don't think that's how mono scripts behave, so I welcome the idea, but I question the need for special fees and the manipulation of permissions to discourage people from ticking a box that I think should more properly. though not very succinctly, be labelled "let me use as much memory as I need, up to 128 KB, if I turn out to need it."
  5. Innula Zenovka

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    I have a question about the whole basis of this discussion. It's a genuine one, since I'm conscious I don't know much about what happens server-side and I may be misunderstanding. However, I read in the wiki that http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mono#Mono_benefits I infer from this, therefore, that the only circumstances in which anyone is going to use > 64KB of memory is if the script actually requires >64KB. I infer further that there's no particular benefit if, on the comparatively rare occasions the scripter needs (say) 100 KB of memory, that memory is used in two scripts needing 50 KB each or one script needing 100 KB (and using only 100 KB, not 120). Indeed, the latter would presumably be preferable, since the two 50 KB scripts will contain needless duplication of variables, events and functions, and involve extra overhead in sending and processing messages between the two. Furthermore, since the only way actually to use >64 KB script memory is to sit down and write a script that needs that much, I think comparisons with priority 4 animations and over-large textures are mistaken. It's far, far easier to upload a huge texture or to set an animation to an unnecessarily high priority,, after all, than it is to write a script that's going to use 100KB of memory. So why do we need to charge people and play around with permissions?
  6. Innula Zenovka

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    Similar to what happens with scripts set to a particular experience -- anyone can use (for example) the full-perms AvSitter script that uses the AvSitter experience and is distributed, full perms, to people with paid-for copies of the AvSitter scripts, but if edited by anyone other than one of the (very few) people with the appropriate role in the AvSitter group, it loses the experience.
  7. Innula Zenovka

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    Clearly I'm not thinking straight but I don't understand this dance with the permissions. I mean, I pay my L$500 for a 128-kb script to appear in my inventory, called New Script (128 kb) or whatever, which is fully copy and mod. So I take a copy of it, save that as My Big Script 1, and write my script. I choose "Finalise" and it becomes Copy/Trans but no Mod. Meanwhile, I've still got my original New Script (128 kb) fully mod and copy, so I take another copy, save it as My Big Script 2, delete all the content and write a completely different script, finalise that, and so on. Unless I've missed something, unless I mess up and finalise my original New Script (128 kb) without having a backup, I only pay the one fee ever. So what's the point of messing with the perms? I think I must have misunderstood something here.
  8. I think there is a"non-" (as in noncommercial) missing somewhere in that sentence. Have you considered posting the scripts etc on github? That might be more convenient for you and for users than leaving it in-world (if you sell your parcel and move somewhere else, for example). I will certainly grab a copy of the script to study -- sounds very interesting.
  9. Innula Zenovka

    HUD gets deformed

    I'm late to this, so I'll say only that I think almost everyone, the first time they try to make a HUD, starts by putting the buttons on the wrong face. Or if, by accident, they do put them on face 4, they don't realise how important it is that they've done that, and put them on some other face the next time they make a HUD. It took me ages until I thought to ask, and them someone explained why my HUDs sometimes worked and sometimes didn't, and I kicked myself for overlooking something that seems so obvious. Of course, it's not obvious at all until after it's been pointed out. That's why people think HUDs are complicated, I'm sure.
  10. Innula Zenovka

    Problem with CHANGED_INVENTORY

    Thanks @steph Arnott. Now I see the difference -- as you'll have gathered from the example script I passed you, I was putting the object into the prim and then removing it manually, not in a script event, as you are doing. When I drag the object out of the prim's inventory and back into my own, no changed event fires.
  11. Innula Zenovka

    Problem with CHANGED_INVENTORY

    How strange. I'll pass you a copy of the script and object I'm testing. I can't make it behave differently by changing the delay.
  12. Innula Zenovka

    Problem with CHANGED_INVENTORY

    I'm using an item that's no-copy to me (that is, I didn't make it). Is your item no copy to you or no copy to the next owner?
  13. Innula Zenovka

    Problem with CHANGED_INVENTORY

    I'm not sure I understand. I've just tried this default { changed(integer change) { if(change & CHANGED_INVENTORY){ llSleep(0.25); llOwnerSay("something changed"); } } } and had the same result -- that is, it responds when I add a no copy item but not when I remove the item. Putting the llSleep before the if() test has the same result. Could you post an example of what I should be doing to make it respond when the item is removed?
  14. Innula Zenovka

    Problem with CHANGED_INVENTORY

    While I can't get the jira to open (I think it's the jira that's down, not the link) I have just tested this in-world and it appears that, whatever the status of the bug in 2010, it's a problem again now. That is, what I put a no-copy item into a prim, the changed event fires, but when I remove the same object, the changed event does not fire.
  15. Innula Zenovka

    Problem with CHANGED_INVENTORY

    If you try to save a script containing errors, and don't correct them before the script closes, then when you come to open it the next time, it will have set itself to non-running, and when you then correct the mistakes so that it compiles and saves properly, you still have to set it to running again manually. Could that be what happened? It's very easy to miss and has caught me a few times. Thanks. I hadn't noticed that -- I'm so used to opening the changed event with if(change & CHANGED_*) that I just wrote it automatically without thinking about its meaning!