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  1. @Love Zhaoying Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought the little balls are meant to represent individual avatars as they move round the map. Jesse Barnett made something similar ages ago, which is in the wiki.
  2. If you use the method I suggested, they don't need to identify themselves -- they can use the avatar's uuid, once they've decoded it, to find out all they need. Otherwise you need to build a list of target avatars in the sensor event and then rez the first ball. Either wait for it to send a message confirming it's rezzed (or, if you don't mind living a bit dangerously, simply sleep the rezzer script for 0.2 seconds or thereabouts, to give the ball script time to rez and wake up properly), then send it the UUID of the first avatar on your list. Having done that, delete the uuid of that avatar, and, if the list is not empty, rez a new ball, and carry on with the same procedure until the list ==[].
  3. You can use Kira Komarov's very handy little routine Key2Number to encode the target avatar's uuid as an integer value and pass it to the ball as its start parameter. The ball then loops through the results of llGetAgentList, encoding the uuids and comparing the results with its start parameter. When it has a match, it knows its target. I often find that simpler than passing messages between the rezzer and the rezzed object.
  4. No, but many griefers create throw-away alt accounts with which to conduct their activities, in the hope that this will reduce the risk of their main account being suspended or banned. I don't think automated restrictions on parcel access based on age are a good idea, but that's the thinking behind them.
  5. As Berksey says, it's easy enough to tell when someone pays money to an object that belongs to you (which goes straight into your account) but there's no way I know to detect when someone makes a payment direct to your avatar.
  6. The Builders Brewery group offer live in-world tutorials on many subjects, including scripting. Class schedule here.. I've never been to one of their scripting classes, but their building classes are very good.
  7. @Titty LuvPlease can you be more specific about how you want the object to behave? You've told us that Rolig's solution isn't quite what you were going for -- how does the object's desired behaviour differ from the way Rolig's suggestion has it working?
  8. I did say, "in my experience," and I am fortunate not to live in a war zone in the middle of a genocidal war. So, I suspect, are most people you meet in SL, whether in world or in these forums. In consequence, I don't really see what the point of your anecdote is. I seem to remember starting with the proviso, "While certainly everyone is capable of extremely bad behaviour in particular circumstances," However, the sort of circumstances in which people come to join organisations like the Reserve Police Battalion 101 are mercifully not those under which I (and, I suspect, you) live.
  9. While certainly everyone is capable of extremely bad behaviour in particular circumstances, in my experience most people behave decently most of the time, at least while they're sober, unless they're given what they see as a good reason not to.
  10. It summarises a paper presented at the 84th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, which took place in 2015. Can your browser open this Evernote copy ?
  11. It is, of course, already open to you to contact LL to ask them this sort of thing, so I don't see the problem. They may well reply on the lines of "why on earth do you expect us to keep such records and how is it any of your business anyway?" but you lose nothing by asking.
  12. See the notes section to the llListen article in the wiki for an explanation of how the server processes listen events and why open listeners on 0 are a bad idea. I agree with Rolig and Anton -- it's probably not causing a great deal of harm in your example, and I certainly wouldn't say you should never use an open listener on 0. However, I would say that if you are thinking of using an open listener on 0, you should have a good reason for doing it because if there's a lot of scripts listening on 0, then it's giving the server a lot of unnecessary work.
  13. Thanks. Are you sure, then, that it's nothing in the "Simple RLV HUD" that's causing the problem? As Klytyna suggests, it may very well be something in the code there that's causing the problem. As I said above, I would suggest making your own relay that listens on a channel of your choosing, and which issues specific RLV commands in response to cues you send it on that channel. That's very simple to do and should certainly fix the problem.
  14. @bloodysapphire18 The only thing that's important here is how you feel. You don't trust him any more so, to my mind, that's an end to it. You wouldn't be happy with him because of the loss of trust, so there's no point. His trying to make you feel guilty about not having sex with him pretty much confirms him in my eyes as being not worth bothering about.
  15. Just to clarify (I've just read Klytyna's post), is your "Simple RLV HUD" something you've written yourself, listening on a channel other than the common RLV Relay Channel, -1812221819?