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  1. Innula Zenovka

    Attach HUD fail

    There is only one exception to the general rule that objects may be attached only to their owners. The exception -- whereby a dining table, for example, can attach knives and forks to all the diners, even though they don't own the dining table -- is when you use llAttachToAvatarTemp, which enables the object to attach to the avatar without creating an inventory entry. Normally, I use llAttachToAvatarTemp with experience permissions, which means that avatars who have already accepted the experience don't get bothered with subsequent attachment requests and the items just rez and attach silently, If you use it with regular llRequestParmissions(id, PERMISSION_ATTACH) then it still works, as far as I know, but the sitter has to agree to the object attaching each time. So yes, it certainly can be done, but I'd need to see the code before I can usefully say much more.
  2. Innula Zenovka

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    I'm pretty sure I've got a mud wrestling pit somewhere in my inventory, if that would help.
  3. Innula Zenovka

    Flipping a prim 180 degrees

    Depends which axis you want to flip it on, of course, but try something like this rotation rRot; vector vAxis = <0.0,PI,0.0>; default { state_entry() { rRot = llEuler2Rot(vAxis); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSetRot(rRot * llGetRot()); } }
  4. Innula Zenovka

    Let us remove the firestorm experience...

    Presumably it's there so that the Community Gateway can do something like attach HUDs to new residents, or teleport them, because the designers of the region didn't want to have to explain, at that point in the orientation process, how to teleport/accept an inventory offer and wear a hud/whatever it is, and also don't want to deal with new residents not clicking the agree dialog when asked for experience perms (because they don't understand it, or they're not looking or something). It seems perfectly sensible and innocuous to me, and I think anyone who is prepared to accept the minimal risks involved in using a third party viewer certainly shouldn't object to the far smaller risks involved in having this experience.
  5. Innula Zenovka

    Calling all SL British Users!

    if you don't have any problems, then great. It was their customer service department who really messed me about, turning a minor nuisance into a major inconvenience, but when I wasn't having to struggle to keep my temper with Customer Service, they were good. I still prefer my current providers, Three, though.
  6. Innula Zenovka

    Calling all SL British Users!

    Virgin Mobile or Virgin Media? People are recommending Virgin Media -- I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't use Virgin Mobile again (they're a separate business under the Virgin umbrella).
  7. Innula Zenovka

    Calling all SL British Users!

    I've been with Virgin for the last 18 years, and have no complaints at all. Including a reduction for my loyalty bonus, I pay £28.78 a month for the basic TV and Landline phone packages plus the VIVID 100 fibre broadband package (100 Mbps, unlimited). There's an addition line rental charge which I pay annually -- £196.00 a year, with the discount for annual payment. Call outs are free, should I need one (which I haven't for years) and service is very reliable. I would recommend Virgin without hesitation as broadband provider (I don't use the TV and I usually use my mobile for phone calls, so I can't comment on that side of things). I had a bad experience with Virgin Mobile but Virgin Media are quite satisfactory as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Innula Zenovka

    Starter / Idle / Stall sounds Script

    To know what link number has been touched, use llDetetedLinkNumber. So you don't have to worry about link numbers changing, I would very strongly advise creating global variables with meaningful names (integer iOnOffButton, integer iLightBulb and so on), give the various prims appropriate names and then run through the linkset in state entry, matching them up -- something like //this is just a fragment, obviously integer iOnOffButton; integer iLightBulb; default { state_entry() { integer max = llGetNumberOfPrims(); integer counter = 1; do{ string str = llGetLinkName(counter); if("OnOff Switch" == str){//if the prim is called "OnOff Switch" iOnOffButton = counter;//store the link number as iOnOffButton } else if ("Light Bulb" == str){ iLightBulb = counter; } //and so on } while(++counter < max); } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer i = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); if(iOnOffButton == i){ //turn the machine on or off } } } To turn the lamp prim on and off, use llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast and PRIM_POINT_LIGHT. To use a prim other than the one containing the script as a particle emitter, use llLinkParticleSystem. To play a sound, use llPlaySound. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlDetectedLinkNumber http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetLinkName http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast#llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlLinkParticleSystem#llLinkParticleSystem http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlPlaySound
  9. Innula Zenovka

    Starting with LSL

    That's where I would look -- just look at functions tagged with a "New" icon and see if there's anything there you don't recognise. I agree that attending user group meetings, looking at simulator release notes and following this forum are probably better ways to keep up, but not everyone has the time or inclination to to that, and for them, the wiki is the best resource.
  10. Innula Zenovka

    Sex Offenders on SL

    If you read the section on disclosing personal information in the wiki on Residents' privacy rights, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Residents'_privacy_rights#Disclosing_personal_information, you will see there is nothing whatsoever to preclude your approaching the police or probation authorities in the area where this person lives -- you've tracked down his sex offender status, you say, so you must have the relevant information -- and informing them of your concerns. The police and probation authorities in the relevant jurisdiction will know if he is breaking the terms of any court orders or parole by using SL and, if he is, will be able to take appropriate action (almost certainly involving imprisonment). They, not LL, and certainly not the members of this forum, are the appropriate people to deal with the situation.
  11. Innula Zenovka

    Help with llTakeControl

    That's one I keep bookmarked. It's one of the most helpful explanations of how to use the (often confusing) control event I've ever seen.
  12. Innula Zenovka

    issue on llMessageLinked

    If you want to avoid cross-talk, you might want to use this filter in the listen event: listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(llGetOwnerKey(id)==llGetOwner()){//if whoever or whatever sent the message is my owner or belongs to my owner //then process the message } //otherwise ignore it }
  13. Innula Zenovka

    15 YEARS!! but I am sad (horrible interview truth)

    If you have evidence of this kind of criminal activity, then you should report it to the FBI. Or are they part of the criminal conspiracy, too?
  14. Innula Zenovka

    issue on llMessageLinked

    Thanks. What code do you have inside the touch event? And when you say "i recive error and llSay of button show me only A," what does that refer to? What does the sender script say to you, and what does the receiver say? What does it say in "primocheck" and what does it say in "secondocheck"? I must say that, on the face of it, this seems an over-complicated way of doing things. As far as I can tell, the logic of your code is that if the first letter of the message in the transmitter is "A", you want to send that message to the receiver. So the only test you need, I think, is if(llGetSubString(msg,0,0)=="A"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS,-1,msg,""); } There's no need to keep chopping bits off the string and then reassembling it, which is what your code seems to do,
  15. Innula Zenovka

    issue on llMessageLinked

    This is a bit of a guessing game, since we can't see your code. but if you're sending a UUID via link message, and putting the UUID in the final, id, field of the llMessageLinked call, then link_message(integer sender, integer num, string str, key id){ llOwnerSay((string)id); } in the receiver prim will tell you what "id" is. Otherwise, please post, at least, the code you are using to send the link message and the whole of the link_message event that receives the UUID.