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  1. St George is their patron saint as well as ours, of course. So I think they probably have an equal claim to use his cross in their heraldry.
  2. Linden Lab owns both Second Life and Tilia, so why is it surprising that they share a common Executive Chairman (who owns Linden Lab and, therefore, both of them) and his Chief of Staff, and common Heads of HR and Legal? ETA -- I should have written "common Heads of HR and Legal, and a common CFO"
  3. And parts of SL might well be described as a "wretched hive of scum and villainy," I suppose.
  4. If you're a Brit, as I think you you've suggested you are, then there's always the new photo ID to vote in person as a fallback.
  5. From what I've read about the practice in some US churches, perhaps the pastor at a large local church had just delivered a homily on the subject of thanking uniformed soldiers when you see then?
  6. Nevertheless, an increasing number of US states have introduced, or are in the process of introducing, age verification legislation for sites offering pornographic material. So, recently has the EU, in the form of the Digital Services Act. While this is obviously directed at regular porn sites rather than SL, the legislation in some jurisdictions may also catch SL, and if it does Linden Lab will have to make changes to accommodate it, either by requiring whatever age verification is required before allowing accounts from particular states/countries to visit Adult regions or by blocking them from those regions altogether, as Pornhub has done to IP addresses in Texas. Obviously Pornhub know as well as anyone else that this won't prevent Texans from using a VPN to access their site, but that's not the point. The point is to avoid being sued/fined. Most major credit reference agencies seem also to offer age verification services to businesses who need them. That makes sense, since if you've got a credit rating -- good or bad -- you must be old enough legally to enter into credit agreements. I don't know what information they require in order to verify your age, or how this would work for people in countries they don't serve, but since it's certainly possible to apply for credit online with remarkably little fuss, I can't imagine their age verification procedure would be particularly arduous.
  7. As I said earlier in the thread, one of the reasons I'm confident that LL is conducting a thorough investigation is that I don't think they have any choice. This is because I am certain that both the Lab's Legal and HR departments will have pointed out that if at some future point someone sues LL for unfair or constructive dismissal, the Lab will need to have a very good and well-documented answer to the question "When these allegations about your internal procedures and general oversight were made in early 2024, what did you do about it?".
  8. I would say that PIOF isn't the same as age verification, since there are various perfectly legitimate ways of providing LL with payment info (and using it) that are available to at least some people under 18 in some jurisdictions. I would also, for what it's worth, say that age verification is a not a matter of scientific accuracy but of taking reasonable measures to comply with various legal requirements.
  9. Nevertheless, despite the fact that there are many members of the ruling dynasties of the various traditional Nigerian states whose title translates into English as "Prince," I'll continue to regard with suspicion emails from anyone who claims to be one of them.
  10. Linden Lab Official:Clarification of policy disallowing *****
  11. When I saw the article and screenshots of child avatars alongside pictures of the viewer's Inventory window's "Worn" tag that purported to show what attachments the child avatar is wearing, I thought to myself, "Well, either someone's using a viewer I've never heard of to do something I wasn't aware was possible -- take screenshots showing the HUDs someone else is wearing -- or they're demonstrating something absolutely bloody obvious, which is that anyone can buy a body, skin and clothes for any sort of avatar they like, including a child avatar, buy some HUDs and wear them, and take a picture of their nice new avatar and their own inventory window." You do not, I suggest, need to be William of Occam to work out my conclusions.
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