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  1. Another option would be WhateverFirstNameYouChoose + Last name chosen from a drop-down list provided by LL, which is how it used to work. However it's done, though, the FirstName + LastName combination will have to be unique, otherwise the new functions http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlName2Key and http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlRequestUserKey won't work properly and (for example) a gift vendor won't know to which Caroline Resident or Innula Zenovka it should send the gift if there's more than one avatar using either of those names.
  2. I'm not saying you're mistaken, necessarily, but how on earth do you know that? I wouldn't necessarily infer that the average Soviet citizen at the time was "just fine and dandy" with Stalin's rule, since it seems to me not improbable that, however the average Soviet citizen felt about particular aspects of Soviet life such as the holodomor and the Great Terror, few of them wanted to risk either deportation to a slave labour camp in the gulag, along with their immediate family, or a bullet in the back of the neck after interrogation by the NKVD, so they knew to toe the line and keep quiet. Seems to me that similar considerations may well have applied to the average German at the time, too.
  3. To my mind, the description of Scruton as a "conservative philosopher" is somewhat misleading, since his serious philosophical work on aesthetics (which I'm not qualified to comment on), and particularly on Kant and the Sublime, is apparently very highly thought of but doesn't really have a great deal to do, or not directly at least, with his political and polemical writings. I wouldn't regard him as "conservative philosopher" in the way, for example, Leo Strauss was, or Michael Oakeshott in the UK -- rather, he was a philosopher who was also a very able polemicist for his conservative political views.
  4. I think you can remedy that thus: integer i; for (i = 0; i < number_of_keys; ++i) { thisKey = llList2Key(keys,i); if (thisKey != llGetOwner() && !~llListFindList(detected_list,[thisKey])) {//if thisKey is not the uuid of the owner and is not already in the list detected_list += [ llRound(llVecDist(currentPos, llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(thisKey,[OBJECT_POS]),0))), llGetSubString(llGetDisplayName(thisKey), 0, 11), thisKey ]; } }
  5. No, it won't. Should I change my name, the new function http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlRequestUserKey will continue to return the same uuid whether it's given "Innula Zenovka" or my new name as it currently does when given "Innula Zenokva."
  6. That's a start but where are the crankshafts, gears and mighty throbbing steam pistons and reciprocating valves? Does it come with plasma orbs and sky-kites to attract the lightning? Where do you shovel the coal and and can you draw hot water and steam from the system to make refreshing cups of tea and cappuccino when necessary? I want a steampunk version of this, I guess
  7. I'm hoping that LL's release of the Victorian Linden Homes is going to inspire someone to make something I've always thought SL badly needs -- a top-quality steampunk sex bed, complete with ornate polished mahogany and brass fittings, steam-power pumps and pistons, plasma orbs and Van der Graaff generators, levers, gears, transmission belts, flywheels and such, accompanied by clouds of steam and lots of sparks.
  8. You need to be clear about which frame of rotational reference you're using -- yours or that of the region. In this case, I think you need to use your own frame of rotational reference -- that is, you want to know how far to turn to your left or right in order to face your target, before setting off towards it in a straight line. You also need to be clear about whether you need to take into account the difference between your z coordinate and that of your target (that is, the difference between your respective elevations) or whether you're interested only in your respective x and y coordinates. The basic formula I use to calculate this is the one provided by @Chalice Yao over at VirtualVerse.One. Assuming you want to constrain your rotation to the x and y planes -- that is, you want to know how far to turn in order to face your target in order to move towards it but aren't interested in your different elevations (as you would be if you were aiming a gun at it or flying towards it), this formula from Chalice's tutorial should calculate the angle you need to turn to face vTarget: llRotBetween(<1,0,0>,llVecNorm(<vTarget.x - vPos.x,vTarget.y - vPos.y,0>)) in which vPos is your position and vTarget is that of your target. That will tell you the angle (expressed as a quaternion) you need to turn on your own z axis to face your target. Your illustrations suggest you want to move between regions, which would mean you need to take into account the difference between the world positions of the two regions. So you would need to add the data returned by llGetRegionCorner to vPos and by llRequestSimulatorData("target region name", DATA_SIM_POS) to vTarget. Everyone finds rotations confusing at first -- I struggled with them for years -- but when someone finally explains them to you, they're actually pretty simple to work with. Besides Chalice's little tutorial on how to point an object at another object by script, I strongly recommend @Grandma Bates' two introductory tutorials at https://www.virtualverse.one/forums/forums/tutorials.31/ and the invaluable wiki article on rotations at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Rotation.
  9. Speaking as a British survivor of cancer, I am not going to complain about anyone raising funds for kids (or adults, come to that) in any country who are fighting that disease.
  10. One downside might be that the reason your Linden Home doesn't count against your parcel's available LI is that the root prim is positioned so that it's on protected land owned by LDPW (near your mailbox/life preserver) and the LI counts against LDPW's allowance, not yours. So for your plan to work, the parcel owners, not LL, would have to carry the LI for the houses. This might make them a lot less attractive to residents, I think.
  11. You do realise that's not the way civil cases work, I hope. That is, the respondent (the civil equivalent of the defendant, or LL in this case) enjoys the benefit of the doubt and is assumed to be innocent until the plaintiff has established her case "on the preponderance of the evidence." I'm also not sure what "not literally believing her" (as opposed to ... "figuratively believing her", whatever that might mean?) involves. Personally, I'm suspending judgment one way or the other, since I know nothing about facts of the case, but I'll be surprised if her side of stands up to rigorous and impartial examination (but I was surprised when Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, when Leave won the Brexit referendum, when Donald Trump was sworn in as President and by lots of other things, too, so that's no real guide).
  12. Certainly there is some truth in it, in that both sides agree she used to work for LL and has now resigned after complaints about her performance at work. The rest of it is, as I understand it, disputed, so the contentious parts of her complaint need to be resolved by an impartial tribunal after it has properly considered the evidence presented by both sides. Since she's the one making the complaint, she's required to prove it to the civil standard -- the preponderance of evidence, I think it is, in the US -- and since we don't have access to any of the evidence she intends to submit, nor to any evidence LL intend to submit in rebuttal, I don't really think speculation based on prejudice (that is, having reached a provisional judgment without reference to the evidence) is going to be particularly helpful for anyone. The most I assume about any case, civil or criminal, is that the complaint, if true, means the complainant or the prosecution has a case in law. I also assume, possibly rather cynically, that anyone who feels aggrieved about losing their job (or finding themselves in a position where they consider, rightly or wrongly, they're about to lose their job or that the work environment is toxic) probably feels they've been unfairly treated and also probably has a significant financial and personal interest in having a court declare that they were not, in fact, as incompetent or as difficult a colleague or whatever as the their former employers say was the case. So, just as I don't assume that defendants in criminal cases must be guilty because the police wouldn't go to all the trouble of arresting them without a good reason, or that they must be innocent because the police are oppressive and biased, even though both must be true in particular individual cases, I'm not intending to form any premature judgments about this matter and I would caution others against so doing, too. I have my own speculative opinions on the matter, certainly, but since I don't have any facts with which to back them up, I'm not going to try to present them as facts, and I would advise others against doing the same.
  13. When I was a student, many years ago, one of the lecturers used to tell us that, in her classes, there was no such thing as a stupid question other than one she'd answered just five minutes earlier, as the questioner would have known had she or he been paying attention.
  14. I was thinking primarily of the linkability rules plus llSetLinkPPFast. I haven't done much with Multimove for a long time, but when I did, it was primarily because I was trying to move a large vehicle (so linkability rules) with more than 32 prims (so physical movement issues, cured by setting appropriate links to PRIM_PHYSICS_NONE. Probably I'm mistaken, but when I was looking out the copy of Mulitmove I recalled what I'd last used it for and thought that, if I were making a similar vehicle now, I'd probably try to do it with a single script in a large linkset rather than Multimove, at least until I discovered my brilliant idea didn't work as well as I had hoped (admittedly, that all too frequently turns out to be the case). That's what was behind my note of caution.
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