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  1. How to Make a VERY Slow Script?

    If you are using Alicia Stella's script, then if you change, up at the top of the script string speed = "NORMAL"; //"VERY SLOW", "SLOW", "NORMAL", "FAST", "VERY FAST" to read string speed = "VERY SLOW"; //"VERY SLOW", "SLOW", "NORMAL", "FAST", "VERY FAST" then that will cause the script to set the value of speedvector to speedvector = <0,0,0.15>; a little later on. This, in English, tells the script to make the object seem to rotate through 27 degrees a second. That is because in llTargetOmega(speedvector,PI,1.0); PI means 180 degrees in Euler notation (which is what LSL uses for rotations) and the command is telling the script to rotate the object at speedvector * PI degrees a second, and 180 * 0.15 is 27. If you want to rotate it slower, go to default { state_entry() { vector speedvector = <0,0,0.6>; if (speed == "VERY SLOW") { speedvector = <0,0,0.15>; } and replace the 0.15 with a lower value. Or you could try the fragment I posted above, default { state_entry() { float RevsPerSecond = 0.1; llTargetOmega(<0.0,0.0,TWO_PI>*llGetRot(),RevsPerSecond,0.01); } } and play around with the value of RevsPerSecond. My script is written slightly differently, and uses RevsPerSecond to tell the script how many times to rotate in a second. Try float RevsPerSecond = 0.01; and see how that works for you. I've tried it just now and the movement is visible.
  2. How to Summon a Spirit?

    @Prokofy Neva I do very much sympathise with your point that there's no ready way of knowing is someone who claims to be able to script has much idea about it. I've certainly in the past seen people in in-world groups offering to write scripts for cash and then, a day or so later, seen them here asking how to do whatever it was they were offering to do in return for L$5000. However, I'm really not sure what the remedy is. What's the difference between people asking for a script here, and hoping someone they know by reputation knows what they're doing will offer to write it for them, whether for free or for money, and asking in Inworld Employment or Wanted and hoping for the same result? Is it simply that people who know what they're doing are more likely to see the request here? As to who makes policies, it's always been the case since I started in a previous incarnation of this forum 10 years ago that the experienced scripters have generally been unwilling to post full scripts for the reasons that have already been rehearsed. Those of us who've stuck around have adopted and adapted those customs and conventions because they seem good to us,. There's nothing to stop anyone from posting complete solutions -- i do now and again, when it's the best way to make a point or the solution is something I think is generally useful -- but we tend not to. The Lindens seem to agree that this isn't the right place for people simply to ask for scripts, since if they felt differently, they'd presumably not move such requests to other fora they consider more appropriate, and since they're paying the bills for this place, that's their right. Similarly, it's my right to decide whether or not to reply to any particular question. As to Open Source, I know it's a bête noire of yours, and I'm not particularly fond of it either. But it's really nothing to do with anything in this context. Open Source doesn't mean "full perms." It means "has all sorts of terms and conditions attached to it, many of which are completely inappropriate to SL, which is just as well because no one in SL normally bothers to try to enforce them anyway." I give most of my scripts out full perms for a couple of very simple reasons. If someone's paid me, then it's theirs, as far as I'm concerned. It's also a lot easier for both me and my customer that way, because I can write it in such a way that it's easy for the customer to tweak, just by adjusting a few values right at the top of the script, rather than having to keep coming back to me to ask me to change it. Similarly, when I give out scripts for free, it's often because someone's asked me how to do something, so they have to be able to read it, and the "ease of editing" argument remains the same. Yes, I could give out no mod scripts that you configure by notecard, but what's the point? It only makes extra work for me, and it's one more thing to go wrong. I probably will post in the script library something similar to the rezzer I gave you. I just want a bit of time to make something with a wider range of applications and also to add a few things to it that people might find useful (including some notes for people who want to understand how rezzers work).
  3. I'm looking for a script!

    Yes, and since it's a HUD I'm assuming the buyer will be wearing it. I may have misunderstood but I'm visualising something similar to an attempt at SL's equivalent of catalogue shopping I once saw -- that is, a HUD I could wear that displayed a gallery of images of products and, if I wanted, I could use it to select the product I wanted and then make my purchase direct from the HUD, *if* I was prepared to give a script made by a complete stranger permission to debit my account, which I wasn't.
  4. How to Summon a Spirit?

    @Prokofy Neva Let's try once more. The convention here is that, for the reasons Rolig and I have tried to explain, that generally we try not to post full scripts in this forum. That's partly -- and it doesn't apply in this case, obviously -- because when we're helping people with scripts we want to let them put things together and get it to work for themselves, because we know how rewarding it feels when you do get it to work, and partly because we try to encourage people who are looking for ready-made scripts to look in one of the libraries or to ask in the appropriate forum, Wanted or Inworld Employment. You say you're not aware of mods having to move droves of people who need to hire a scripter, but you very fairly accept that I probably watch this forum more closely than do you. That's probably correct, since I have it set to notify me of all new posts. Obviously it varies from week to week, but I'd say that generally we get about three or four such requests a week -- that is, requests for a complex script that can't be answered simply by providing a link to a script somewhere in a scripting library (though why people can't simply use Google to find things themselves is a mystery). This doesn't sound many but on average it's around a third to a half of all new posts. Unless they spark some kind of discussion, the moderators do move them surprisingly quickly (whether on their own initiative or because someone has asked them to). My impression is that there are now far fewer such requests than we used to have in the past, so it may be that the moderators' diligence is having the desired side-effect of not letting this forum look like the right place to ask for scripts. Certainly, when I'm using Google to search one of the forum's previous incarnations for something I dimly recall seeing discussed there a few years ago, I'm struck by how many "Is there a script that will do this?" questions that I have to wade through in the old forums as compared with how few there are now, which suggests it's working. Normally, when I see a question like that, I post a generic answer, to the effect that what the poster is trying to do is certainly possible, though I'm not aware of any free scripts that will do it. If they want to try writing a script themselves, they should look at the following sections of the wiki (provide links) and then ask again here with specific questions. But if they want someone to write one for them, they should ask in Inworld Employment. In this case, since I'm always making rezzers of one sort or another, and since collision events (what happens when the avatar stands on something) can be tricky and I wanted to clarify in my own mind what the logic should be in a script like this, I wrote one quickly to check and then passed you a copy. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess, but I thought -- clearly mistakenly -- that it would be simpler just to pass you a copy than to explain here that what you wanted to do was pretty straightforward and, if you wanted a script writing, you should ask in Inworld Employment and then pass you a copy if I saw you post there. I agree with you that there's nothing wrong with having free script libraries and free script repositories. I also think there's nothing wrong with encouraging people to use them, rather than try to use this forum as yet another one, since this forum is, in my experience, both a very useful reference source for scripters and an invaluable resource for people who are learning to script with LSL. There's nothing wrong, to my mind, with our trying to keep it on topic. There are, as you rightly note, very few scripters. People who are starting to learn to script need somewhere to ask for help and guidance, and more experienced scripters also frequently need to ask for advice and to discuss technical issues with each other. It's not like trying to learn Blender or Maya or Photoshop, or a commercial language like C++ or Javascript where there are plenty of books, on-line courses and discussion groups available. This is one of the very few such places we have (the parallel forum at SLU is the only other one I know of), and I see nothing wrong with trying to keep it as a resource for scripters and people who want to learn to script and trying not to let it turn into somewhere people simply ask for scripts.
  5. How to Summon a Spirit?

    While I agree pretty much anyone can learn to script if they want to and are interested, there's absolutely no reason anyone should feel they ought to. I'm assured that I wouldn't find it difficult to make mesh or animations, and I haven't found it too difficult when I've bothered to try with Blender. But I don't find it anywhere near as interesting as I do scripting and I have only a limited amount of time, so I'd rather ask people who are good at making mesh or animations, and who enjoy doing it, to make stuff for me. No one can be a specialist in everything, after all, and if everyone knew how to script then that would be a lot of us out of business. While I disagree with Prok on many things, I do recognise he does a great deal for SL in various ways, and I'm generally happy -- when I have time -- to knock out short scripts for Prok and other established content creators. I don't normally charge for that kind of thing because it's simply my way of killing 20 minutes or so rather than by doodling or playing sudoku or something. I just don't want to give people who are simply trying to scrounge free scripts written to order the idea this is a good place to ask.
  6. How to Summon a Spirit?

    I've tried to explain to Prokofy, though obviously I can't have expressed myself very well, that I don't normally post full solutions to scripting problems in this forum not because of any particular feelings about open source (I am, as it happens, not particularly keen on open source myself, but that's neither here nor there) but because I don't want casual readers of the forum to clutter the place up with posts asking for free scripts, since that simply makes extra work for LL's moderators, who patiently and reliably move them to a more appropriate forum like Inworld Employment or Wanted. This forum is for questions about scripting -- how do I do this, or is this possible, or why has this script suddenly stopped working -- not questions about where can I find a script or will someone please make me one. If I wanted recommendations on where to buy a mesh body, I wouldn't ask in the mesh forum, and if I wanted to hire someone to make animations for me, I wouldn't ask in the animations forum. That's all. There's no hard and fast rule, and all the forum regulars have rather different ideas about what the convention is, but many of us don't post full solutions here both because, as I've said, we don't want to give casual visitors the mistaken impression this is where to find scripts, as opposed to find out about them, and because -- though it's not issue here, but often it is -- we want to help people to write the scripts themselves because it's such a rewarding feeling when you do, and it finally works. and we don't want to take that away from people. If anyone wants a copy of the script, by all means ask either Prok or me. When I have a moment, I'll probably write up a rather more generic version of it and put it in the Scripts Library, if it's likely to be useful.
  7. How to Make a VERY Slow Script?

    I could well be mistaken, but I read the original post as meaning that Prokofy can't get the object to slow down at all rather than that he can't get it to move at all.
  8. I'm looking for a script!

    What you describe sounds possible but I don't think you're going to find a generic free script that will do it. You'll need to write it yourself or to find someone to write it for you. If you want help with writing it yourself, this forum is the place to ask, but if you want someone to write it for you, then you will stand a better chance asking in the Inworld Employment forum. I'm not clear from the description whether this HUD is supposed to handle the purchase itself or to be used in-store to communicate with a vendor. If it's handling the purchase itself, it's going to need to ask the customer for permission to debit his or her account, and I think you'll find a lot of people (including me) are unwilling to grant that permission to objects we don't trust.
  9. How to Make a VERY Slow Script?

    No they don't. Look at the code: if (speed == "VERY SLOW") { speedvector = <0,0,0.15>; } else if (speed == "SLOW") { speedvector = <0,0,0.3>; } else if (speed == "NORMAL") { speedvector = <0,0,0.6>; } if the variable speed is set to VERY SLOW, then speedvector is set to <0.0,.0.0,0.15> and if it's set to NORMAL then speedvector.z is 0.6; I've just tried it in world. This is what it looks like with speed at VERY SLOW and this what NORMAL looks like One seems, at least to me, clearly faster than the other. So I don't understand why Prok is having difficulties with it, but I have to say I think the script over-complicates things. All that's needed is something like this default { state_entry() { float RevsPerSecond = 0.1; llTargetOmega(<0.0,0.0,TWO_PI>*llGetRot(),RevsPerSecond,0.01); } } where RevsPerSecond is the number of revolutions on its own local z axis the object should make in one second (so this is very slow, one full revolution every 10 seconds). This will rotate it anti-clockwise. To rotate clockwise, use a negative value for RevsPerSecond.
  10. Some Help with a script

    I know you can read the contents of notecards in the dataserver event by using llGetNotecardLine by using the notecard's UUID rather than the name, but it seems not to apply to llGiveInventory.
  11. Some Help with a script

    Ah, thanks. Now I begin to understand the logic of your script, though it's not entirely clear to me if it's supposed to loop through the textures all the time, or only to run when someone touches it. I'll assume it runs only when someone touches it, since that's simpler. In that case, I would do something like this. First I would create some new variables, integer iCounter; integer iListLength; key kToucher; integer iCounter; integer iListLength; key kToucher; then I would rewrite the userfunction newSlide() newSlide() { if(iCounter<iListLength){ llSetTexture(llList2Key(slides,iCounter),1); llGiveInventory(kToucher, llList2String(notes,iCounter)); ++iCounter;//advance the counter } else{ llSetTimerEvent(0.0);//stop the display iCounter = 0; // zero the counter } } and then, in the main script, do something like this default { state_entry() { iListLength = llGetListLength(slides); } touch_start(integer num) { iCounter = 0; kToucher = llDetectedKey(0); newSlide(); llSetTimerEvent(7.0); } timer() { newSlide(); } } I've not tested it but that looks right to me. HOWEVER ... I would take another look at your list notes, since llGiveInventory expects the name of the inventory item it is to give. So I think that notes needs the actual names of the notecards.
  12. Some Help with a script

    The problem is with llGiveInventory, which, as you will see from the Wiki article, gives one named item. You can't use it to give several items at once. So you would have to loop through the list doing something like this: integer counter = 0; integer max = llGetListLength(notes); do{ llGiveInventory(id,llList2String(notes,counter)); } while(++counter < max); An alternative, since the notecards will presumably be copyable by the owner of the giver object, would be to use llGiveInventoryList, which would give them all at once, in a folder.
  13. Flying a steampunk dirigible without a pilot's licence.
  14. Space?

    Could be, though my friend William of Occam says he prefers my interpretation, and I can't be bothered to go up to that altitude to check. Come to think of it, can you actually move about when you get that high up?
  15. Space?

    I don't necessarily disbelieve your friend, but I have to say that the chances of someone just happening to "stumble across" something as she wanders around at 112,137 metres above one of the twenty -three thousand and something regions on the grid (as one does) seem pretty remote to me. Still, frequently people win lotteries at very long odds, I suppose.