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  1. If only, then we wouldn't have to deal with Trump...
  2. bigmoe Whitfield What did you write? Are you a healthy person? there is no help from your answer, I just read my message 2 times. What he did was translate your post into english as this isnt the russian section of the Forums. Попробуйте эти разделы на странице поддержки Firestorm https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/index_ru или присоединиться к русскоязычной группе в мире. https://my.secondlife.com/groups/968d50e2-e6a6-a8a7-5d75-8fd6bb5833e1
  3. So, on a whim i checked out Tillias page and clicked the licenses tab... They apparently dont have licenses in Massachusetts.. I'm not sure what that actually means, but I found it slightly worrisome. I mean, only one state out of 53(they have DC, PR and the US Virgin Islands in there.) Seem odd to me.. Anyone have any ideas? ETA, forgot the link... https://www.tilia-inc.com/licenses/
  4. To discuss the topic you need to actually participate in the topic. You have said several times that you dont want to do all the work. You dont want to do anything that doesn't please you and only pleases them. Yet you say you havent had SLex in 12 years. You do realize that anything you do in SLex benefits both people involved, right? If you make her happy, she will make you happy. DO you do nothing to solely pease a RL partner? Does she have to be working on you at the same time? What a selfish person. I responded to you because you have complained several times about what you perceive to be one sided SLex, yet you turn around and say you dont have SLex and habvent in 12 years. How could you possibly have any relevant input to this discussion with info that is that far out of date?
  5. So what is your reason for posting in this thread then? You have no dog in this fight. You dont have SLex, trust me, it has changed immensely in 12 years.
  6. Whats wrong with describing what you would be doing in text? Thats all a good SLex encounter is. Two people describing what they would be doing during it. Yes yes, men are visual beings and there are plenty of female AVs in SL that are more than willing to "Oh baby, just like that. Right there, dont stop." you all day.. There is a reason for this.. They are visual beings behind the keyboard as well. If you know what i mean. Are you picking up what i'm putting down? May I ask why they have to do that? I don't think any independent adult have to do anything that they don't feel inclined to do. Because women need mental stimulation during SLex. Most of them cant simply watch two avs and get off. With a good well typed description of whats going on, they can. I learned this years ago. You want to get better at it, read a few bodice rippers. There are some good ones out there. Or simply think what your av is doing or would be and type it out. Its not rocket science.
  7. Is that all it takes? Heck, I make tatts... So long as i dont get these in return..
  8. From what i remember it was installed to try and prevent the flame wars that pop up, supposedly a minute would be long enough of a cool down time for posters to calm down.. Apparently they don't realize that you can easily spend a minute just tying your response to someone you are arguing with online.
  9. No, she "thinks" he is mentally challenged, she doesnt know he is. He told her he inherited a house, that is the extent of her RL knowledge of him. How exactly are we fairly sure he needs help? Has he asked for any? If buying people gifts is an indicator of needing help we all should just quit SL as i am sure we have all bought something for someone at some point. Again, she has no factual info about his RL income. She has no factual info about how much he actually spends in SL. What someone chooses to do in SL is none of anyone elses business unless they are a family member and those actions will harm the RL person of someone else. Lets ask again.. @Annabell Wandsworth How much is he spending? How much land does he own? Who is he spending money on? What is his RL income, monthly? What is he allowed to spend in USD a month in SL? Do you have any RL connection to this person?
  10. You are right, she did say that.. i missed it in the 60+ replies that came in overnight. We still only have her assumption that he is "vulnerable" as you put it. Y'all are really putting down the abilities of mentally challenged people here. We have no idea how much he is spending. @Annabell Wandsworth hasn't told us, probably because she doesn't know. Again, we have no idea what his income is or how much free money he has to spend. HE may very well have a handler who gives him a stipend to spend on fun. Either way, its not her or anyone heres place to report him. Yes it does. she is giving out personal information about a user of SL. Without their permission and without any proof. that is called a libelous statement and is illegal in the US. You have no right to correct anyones child other than your own.
  11. We only have her "thought" that he is special-needs. He has not stated to her that he was. She ASSUMES he is from how he types to her. Wrong. We, the general public of SL, do not have to keep a damn thing in mind. It is NOT our place to police anyones spending in SL. Nor is it our place to report such spending to LL. They wont do anything about it. Legally they can't. I am at a loss as to how spending money is a shortcoming. She has no idea what his income is, how much is a too much or even how much he is actually spending. That all depends on the state they live in. In a lot of states they are given medical and housing allowances, job placement, food stamps, therapy and many other services. Again, he didnt inherit a house... That was a guy i grew up with.. No, i am not in the UK, i am in the US. I have many family members who have various "special needs" (hate that term btw it makes them seem abnormal) who have perfectly normal lives. They have jobs, relationships and yes, even spend money on entertainment. The bottom line is, No one here has the right to curtail anyone elses spending. To report this person breaks the TOS as you are assuming they are mentally challenged. Even if they are, you have NO RIGHT to mother them. Every single person i have met in my life who was challenged just wanted to be treated as if they were just like everyone else. @Annabell Wandsworth Leave this poor guy alone. Who died and made you SLs fun police? You dont know him in RL, you arent related to him, you arent dating him, so PISS OFF. Gods, people need to mind their own damn business.
  12. Just because she believes he is special needs does not make her his keeper. Him spending money does not inherently mean he needs help. She is assuming his spending is too much for him to bear. I would like to know what amount she's talking about. She has never said he is spending his inheritance. That was an analogy i made. I spend between 100 and 150 USD a month in SL. I routinely give clothing i have made away and buy gifts for people. If someone decided i was spending beyond my means and reported me to LL, I would lose my 💩. So you would be cool with some complete stranger telling you how to spend your SL? Telling you that you spend too much and to stop or they will report you to LL?
  13. How? are you going to file an AR? Send a note to support? What makes this your business? Is he a family friend, ex-lover, second cousin twice removed? Who are you to dictate how he spends his SL? As a trained EMT i would definitely help them. This is hardly the same. You have no factual knowledge of his finances. you dont even know his actual mental state, you "Think" he is mentally hindered. Why do you feel the need to police his spending? Do you have any real proof of how much he is spending? Leave the poor guy alone to have his fun.
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