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  1. Late 40's here.. logged in in 2006 and never left.. Its an experience just keeping up with the new stuff nevermind missing years of it. If you need any help, hit me up. Mesh clothing is awesome!
  2. You do realize that caps in posts and conversations is the same as shouting, right? If I had a RL face to face conversation with someone who "shouted" as much as you did, I would back away slowly from them and seek assistance. Nevermind joining their support group.
  3. You think a Fiat is a upper clientele car?!? Its a $25K car.. My 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe was $30K... Just because its new, doesnt make it nicer.. Just like the mesh bodies.. New doesnt always mean better.
  4. You obviously havent ever looked at the Full Perm items on the Marketplace.. There are very very few that make quality items that are rigged well. You buy from those that make items you can profit from or make items you like. If an item has zero restrictions but is rigged poorly, why would i buy it? Again, as i have stated many many times, Aside from linking items to it, there are no good reasons to sell mesh clothing with mod rights. One of the biggest stores in SL, Blueberry has almost 7000 items in their MP store.. 4 are mod.
  5. Some of the merchants in SL use full perm mesh in their creations.. Most of full perm mesh creators have it listed in their EULA that the final item MUST be no mod. So, its not always the final merchants fault that the item is No Mod. If we sell it as mod/copy the creator can and will file a DMCA and have those items pulled. One creator ahs it listed that you cant use their products as group gifts. I had them threaten a DMCA for all of their items i sold on the MP because i had a group gift out.. As i am one lonely person and not a team of people with a full sim and thousands of $ to pay legal
  6. Ah, the troll has showed up. Pure lack of class. Coming from me, that says something.
  7. I have to agree, @RowanMinxis stunningly beautiful.
  8. Correct, if the item is "silver earrings" you should not put silver or earrings in the keywords. They are already in the search as the name of the item. To clarify further, your name will also pop in the search. Which really sucks when looking for a claymore and having dozens of merchants named claymore's stores pop up.
  9. Anything you need, I'm there. Just let me know.
  10. Hmm, from completely broken to fixed in 3 hours... Sounds like they may have been doing work on the internet lines somewhere between you and Linden Labs servers..
  11. That would kill off the fun threads, like the cats one, what are you listening to now, and other random threads that are harmless but have nothing to do with SL..
  12. My 16 year old daughter says if you arent gonna wear them, she will. My wife echoed that statement.. Wear what makes you happy, i wear Tye Dye and Hawaiian print shirts all the time. Just ordered a pair of Tye DYe crocs. I am 47 years old. 6'3" 375 lbs. Go ahead, laugh at me, i double dog dare ya.
  13. I would be more than happy to be interviewed. I am currently redecorating a new home.. Which is one of my passions. I buy a new one every few months. My main passion is making clothing. I hate putting it on the marketplace, but i love making it..
  14. You also have keywords that are in the name of the item. That is considered keyword spam as when you search for something the items name is also in the search. You dont need a Ghost keyword if the item is called Ghost.
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