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  1. Harmless.. What an interesting word to use about someone. There are "harmless" men in SL, i know many of them. We don't all want pixel sex with every female. I am typically not in a human av, and i constantly get IMs saying how hot i look and "i bet you have a huge ___." DO i come here saying only men and lesbains can speak to me? No, I either ignore them of not, my choice. I wasn't harassing her, i was actually curious as to why she won't talk to straight males. Also, I wouldn't greet her at all, I am a straight male, she would get offended. Judging people before they say anything to you, how open minded. Yes yes, lets slam the door on people because of a few bad apples. Yes, there are some men that will hit on you, mostly newbies. But is that really a reason to refuse to talk to all men?
  2. By outage i meant we cant log in.. It was a joke. geez..
  3. They used to shut down once a week for a day to do fixes and updates, then it was half a day, now its "we can do it with everyone online" which doesn't really work. I would be happy if they shut down to do fixes.
  4. You and i both know it will be longer though... If they give an estimated time of an outage, doubling it is the SOP for LL..
  5. https://www.second-life-adventures.com/top-10-most-popular-sex-places-in-second-life new link.. the website updated..
  6. I believe in magic. I felt it when i first held my baby sister when i was 11. Then again when i met my wife. Again when i held my first born in the hospital. And again when i held her sister 2 years later. You can say that making life is science. But when there is so much of a chance something can go wrong, to hold a life you created in your arms is magical. And no, i am not implying i made my sister, thats sick. But i know my parents made her.
  7. Who in the nine hells necroed a thread from 2012? My post was deleted back then and i STILL got a notification about it... Good gods people, READ THE FRICKIN DATES!!! You are getting three of them...
  8. Please dont belittle anyones financial resources. $20 may be pocket change to you, but some of us are on a fixed income..
  9. So, it shapes the TMP body to be the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink bodies? So, what is the point of buying this body? 5K for it to conform to one of the bodies most users already have? I'll pass. Why bother paying more than double for a mesh body only to copy one that has 100% better support, the ability to wear any omega compatible skin, and applier clothing?
  10. Pretty much.. I still have like $135L on their shopping hud that i cant get back... They said to add L$ till it equaled an amount that was exact to buy clothing. That would be fine except you cant add any amount, you have to buy set amounts.. I did the math once.. I would have to buy almost 2K of their money to be able to spend to a zero balance.
  11. Indeed. My wife and I both said, "That sounds hinky." when reading the description of how the deformer works. If it copies the mesh shape of another mesh creator, that may very well be copyright infringement. I know if "I" created a mesh body and someone made a script to make their mesh body copy mine so people could wear clothing made for mine with theirs, I would be talking to a lawyer. I started with Slink male as well, tried Signature and found the lack of clothing an issue, and now use Slink and Aesthetic mostly, unless i am a full mesh av like my JOMO dragon.
  12. So it does change the shape of the mesh body.. What a pointless thing. You spend all that time making yourself look how you want and the deformer changes it so you can wear other mesh clothing.. The body completely changes with each deformer. Whats the point of making a shape?
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