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  1. Drake1 Nightfire


    I mean, would it be "right" to say this doesn't belong in the LSL scripting category?
  2. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Seeing as LL can set the value of the $L at will, you know darn well it isnt a money sink.
  3. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    You cant buy those $L if the non active merchant isn't selling them.. Do you not know how the SL economy works? Had to reread that a few times... There is no such thing as new lindens. The $L we buy all come from people selling $L. Land sales and teir are what keep servers afloat.
  4. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Having lost several friends over the years both in RL and SL, I do understand that. However, LL should close down stores of merchants that are no longer active in SL. Those $L sit in an account that is doing nothing.
  5. Drake1 Nightfire

    You want do manager? We are hiring

    That all depends on how hot she is...
  6. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Where did you get that from? I said there are hundreds if not thousands of stores on the MP that have NO active SL users attached. Gatchas are nothing more than reselling transfer items. So, you want to remove the Transfer ability but force the Modify one? Talk about hypocritical.
  7. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    If they have left SL, then their MP should be closed. Not because I am afraid of a long dead store, but because they artificially bloat the MP with useless items. Items that should not be allowed to be sold if the merchant has left SL. If they aren't active then their store should be closed. Why should they be allowed to benefit and not put forth any support, new material or even log in? I spend more than i make in a month, without complaint. Because i enjoy SL. If you cant be bothered to even log in, why should they allow you a store? 6,341,242 items in the MP.. Doing an oldest first sorting and looking at each merchant, so far on page 6 (96 items per page) I have yet to come across a merchant that has logged in in the past year. But hey, if you are ok with hundreds of thousands of dead items popping up in a search, more power to you. Personally, i would rather support merchants that actually give a damn about the future of SL.
  8. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Except that you continually leave out large chunks of my replies. You said "In the case of charging full cost for extra colors, many creators are charging us a fee for all their work with say 6 similar colors in a pack. If the price of that pack is 400L, we're paying 400 L for the model, rigging, texturing, and bump/spec work. However, when it comes to re-buying the next pack of colors, we're essentially asked to pay for the same model, rigging, and usually bump/spec maps. " You most certainly DID mention a price. 400L. That states, in plain text, that you think merchants should charge less for the second textured release of a mesh item simply because the mesh item work has already been done. That is NOT how things work in SL, nor should they. Simply because a mesh has been created, textured, spec mapped, and bump mapped does not mean the subsequent colors/textures should be cheaper. No one would buy the original pack if others were half the cost. Every texture made for an item can take several hours to make. To use your price, 400L, that's less than $2USD. For several hours work. You state that I am unreasonable yet want merchants to work for pennies? Really?
  9. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Now, you know i love ya, but that is the dumbest statement i have ever read and it was made by the OP, not you. How exactly does a merchant force someone to buy more items by making their items no mod? I mean, I sell clothing. Am i only to sell white clothing with shadow maps and texture that can be tinted? Or can i sell a range of colors, textures and patterns? Is that really forcing someone to spend more? Its a foolish argument when applied to mesh clothing. The OP however states a blanket "no mad is bad" rather than breaking it down as we have done in this discussion. No mod rigged mesh clothing, really no point. No mod furniture, i feel furniture and buildings need to be mod as some parts may be off slightly or just not needed. I cant tell you the number of times i have removed plants, planters, trees, railings, fireplaces and many other things from a mesh house to save on LI.
  10. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    You most certainly did. Have you interviewed every no mod merchant as to why they make no mod items? How is it shady to want people to buy their items rather than color them themselves? That's normal business. What mesh clothing items are there that can be easily tinted and not mess up the texture? I cant find any. Do you sell anything in SL? Have you ever made a mesh model, textured it, bump mapped it, Spec mapped it, uploaded it and then put it all together? Do you have any idea the time spent in that process? You think its simple to make a different color of a dress? Hours if not days of work. And you are whining about paying less than $2 USD for it. Yes i said it, whining. So you want us to script the mesh now to have texture packs.. For a LOWER price?!?!? Please come back when you have spent some time in SL and have figured out how to do anything. "Oh, we have to pay the same price for each version of an item?? But you already made one, why shouldn't the others be cheaper?" Grow up. Complaining about $2...Seriously? Well hell, Catwa just released a new male head, i guess they should charge $250L for it since they have so many other versions, right?
  11. Drake1 Nightfire

    How2 Properly Upgrade My Avatar?

    There are more mesh bodies than you can shake a stick at. I would demo the popular ones, Slink, Belleza, Matreya and Eve. Some can only be found inworld. Catwa is a very good head. IMO. Feel free to IM me inworld for any questions. ETA, don't go with a cheap body that isn't popular as there will be very very little mesh clothing for it.
  12. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    So is calling merchants shady over selling items.. Well, duh.. Part of the whole merchant thing is selling stuff.. If people only bought one color with the ability to recolor and copy to their hearts content, whats the point of creating? Also, what small tweaks do you think you will be able to make to clothing to fit your av better? I can guarantee you that retexturing rigged mesh clothing without the proper UV maps would look like crap. "clever way?" you mean ripping content? You were the one that said you wanted to recolor it and not be "forced" to buy multiple colors. Of course its logical, its still a business. Where are you getting this extra income BS? YOu really think making clothing Mod would drive sales through the roof? Please share the puff puff with the rest of us. And it can and has hurt us.. People have modded items and them complained for hours that they cant fix it and would ewe help them fix it how they want.. If you want custom work, pay for it. Actually, if you read what i wrote i did say So where are you getting i am telling them to make their own?
  13. Drake1 Nightfire

    someone to spoil me

    I am a puppy....
  14. Drake1 Nightfire

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    So, its shady for a merchant to want to sell things in a variety of colors? Well hell, why dont we just sell everything in white with baked on shadows so you can tint to your heart's content. Ever think of asking a merchant to do a custom color? If they already have it in multiple shades it is rather easy to add one. I bet most won't even ask for custom pay. You want to make your own texture of a mesh i created?!?! Good luck with that. You won't have the UV, AO or any other map. Even if its a FP mesh kit, you won't have those things. At best you could apply a base texture that would probably bork things up. Clothing does not need to be mod. rigged mesh cant be resized. All you want is the ability to copy it and recolor t to avoid buying it from the merchant. THAT is shady. Do you buy RL car, clothing, furniture, house, dishes and what not in white and paint, dye or stain them? ETA... I made something unique, who are you to tell me you can do it better? Make your own damn mesh then.