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  1. Didnt you know that Cali was the center of the universe? If it's not relevant to Cali, it doesn't matter. I thought everyone knew that.. Plus, shes wrong... If you are involuntarily committed to a mental institution in any state, they can force meds on you... "For your own good."
  2. You do realize that a chemical imbalance in your brain is all that a mental illness is, right? Also, if you ever want to trade your winter for a New England one... Didn't you say you were done and wasn't going to post anymore? Yup, yup you did... ETA IBTL
  3. No, you have said many time that you dont think Such and such is a mental illness. If it is classified by professionals as a mental illness, guess what, your opinion dosent mean jack. Just because you deem the sky to be chartreuse, doesnt make it so.
  4. Could you point me to the donation box for The McMasters Institute for the Advancement of Harmless Flirtation™?
  5. And what is interesting is that Clinical depression cant be cured with a special light. like some people think. Wink wink, nudge nudge, Say no more. As i have said, I have done a mega shoot ton of homework on these issues, i wanted to have the best info and informed information at my fingertips to help my daughters and wife. Medication was not my first thought, therapy was. Just talking to a professional that specialized in children. After several months of twice a week 2 hour sessions resolved in "she needs more than therapy" we looked into the best medication options for each child. We didn't just jump to lithium. Why some people (and i dont mean you) think the only meds doctors prescribe is the most powerful is beyond me. A good doctor will start at the lowest dose possible and work up to what works best, and cut back if its too much. New meds are popping up all the time. It is up to you to talk to your doctor and decide whats best. I went to the ER a few months ago because i was feeling dizzy and lightheaded. After a litre of saline i felt amazing, the head nurse said i was probably just mildly dehydrated but will wait for blood work. Blood work was clean and yet the ER doc who i saw for less than 2 minutes decided i MUST stay overnight for observation due to "pre-existing conditions." The only pre-existing condition i have is diabetes and kidney stones. Seeing as my numbers were awesome and kidney stones just dont cause that, he just wanted to keep me to bill my insurance for it. I said no thanks, signed an ROR and went home. Saw my PCP the next day, she ran a bunch of tests and gave me a clean bill of health. The moral of the story is, you have every right to tell any doctor no. They can not force medication on you. If they say "this is the only option" ask another doctor. But... exercise isn't a cure all.
  6. I will agree with that statement with the caveat that mental illnesses and mental disorders are NOT the same thing. Situational depression is not classified as a mental illness and is treated vastly differently.
  7. Mental illnesses are not like other illnesses.. YOu are born with them. No, i am not a doctor, Therapist or psychologist, but i have spoken to literally hundreds of them. They have all said that mental illness is a born with illness. You wont suddenly develop ADHD when you are 60. Clinical depression can be detected in children as young as 5. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Hitting the gym wont fix it.
  8. I just hit quote and chop out what i dont want then hit quote again for the piece.. And he would be wrong.. Well duh, a perfectly healthy person should not need medications, but that's not what we are discussing in this thread, now is it? Wrong. dead wrong.. Some people "can" build up a tolerance to "some" medications, but there are medications that will always do what they are meant to do. Such as insulin. Insulin will ALWAYS lower your blood glucose level. Not even close. Just because you get hurt doesn't mean you develop clinical depression.. You don't just develop that, its a chemical imbalance in your brain. You are born with it. You may get sad if you get hurt, but you dont get clinical depression.
  9. Most SL texture tutorials on Youtube assume a modicum of knowledge of the program you bought... You could join the Builders Brewery group inworld and take their classes..
  10. I dont think i have ever asked myself any of these questions... Ever... Never even thought about it.. Thats like asking what makes mario jump, or how portal guns work. I'm now asking myself why it matters. What you will do with this info.
  11. You said earlier Could you please post a link to the page on that site that says that? The first thing i saw was "Treatment for mental illnesses usually consists of therapy, medication, or a combination of the two." I didn't see anything there about exercise being the number one thing...
  12. What about those who dont get SAD? No what they said was. That is not saying "Yes i was diagnosed with SAD." No, but you did say several times that exercise was all that was needed to fix anyone. Wait, are you saying Bi-Polar is an approved mental illness you say needs medication? Medication is usually the first choice as it helps those with crippling mental issues be able to function enough to do anything. Also, no one said anything about the OP needing medication.
  13. My oldest daughter woke up everyday crying that she woke up. We tried for years to get her PCP to help, her therapist said she was just going through puberty and it would go away. We got her a new therapist and she was diagnosed with childhood Bi-polar disorder. She started on a couple of different medications and soon woke up ready to take on the day with joy. Yes she still has bad days, we all do, hers are just a bit worse. My wife also has Bi-polar which is why they made that diagnosis on my daughter. My other daughter has ADHD just like do. Thankfully there are medications that work now, unlike when i was a kid. also wraps his arms tightly around you. We all could use a hug. Never be afraid to ask for one. @FairreLilette Until you spend an hour every morning holding your child in your arms as they cry because they want to die rather than face life, you have no business telling others that exercise will fix it.
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