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  1. So, not going to answer? Not all escorts Discuss their allowed actions beforehand.. Way to make a sweeping declaration.
  2. So, the only question that hasnt been asked is: Does your friend talk to her customers before hand and tell them what is and isnt going to happen and what is and isnt permitted to happen?
  3. You might want to post an actual LM to the place...
  4. The North East of what, the country, cali? Be more specific. As someone who lives in the North East of the US, i can say it is very much NOT racist. We dont give a damn what skin color you have. The rich crap on everyone equally.
  5. This is me you are talkin to here... We OWN that DVD.. I think he did a better job than Arnie, but Arnie is a classic..
  6. Is your av female? Thats good enough for me. I really dont care the gender of the person at the keyboard. I come to SL to escape from RL. If you want to be female, go for it. If you want to be male , same applies. Want to be a roaming gelatinous cube, I'm cool with that. Just enjoy SL and leave the idiots to be idiots. Block, mute and move along. Too many fools to start worrying about them all.
  7. just gonna leave this here...
  8. It wasnt aimed at Scylla.. I had no idea someone upset her.. I hope she is ok.. We have talked many times inworld..
  9. What do you mean, shes dumped the forums? She was just posting the other day...
  10. Typically that is actually HNIC.. HNC is popular with teens nowadays for Have No Clue. as in "what time is the party?" "HNC"
  11. Getting back on track and trying to keep this thread from being locked.. I am very disappointed that LL didnt do anything at the SL17B for BLM. Nor did any vendor that i saw..
  12. Stargate: Atlantis.. Amazon Prime.. i give it 10 stars!! My wife gives it 11 just for a young Jason Momoa...
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