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  1. if i live 60 more years it will be a miracle. that would put me well over 100
  2. But you said you wanted to buy limes.... If SL isnt the issue why remove your CC info? Put it back and buy all the damn limes you want.. I dont understand why you are ranting about something you screwed up on and blaming LL. So get a new card and then buy L$... Good grief.. Why the long crazy rants? I mean, you say you arent senile but this thread is really making me question that a bit.
  3. So, if your problem isnt from SL.... WHY DID YOU POST HERE?
  4. Drake1.nightfire@gmail.com Knock yourself out.. Please, find my CC info from that.
  5. Is there a reason you are being nasty? If you dont have something nice to say....
  6. How do i check my level? I never got a loot crate.. Nor is there plot or a storyline. What you are describing is ROLEPLAY within Second Life. That's like saying my house is a game because a bunch of friends gather on saturdays and we play D&D.. No, you can play games within it, doesn't make the platform a game. My PC isnt a gaming platform, simply because i can play games on it. My father has NEVER played a game on his PC. The platform is simply that, a platform. What you do on it is up to the user.
  7. I can play games on my TV, does that make my TV a game? We played Monopoly on the porch yesterday, is my porch a game? Just because you can play games within a platform does not make that platform a game. You can play games on Facebook, which is most assuredly not a game. For SL to be considered a "Game" in the popular sense, it must have rules all must abide by set forth by the creators of said "game." "Games" have goals, what is the goal of SL? How do i level up? Where are the loot crates? Second Life is a social media platform with pixel dolls. The sooner we stop calling it a gam
  8. I am disappointed in all of you... This has nothing to do with gender.. It's not a GAME!!!! Thank you all for letting me do that.
  9. Is the shape No modify? If so, you cant change it..
  10. AIf you look at state by state numbers, Trump was ahead up until thursday when Biden started pulling ahead. You cant just go by the states that called for a candidate during an election.
  11. You mean the republican majority SCOTUS? With their newest member who was shoved in? I can bet you can guess where i think they will vote. Biden was NOT ahead the whole time. He may have had the popular vote but not the electoral locked in. Trump was ahead in far too many states for a few days for my liking.
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