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  1. I was born in a hospital, i wanted to be close to my mother..
  2. What?!?! You dont sell ancient greek art as well?!? Well, I wont be shopping at your store, and i am not alone!
  3. SL search.. Some people are rated A.. Which i would assume RL teens cant interact with. or i should say, i hope they cant..
  4. Seeing as 13-15 year olds cant see or interact with regular users of SL.... I kept my statement to users who can see and interact with anyone in SL. So long as their account is not rated M or A, such as yours which is rated G.
  5. I never once said you were a spampire... No, i wont leave your thread.. No i wont bann you from it either but LL may. And finally, no, you cant bann me from it. But yes, you do RP, you RP in SL as a vampire. You really dont understand what RP is. Its a role, that you play.. You play a vampire. You have said it many times. also..
  6. No one was saying anything about bloodlines on the forums.. What you may or may not have heard inworld has nothing to do with that..
  7. No, I am banning you from my land because you seem to think being gay and RPing as a vampire are the same thing.. And that saddens me. You really need to stop. Just walk away from the keyboard and stop before you type something that gets you banned from SL for a week.
  8. Woah woah woah.. Do NOT go there.. Seriously. Don't. Gay people are real people.. Vampires are fictional. Your arguments suck. Also, consider yourself banned from my land.. I dont let bigots on there.
  9. You just judged me for saying it.. Literally.. Good lord... Do you even follow your own thoughts?
  10. How so? I dont want MY paying customers bothered by YOUR RP in MY store. Why should your fun outrank my rights as a store/sim owner? Where are your morals about not bothering people when they are shopping/sunbathing/doing whatever? You don't see Goreans walking around malls trying to abduct other shoppers, or Masters trying to enslave people at the beach. I think Bloodlines would have been better off if it didnt send the request and just snagged the UUiD like another vamp system does. No fuss, no muss and no one is the wiser.
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