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  1. Having my oldest daughters graduation party at our local beach/park.
  2. Went to my dads house to have a "We're vaccinated" party with my sisters family. Spent a few hours hugging my 5 year old niece and 1 year old nephew. Oh yeah, and we ate really good pizza.
  3. That personal assistant job fall through for ya? What can you do? What are your skills? Fill out your profile... No one wants to hire someone with a blank profile.
  4. "I believe a dime can derail a freight-train. I believe there are alligators in the New York City sewer system, not to mention rats as big as Shetland ponies. I believe that you can tear off someone's shadow with a steel tent-peg. I believe that there really is a Santa Claus, and that all those red-suited guys you see at Christmastime really are his helpers. I believe there is an unseen world all around us. I believe that tennis balls are full of poison gas, and if you cut one in two and breathe what comes out, it'll kill you. Most of all, I do believe
  5. How do they even find these threads? Was is a search for Squatting? Weird flex but ok... Didja just keep on scrolling through the sub forum? Did you miss the "YOU ARE ABOUT TO REPLY TO A POST FROM TWO YEARS AGO" message? Help us out here...
  6. With a masonry drill.. How else?
  7. my house is now fully vaccinated. mild symptoms from the first shot, hellish near death from the second.
  8. I'm ok with the first part, heck i have been asking for a date listed on the MP for years. The second, no. They barely notify us of an item being unlisted as it is.. Plus, a lot of people window shop on the MP and then purchase inworld.
  9. No, they show actual game play.. I'm just wondering why they used RL people for a virtual platform. I mean, people who use SL dont look like that. Show regular people becoming the fantasy figures.
  10. It would be interesting to see how these look on a Mesh BOM body. You can still buy it, they have a small parcel set up with vendors. your Mystitool should have a button for updates that will tp you there.
  11. Thats it, you get them all.. Ten frickin years..
  12. Which means most people wont ever see it.
  13. Apparently the answer to this one is "We dont want to teach people how to fully utilize Second Life." Why cant land revert to how it was when its sold? Or heck, hire back some of the 300 employees and have classes on how to do things in SL. Why is it up to residents to teach other residents how to do anything? Lindens get paid by LL, because of RESIDENTS. According to my estate manager i can NOT put a 4 meter platform on the ground so i can have a basement in my house as it makes the area look horribly ugly. Making the water only appear under the level it is on land when you want it, sh
  14. Those are all from a year ago....
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