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  1. This should have been a Friday post, not a Saturday one.. At least you tried...
  2. In that case i would want a log cabin that looks like a freaking log cabin.. That looks like a house with siding.. Logs are round. That is the best LL can do? Seriously?
  3. So, quick update number 2... My daughter is negative for covid-19!!! the super quarantine is lifted and we can go grocery shopping! Back to your regularly scheduled bickering..
  4. So, a little update: 1 the local PD is delivering school lunch in three day batches twice a week. Meaning they drop off three days worth of breakfast and lunch for each student twice a week. So food for my kids is covered.. 2 The local food pantry is willing to do no contact pick ups every week. So food for other meals is mostly covered. 3. my dad sent me a $500 gift card to the local grocery store so we can order food.. Sadly, every local grocery has stopped pick up and delivery. So we risked it, gloved up, masked up(one of my respirator painting masks which are r95 masks) one person went in and shopped, all boxed/canned food was wiped down with disinfectant wipes (homemade, dry a pack of baby wipes and put in a ziploc bag and cover with 99% alcohol|) fruit and veg were washed. 4 my daughter was tested as she was the one that came in contact and her blood work came back normal. Waiting on the covid 19 test, hope to get results tomorrow. 5. so all in all, doing better. we have been having music based games AKA beat Shazaam. Decade based parties with family on video chat. and playing Cards against humanity as a family. My kids have been painting/drawing. We went to the park and took pictures so they can paint them. I have been making a ton of resin items and working on SL clothing. My wife has been cross stitching like crazy. Keeping busy is key.
  5. Maybe he is in prison and spends his 10 minutes of PC time on the forums every 6 months after he gets out of solitary before he gets tossed back in..
  6. TIL there is wind in SL... I need to find a hang glider that works..
  7. Thats a rather personal question that has been asked a brazilian times.. In SL i am a whatzit. Male, female, neither, both, double male... Whatever. I am rarely human. I like the weird avs. Just bought a DEep One av an stalked Innsmouth for a while.
  8. Well, we got a call on Wednesday that our daughters PCP(which she saw on Monday) tested positive for Covid-19... So.. Yeah... 14 days of complete isolation.. With two teen girls.. Not enough food as we were planning to go shopping that day.. No credit card to buy food from the grocery store and they cant deliver until friday anyway as EVERYONE is ordering online now. Kids cant get their breakfast and lunch from the school now. Cant go to the Food Pantry. I refuse to even remotely chance getting them sick. So, how am I feeling? Lost, scared(i have diabetes, makes me immune compromised|), worried as we currently lead the world in active cases and the number just.. keeps.. going.. up. Despair in knowing our fearless leader has no clue and just want his ego stroked for the piss poor job he has done or he will withhold supplies. Lets face it kids. The humans are screwed. Need to call a few family members and see if they can go shopping for us. ETA forgot to mention.. My daughter had a trip to Virginia planned with her school chorus class. They were going to sing at Bush Gardens.. No refund of $900.. "maybe we will go next year." From the teacher. I believe that as much as i believe that in 15 days Covid-19 will be gone..
  9. With all the people stuck at home due to the quarantines, there should be more people in SL than ever.
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