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  1. That depends on how far back you go.. The replacement of Bellerophon as the tamer and rider of Pegasus by the more familiar culture hero Perseus was not simply an error of painters and poets of the Renaissance. The transition was a development of Classical times which became the standard image during teh Middle Ages and has been adopted by the European poets of the Renaissance and later: Giovanni Boccaccio's Genealogia deorum gentilium libri identifies Pegasus as the steed of Perseus, and Pierre Corneille places Perseus upon Pegasus in Andromède. Modern representations of this image include sculptor Émile Louis Picault's 1888 sculpture Pegasus and the movie Clash of The Titans and its remake. Personally, i like the idea of a naked Perseus on Pegasiback. Kind of like a male Lady Godiva. Only more, swingy.
  2. Magic boots of flying, magic sword, magic helm, magic shield, Pegasus.... Yeah, my piddly iron spear and chestplate is such a match for that stuff..
  4. Hmm, i may give it a go then.. I could use a few used condoms..
  5. Ah, that event... Does this one cost 1500L to play like some of the others?
  6. So if someone asked, "Can you refer me to a few male asian skins on the MP?" You would tell them to look on the mp? Mr Alcott, in the dictionary under redundant is says "see redundant." Kind of like your reply to her.
  7. They did say So, you are telling her to look on the MP where she asked if anyone could point her to some on the MP?
  8. This thread is discrimin,.. Descrim... deiscrim.. racist to teh Spanish. It smells to coffee and must be deleted. LL hates teh spanish. it is well known of this. Also it needs moar crotchfruits. @Scylla Rhiadra I remember you from the old days.. You were a sharp tongued firecracker. Not much has changed really..
  9. There's a section in the animation category called Posing Animations.
  10. Tilia is based in San Fran... https://www.tilia-inc.com/ The whole ID thing doesn't come into effect until 1st August. So cash your funds out before then if you want, and you won't have to provide ID. If you don't have a USD balance, Tilia doesn't apply to you. Purchasing L$ through your viewer or on the Lindex has no bearing on Tilia. Tilia only comes into play when you cash out. I do not believe she is talking about cashing out, rather about her L$ balance.
  11. Whether you buy inworld through the viewer or on the lindex, you are buying from the same place... At the same yield...
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