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  1. For the love of Dke9ujfpe! Only Dke9ujfpe knows what will happen on the various databases if you put anything beside normal alphabetical symbol into usernames. But I'm pretty sure hardcore name-fashionists don't mind the risk of totally breaking their avatar... 😇
  2. As I said: It was never part of the official viewer - it was only TPVs that added it.
  3. There has never been a "daylight time" slider in official LL viewer, not to mention that it never changed the time of day, but sun angle.
  4. Just unimportant other things like the operating system and other applications you might be running at the same time. Or silly things like vertex buffers for the rendered objects. I know, completely unimportant compared to cranking up the texture setting as high as possible...
  5. Totally what you should NOT do - I suggest reading the tooltip...
  6. Incorrect. A higher LOD only means the distances for the LOD thresholds are increased.
  7. Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no AMD-specific optimizations.
  8. On a side note: The names for the maintenance releases are diced out during the ritual drinking games in the weekly LL status meetings... 😂🍸
  9. It's not about the tools, but reasons like users not wanting to update each week or some other short interval. It also has to do with providing support to such a large userbase and having dozens of releases out there. And something with a rule from LL regarding a maximum of the three most recent releases out there. Technically it wouldn't be a problem to do releases on a daily basis - the CI tool taking care of that and creating automated builds each night is doing so for quite a while already. The artefacts are just made available internally due to the aforementioned reasons.
  10. I didn't remember that to be honest. So it's good to know. Thank you! But then it was also more of a general hint that it might be easier to provide such patches directly under LGPL, since then everyone can easily make use of them. I know Liru from Singularity usually doesn't mind re-licensing things either, but ya... What makes adding changes from Cool VL really difficult is, that you only provide a single diff for each week's change. I don't know if you commit such a change to repository as a single blob, but going through diffs that are several thousand lines long and include several d
  11. Looking at Cool VL doesn't really help the majority of TPVs out there at all, since Cool VL is under GPL license and except Singularity all other TPVs are under LGPL, meaning they can't easily re-use that code.
  12. Settings backup won't help in this situation. The encrypted file with the credentials is part of a backup, but the viewer won't be able to decode it anymore because the Windows serial number is different after a Windows feature update if this feature update is basically an upgrade installation (most often the case with the H1 feature updates). Restoring the backed up file doesn't make any difference.
  13. This - as for now until LL's change regarding the way credentials are encrypted locally - happens on Windows feature updates since on Windows systems the Windows serial number is part of the encryption mechanism and this serial number tends to get changed if you install a Windows feature update (which is basically a complete upgrade installation). So if you have been on Windows 10 19H2 and got "updated" to 20H2, this will trigger the loss of encrypted credentials. Updates from 20H1 to 20H2 won't cause this, since this update doesn't involve an upgrade installation. In contrast to some com
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