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  1. There is no possible "ERROR -101" as result of clicking on the "Login"-Button. You are probably seeing this on the login screen itself. Did you try clicking the actual login button?
  2. If it did work before, it's a broken Windows installation and the file WER.DLL is missing.
  3. The Python icon is flashing because LL's auto-updater tool that is started before the viewer is written in Python. It probably has a pending update downloaded it now wants to install but can't because you don't have sufficient permissions. That's why it's asking for somebody having admin permissions on your system to do it. How/where/why it happens for you? I don't know. Make sure you have system administrator permissions on the account you're logging into OSX.
  4. Always this greedy greedy Discord app using 0.2% CPU and 80MB RAM...
  5. Sorry, but somebody awesome took me away already - and it's not Jessica. Kinda shame tho, because I probably could have learned how software engineering and development really works since obviously everything I learned in the last 20 years must have been total nonsense then...
  6. At least we now know somebody has no idea about how software engineering works...
  7. At least we have dedicated beta testers - unlike other viewers that constantly release untested stuff...
  8. Given I have merged pretty much all LL development viewers on frequent basis, we could toss builds with the latest stuff at ya within a few hours - unless you don't want to be beta tester and run untested stuff...
  9. As you might know our repository is publically accessible at all time - not just a drop of a ton of commits after release or after asking for it several times - so specific people making other viewers and usually yanking unreleased code into their own can continue doing so.
  10. Right now I am thinking of adding a "Blackline Alert" into Firestorm that makes a siren go off at ridiculous high volume... 🤔
  11. Didn't know your last two "releases" were betas. Now excuse me, I got something to do... /me starts scanning... 😁
  12. That explains the missing source code of the last 3... 4... releases?
  13. Well... apparently another closed-source release then... 😕
  14. What about the source code for this release? 😇
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