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  1. I heard they can also slow down rezzing and computers in general...
  2. We don't need to fix anything regarding the settings because user settings are already stored underneath the user's AppData folder. If hoewever the OP tries to dump files into the installation folder (or this Reshade thing does), then he needs to make sure to install it where the Windows UAC doesn't interfere with it! Nice try though!
  3. If you installed it into the Windows default location for applications (C:\Programs), you will need Administrator priviledges to write into those folders. Try installing it in a different location.
  4. It was never possible to click on the mini map to start tracking a location - I just checked with a really old version. You can start tracking by clicking on the world map and the tracked location will still be displayed in the mini map. (Your screenshot also shows the world map.)
  5. The SL community: Also the SL community after things getting improved:
  6. Installing an older, unsupported version and hoping the issue will magically go away at some point without reporting the problem is a very brave strategy... 😂
  7. Funny thing is, as a RL developer, we always facepalm about the ideas of the UI/UX team because their ideas are often a "stylish regression and step back" because they have no idea of how the current applications are being used! But then I just don't care enough to emphasize the fundamental flaws in their design after giving them an initial feedback... 😂
  8. Try it in a different spot on the parcel. Maybe it's going past your parcel boundaries from where you try to rez it.
  9. Not unless you file a feature request at https://jira.secondlife.com
  10. Don't bash on the Firestorm fan jackets! I told Jessica numerous times to release an updated collection for mesh bodies! 😁
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