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  1. Yeah, and ZIP too! Never ever do touch a ZIP file! 🤣
  2. Ansariel Hiller

    Other people textures are not loading help :_( ?

    Those are so called jellydolls. Increase the maximum avatar complexity value in (advanced) graphics preferences.
  3. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm is one hell of a memory hog

    Switch to the default LL viewer if it runs better!
  4. Ansariel Hiller

    Details missing on Firefox

    Java isn't working in any browser - you are probably talking about JavaScript. But that's usually not a problem with the browser but with whoever created the JavaScript.
  5. Ansariel Hiller

    Second Life - Avatar Complexity

    It's not. ARC slider is on a logarithmic scale.
  6. Sorry, @Wulfie Reanimator, but the reason that Apple tries to shoot down what they called "old tech" is primarily to push creators into a platform lock, hoping they will exclusively develop for Apple's Metal API. If they wanted to replace an old API, they could have switched to the platform-independent Vulkan API instead! And secondarily it's most likely that Apple doesn't want to spend any money and development time in fixing their super bugged OpenGL implementation. So they simply said it's old and have it gone, knowing that the Apple fanboys will shut up and swallow the pill.
  7. Ansariel Hiller

    Animesh in Firestorm - how soon?

    Breaking news: I just finished the final Windows builds - now back to sports!
  8. Ansariel Hiller


    Some antivirus tools might cause it as they break up the HTTPS stream between your computer and the login servers to scan for dangerous content. To check if that's the case, see if you can login with any antivirus (temporarily) disabled.
  9. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Always the same nonsense about memory leaks. I mentioned it before already it might use more memory as the LL viewer.
  10. Ansariel Hiller

    Discussion: Feedback on release cycles, what do you think?

    Is this still going on? How much do we have to donate on Patron to stop you?
  11. Ansariel Hiller

    What I like about Thanksgiving

    What I like about it? That we don't have it! 😁
  12. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Heh! I applied for a beta test program of a Ubisoft game several weeks ago - didn't receive an invite yet! Those bastards! ?
  13. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Shame we have a beta tester program...