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  1. That is partially incorrect: Opening an SLURL will result in starting the viewer registered with SLURL (which is usually the last one installed), but if there is already a viewer running, handling of the SLURL will be handed over to the running instance (under the premise that nobody changed the window of the viewer class, which might have done one AFAIR).
  2. Most likely only the JIRA tickets from people complaining about not being able to use subfolders anymore.
  3. @Vir Linden You can create normal folders underneath the (My) Outfits folder in the SL viewer, but additional checks added a while ago now prevent you from actually copy & pasting valid items into outfit folders - at least on the SL viewer since I fixed that in Firestorm long time ago. And since it was (and actually still is) basically not intended to have outfits in subfolders, the option to create normal folders underneath the (My) Outfits folder is actually wrong - the correct option would be "New Outfit" instead of "New Folder" here, which is the case in current Firestorm release.
  4. The TV most likely uses Shared Media, which - unlike it suggests - doesn't actually share whatever you are seeing what others are seeing. It's basically a web browser running inside the viewer using a prim surface for displaying its content. As Qie already stated, there is a direct connection from that browser in your viewer to whatever page it is displaying. Instead, the TV is apparently configured to display https://secondlife.com/my as start page - that applies to everyone basically turning it on. Then the web browser inside the viewer opens a direct connection to the SL account website. Si
  5. Waste of money for SL - the only thing currently matters in terms of FPS in Second Life is raw single-core CPU performance.
  6. "Most" most likely means "a few" here because after over 10 years I haven't seen any DJ actually doing it.
  7. It's not going to work unless LL fixes the broken CEF implementation in the viewer. Firestorm's Windows and Linux version should work fine with Twitch though - I just don't know why somebody would want to watch that inworld...
  8. Maybe you should have read the whole context, but I'll repeat it for you again: If Apple is going to lock down the Mac the same was as iOS - which wouldn't surprise me the slightest if they are going to do that now they can easily run iOS apps on the Mac and vice versa - and you have to install whatever application through the app store, then of course you will have to submit your application to Apple for approval.
  9. It's not because OpenGL is old, it's rather because SL is still using fixed functions and other long-deprecated OpenGL 1.1/2.0 stuff usually no vender does any optimizations for.
  10. That's the whole idea behind every Apple business decision - well... to lock the user inside their walled garden so they can milk them even more. For some strange reason, there are (still) lots of people that like being treated like that.
  11. I wonder if that has something to do with sheep willing to pay astronomical prices for earthly products and the professionals that are forced to do the same for overpriced hardware upgrades. It also wouldn't be the first time a huge company almost went bankrupt because of a wrong business decision. With roughly 6% of the SL users on Mac OSX, I wouldn't move an OSX version in the range of financial fortunes. But there is more to the decision than just a different CPU with different instruction set: Due to Apple's shameless way of trying to hide their incompetence in providing a proper O
  12. The only one hating seems to be you. I personally think the idea of switching to their own ARM CPUs has the potentional to backfire tremendously. Also the question was if the viewer will run on Apple's new CPUs - which is doubtful since I already explained the viewer uses the SSE2 instruction set and nobody knows if and how Rosetta 2 is able to emulate/translate this. If not, the viewer will - once again - need hardware-specific floating point/vector operations, just as it did in the early days. Aside from this technical point of view, we all know Apple's business practices and I would no
  13. Ahhh... Apple fanboy! That explains a lot... 😏
  14. You won't get that far without a proper video driver.
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