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  1. Ansariel Hiller

    Animesh in Firestorm - how soon?

    Breaking news: I just finished the final Windows builds - now back to sports!
  2. Ansariel Hiller


    Some antivirus tools might cause it as they break up the HTTPS stream between your computer and the login servers to scan for dangerous content. To check if that's the case, see if you can login with any antivirus (temporarily) disabled.
  3. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Always the same nonsense about memory leaks. I mentioned it before already it might use more memory as the LL viewer.
  4. Ansariel Hiller

    Discussion: Feedback on release cycles, what do you think?

    Is this still going on? How much do we have to donate on Patron to stop you?
  5. Ansariel Hiller

    What I like about Thanksgiving

    What I like about it? That we don't have it! 😁
  6. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Heh! I applied for a beta test program of a Ubisoft game several weeks ago - didn't receive an invite yet! Those bastards! ?
  7. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Shame we have a beta tester program...
  8. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    For what? That's an internal build - unless you pay me that the amount I mentioned some days ago - remember?
  9. Ansariel Hiller

    Avatar Complexity?

    Even if you don't like it: That's the official calculation until LL changes it. If we were changing it on our own like that furry viewer with its handful of users did, we would have got slapped by LL big time instantly. But don't worry. Calculations are gonna change with the ARCtan project. ?
  10. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    It wasn't that bad. You barely notice when Windows starts to swap VRAM into system ram. I think it even swapped to disk since I had some other tools running occupying a good share of my system memory. I tested it on a nvidia GTX 1070 with 8 GB VRAM and went to one of these super crowded shopping events with 40+ avatars around. The following graph shows the (roughly) measured total VRAM usage: Only backdraft are probably these security fixes for the Spectre CPU vulnerabilites, since they cut down raw I/O performance, especially when VRAM gets swapped to disk.
  11. Ansariel Hiller

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    That setting solely controls the speed of UDP simulator messages between the simulator and your viewer. Values above 1500 Kbps have proven negative effects - just ask our support team about it! The texture pipeline, mesh and recently all other kinds of asset are not effected by that setting at all and downloaded as fast as possible. On a side note - and my personal hint for you: Without deeper knowledge about how SL works, I would be careful posting these kind of ideas you have been and are doing lately - unless you want to be good for a laugh that is.
  12. Ansariel Hiller

    Second Life - Avatar Complexity

    If avatars shoot past the 350K complexity limit, I wouldn't consider them as good quality.
  13. Ansariel Hiller

    Dance Hud

    Also so toll ist der gar nicht. Ich kann eigentlich jedem nur davon abraten ihn zu benutzen. Der hat einfach viel zu viele Bugs und dann gibt's da auch noch die Konflikte, wenn man ein weiteres HUD für spezielle Bento-Animationen hat.