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  1. I simply installed Open Shell - gives you the classic (usuable) start menu and gone are those apps.
  2. @cheesecurdPlease show where I advise people should move to Windows 10 in particular? Thank you! What I am saying all the time is: Move on from Windows 7 to something else that get regular security updates and don't put yourself at unknown security risks!
  3. @cheesecurdcan you please stop advising people to stay on Windows 7? If you want to waste spend time trying to prevent your installation becoming a time bomb for yourself and everyone else, then it's your thing. But that's nothing the normal user wants to and will do. But telling everyone else it's save to continue using it is the same kind of advice like telling people it's a good idea to drive a car without using a seatbelt. Saying that: Good luck with your Windows 7.
  4. Why should LL rethink their decision? It's not that they disallow connecting people still using Windows 7. And it's not that nobody knew Windows 7 will reach its end of life in 2 days - that was known for several years! Microsoft even added warnings in Windows 7 informing users for the several past months! The people now coming out of their holes and complaining about it are pretty much ridiculous - like sitting there for at least 5 years knowing this day would come, but instead of preparing they apparently resorted to praying and hoping. Sorry to say, but there is nobody to blame except for yourselves. There was time enough to think of a solution - and still is in terms of connecting to SL - even for people low on money.
  5. Apart from whether it's a good idea to have more picks: This isn't the place to request them as only moderators are reading this forum. You need to file a request at https://jira.secondlife.com for that.
  6. Being a TPV developer I can assure you nobody is gonne put time and effort into making it work great with wine for like <2% of all users.
  7. Not necessarily, Oz! I was once at a place where I could only login if I deleted the inventory cache prior, but then could stay logged in without any issues. For whatever reason the UDP simulator messages got dropped during login in that case.
  8. True, they don't show up out of nowhere - just as drive-by downloads from viewing ads on normal websites where those ads are served from a hacked ads server, people exploiting security holes in the Windows operating system for that you don't even need to view websites or run untrusted applications... Sorry to say, but this is a grossly negligent behavior, especially since you're not only putting yourself at risk, but your computer could turned into a bot to harm other people out there! Maybe I should think of something to make next Firestorm release preventing from running on Windows 7 machines next year...
  9. Updates are very well important. SP1 or not doesn't matter. Imagine how "smooth" it will run with all the malware it is open for. Go at least for Windows 8.1 - it still gets security updates until 2023!
  10. Not using a HD3000, but why on earth do you want to replace Windows 10 with Windows 7 that won't get any further security updates in less than a month?
  11. "Lots of requests" = 1 🙄 I don't see anything unusual in that ping results, particularly not lots of failed requests.
  12. If any, it's within the BB3 network, which is a different company than Level 3. But since 3BB is apparently a network provider in Thailand, it's more that the ping time increase from hop 9 to 10 is the oversea connection from Thailand to the US. And a "high" ping time is not an indicator for region crossing fails. Instead, you should run a constant ping to one of the regions the disconnect occurred and check the packet loss to determine if it's a network issue or not.
  13. Which can easily be caused by an overseas connection and looks exactly the same if you do a trace route from Europe.
  14. It's just the old best-effort without any safety ropes region transfer mechanism that causes it: The current region sends your viewer the connect URL of the new region, then it shuts down it's circuit with your viewer. If your viewer then fails to connect to the region for whatever reason (network issue on your end, on your ISP's end, somewhere on the route to LL, within LL's network itself...), you're doomed as the current region already closed the connection and you get timed out after 60 seconds since you didn't receive any updates from any simulator at all. It's a typical case of LL under-engineering to leave out a fallback mechanism here.
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