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How does your avatar look today ?


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Just another boring night out in front of the Arkham Cemetery... Nothing ever happens in there. *YAWN*


I'm sure that twig snapping was just a nocturnal squirrel, some of them have really heavy feet. Or an armadillo or something. Probably.

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Anyone remember the vintage toy clapping/hissing monkey with cymbals? I crossed the concept with my spider avatar (cymbals and sounds included). I change the version of my  spider almost everyday if not every week and have done that for many years. Used mostly in photography and physics and impact testing, eventually I will come up with a decent video of my travels.



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Tiggie and me waiting for the train in Muehlenbach.  I realized that I was stuck back in the mesh applier days and had no clue about BOM so today I dug out the Letutka Kaya head, updated my Lara body, and played around till I had absorbed some of the stuff I needed to learn.


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