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  1. Just to make it clear...its not his looks that are disturbing me XD wear what you want as long as you do it loud and proud lol ❤️
  2. I don't know about you but...for the last 2 guys look the same! You sure thats two different people? XD I squinted at the pics wayyy too long now LOL 😧 Or maybe that is some insider joke that I clearly did not get haha ❤️
  3. There is nothing likeable about him, not a single thing, and just cause he is rich? Nah. XD
  4. Gwin LeShelle

    Custom Tattoo

    I would think you will need to get the dev kit of that bodys creator! Some send out their kits to people that have applied for it or some sell it for like 1 linden in their stores, you should go and check their store I bet they have a poster or something explaining their ways with dev kits ❤️
  5. Ewww!! You tell someone they do not look CEO enough, and then post a picture of Jeff Bezos?! Really? NO one should want to be a Jeff, don't be like Jeff, kids!
  6. Sounds more like a problem on your side, not on the bodies side. Is your internet slow maybe? Problems with upload speed? Have you tried restarting your router? And does it only happen on the body or are other huds or SL in general slower than usual too?
  7. My avatar is 13 years old...and I am blogging for years...blogging for huge events makes your inventory go booooom in no time so this is the light version of mine (~_~;)
  8. I am flashed that so many of you can list their hairs...my inventory is at 262k and I own waaaay over 500 mesh hairs...and I dunno how much of the old stuff But I love BarberYumYum ...Tram... Foxy...the most among others...like Truth...some nice from BonBon...Beusy....Argrace (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
  9. Threads Like this should be on that list ... I find it actually more worrying that you used soooo many words...and exclamation marks...on the landing point thing ...you know I just step aside and go my way I do not spend so many thoughts on things that I can not change...and that at the end of the day are not hurting me in any way I think you should be thankful when your life is so easy that the only worries you got are ones like this in a virtual world.
  10. Personally I think the PC Generation should stop telling everyone how they should feel or react to things but your profile picture says it all to me. have fun.
  11. Boataom has mesh head with many cute options for 10L in their store 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 but not bento.
  12. Yikes...or treat yourself to a new boyfriend (@_@;)
  13. YES it is in Crieff so I got your house and you made me all happy with it ❤️
  14. Holy flying spaghetti monster what they sold you? Legs? Arms? ( I mean that you owe someone THAT much D:) And on a more serious note...remove this email address for your own good <.< ...maybe invest in some cute thong and body oil and get those pole moves on? XD but don't slip while trying...
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