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  1. I love that more and more stores release or update stuff for Maitreya Petite 💕 this cute dress is the new group gift from cheezu and just fits so nicely ♡(> ਊ <)♡
  2. This mask is NOT from Sakura it is from Insomnia Angel, and it's a group gift. 💕
  3. Was trying to make a clear WL for closeups today and remembered this cute thread ^^ not even cropped only Gyazod
  4. ooooh thank you so mcuh for the super fast help and thats some really cute feature :DD ❤️
  5. I lately notice these thing when looking outside my window...whats the purpose of these and has anyone else noticed that? XD
  6. Just to make it clear...its not his looks that are disturbing me XD wear what you want as long as you do it loud and proud lol ❤️
  7. I don't know about you but...for the last 2 guys look the same! You sure thats two different people? XD I squinted at the pics wayyy too long now LOL 😧 Or maybe that is some insider joke that I clearly did not get haha ❤️
  8. There is nothing likeable about him, not a single thing, and just cause he is rich? Nah. XD
  9. Gwin LeShelle

    Custom Tattoo

    I would think you will need to get the dev kit of that bodys creator! Some send out their kits to people that have applied for it or some sell it for like 1 linden in their stores, you should go and check their store I bet they have a poster or something explaining their ways with dev kits ❤️
  10. Ewww!! You tell someone they do not look CEO enough, and then post a picture of Jeff Bezos?! Really? NO one should want to be a Jeff, don't be like Jeff, kids!
  11. Sounds more like a problem on your side, not on the bodies side. Is your internet slow maybe? Problems with upload speed? Have you tried restarting your router? And does it only happen on the body or are other huds or SL in general slower than usual too?
  12. My avatar is 13 years old...and I am blogging for years...blogging for huge events makes your inventory go booooom in no time so this is the light version of mine (~_~;)
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