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  1. I hope everyone is having a nice start into the weekend ^ ^
  2. Saturday night...or in my case sunday morning ...I can already smell the monday morning run to work T^T lol
  3. When you listen to your favorite song ^ ^
  4. Only 15 more minutes until midnight and this means FRIDAY XD I am soooo ready this week haha I hope you all are having a less busy week <33
  5. Too much 自宅オフィス/Homeoffice inspired me for todays pic haha <.< I hope everyone is healthy and safe <33
  6. SPOOPY!! or at least I tried haha I am all ready ..moodwise.. for the Pumpkin Kings' season >:D
  7. Aww thank you so much ❤️ !! ^^ And here is todays look x3
  8. Since your post is rather insulting expressed I dare to say ...if you can understand something, anyone can. Saying that people just don't like it because they do not understand the concept is like telling you that you just never have been in love before and that's the reason you don't know that there ARE people out there that are just enough for eachother and happy that way
  9. People screaming for their right of an own opinion often tend to forget that others have the same right so they are allowed to disagree. Usually people making such threads are the ones that can not accept the opinions of others, because they dared to disagree with them
  10. For me it was... well my best friend back then (now my RL husband) saw something about SL on TV so we and some other close RL friends made accounts. I got scared away pretty fast right away at the start island x3 I still was wearing the torch when I dared to log in again haha We were a little lost at the beginning because the 5 of us are from Japan with no good english skills back then 2 of my friends became pretty big (skins and clothes) for some years in SL but then we all kinda quit at the same time and didn't bother much with SL for like 5 years. I rediscovered SL as m
  11. You ignoring people explaining the difference between"hate" and "disagreeing" with you is rather annoying because I doubt you are as dumb as you act. You are placing such topics just to stir things up. And really you talking in third person of yourself all the time is rather alarming lol You said it shocked your RL self ... Sorry but sure because your avatar is just a bunch of pixels and all the emotions happen behind the keyboard. I stayed silent and just rolled my eyes so hard on every new thread you always act like the oh so innocent and stupid blonde and yet you keep reminding u
  12. I love that more and more stores release or update stuff for Maitreya Petite 💕 this cute dress is the new group gift from cheezu and just fits so nicely ♡(> ਊ <)♡
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