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  1. @Profaitchikenz Haiku EXACTLY the way it is here! And it happens for some RL friends too, and my daughter or hubby!! You just are able to use better words T^T thank you and it is like that for me too when it happens!!
  2. If it makes you happy x3 I clicky TP -> Blue bar loads but no such thing like "contacting new region appears -> I know I will crash but still wait until I hear the official DING thats it and no its no specific regions or such its just random happening and as I said up there in the answers...it happens like 2 or 3 times in 3 days or so but it surely never happened or really really rare before that! But I also stated that I might be just impatient today earlier work has been stressful this week in RL so maybe I was overreacting x3
  3. Thats why I said I know this problem happened x3 but I never happend to crash that lot...ok when I take an adult look at it and not the bratty annoyed look I would say I crash about oce or twice in 3 days lol But I never crashed that much before and the problem I have is it does also seem to happen now when I do not crash and jsut log out <.< My husband said something like this too! I should listen more and just be less annoyed...thank you so much everyone for listening <33
  4. nah. I do not use that becaue it cr*p x3 and I do not crash every 5th TP but on some days it is really really bad lately so just take that as annoyed overexaggerating from me and really this is nothing on my end! All those things are defenitely SLs fault, the performance over all has really gone worse since then. But thank you so much for caring enough to even read my rant ❤️
  5. My daughter and I just discovered fishing recently, because we are missing it in RL and since covid restrictions in Tokyo are tightened... You do not need any better rod than the starter rod, the only advantage the better rods give you is you are leveling faster and having more XP means you will fish more valuable fish when I understood that correctly! So when you are patient you can keep using the starter rod and be fine. I know people in the group keep repeating how much better the magic etc rods are and that you can buy them with credit...I would not listen to this! We do NOT fish
  6. I start to get really annoyed but since the cloud uplift was completed, things went south! When I change something via HUD (makeup, hair etc.) it occasionally happened back then, that those changes were not saved. But lately? Its the norm NOTHING is kept as you changed it. Which is especially annoying since you seem to crash at every 5th TP on some days! Also my region, in all my 14 years in SL I never had to contact live chat help....since uplift? I had to contact the 3 times for my region not booting up again after the rolling restarts. And the Lindens that helped me were
  7. C♡♡KIEM♡NSTER x3
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