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  1. @Rolig Loon I thought alot about this whole thread at work today and I am truely sorry for being snotty and rude when all you did was just trying to be helpful I guess ❤️
  2. I'm with Beth on that one *hugs her laptop secretly*
  3. I don't think I can get that to work with my blogging platform and stuffz BUT maaaybe I convince the hubby to make his AV premium too ...and basically force him to become my camper slave 😬
  4. The campers are only 512 parcels right? They are so cute but I am afraid I won't get all my stuff squeezed in there T^T
  5. Yes I wasn't happy cheery and nice but where exactly did Pamela try to help in here? She came in here being an ass either so I guess we are even
  6. Funny enough the first person that kindly answered in here totally got my question correct ^^ the second person only kindaaa halfway x3 and she didn't seem to happy about that and I just pointed out with that answer that I checked it all, you know thats called communication! Like her answer was mostly a miss to my question, I did the mistake to not make a explicit list of all the things I checked. Thats life such things happen! And life is also that people like you make unasked posts like you did even when the topic is already solved ^^
  7. I love seeing those pics of dem cute little trailers 😍 I really thankful for what the moles do! And that LL finally chose to updated the long outdated Linden Homes! We live in a traditional home and I love the sim surroundings there too! I really enjoy seeing that the moles and LL finally seem to have fun again with building and creating :3 it felt a little abandoned and stale the past years so its cute to see they are kinda reviving things ...and I feel that especially the bond between us residents and the mighty LL employees and moles is getting stronger again finally ^^ They listen to us, and residents start to trust in them doing/fixing things finally again! I really missed that about the very early days in SL ❤️ So yeah I just love seeing all those pics and Lindens and Moles answering in here too
  8. Thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️and yes thats how I am doing it for ages nice and easy and no waiting time when I need L$ ^^
  9. I know you LOVE putting hints to the TOS under like every post you answer to, but this change is not so recent just take it that for once you didn't have a clue I am in SL for 12+ years now and I actually can't tell when this "recent" change happened anymore But I guess you won't admit it either and as I said LL handled payments quite different depending on which country you are in so maybe next time you should assume less and just listen to what people post or say! ❤️
  10. So weird really I only know people where PayPal works like that ...I mean thats how its SUPPOSED to work in the first place So weird to learn that for some people it does not, the only people in my RL friend circle I know its not working like that for them is when they had insufficient funds more than once in their bank accounts when paying with paypal! Afterwards paypal seems to not really trust them anymore haha but I asked that friend and he said even for him after a while of good behaviour it worked all fine again ^^ Thats also often how my husband or I pay for lunch foods etc ^^ I would be totally annoyed if we had to put funds in the paypal before cause I would always forget it haha We use paypal quite a lot and we have our account for ages now too! So yeah its weird to see that for some people its not working like that! But no matter what the problem was what kept it from automatically charging me all is fine and I am a happy premium user for another year ^^ Thank you all for your answers ❤️
  11. Although you can not use your Linden Home for Commercial use you can infact rezz a skybox if you don't like the house! Or a skydome with house in it, and with decent mesh you can have a quite nicely decorated place like that, but mainland is also a very nice option tho ^^
  12. We oldbies should meet up somewhere and chase the residents...errr kids off our lawn! haha ❤️
  13. Details for last name LeShelle Date Opened unknown: either this is a vanity name that was never publicly released or this last name was released prior to SLNameWatch.com launch date. Date Closed unknown: last name was never open, or it was closed prior to SLNameWatch.com launch date. Days Active Status heritage or vanity Usage Count 2065 Reg. Per Active Day Last Updated 2012-05-27 12:52:27 Aww to bad was hoping to learn a little more about my name ^^
  14. Sorry but no! I do that for years now paypal pays them INSTANTLY and then goes and gets its money from me thats how its working ya know my payment didnt fail ...never and this time it went through too just not automated paypal doesnt need to get "filled" before you can pay...otherwise paying for your online ordered pizza would take quite a while lmao When you need to put funds in your paypal beforehand your bank account is not correctly linked or verified, period! My account and payment is fine I just wanted to see if there something else that could cause that! Obviously nothing that you pointed out ^^ My payment didnt fail at all not even one time they just didn't charged me automatically and that was my question...I never said anything failed lol Maybe where you live its different tho! LL handles payment methods differently depending on where you live too ^^ so no need to argue about that my initial question was another one anyways ^^ and well thank you again tho
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