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  1. Hence why I raised security concerns about the amount of data that's exposed since day one. My report still remains "Under Review".
  2. Those are good numbers, Scy. Unfortunately friend of mine stands at around 300k and half of the items are named Object.
  3. Modern AI have even more nested if/else statements along with OCR and other services in it Let's be real, just like any new technology it's bound to make it's way everywhere eventually but it's only good as every other tool out there, it can be useful if you know how to use it. If you don't it's pretty much useless and only makes things worse.
  4. You can download a viewer that doesn't support PBR or version of it that doesn't yet support it. While I'm not familiar which versions of Firestorm began supporting PBR(I guess you can change in their change log), every version of Black Dragon for example before 5.0 doesn't support it. PBR textures will display for you like regular textures.
  5. Someone should build an integration with the inworld RLV systems. If you're muffled inworld, you'll also be muted on the forums
  6. You can get alpha versions to the android app store, but Apple don't allow unfinished products on their platform. They have TestFlight which allow you to push beta versions in it and have beta testers try them.
  7. Actually when you create your account you have to accept the ToS or it wont let you complete the creation process. Afterwards you can login as many times as you want, you've already accepted the ToS While that may be true according to the document you provided there are multiple internet access services categories stated by the government. Not all require this kind of legal information to be provided from the provider's side. Furthermore aside from the person's first name and email address all other data is considered as PII, which as per GDPR any citizen is not obliged to provide unless requested by legal or government institution. We as international end users are of no right to ask or request that information from Luke for means of contact. From what I see, aside from RL contact information, Luke has provided everything mentioned in this document in Primfeed's ToS P.S I didn't think I'd be going through french legal documents outside of my weekdays
  8. I'm really not surprised that there's no system in place for that. My guess is Luke or someone that works with him on the project has to manually go into the database and remove the account and all it's data. That can be time consuming when done manually. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news and scare people here, but in regards of the Bonniebots we saw what they are capable of in terms of collecting data. Now given how Primfeed associates your inworld username with your profile, you have no idea how easy it makes it for automated scripts to cross check the data and collect it. One thing I'm certain is that people LOVE to share on social media, often more than they should. It's like a user data all you can eat buffet, and it's free! I still hope the security concerns I raised will be addressed soon as our data is too exposed at the moment and with the rapid delivery of new and requested features users will put more and more data out there to be harvested should someone decide to do it.
  9. Thank you for addressing that. In the thread related to it on the feedback page there's new information added. if you could take a look that will be great.
  10. Oh I know they are new to this, I can also tell they probably did everything by themselves or with very little help from others as I already pointed out couple of misses and problems with the overall design and functionality couple of pages ago. Though seeing how excited everyone is to immediately jump ship kinda raises expectations more than they should be for something that was just release for end user use.
  11. And the entire application is now flooded with reposts of giveaways. The experience is so bad that I rather watch ads on youtube.
  12. From what I saw earlier while playing around with the site and testing it's different features is that it uses React(fancy dev framework for modern front end development), meaning that it likely uses ready-to-use libraries that process images. For the image quality and format since I'm also "free" user, the image kind of looks like it's transformed to 1500x1500 but after some inspection I came to the conclusion that's not really the case. In the example below you can see how it transforms the images by using specific component for image transformation. The image I uploaded is with 2500x1563 resolution or 1.6:1 ratio. When I open it I see that the image source(the original photo) is then scaled down to 1500x938 pixel which is in the same 1.6:1 ratio. It doesn't seem like it's changing the image's dimension but only resizing it until it fits the set limits while also converting it to .webp probably to reduce to overall file storage. Funny enough in my RL job I'm currently dealing with similar functionality for automatic conversation of PDF files that contain images to extract them and convert them into .webp. The image quality is an issue to be wary of.
  13. I intend to. It will be nice to finally see a good working platform dedicated to SL users. Though I have to first find from where I can reach that page you talk about. The UX is not exactly smooth despite following simple design.
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